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This is a little story of accidental penetration between brother and his plus size sister. You know how those things go! Oops! One minute nothing, the next minute you're impaled. Happens to us all, right? Not realistic probably but fun! Comments and constructive criticism welcome.

This summer in Florida was scorching. A day spent on my bed and naked in front of the cooling breeze of the air conditioner was heaven. I'd been plucked, waxed, trimmed, manicured, pedicured, creamed and oiled that morning and was ready for this.

"Lila, I'm in a spot," my modeling agent Mark said before I even answered.

"Good afternoon to you too," I said, chuckling. "What's up?"

"You know the shoot you're scheduled next week for Softly skin care?"

"Right...." I put the phone on speaker so I didn't damage my newly painted nail polish, and started checking to make sure I hadn't already.

"They called and said they're releasing a new line of shower and bath products and want you to be their model for that line as well."

I was happy, but not surprised. Softly used models of color as well as plus size, which is how I got the job. They started my portfolio and I've worked full time since they gave me a break. Mark knows Softly comes first.

"Sure. Okay. Book it. What's the problem?"

I rolled on my side and dipped into the jar of thick jasmine cream and began rubbing it into my breasts. Even though it was part of my daily routine, I always became aroused.

"They need a male to work with you. Do you think David will do it?"

My nipples were always sensitive and became long bullets when I was excited. I could orgasm from attention to my breasts."Mmmmm," I was distracted from Mark.. "He probably will since he did it before and seemed to enjoy it. I'll ask."

I punched up my contact list. "Hey brother, whatcha doing?"

I slathered more cream on my hands and worked down over my stomach and ran my hands over my inner thighs.

"Working out, although I'm sweating my balls off," he grumbled. "What's going on?"

I teased my waxed smooth pussy lips. "Ummmm," I breathed harder, mewing.

"What the fuck are you doing, Lila?! Wait! No, don't tell me. I can imagine. Can you focus for a minute before you pleasure yourself to tell me why you called?"

"Yeah yeah yeah. Mark wants to know if you want to do another shoot?"

"Maybe. Details?"

"It's for Softly and it'll be with me. So I'll tell him okay?" I said wanting to get back to business.

"Wait a minute, what's your rush?" He laughed, knowing what I was doing. "You're a perv! Okay fine, I'll do it. Text me the info."

David wasn't a working model, but he was a big handsome man and could be. Not overweight, but had a large build and was muscled. A perfect match for my plus size. We look good together for the camera, we've always been close, and have a lot of fun together. Perfect sister and brother relationship.

Still in the mood, I opened the drawer and found my neon pink vibrating dick. Closing my eyes I put it to my lips, swirling my tongue around the tip. Sucking it deeper in my juicy mouth was just enough lubrication to slide in my steamy cunt.

My work was done for the day.

All the waxing torture the day before was for my favorite client. A small swim suit company based right here in Florida.

The shoot would last most of the day and was somewhat grueling, but more so because by the time I was done I was so horny, any stiff dick would do. Luckily for me, there was always one waiting at the end of the day.

Alex was part owner of the company and designer, always there for every catalog shoot. It was somewhat unusual to have a man in the dressing room, but halfway through my first shoot with him I was smitten.

"Lila! Gorgeous as usual, my love!" Alex greeted me with a warm hug. "Wait'll you see the new designs.... I think you're gonna love," he said, winking.

Suits of all colors and styles were piled on every flat surface except my makeup table and chair. Alex had someone come in to apply my make up and leave. He didn't want distractions, and I could fix any makeup mishaps.

The make up artist did her thing and was dismissed. I slipped my dress over my head and laid it across the back of the chair. "That's why I love you Lila," he said when I stood before him naked.

I came to theses shoots nude under a slip dress just so there would be no marks on my skin from elastic. My creamy white skin was my career and I took extreme care of it. I had already styled my long red hair into beachy waves that I knew Alex preferred.

Even though his suits came in all sizes, he preferred a full size model for them all. He knew a small triangular bikini top looked much hotter just covering nipples on 38D than they did on 32A which covered the whole breast.

His company sales were off the charts each year, so he would change nothing. Men often purchased his swimwear for their women. Those men were often repeat buyers.

