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Eighteen year's old and still a virgin... Not uncommon in the mid eighteen- hundreds. Technically a virgin, since she had been riding horses all her life, at some stage her hymen had torn... and then there was the time she had experimented with a cucumber, using it to fuck herself as she played with her clit.

Her mother had died when she was eleven years old and it was just her and Daddy now. She'd tried to make up for her mother, increasingly taking on the woman's role in the house as she grew older.

As she developed into womanhood she became increasingly aware of her own blooming sexuality and as she did so she couldn't help noticing her handsome, dashing father. He was not yet forty and his good looks were hard not to notice.

Her mother had been a strikingly beautiful woman and Sarah herself had inherited the best of both of them. She was quite simply stunning, tall, slim and beautiful, with long dark hair and deep brown eyes. How could her father not be aware of her ?

Only eighteen years before he'd fallen in love with the woman she looked so similar to. In his daughter was his wife, reincarnate. No wonder she was a virgin. He was a jealous man, overprotective of his little girl. Despite her obvious charms, the boys of the village had never been allowed to get close to her. They all worshipped her from afar.

In the closeness that existed between them it was almost inevitable that he became the object of her desires, day after day, working in the fields, his shirt off, his fine muscular body tanned by the summer sun. She would daydream about him, imagining what it would be like if she were his wife, to have him look into her eye's and tell her how beautiful she was , to take her in his strong arm's and kiss her gently, to tell her how much he loved her.

All of this she dreamed about... And more.... she knew about sex, she'd seen animals doing it, giggled about it with her friends when she used to go to school. All these thoughts and feelings had led to the discovery of her own body, the pleasant sensations, the excitement, the wetness between her leg's whenever she dreamed like this. It was her daddy's cock she was imagining when she'd experimented with the cucumber. She'd loved the feeling of the cool hard vegetable as she thrust it in and out of her pussy, diddling her clitoris until she had an orgasm. She hadn't known about orgasm's until then. She thought she was going to die of pleasure it was so intense. After that she'd masturbate at every opportunity, and always she would think of Daddy.

.....Of Daddy, who although she knew he loved her, never seemed to notice her, not in that way, never appreciated her beauty or the fact that she was now a woman, desirable.

As is only natural she started becoming interested in the boys of the village. One day, after church, she caught the eye of a young man called Jack who came to speak with her. Sarah's months of flirting with her father had not been in vain. Evidently, when practised on Jack, it was having the desired effect. He was all over her like a rash and Sarah was loving the attention. Not just from Jack but she could tell that she had the full attention of her father too. He was jealous.... And she liked it !

He stood glowering in the churchyard, face like thunder. Eventually he could stand it no longer and, interrupting her conversation with Jack, took her by the arm and virtually frog-marched her home, chastising her for her most unseemly behaviour. Once they were out of earshot of the congregation he became even worse, calling her a “slut” and a “whore”, accusing her of practically throwing herself at Jack.

“When I get you home young lady I'll teach you a lesson you won't forget!” He growled at her. How right he was !

As soon as they got inside the house he pulled her down across his knee's, pulled up her dress, pulled her knickers down and, to her cries of protest, began smacking her !

Sarah yelled and cried but he was unrelenting, continuing till his arm was tired and poor Sarah's bottom was sore and throbbing. What she was also acutely aware of was that was not the only thing that was throbbing. The uncomfortable bulge in Daddy's trousers was pressed against her belly.... throbbing ! Her own pussy too, was throbbing, the same way it did when she dreamed of Daddy, when she played with it.

Daddy's arm must have been very tired, finally letting his hand come to rest on her bum, gently rubbing it, soothing it, almost as if he were trying to make it all better. Gradually his fingers, making little circles on her skin, crept ever closer to her pussy, Sarah lying still on his lap.

She had become so aroused by her smacking that her pussy was leaking torrents of juices. She whimpered softly to herself as his fingers slid idly between the burning cheeks of her bum.... and came out wet !

The way he so quickly removed them, she knew he'd discovered how wet she was.

Embarrassed now, he gruffly said “Let that be a lesson to you my girl” at which point she broke down in tears, got off his lap and hugged him tightly.

