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How did a married straight man like me wind up bent over the bathroom countertop with my best friend grunting, grabbing my hips, and sliding his cock deep into my ass?

It started when our wives had a "girl's night out", leaving Robert and me to hang out together on his leather couch, drinking beer and playing Truth or Dare. It started out innocently enough, and then we started asking each other about our sex lives:

"So, how often do you and Karen fuck?" I asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Lately, not so much. Down to maybe once a week. You?"

"I wish it was that often. She's just not in the mood lately. I've been getting hard all week long, but every time I start rubbing her ass and trying to get her turned on, she tells me she's got work to do. I'm horny all the time, and it's driving me crazy." Robert nodded sympathetically. "So, how many women did you have sex with before you got married?" I asked.

Robert shrugged. "If you count blowjobs, maybe a dozen." He took a swig of beer, then said, grinning, "So how many MEN did you have sex with?"

"None!" I said indignantly. Then I paused, thinking it over. "Well, technically one."

"What the fuck do you mean, 'technically'?"

"Well, when I first hit puberty, I was real flexible, and if I bent over I could just barely get the tip of my cock in my mouth." I held up a hand to stop his follow-up question. "My turn. You ever receive a blowjob from a guy?"

"No." Robert gave me an amused, hey-I'm-just-kidding-here look, and said in an exaggerated gay lisp, "But hey, big boy, I bet it'd be better than the lousy blowjobs my wife gives."

I felt a rushing of blood to my head and a buzzing feeling from the alcohol in my belly. My cock started to get hard. What the fuck? It's been way too long when talk like this gets me fired up.

Robert gave my crotch a knowing look. "You're blushing, dude." He continued with the fake gay voice, "So, handsome, if I took out my dick, would you get on your knees and suck it like a good little bitch?"

I laughed, but my dick got even harder. Playing along, I said in a mock-petulant voice, "Not if you call me bitch, big boy. Maybe if you called me 'your sexy girlfriend' and were nice to me, I might be persuaded."

Robert tilted his head to the side and locked his eyes onto mine, searching them, the mocking grin still on his face. Then he stood up from the couch and walked in front of me.

He unzipped his shorts and took out his cock, which was just starting to get hard. In a husky voice, he said, "Would my sexy girlfriend like to suck my cock and please her man?"

Still sitting, I looked up at his grinning face. What a kidder. But he's carrying this joke a bit too far.

Robert reached down and put his soft hands on my blushing cheeks. He caressed them, the warmth and gentleness of the gesture turning me on even more. "Come on. I know you want to do it. Don't you want to please your boyfriend?" His hardening cock was now just an inch from my lips.

I was so horny. As if someone else was in control of my body, I heard myself whisper, "OK."

Robert gently put a hand on the back of my head and pushed just the head of his cock between my lips. I couldn't believe it. Was I really sucking my best friend's dick? I'm not gay. I'm not. But the warmth of his cockhead felt so good in my mouth. I ran my tongue along the sensitive underside.

Robert moaned. "Ohh. It's been so long. Damn, that feels good. Keep licking me with your tongue, sweetie. Please your man. Come on, run your tongue down the shaft."

I cupped his furry balls with one hand, gently kneading them while I dragged my tongue down his cock, which was fully erect. Then I put my lips on his cockhead and slid an inch of the shaft into my mouth.

Robert put his hands on my shoulders and gave a slight push downward. "Mmmmm. I want my girlfriend on her knees. I want you looking up at me, and telling me how much you love to suck your boyfriend's cock."

At this point I would have done anything he asked; it felt so good to be pleasing him. I slid off the leather couch, his cock still in my mouth, and got on my knees. I slid my lips and tongue up and off his cock. Robert moaned. I looked up at his wide-open pupils for a second, listening to his heavy breathing, and then slid my lips back down his cock, letting my tongue slide along the underside on the downstroke. I pulled his shorts all the way down. He lifted his feet and kicked the shorts away.

Robert slid his hands along my cheeks again, holding them, and then started to fuck my throat, deeper and deeper, until my throat relaxed and his dick pushed all the way in, his balls touching my chin. He held it in there, while I wondered at the feel of having my throat full of my best friend's cock. "Uhhh. UNNHHH. Oh god. I'm so close to cumming in my sexy girlfriend's mouth. Don't move. I don't want to cum yet. Look at me. Look at me."

I looked up, his dick bending, and gazed into his brown eyes, while I unzipped my shorts and slid them down to my knees. I started rubbing my rock hard dick with one hand.

I slid my mouth off his shaft, teasing him with my tongue all the way, as his eyes widened from the attempt to not cum. I looked up. Our eyes locked. "Truth or dare," I whispered.

He nodded, and pressed his dick against my closed lips. I gave him a quick lick on the sensitive underside of his cockhead, and felt his hands tense on my burning cheeks. "Would my handsome boyfriend like to fuck his girlfriend?"