We had a routine now, and since we worked with the same photographers and other staff, they fell right into the process.

Alex and I were the only ones in the dressing room. He would help me put the suit on and make sure everything was adjusted correctly so the suit looked perfect.

The first was red polka dot, which seemed old time, but the choice of clinging knit fabric made it almost too obscene for the beach.

Dampened it clung even more. The cool water he used to dampen the suit hardened my nipples.

"Lila my love you are so responsive. Just look at these," he said, tweaking my long nipples hard."What you do to this top....." A quick finger on my pussy to create the perfect camel toe shadow and I was ready for the camera.

We didn't start out that way. I'm comfortable nude for any shoot in front of any one, but Alex recognized that he could add some sexiness that would sell even more. If I was aroused, it showed in the photos.

The first suit I wore back then was the same clinging fabric, but a pale pink. "This is beautiful against your creamy skin," he said, adjusting the cups a bit. "I'm going to dampen the fabric a bit. See how it affects the fit."

The only water was a bottle of cold water that he splashed on. My nipples immediately grew long bullet hard. "Oh my you've just made my suit x-rated," he said, laughing. "Damn, I love it. You're going to sell these suits like mad!"

A spray bottle of cold water is on standby at every shoot.

The photographer like to use a lot of pinup poses, which was quite fitting for this red polka dot number. Alex told him to take this one a little further, a little naughtier. With my back to the camera I bent at the waist and looked through my legs. I felt the suit slide between my cunt lips.

Once the make up artist left, it was an all male set. I heard approving sounds. "Oh yeah Lila, you're looking hot baby. Now turn around and bend over. We want to see those great breasts."

I turned and arched my back so my tits were not only hanging, but also visible were my bikini bottoms which were totally wedged between my cunt lips. Alex purposely designed the strip between our legs a bit narrower. They'd often reveal half of my cunt lips. But this is R rated swimwear and that's what's expected by the buyers.

I'm not sure where I lost focus, but I was getting aroused. I went back to the dressing room after a few more poses.

"Holy crap Lila!" Alex exclaimed. "You're on fire today baby. There's not a soft cock out there after that." He kissed me, teasing me with his tongue. "Including mine." He pushed against me.

We didn't start out being that familiar with each other. The first time was a fairly predictable shoot. It was obvious everyone got turned on, but it wasn't mentioned. Other than a few adjustments here and there that first shoot, Alex didn't touch. Nothing overtly sexual.

If there was a shower available at the studio, I always used it before I left. I washed all the makeup off my skin so I didn't get break outs, as well as anything the stylist put in my hair.

Alex and I were the only ones left that day. Since he had the key, I asked if he minded sticking around so I could shower. I was attempting to wash the glitter out of my long mane of hair.

"Are you having any trouble getting that stuff out of your hair Lila?" he said from outside the door.

"Ummm, I can't tell if it's out or not..." I hesitate a moment. "If you want to come in you can."

"Are you sure?"


Alex was as dark skinned black haired as I was fair. He looked like a big bear in the shower with me. I looked down at his cock, hard, hanging low and throbbing. "You've had me like this all day, my love."

I guided his hand to my cunt. "And you've had my pussy wet like this all day."

He stroked a finger though my cunt lips. "I wanted to touch you so badly today." He slid his hand up over my hip and up my side. "You're so dam sexy." He circled my nipple. "And these. Damn your breasts drove me crazy today."

We kissed and he pulled me against him. "You're so hard," I breathed. Hardness against my softness.

He cupped my ass and held me tight against him. "You're beautiful, Lila. So soft. Nothing turns me on more than a woman with curves like yours. I hired you because I knew you'd be the one to show my suits off best, but your sexiness drives me crazy."

I wrapped soapy slick hands around his cock, cupping his balls. He moaned, his slick hand on my breasts, pinching my nipples. He slipped his finger in while I stroked his cock.

'Oh yeah," he moaned, rhythmically flicking my clit. "Damn Lila, you've had me so hot all day I'm cumming soon." I was right there with him.

Stroking faster, I lightly scratched his balls and applied pressure at he base. He groaned in response. Our orgasms lewdly echoed off the glass walls.