“Oh Daddy, Daddy I didn't mean to upset you.... I just wanted you to notice me, to notice that I'm all grown up. I'm a woman now Daddy, look at me ! And with that she stood back, pulled off her dress and stood before him naked, her knickers round her ankles.

Ben Tamworth, whilst a God-fearing man, stood transfixed at the sight of her, this perfect vision of womanhood, his daughter, standing there proudly displaying herself to him. He was unable to take his eye's off her, that beautiful tearstained face, small pert breast's, narrow waist flaring to womanly hip's and the sparse wisps of damp pubic hair, doing little to conceal the slit of her pussy.

“Love me Daddy, love me like you did Mummy” she implored. “I want you to be the first”.

Emotions raged inside him. His throbbing erection told him he wanted her. 'Oh God did he want her', he was only human after all.... how could any red -blooded man resist ?

“I can't baby, I just can't” he intoned, trying to contain himself “it's just not right”

“But Daddy, I love you and you love me. Don't you see? It's perfect” she persisted. “Am I not pleasing to look at?” She parted her legs, showing him her pussy, spreading it with her fingers. “Don't you like my little pussy Daddy, isn't she beautiful?” God baby yes, yes you're so beautiful, so perfect, but I'm your father. I cannot do that with you” his eye's still fixed on her.

“I want you to Daddy, and I know you want me too, look!” She indicated the bulge in his trousers.

Rushing forward she thrust her little breasts into his face, pushing him back on the sofa, the pointed nipples offered to his lips.

“But baby” he started.

“Hush Daddy, make love to me” she soothed, “You know you want to!”

He took first one then the other nipple into his mouth, sucking on the little buds as she moaned breathlessly.

“Oh God, Daddy, yes, that's it, make me a woman, show me how”

Ben Tamworth, respected member of the community and father, was going to have his daughter. He couldn't help it.

As he suckled her breasts she unbuckled his trousers and tugged off his shirt, wanting him naked too, wanting all her fantasies to come true. He helped her remove his trousers, kissing her full on the lips, so, so passionately; moaning how much he loved her.

As his trousers fell to the floor Sarah immediately grabbed for his cock, grasping the rock hard throbbing flesh and fondling it gently, exploring him with her fingers as he moaned out loud. Wild with passion for his young daughter, he threw her down on the settee, kissing her lips, her face, her neck, down to her breasts, her belly, finally reaching her sweet, succulent pussy.

By now Sarah was so turned on the whole area between her legs was saturated with her secretions.

“Oh daddy, Oh God Daddy, please” she whimpered as he kissed her there, little teasing kisses with his lips, first on the wispy hairs above her slit then further down where the hair thinned and disappeared completely below her clit. He kissed her up and down the bare lips of her cunt as she lay there, spreading her legs wide open for him, moaning with pleasure.

As his tongue delved deeper into Sarah's pussy she moaned again, reaching for Daddy's stiff cock and bringing it to her mouth. Sarah took the head of her Daddy's cock between her lips, sucking him into her mouth and running her tongue around the head as he moaned in delight.

Ben Tamworths guilt faded, forgotten in the heat of the moment, as he traced tiny circles with his tongue, round and around his young daughters clitoris, her hip's jerking involuntarily, her moans of pleasure escaping the gag of his cock. How could this be wrong? She loved it, she asked for it, she was going to get it!

A few minutes later she was desperate to come; desperate, hungry, wanting; her pussy hungry, aching to be filled, fucked ! She wished she could have his cock in her pussy as he licked her. 'Oh how she would love to be fucked and licked at the same time' she thought, knowing it was impossible, but the thought of it... .. .and she came, convulsed with pleasure, giving a desperate cry, moaning and jerking, strong spasm's that wracked her body again and again.

When it had subsided she pulled Daddy's cock from her mouth, pushed him onto his back and wantonly sank herself down on his throbbing pole of flesh.... Onto her Daddy! No longer a virgin; Now she was a woman!

He moaned at the sweet envelopment of his cock into her tight young hole. She took it easily she was so wet and rampant, sliding herself down to the root of it, gaining a rhythm as she began bouncing up and down, feeling the smooth hard flesh sliding in and out of her.

