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 Oh, my dear kinky baby girl,

Daddy misses your wet pussy and hot cock sucking lips. I want to unload all my hot cum deep into your belly. You have to tell Daddy all about your day. I hope you wore your collar.

I would love to have you buy some sexy things to wear and tease your Daddy so he would fuck you over and over. What a happy little slut you must be. Having your Daddy’s hard incest cock up your cunt, so sweet and nasty. I would love to eat your wet pussy and hear you moaning, begging Daddy to fuck you. I want to cum while you whisper all your wonderful dreams in my ear. If you are a good girl and tell me every incest loving, nasty slut thing you have dreamed about doing with Daddy, I will let you play with your pussy while I watch. Won’t that be fun?

I want you to go to the store and do some shopping for me that will turn your face red and make the people around you wet and hard. I want you to be wearing your collar so everyone knows you are spoken for. You can take your collar with you and put it on in the car before you go inside. I should have bought a less expensive collar but I wanted the best for my little whore and never thought of the people who might harm you to take such a beautiful gift away. Go to the food store and pick up the biggest cucumber you can find. I want you to rub it against your breast and leg. Run your hand up and down the cucumber like it was Daddy’s cock. Buy it and only it at the counter and bring it home to me. I will show you how to pull a rubber over it and I will help you use it on that sweet cunt of yours while we talk about our day together.

All my love,

Daddy / Your Master


My dearest Master/Daddy,

I love the new collar you got me and will always were it to remind me of your love for me, that I am yours to do with as you want. I love to feel the tightness of it around my throat, it reminds me of the way my pussy and ass grip your hard cock as you fuck me.

Today at school, I started thinking of how you woke me up last night with your cock pushing into my mouth. I started squirming in my chair as I felt my pussy lips swelling and my panties getting damp. I couldn't resist licking my lips and am afraid I moaned out loud because the girl next to me turned to look at me funny.

I tried to squeeze my legs together to stop the feelings but it only got worse. I had to raise my hand and ask for a bathroom pass, right in the middle of Mr. Thompson's lesson on algebra. His eyes staring at my thighs as I walked up to his desk to get the bathroom pass. The little green plaid skirts of our school uniform seem so short. I was afraid there was a wet spot on the back of my skirt and was waiting to hear giggles as I walked to the front of the room.

Mr. Thompson handed me the large wooden dowel, which is what he uses to prove that one of his students has his permission to be out of the classroom. As I grabbed it from his hand I realized my hand barely fit around its width. A blush came to my face as it reminded me of your thick cock. Mr. Thompson still had one end of it in his hand and as he watched the blush warm my cheeks, he gently slide it in and out of my fist.

"Hurry back," he said as he smiled at me.

Licking my suddenly dry lips, I stammered out that I would before turning towards the door. I could feel his eyes on my ass as I walked out of the room.

Walking down the hall, I kept staring at the dowel in my hands. The way my fingers barely fit around it. I could feel my pussy tingling and started walking even faster. Rushing to be alone in the confines of a bathroom stall.

As soon as I reached the bathroom, I quickly locked myself into the largest stall and sat Mr. Thompson's bathroom pass on the back of the toilet. Pressing myself against the wall, I pulled up my skirt and pulled my panties down. I had to clench my teeth together to keep from moaning when my fingers brushed against my clit. My hips began rocking to meet my fingers and I could feel my pussy getting hotter and hotter. I was imagining that my fingers were your tongue, Daddy, that you were tasting me like you love to do. The way your tongue flicks over my clit before you bury it deep inside my pussy.

My eyes kept falling on the bathroom pass and my mind would flash at how much like your cock it was: long, thick and hard. Almost before I realized what I was doing, my hand closed around it and I brought it to my pussy. I couldn't stop myself from crying out as it entered me; unlike your cock there was no gradual build up to the thickest part. It was almost like our first time together. The pain bringing tears to my eyes but the pleasure keeping my hips rocking against it, trying to get more.

I stopped rubbing my clit so I could shove my skirt into my mouth to stop me from screaming out your name. I know you have said I can't tell anyone about our secret life together, our love for each other but even when pleasuring myself, it is your name that falls from my lips. I could feel my hot, thick cum rolling down the dowel as I exploded onto it. All through my orgasm I kept pumping the dowel in and out as my other hand slid up to pull and twist my nipples.