So that set our relationship from then on.

The red polka dot was exchanged for black, and so it went the rest of the day.

The last suit was white. "This is something new, Lila." He grinned. "Maybe just a bit smaller than the others." He held up almost nothing and I laughed.

"Smaller? Seriously?"

"Yes, I wanted to talk to you about doing some BBW shoots for the internet. This would be independent of my business."

"Hmm, never thought about it."

"There are many men, and women, that love plus size. Lila you're beautiful. Your proportions are perfect. Your skin is perfect."

"Okay, I'll think about it!"

"Now,are you ready to shower off all that makeup?" he said with a wink and our clothes just disappeared.

The next day Mark sent the contracts and information for the Softly shoots. The one for their skincare line was typical. The shoot for their new line of bath products was a lot different. More sensual. Even sexy. The fact they wanted a male model along with me set a more carnal atmosphere.

I texted David and asked him to stop by to sign the contract and read over the paperwork. This was going to be much more intimate than I anticipated. Maybe more than we'll be comfortable with since we're brother and sister.

I watched him as he read the paperwork over. He set it aside and shrugged. "It's all okay by me."

"You don't think it's too much?"

"Too much what?" said my dense at times brother.

"Too intimate! We have to be in a shower together."


"So you'll be comfortable naked in the shower with me, your sister?"

"It's a job. We do what we have to do, right? Besides how many other people will be around? Not like we'll be by ourselves."

"Yeah. Sure. I guess so." I still wasn't convinced. "What if you get an erection?"

"I probably will. I'm a man, you're a woman, a sexy woman, it can happen. We can deal with it if it happens"

He's right. If it happens, not like we have to do anything about it. He's a handsome man, auburn hair that's more brunette. He didn't inherit my brighter auburn. He's big and masculine and will be complimentary to my curvaceous body.

The Softly skin care shoot was scheduled first. I'd done a similar campaign for them before and other than creatively, it was no different for me. The company rep was there and filled me in on the next shoot with David.

"We're taking this in a little different direction. More adult I guess you'd say. Titillating. It's body shower and bath care and we have products for both men and women. We will shoot both from both directions at the same time. Geared for men, then women."

"This sounds very interesting and I like your ideas!"

"We want our products to be viewed as a sensuous experience and not just body wash. That's why we thought a couple would be best in our campaign. Do you have any ideas along those lines? We're open to ideas."

"Hmmm, can I think about it during this shoot and let you know after?"


I had to keep my thoughts out of the R and X rating and more family viewing. I considered the angles while I worked. It was rather mindless work and I only had to listen to the photographer.

"Sex should just be a hint of what was to come. Afterwards. The shower should be foreplay. The feel and scent of the product creating the atmosphere. The product on our hands, our hands on each other. Shampoo, not much hotter for a girl tan having her hair washed by her man." I just rambled thoughts and he jotted them down. "More of a scalp massage for him. Maybe some bubbly lather play between them."

"These are great Lila!" he said, clearly enthused. "By the way, I hope your relationship to the other model is good. You're going to be in some intimate contact. Of course you'll be blocked from below the shoulders down. You can be nude or wear swim suits, your choice of course. Thanks so much for the ideas! We'll see you Thursday!"

I already knew I wasn't wearing a swim suit. The elastic on them made my skin a mess with red marks and skin dents. I'd let David do the swim shorts.

I dialed my brother on the way home. "Hey bro, I just talked to the Softly people and there's a few things we need to figure out before the shoot."

"Okay, I'll stop by later this afternoon."

I was in a cool gauzy gown when he arrived. "The humidity is stifling out there," he complained slamming the door behind him.

"You are all sweaty. Yuck."

"I came straight from work and didn't get a shower yet, sis."

"Hey, the thing we have to work out is about the shower. We could do that while you take a shower?"

"I guess that'd work." He hesitated for a moment, then started stripping.

I walked into the bathroom with a small step stool. I wasn't sure of the etiquette, so I got in the shower in my gauzy cover up along with the stool.

David opened the shower door and started to step in. "What the hell. There's no room for me."

"There is!" I said exasperated. "Just get in," I said. I'd seen my brother nearly naked, but this was the first time I'd seen his cock and it was hard not to stare.