As she rode him they kissed, long , deep, passionate kisses, his tongue invading her mouth as his cock invaded her pussy. She had her Daddy inside her, totally inside her; and she loved it! She loved the feel of Daddy's cock in her pussy, his hand's on her bottom, caressing, rubbing, sliding between the widespread cheek's of her bum.

She shuddered as his finger's found the puckered mouth of her arse, wet with her copious secretions, one finger gently probing, then slowly slipping inside. Sarah rode him like this for several minutes, loving the feeling of the triple penetration, her arse, her pussy, her mouth. Another finger joined the first, Sarah feeling her arse stretched as he now thrust two inside her.

Then they were gone; suddenly her Daddy lifted her off him, her cunt suddenly bereft, empty without him.

“Baby, go on your hand's and knee's, turn over” he encouraged “I can't give you a baby, I'm going to fuck your arse !”

Sarah, excited at the prospect, wanted his cock; in her mouth, in her pussy, in her arse... She just wanted his cock. She wanted to feel him come inside her, moaning and jerking in pleasure.

It hurt as he penetrated her tight arse, stretched too much, she struggled to relax enough to let him in; it hurt but she didn't care. She was happy to hurt for him, for his pleasure.

As she cried out in pain, her muscles yielding to his cock, she felt him slide right up inside her arse, slick with her cunt juices. Grasping her hip's he slid her back and forth on himself, moaning gently to her “Oh baby, Oh baby, my sweet baby, you've taken me, you've taken Daddy up your arse!”

She turned and smiled at him “Yes Daddy, fuck your little girl's arse. I want you to come inside me!” she breathed seductively “Fuck me!”

The pain in her arse eased after a few seconds, enjoying now the feel of her Daddy's cock in her arse. Her fingers went to her clit, rubbing it, making little circles in a steady rhythm, becoming increasingly turned on. Her cunt still felt empty, she wished he could fuck her cunt and arse at the same time, racing now, to reach another climax before Daddy did .

Their moans grew louder and louder, panting, delirious with pleasure, his cock plundering her arse again and again until, without warning, he cried out “Do you want it baby? Do you want Daddy's come?”

“Oh yes Daddy, come for me, come up my arse!” She moaned, frantically rubbing her clit.

With a bellow of sheer pleasure he rammed himself deep, deep inside her belly, pumping, pumping, his hot cock throbbing, jetting hot spurts of semen deep inside his daughter's body. Finally he collapsed on her back, holding her tightly, whispering lovingly in her ear.

As his shrinking cock slipped from her she realised she'd lost the race to come. She'd almost got there, so close, she was desperate to come again. Noticing one of Daddy's beer bottles on the shelf behind the settee she suddenly had an idea. She reached for it and handed it to her father.

“Would you like to put this in my pussy Daddy? She smiled coyly “Would you like to see if it would fit?”

Sarah was so ragged-up she wanted something in her pussy again. She wanted to be fucked till she came again, imagining what it would feel like with that large bottle fucking her pussy while Daddy licked her clit again.

Ben looked at his innocent-looking daughter holding out this bottle to him and knew he would never want another woman. But the bottle was huge.... much, much bigger than his cock. It must have been nearly two and a half inches in width !

He couldn't believe it would fit inside his daughters tight young pussy. She really was a horny little bitch.... . So horny she wanted to get fucked with a bottle ! And he loved her all the more for it. Did she somehow know it was one of his favourite fantasies ? One he had never even dared ask her mother to do for him.

Spreading her legs wide for him she coaxed him to do it “Go on Daddy, don't you want to see my little pussy stretched around that big, big bottle ?”

“Oh sweet baby, yes, yes I'd love to see that.... do you think you can ?” He asked doubtfully “I'm afraid I might hurt you”

“I don't care Daddy”, I want you to do it, go on, fuck your little girls pussy with it, make me suffer; after all, I'm such a bad girl aren't I ?, seducing my Daddy !” She teased him.