Slowly I pulled the dowel out of me and sank down on the stool. My legs were shaking so hard I needed to rest for a minute before I tried to go back to class. As I sat there with my head against the cool wall, I glanced down at the dowel in my hand and remembered your instructions to always clean up after myself. I brought the makeshift dildo to my mouth so I could lick and suck it clean. Just the way you taught me to clean your cock after it has been inside me, Daddy. Aren't you proud that I remember the lessons you have taught me?

Soon, I couldn't taste myself anymore on the dowel so I put in on the back of the stool and grabbed some toilet paper to wipe myself clean. I almost fell off the seat as I dragged that paper through my hot, sticky cum and over my clit. It took three wipes before I no longer felt the syrupy cum on me. At the sink I carefully washed my hands and then used the paper towels to pat dry my face, which was sweaty. I even washed the dowel to make sure it was clean.

Walking back to my classroom slower, I was thinking of our night tonight. How wonderful it would be to have you inside me, to be licking you clean of my sweet cum. I couldn't wait to be Daddy's little slut again. To learn whatever new tricks he wants me to.

When I entered the classroom, Mr. Thompson was standing at the blackboard with his back to the class, writing a problem out. I was going to place the bathroom pass on his desk before returning to my seat but he held out his hand for it. As I placed it in his hand, Mr. Thompson's eyes stared into me, almost as if he could read my thoughts about our night together. Before I could turn around and return to my seat, he brought the wooden dowel to his nose and sniffed deeply. Then his tongue snaked out to taste it, like he could still taste me on it. His eyes closed briefly and he slipped the dowel into his front pocket, smiling as it slid inside.

I stopped at the store on the way home and picked up the cucumber you wanted. It made my insides melt when I touched it against my breasts. I love it when you rub your cock on my breasts, Daddy. The way you fuck the warm, soft tunnel between them until you cum on my face, in my mouth. I put the cucumber under my pillow; I hope we get to use it tonight. I want you to use it when I suck on you so that I moan around you in the way that drives you crazy.

Your loving slave/daughter


My dear little slut slave,

You are a nasty little girl, making your teacher hard. You know that he was thinking of fucking my little girl!

Oh, using that dowel was such a sweet thing to do, thinking of Daddy fucking you. Wish I had been there to watch you shove it up your hot, tight cunt.

Daddy will use the cucumber you bought today to fuck your little girl pussy after Mommy goes to sleep. Although I know she would love to watch her little slut girl get her nasty cunt filled with it and then make you suck it clean so she could then shove it up you. But you are Master’s/ Daddy’s and I want the pleasure of seeing you moan and cry as I ream your little girl cunt. Daddy loves you.

Tomorrow you are not to wear panties under your uniform. You will let Mr. Thompson see your pretty little pussy but no one else. When he is unable to take his eyes off you, ask to go to the bathroom and fuck yourself with the dowel again. Only this time do not wash it off before you give it back to him. Then come straight home and tell Daddy all about it. If you do it, Daddy will fuck you from behind like you love the best.

But because you were such a nasty girl today, Daddy/Master will have to punish you tonight and I think I will spank you. Then you will have to prove you love your Daddy and Master by sucking me until I fill your lovely mouth with my hot cum. If you make me hard again, I will fuck your horny pussy or tight ass. I want to keep my sluttish slave happy so I will let her choose if she is good to me.

Tomorrow your Aunt and Uncle and little cousin will be over. They are taking Mommy out for her birthday dinner and I will "baby sit" my two pretty girls. Daddy would love to see his cunt slave tease her sweet cousin and make her feel so good between her legs. Would you like to taste Sarah’s pussy, lick her the same way Mommy licks you? Maybe we will let her watch your Master fuck you. She could lay under us while you eat her pussy but not touching you. I want her to just enjoy the feeling of your tongue and mouth on her while she watches your tiny pussy swallow up Daddy’s cock. Or should we have her guide me into your ass?

Always remember Daddy loves you. Master owns you.


My Beloved Daddy & Master,

I was so happy last night that you weren't too mad when I told you what I had done at school. I was so afraid you would be very angry with me; that you would stop loving me for being so naughty. Your punishment of a spanking was just what I deserved. Daddy always knows just what I need.