He was still grumbling and squeezing himself in and didn't notice my inspection.

"Why the stool? Is this a wet shirt contest too?" he said, staring at my breasts.

I looked down and that white gauze turned transparent under the water and clung to me like a second skin.

"Yeah yeah sure, like you're really interested in my tits," I said, blowing him off. "Our heights are different and they want me to figure out how many inches I'll need to stand on to match you." He kept moving around, bumping into me, and brushing against me. I bent over to adjust the step stool and came eye to eye with his cock, which was fully extended now.

"Toldya that might happen sis. Especially teasing me with that nothingness plastered to your body. You might as well be wearing nothing!"

"What are you talking about?" I couldn't be hearing correctly. That he was that worked up because of me?

"Sexy." he nearly shouted. "You look sexy in that wet t shirt thing." He continued to stare at my tits which in turn made them harden.

I moved the straps and it landed with a splat.

"Now I'm naked. Better now?!"

"Ummm," he murmured, continuing to stare at my tits. "Sure. Lets just get to it."

"They're going to block us off from below my shoulders down. I have to be able to lift my arms up to wash your hair, and not show anything R rated." I went on to tell him about the discussion with the product manager.

"Okay okay I get it now. So it is a little more intimate than we thought."

"Yeah, are you okay with that?" He was starting at my tits again. "Haven't you ever seen tits before David?"

"Yeah but not my sister's and not as hot as yours are. Your tits are made for wet dreams for a lot of guys." The tip of his cock tapped against me as I tried to maneuver the stool.

"Oh. Well thank you." I stepped on the first step. "Let me put my arms around your neck and see how this works."

I did, but didn't consider we had to be front to front. Body to body.

I swallowed. "I think I have to be a little higher."

"We don't have anything higher for you to stand on," he said, his cock feeling like hot metal between us. "Let me just crouch a little. That should tell us how much higher you need to be."

I had to hang on to his shoulders or I'd have fallen forward off the stool. He crouched but that broke contact between our bodies and I started to lose my balance.

He quickly moved forward, his cock slipped between my legs and the head jabbed into my pussy.


"What! You were falling, I had to do something!"

I could only hang on to him and as he stood up his cock jabbed into my cunt. He stopped, groaned, and hesitated. Just another inch and I'd be totally impaled on my brother's cock.

My nipples, bullet hard, poked into him. My tits smashed against his chest. His hands are on my ass, partly to keep me from falling. He squeezed and moaned softly. He could no longer hold that position and when he moved his cock speared into my pussy.

I started softly purring from the accidental invasion of his cock. "David, I'm your sister!" I hissed out weakly, hoping that wouldn't stop him.

He slowly lowered me to the ground, his cock slipping out to lay between my cunt lips. I was still crushed against him. My nipples ached and I had to rub them on his chest for relief.

He gasped, only to bend over and take a nipple into his mouth as my feet hit the ground again. My brother was sucking on my nipple, squeezing my tit, and I had never had anything hotter happen. I felt the pull on my nipple, his hands full of my soft flesh.

His teeth were on my nipple sending waves of pleasure through me. "Oh god don't stop," I moaned long and loud as an orgasm racked through my body.

He pulled away. "Damn sis, did you just cum from that?" I smiled and nodded. Not knowing whether to be embarrassed or not. "I knew you were hiding some hellacious breasts but not that awesome." He trailed his fingers over them, teasing the nipples. "These are like bullets."

"What are we doing, David. You're my brother." He set the stool outside the shower.

"Right now, I'm not feeling much like your brother, and I think you forgot I was your brother at some point here."

"I did, but that was accidental. When your cock slipped inside me."

"It was, yes. That was unintended, but was that so bad?" I had idly poured body soap in my hands and was lathering his back. "Mmmm, I know that feels good, sis."

I wasn't consciously doing anything. My brain reeled from what just happened. His arms were so muscular I couldn't help but trail my fingers down his arms. He was broad shouldered, a large man. I ran my thumbs down his spine my fingers splayed on his back, and he groaned.

He put his hands flat on the shower wall, to lean, to let me discover his body. He had a round ass. Tight globes that were firm I in my hands. His breathing increased.