He nodded, grasped my shoulders, and pulled me to my feet. Then he caressed my plump but muscular ass while I slid my feet out of the shorts bunched around my ankles. Robert moved behind me, his hard dick poking my butt cheeks, and started kissing my neck while softly stroking my cock.

I started breathing heavily. "Mmmm. Rub that hard dick between my cheeks."

Robert nibbled on my earlobes, sending electric flashes up my spine, while his cock dry humped between my cheeks. He whispered in my ear, "Let's go to the bathroom. I've got some Vaseline there." We walked to the bathroom, Robert's hand kneading my buns as we went. I couldn't believe how fast things had moved. Was I really going to let my best friend fuck me in the ass? It seemed unreal, like a dream.

In the bathroom, Robert put a towel on the countertop, and then pushed gently on the small of my back. "Bend over the countertop. Yes, that's a good girl. Oh, you look so sexy bent over and waiting for your man to fuck you." I leaned my chest on the soft, fuzzy white towel and looked at Robert in the mirror as he clicked the plastic lid off a jar of Vaseline and scooped a little lube out with his finger.

Robert moved behind me and leaned over, his warm chest resting on my back, his cock prodding between my cheeks. He kissed my neck again, sending a thrill through me, then planted kisses down my spine and then on my buttocks. One of his strong hands stroked my butt and inner thighs as he kissed me. He put pressure on my left thigh, and whispered in my ear, "Put your knee on the counter." Our eyes met in the mirror, and then I let him lift my leg up. I felt so open and vulnerable, one leg resting on the counter, the other planted on the floor, my butt cheeks opened and waiting. Then I felt a shock run through me as a Vaselined finger slid down my asscrack and started rubbing my opening. I gasped and then started moaning with pleasure. It felt so good, his finger running circles around my hole, rubbing the slick lubricant around my tingling asshole.

Robert whispered, "Rub some Vaseline on my dick. Get your boyfriend all ready to fuck his hot, beautiful girl." He scooped some more lubricant out of the jar on the countertop and smoothed it onto my right hand. I reached behind me, grasped his hard, hot cock, and started rubbing the lube over the shaft. He moaned softly when I kneaded his cockhead.

I looked over my shoulder at him, guided his cock to my waiting hole, and lined it up. "Fuck me, Robert. Fuck your girlfriend. I want your dick deep inside me." Then I turned and looked in the mirror again, watching his face tighten with pleasure as his cockhead pressed harder and harder, the pressure building. "Nnngh," I grunted in pain. "I don't think I can take it. It's too big. Please stop. Please stop."

Robert grabbed my hips for leverage and leaned slowly forward. "You can take it. Your ass feels so good against my cock. Do it for your boyfriend. Make him feel good."

"Aaaaah," I said, and then his cockhead popped in. I grunted and breathed hard, watching in the mirror as Robert's face scrunched up with pleasure. "OK. It's feeling better. Fuck my tight ass. Go slow. Oh, there. Yes. Yes. It feels good now. I love being your girlfriend. I love having you inside me, fucking me." I watched Robert's knuckles whiten as he grasped my hips harder and slowly forced his cock deeper and deeper into my ass, until he was buried to the hilt. He started pumping, and I felt a rush of thrilling danger as I gave up and felt the pain melt into pleasure, as I gave my ass to my boyfriend to fill up with his hard, eager cock. It seemed so surreal -- how did a married straight man like me wind up bent over the bathroom countertop with my best friend grunting, grabbing my hips, and sliding his cock deep into my ass? I grabbed some more lube and started to jerk on my cock.

Robert shifted his hands from my hips to my shoulders, getting more leverage and bucking for deeper penetration. "I can't wait. Does my hot, sexy girlfriend want me to cum in her sweet ass?"

"Yes. Take me. I love being fucked. I want you to cum. I want you to fill my ass."

Robert grimaced, trying to hold off. "Can I fuck you again? Can I fuck you tomorrow?" He plunged again and again into me, his thighs slapping against my ass.

I moaned as I felt my own orgasm build from the dual pleasure of my hand stroking my cock, and his dick rubbing and sliding and filling my ass. "You can fuck me anytime, anywhere. I love to get fucked in the ass by my boyfriend. I want to make you cum deep inside me."

"Aaaaah. Ohmygod, I'm cumming. It feels so good. Take it. Take my cock." Robert bucked against me again and again, riding the waves of pleasure, and then he stopped deep in my butt, gasping for air, his hot and sweaty chest heaving against my back. He reached around and grabbed my dick, pumping it.

"Ohhhh. Uh. Uh. UH." My sperm spurted on the towel under me, cumming harder than I'd ever cum in my life.

And then it was over. Robert lay on me, his heart pounding against my back, my cock growing limp in his fingers while his cock shortened and then slid out of my butt. Robert stroked my hair, kissed my shoulder blade, and whispered, "That was so exciting. I love fucking you. I'm glad you're my girlfriend." He squeezed my hand, and I squeezed back.

That was my first time making love with my boyfriend. But not my last

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