How could he refuse ? Leaning forward he inserted the rounded , short necked bottle between the splayed lips of her cunt, gently pushing, watching in fascination as the lips stretched around it, spreading them wide, wide, wider. Sarah's fingers went to her clit again. Already highly aroused the bottle stretched her easily at first. She'd had to learn how to relax to take some of the cucumbers she'd fucked herself with.... But the bottle was thicker than any of them !

It started hurting her, stretching her too much, her face contorted in discomfort as she concentrated on keeping herself open, intent on taking it for her Daddy.

“Go on Daddy, keep going it's nearly there” she sighed as he eased the pressure. Then with a sharp burning sensation in the ring of muscles at her entrance, she felt her pussy open fully and she took it, sliding slowly but surely inside her. She gasped as it penetrated her, deep inside her belly, bulky, cold and hard.

“Oh yes Daddy!” She smiled at him “look what you've done! See what a greedy little girl you've got!”

As her fingers teased her clit he started to fuck her with it, marvelling at her capacity to take something so large inside her.

“Lick me again Daddy, lick me here” she said, sliding her fingers from her clit, allowing him access.

He loved the contrast she presented; his beautiful, innocent-looking young daughter acting like a wanton, lewd slut, leg's splayed, her pretty little cunt stretched tight around the beer bottle as he fucked her with it, moaning in pleasure as his lips closed on her little clit, her hip's jerking to meet the thrusts of the bottle inside her.

Sarah loved it, her fantasy of getting fucked and licked had come true. It mattered not that it wasn't Daddy's cock fucking her. It was still him fucking her, still him pleasuring her with this makeshift penis and his tongue. She so loved to have him fuck and lick her at the same time she couldn't care less.... and it was so big, huge!

She loved the way it stretched her. Her cunt felt so tight with the huge thing inside her. She loved being fucked like this.... to be so completely open for him, so vulnerable, so wide. She felt more like a woman than ever. She luxuriated in the feeling, lying back on the settee, arching her back and spreading her legs so wide, relaxing herself completely and let it happen.... and she came; with ragged, sobbing cries she came for her Daddy, her little cunt clenching upon the bottle as he fucked throughout.

On and on he fucked her, Sarah moaning in such delight, making her come over and again till finally she'd had enough. He left the bottle buried in her, his cock once again rock hard, kneeling between her legs, wanking his cock.

“Come for me Daddy” she panted, in the afterglow of her orgasm's, spreading her legs really wide, the end of the bottle protruding from her pussy. “Look at me Daddy, look at my pussy; see how greedy she is ? She loves you fucking her. Did you see how much you made me come? Come for me Daddy, come for me again!”

With his eye's roaming from her face to her pussy Ben Tamworth wanked his cock, unbelievably turned on at the sight of her.... and came, hot jet's of sperm splattering on her belly and tit's as he bellowed again in ecstasy.

“Oh God Daddy” she sighed as he collapsed into her arms “We have got to do that again!”

Lying there in her arms with her gently stroking his hair he realised no other woman could ever come close to his daughter.

She still had hold of his cock when he woke later. Lunch was late that day, both of them having fallen asleep afterwards, lying cuddled in each others arms. Sarah woke first and left her father to sleep while she prepared the dinner. She served it to him accompanied with warm beer!

Little was said about their mornings activities, both of them going about their usual chores and activities. In truth, Ben was feeling very guilty for what he'd done. Sarah on the other hand was not ! She had loved every minute of it and wanted more !

That night they went to their separate beds but as he was dropping off to sleep Ben felt his daughter clamber into bed and snuggle up to him, her hand grasping his penis which swelled at her touch.

He extricated himself from her grip and went to wash and dress. Soon after she woke, bright and breezy, not a care in the world. Sarah had to go to the market that day and was gone for most of the morning while Ben worked in the fields. While they were apart they both kept thinking of each other, Sarah thinking how randy she felt and Ben how guilty he felt.

Thus when it came to Monday night Sarah was like a bitch on heat and Ben had resolved never to let it happen again. She cooked supper and afterwards started teasing him, gradually taking more and more of her clothes off and flaunting herself in front of him !