This sounds so bad but I remember my vow to tell Daddy everything, to always be honest with him. After I told you what I had done at school, how I had pleasured myself without my Master's permission and you roughly grabbed my arm to pull me down across your lap? I loved how you pulled my skirt up to expose my ass, the way it felt when you spanked me, Master. I could feel my ass getting hot and knew it had to be bright red from the force you were using to spank me. It hurt but at the same time, it made my pussy tingle and I could feel the shocks of your hand striking me travel all the way to my clit. It made me so hot and wet for you, Daddy. I even came for you once, just from your punishment before you touched my hot cunt with your fingers and made me cum again.

I'm not wearing any panties under my skirt today, just like you told me, and I slip into Mr. Thompson's room a few minutes early. As I stand in front of his desk, I can feel the cool air moving up my legs to caress my bare bottom.

"Um, Mr. Thompson? I was wondering if I could switch seats and sit in the front row today. I have been having some problems reading the blackboard and my Daddy thought maybe if I was closer to the front of the room it would help me."

Mr. Thompson's eyes got glassy as he looked up at me from behind his desk. Even though it was a warm summer day outside, my nipples were hard and straining against my shirt. "Sure, Lottie. You can move right up here in front of my desk. You said you had talked to your father about this?"

"Oh, yes, sir! My Daddy is the greatest man on earth, so smart and he only wants the best for me. I love him and would never keep any secrets from him. I can talk to my Daddy about everything."

I turn and slip into my new assigned seat before the other students start coming into the room. Carefully keeping my legs together and my skirt down, I pull my math book out of my backpack and lay in on my desk. After I open the book, I lay last night's homework on the corner of my desk so it can be collected later. I fold my hands on the desk and stare at a spot above Mr. Thompson's head thinking of the hour to come. I wonder if Daddy is having a hard time concentrating on his work, knowing how his baby girl is going to play a slut and tease her teacher.

Mr. Thompson pretends to be working on his grade book but I can see his eyes rising every so often to stare at me. No doubt he is thinking of yesterday and a blush steals over my cheeks as I think of how much better today is going to be for him.

Soon the other kids start coming into the classroom and the bell rings to announce the start of a new school day. Mr. Thompson walks around the room collecting the homework from last night while we listen to the morning announcements. Does anyone really care what we are having for lunch? I just want Mr. Thompson to return to the front of the classroom so I can begin teasing him for you, Daddy. I know how much it thrills you when other men desire what belongs to you.

Finally Mr. Thompson steps up to his desk and tells us to open our books to page 192 for today's lesson. We will be working on problems 1 - 18 as a group but the rest of the problem set is to be done individually either in the class or as homework if we don't finish. Mr. Thompson is asking us to please pay attention to the lesson as many students are turning in poor work from not following along in class.

While Mr. Thompson writes the first problem on the blackboard, I spread my thighs and sink lower in my chair. Slipping a hand under my desk, I pull my skirt up a little. When Mr. Thompson turns around to face the class again, he sees the faces of 27 students and my clean-shaven cunt staring back at him.

His throat must have turned dry on him because he began coughing. "I was going to use student volunteers to show the work but I think today I will just ask for students to tell me how to do the work and I will write on the board."

Hands go up all around me, as the other students want to have the chance to work out the problem on the board. I keep opening and closing my thighs, teasing Mr. Thompson so that he never knows when he will be able to look into my sweet cunt and when my legs will be demurely closed. This also causes my skirt to slide higher up my legs.

By now Mr. Thompson is standing at an angel, his back almost up against the chalkboard so he can face the class most of the time. The students around me giggle a Mr. Thompson struggles to work out the problems along with them, almost as if he is learning this now with us.

My left hand has slide into my lap and strokes my clit as I copy the problems off the board onto my paper. Sometimes I let my fingers slip down my pussy lips and into my pussy to get them wet. It feels so good to rub my slippery wet fingers around on my clit. We've only made it to problem 11 before my pussy begins to tingle. I have to get out of here now.

I tug down my skirt and put my left fingers near my mouth like I am chewing on my fingernails when actually I am licking the cum off them. My right hand goes into the air and Mr. Thompson immediately calls on me. "Yes, Lottie?” he asks.

"May I have a bathroom pass, please?" I respond urgently. Even though I am not touching myself, I can feel my pussy burning hot and tight. I need to get to the privacy of a bathroom, fast.

"You know where it is," Mr. Thompson replies. Quickly I slide from my chair, my thighs opening for him and rush to his desk where I grab the large dowel in my hand before practically fleeing the classroom. Rushing out the door, I try walking quickly to the bathrooms at the end of the hall but I can feel my clit being rubbed between my pussy lips making it difficult to walk. I want to just stop, lean up against a wall and fuck myself with the dowel in the hallway.