I lathered my hands again and bent over to slide my hands up the insides of his thighs. He spread his legs and trembled when I brushed his fat balls. My soapy slick hand ran between his ass cheeks down to his balls. I cupped them in my hands and teased them on the tips of my fingers.
"Lily," he gritted. "Stop now if you aren't going to finish."

I ran my hands over his ass again and around his hips. I stepped into his body, my tits pushed against his back. I reached around and took his throbbing cock in my hands and started stroking. It was a long guttural growl. He pumped his cock through my slick hands, faster and faster until he shot pearls of cum on the shower wall.

"Lila." I hadn't moved. My body still against his back, my arms around him."Lila honey, let me turn around."

He saw the guilt and confusion on my face and pulled me into his arms. I was more aroused than I'd ever been in my life. Yet I couldn't forget the fact he was my brother. Incest is wrong. It's wrong for brother and sister to be so intimate. To fuck.

I had a lot to think about and I didn't see him again until he picked me up for our shoot.

"Ready?" he said cautiously.

"I am! Are you?" I said, more than ready.

It took some time setting us up in the shower, giving us direction and getting the product set up for the shots. The make up artist made sure she used waterproof make up. They gave us both robes that we could wear until we got in the shower. Neither of us knew what the other was wearing. If anything.

They had a small platform for me to stand on to bring me to the right height. The photographer and lighting tech was happy so we were ready to go. We each slipped off our robes and handed them over the top. David stepped up to the platform and the warm water flowed over our bodies.

The product manager gave us some directives, then everything was quiet but the click of the shutter. Sensing things were about to change, I asked for some music.

David let the body wash drip into his open palm and created a lather between his hands. He placed his hands on my neck, his thumbs meeting at the center. He began stroking trails of silken white foam over my shoulders and down my arms. Our eyes were locked together as he slowly ran his hands back up my arms and across my upper chest.

My eyes flamed, my lips parted as my arousal intensified. I tipped my head back, getting my hair wet until it hit my ass.

I dripped the men's product in my hand and created a foamy lather. Never taking my eye off him, I stroked his shoulders and down to his arms. I smoothed my hands across his hands and shoulders. My lips were parted, my eyes heavy with lust because what they didn't see was his hands on my body. On my tits. Pinching and teasing my nipples.

All they could see is the rapturous look on my face. Only David could hear my soft mewls. I massaged his scalp while he pressed his throbbing cock between us, his hands still on my tits.

Time for him to wash my hair. I leaned back to wet my hair. When I did, I slipped off the edge of the stool, but he was prepared. Maybe expecting it. He thrust forward and I was impaled on his cock. No one noticed the gasp.

Again, it was accidental penetration, but this time I captured his cock in my hot cunt. That no one knew what was going on below, made it even more compelling. I squeezed his cock with my cunt muscles.

He used Softly shampoo, letting it stream into his hand like rivulets of cum sliding down my body. I could have had an orgasm just from him massaging my scalp, but his pulsing dick distracted me.

I knew we were putting on a stellar performance for the product line. Showing that it was an orgasmic experience using Softly body products.

"Okay, we have some great stuff, I think we an wrap it up now! You two are probably waterlogged by now too," he said, laughing.

Someone tossed our robes over the top edge of the shower and everyone left. The studio was empty, equipment gone.

"God Lila."

"David, I want to fuck you. Really fuck you."

I led him to the dressing room and pushed him into the chair. We were still wet and slick but I didn't care. I had planned on finishing this at the apartment, but too late for that. I straddled his lap.

"Oh god yeah, Lila," he moaned when I I sank down on his cock and grinding. "I never knew my sister was this hot," he said, sliding his hands up my sides to my tits.

"They're all yours," I said softly. "Just don't bruise me, looks bad for the camera."

I rocked, clenching his cock inside me. He was latched on to my nipple, while his cock was ball deep inside me. I could hardly believe it was my brother's cock throbbing inside me. When he began to pump his seed inside me. Our moans echoed off the dressing room walls.

"How the hell did this happen, Lila? He asked as I was locking up.

"All because of the OOPS slip in the shower, when you skewered me on your hard rod."

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