Ben could not be angry with her, not least because she was starting to arouse him, but he determined he would be strong in the face of temptation. Despite her best efforts at seduction Sarah was getting nowhere. Daddy, it seemed, wasn't interested. Undeterred, Sarah knew what to do.....

When she announced that she was going to bed Ben breathed a sigh of relief ....Short lived however for when he went to bed Sarah was lying naked on it with a big cucumber inside her, lazily thrusting it in and out.

“Oh Daddy there you are, I was wondering if you would like to replace this cucumber with your cock? My pussy was so empty, she really needs filling up with something nice and hard” she smiled at him. “It would be a shame to let this cucumber have all the fun wouldn't it ? After all, if I'm going to be fucked it might just as well be you!”

Ben's cock was instantly hard, his resolve in tatters as he climbed onto the bed, ripping his clothes off as he went, once again transfixed at the sight of her. In an instant he pulled the cucumber from her and thrust his hard cock to the hilt inside her, kissing her deeply as he rapidly thrust himself in and out, fucking her slick wet pussy hard and fast.

Sarah thrust back at him, tilting her pelvis upwards to feel some friction on her clit. Despite her arousal, Daddy was too quick for her. Within a couple of minutes he withdrew from her cunt, got her on her hands and knee's and positioned himself at her arse again, gently thrusting till he was inside. This time it was easier for Sarah as he started fucking her arse, quickly building to the same rhythm as before.

The cucumber was still lying on the bed. Upon noticing it again Sarah wondered what it would feel like inside her pussy now that Daddy was fucking her arse. She took hold of the slippery vegetable and reaching between her legs with it she positioned the blunt, rounded end at her pussy and gradually pushed it in.

It took a little while, her pussy tighter with Daddy's cock up her arse, but eventually she felt it impale her, sliding in deep until she was completely full.

“Do you like that Daddy? Do you like fucking my arse with a cucumber up my pussy?

Do you think two men could fuck a girl like this?” She moaned as she fucked the cucumber in and out of her pussy while Daddy fucked her arse.

She could not reach her clit like this and inevitably Daddy beat her to it. With an almost painful cry he came, shooting his semen deep inside her little arse hole as she moaned with pleasure. She wished he could come in her pussy but knew he could not risk giving her a baby. She held the cucumber inside her as Daddy's cock slipped from her arse.

Sarah carefully turned over and lay on her back again, legs wide apart. “Make me come now Daddy, lick my little clitty and fuck me with the cucumber” she instructed him.

Once again his weak male flesh succumbed to the womanly wiles of his daughter. He lay between her legs for nearly an hour, licking and fucking her with that cucumber till she was finally exhausted with coming so much.

Again they fell asleep in each others arms, deeply, peacefully throughout the night.

The following morning Sarah started her period. Still feeling randy she encouraged her Daddy to fuck her again. This time she took him in her pussy while kneeling, as Daddy played with her clitty and fucked her until she came, her strong vaginal contractions sparking off his own orgasm, spurting his come into her pussy for the very first time.

For the rest of the week Sarah fucked her Dad; one way or another she managed to persuade him despite his qualms.

Saturday evening came and Sarah thought nothing of it when Daddy went to church. He often did that on Saturdays. They had confessionals on Saturday....

“Forgive me father for I have sinned” intoned Ben

“Tell me my son, how have you sinned?” Enquired the Vicar

“I have done the most terrible things with my daughter, father, sins of the flesh”

“You mean to say you have 'been with' your daughter, your sweet Sarah?” He asked “How could that be?”

“Well father, Sarah is a very beautiful young woman now and she has very womanly needs.....”he trailed off.

“Are you telling me that she seduced you my son ? She persuaded you to sin with her ?” He questioned.

“Well, yes I suppose so, I mean I never forced myself on her , I'd never do that” he said earnestly.

The Vicar paused, deep in thought. “Well my son, Ben, there is only one thing we can do..... Sarah can no longer live with you! She poses too much of a temptation to you, I can see that, but I have given this some thought and I realise that it is my duty to take her into my house and, with the help of my wife, lead her back onto the path of righteousness...... And you shall still get to see her” said the priest, to Ben's dismay. Yet he knew it was the only way to stop himself. He knew she would have to go.