Finally I reach the bathroom and close myself into the first stall. As I bend down to look for shoes in any of the other stalls, I remember how it felt last night when you fucked me bent over like this, Daddy. The way your balls slammed against my clit as you pounded harder and faster into your nasty little slut.

Reaching around behind me, I ram the dowel into my drenched cunt crying out as it enters me. My body begins rocking on this makeshift dildo and my mind wanders to special moments I have had with you. The one that sticks out in my mind is the time Mommy caught us together. The look on her face as she walked in to see her little girl being fucked by her Daddy's huge cock and heard her asking for more! The lust and fear in her eyes when our Master demanded that she come over to help him make their baby cum. How it felt the first time she sucked my clit into her mouth as your cock tore into me again and again.

Pleasure ripped through my body as I started to cum and I couldn't stop myself from calling out your name. Knowing that you knew what I was doing was almost as intense as having you there to witness my orgasm. My knees folded and I sank to the floor, my sweaty forehead resting against the cool wall. My pussy continued to throb and slowly pushed the dowel out, my body trembling as it did. I grabbed the dowel in my hand before it could hit the floor.

Using the cool porcelain of the stool, I lifted myself once again to my feet. I could feel my sticky cum sliding down my thighs and using toilet paper, wiped them clean but didn't try to clean up my soaking pussy. After washing my hands, I returned to my classroom.

Opening the door, I was surprised to see Mr. Thompson seating at his desk. I hadn't realized I was gone long enough for them to finish the group assignment. Mr. Thompson looked up at my flush face as I went to my desk.

"Aren't you forgetting something, Lottie," Mr. Thompson asked when I sat down. My face must have held a puzzled look because he continued. "Where is the class bathroom pass, Lottie? Did you put it in something and forget it?" My face turned beet red as I realized what he was asking.

"I, uh, must have forgotten it in the bathroom," I stammered. "Sorry, Mr. Thompson. I'll go and get it."

"Are you sure you went to the bathroom at all?" Mr. Thompson demanded.

"Yes, sir. The ones at the end of this hall," I replied.

"I'll walk with you to make sure that is where you were, young lady," Mr. Thompson responded in a stern voice.

Propelling me down the hall by gripping my arm, Mr. Thompson marched me to the bathrooms, his knuckles brushing against my breast. Without pausing, he walked into the girls' bathroom with me. "Now where is the pass?" he demanded.

My hand shook as I pointed to the pass on the back of one of the sinks where I had left it. The dowel slipped and almost fell out of his hand when he grabbed it because it was slimy with my cum. Mr. Thompson seemed unaware I was with him as he brought the dowel up to his face and sniffed it with his eyes closed. My pussy began to tingle again when his tongue snaked out to lick it. His fist tightened around the dowel and he whispered "Please forgive me" before pulling me into a bathroom stall with him.

Closing the door behind us, Mr. Thompson sat on the stool and placed his feet on the door. Pulling me down on his lap, he roughly pushed me back so my head was lying on his ankles. Gripping my ass cheeks he lifted my pussy to his mouth and stabbed me with his tongue. Between murmuring how sweet I tasted he would push his tongue deep inside me and wiggle it around.

I was confused at how he could make me feel so good when he wasn't my Daddy or Master but soon all I could think about was the way his tongue and lips worked over my pussy and clit. How his fingers kept brushing against my asshole. With one hand I squeezed and pulled at my nipples but my other hand curled around his neck, holding him tight against my young cunt.

"Ohhh, Daddy," I called out as I exploded into his eager mouth, my hips bouncing on his upper thighs as I came. Slowly his licking and sucking subsided and he helped me stand on my feet again. Kissing my mouth so I could taste my own sweet juices from his lips and tongue.

"Your father is one lucky man, Lottie," Mr. Thompson said as he led me back to our classroom. "Even your name makes sense now. He must have had plans for you to have named you Lolita. I think I should schedule a conference with him soon."

I didn't mean for it to go that far, Daddy. I thought I would have a wonderful day teasing Mr. Thompson like we had talked about but I never thought he would actually touch me. Now Mr. Thompson has guessed about our special love for each other. Please, Daddy, please, don't let them take me away from you. I don't know what I would do if Mr. Thompson told anyone and they made me leave my Daddy & Master. No one will ever love me the way you do or make me as happy.

I'm sorry, Daddy

Your Baby Girl

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