“I shall go home tonight and discuss the situation with my wife and you bring young Sarah along to the Vicarage before morning Mass tomorrow. She'll be fine with us you know. She can help earn her keep by assisting our maidservant, 'Annabelle' he continued

“She is not much older than your Sarah, they will have lot's in common”

Thus it was that Sarah found herself being packed off to live with Father Abbott and his wife Mary the very next morning .

Father Abbott had arranged for his wife to stay home from the morning service to receive Sarah into the Vicarage, an impressive seven bed roomed house that belonged to the church, set in it's own grounds about half a mile from the village.

Father Abbott was a kindly man, devoted to the church. His wife, Mary was a rather plump, sour-faced woman who always seemed miserable and grumpy. The people of the village often joked about 'her wearing the trousers in that household'. It was clear that she ruled the roost over both her husband and their one and only child, Tristan.

Tristan was almost nineteen, but rather shy and timid, especially in the presence of his overbearing mother. He had gone to church that morning with his father, leaving just Mary and the maidservant, Annabelle, to welcome Sarah.

Father Abbott was of the opinion that if Sarah needed a firm hand his wife was the best person to give it to her. Meting out punishments and correcting youngsters was not really his forte, he recognised. His wife on the other hand seemed to positively enjoy the experience, as poor Annabelle had found to her cost on many occasion.

Annabelle had been orphaned some eight years before when she was just fourteen and was taken into the Vicarage by the Abbott's. She had been a little unruly when she arrived, having been allowed to do pretty much as she chose by her sick and grieving father following the death of her mother when she was eleven.

Mary had many times felt obliged to mete out punishments to her, with a peculiar insistence upon the punishment fit the crime. She had some odd notion that it helped people to learn the lesson. Perhaps it did work.... After all , when Annabelle had stolen a slice of cake from the pantry Mary had made her eat the entire cake until she was sick. She never did it again.....

Whatever it was she had transformed Annabelle into the most obedient maidservant one could wish for.

Mary Abbott explained to Ben that she hoped to be able to return Sarah to him at some point in the future. Exactly when would depend on Sarah's progress and whether she could be 'cured' of her 'sinfulness'. She asked that he give her full permission to deal with Sarah in any way she saw fit and then produced an outfit for Sarah to wear made from sackcloth, completely shapeless and unflattering.

“I shall expect her to wear clothes of my choosing” she said in her rather deep, booming voice “clothes that are not likely to inflame the desires of the menfolk, don't you agree Mr Tamworth?”

“Oh yes, of course, whatever you think” Tom spluttered, somewhat taken aback by the forcefulness of the woman “I'm sure you know best”

Sarah was allowed a last kiss and hug goodbye from her father, with a promise of meeting again next week at church.

After he had gone Sarah was told to follow Mary and Annabelle upstairs to get changed into her new clothes. She was led into a small bare-looking room with a small bed and very little else.

“Take off those things now young lady, let us see what we are dealing with” Mary Abbott ordered

“Hurry up now girl, get that pretty little dress off, it's a bit late to be shy now isn't it?” She sneered.

Sarah slipped the dress off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor. She wore a loose vest and baggy knickers beneath.

“Get those off too girl, and remember this, I will have your obedience. You will do exactly as I say or you will never go home to your precious Daddy!” she hissed “Do I make myself clear?”

Wondering what on earth she'd got into Sarah slowly removed the rest of her clothes and stood before them naked.

“Now my child I want you to lie on the bed. You have some lessons to learn and I don't have time to waste”. She made Sarah lie on the bed on her back.

“Now spread your legs young lady, you know how to do that don't you? I gather it's what you do best” She taunted “Spread them wide apart, let us see your sinful body”

Reluctantly Sarah did as she was told.

“Now Annabelle” she addressed the maidservant “she may well spread her legs for the first available man but I think the little slut may be a little more reluctant for us.... Tie her to the bed!”

As Sarah began to wonder what on earth was to become of her Annabelle fetched some ties and quickly secured her to the bed, her legs wide apart, her arms stretched above her head.

“Well, well, well, look at the little slut Annabelle” she said “She thinks she's all grown up.... She thinks she's a woman.... Look at her, she hasn't even got any titties!”

Sarah's face burned with shame and indignation. It was true, she knew, with her arm's stretched above her head her little titties all but disappeared. At least her hips were nice and feminine she thought to herself 'even if I am a bit skinny'.

She remained silent as the woman mocked her.

But Mary Abbott seriously underestimated Sarah Tamworth. Even as her words shamed her Sarah's resolve hardened and she knew she would beat this woman. She would have her revenge and get herself out of this nightmare.

Her beauty had perhaps got her into this mess but now she would use it to get her out of it....

“And look here, do you think this is the sex of a grown woman ? There's hardly any hair on it at all !” She mocked as she approached Sarah, reached between her parted thighs, grasped a tuft of her pubic hair and plucked it out!

“Ow!” Sarah yelped, and again as the woman plucked more and more of her pubic hair.

“Oh dear, the hair seems to be falling out Annabelle, look! Never mind it was a pretty pathetic growth for a woman anyway”

The thin wispy hair was all too easily plucked from her and within a few minutes she was completely hairless down there.

“Lord only knows what kind of spell you had on your poor father, I can't imagine any man wanting you. You're just a pathetic little girl playing at being a woman”.

Sarah had to resist the temptation to laugh out loud at her words. She no longer felt frightened at all. Despite the vulnerability of her position, strangely, she felt completely in control. Whatever they had in store for her she would repay in double; the vague plan she had been forming in her head was settled, She was going to fuck the woman's husband and her son as well! She knew she could seduce them, even the highly respected vicar of the parish. Then she would rub it into this bitches face ! After that, Sarah suspected, she wouldn't be so keen to keep her in the house and she could return to her beloved father.

Sarah felt sure they wouldn't really harm her in any way; she knew they wouldn't be able to get away with that. Mrs Abbott just wanted to teach her a lesson. Sarah made up her mind that if she was to be punished for being sexy she was going to confound the woman by doing her utmost to enjoy it!

The soreness in her pubic region had receded to a not unpleasant tingling sensation. She liked the way it felt; it was actually quite sexy, it felt like her bottom had after Daddy spanked her, especially when the woman idly tickled her fingers across her bald mound

“Do you think your father would want you now Sarah? Men like women to look like women, not like skinny little girls” Mary taunted.

Sarah detected a hint of jealousy, but still her words hurt. She knew she didn't really look like a child but would her lack of hair repulse Daddy? Or the Vicar and their son? She certainly hoped not. That would spoil all her plans. She had to seduce them to get herself out of this mess.

“Tell me Annabelle, what is the best way to teach young ladies not to be so greedy?” Mary quizzed the young maid.

“If I ever took more than I was allowed you made me have so much I wouldn't want it again Mistress” Annabelle replied, with a knowing smile on her face.

“So if young Sarah was to steal some food from us what could she expect?” said Mary.

“That you would make her eat till she was sick” said Annabelle.

“And if she has a greedy pussy that takes something that doesn't belong to her?” She asked.

“I expect she would have to be fucked so much that she learnt not to!” Said Annabelle.

“Exactly my dear, but since no man would want her I fear we will have to perform the task ourselves, odious as it may be.... Fetch me a candle!” She commanded.

When Annabelle returned to the room a minute later even Mrs Abbott was shocked at the candle she'd brought with her. It was an alter candle, eighteen inches long and two inches wide.

“Annabelle don't be silly, you can't use that, it's much too big; even a real woman would have trouble, there's no way her pathetic little cunt could take that!” Said Mrs Abbott.

Sarah meanwhile remained silent, thinking carefully. She resented the insinuation that she was less than a woman. She felt angry. Looking at the smooth white shaft she knew she could take it as long as they didn't try to make her take too much of it's length. She would show this bitch she was more of a woman than her; she would take the candle and enjoy every second of it! Then she would do the same with the bitches husband and son!

“She's not supposed to enjoy it is she?” Asked Annabelle all innocently.

“You really are a wicked girl Annabelle but if that is your intention I think you will have to make the little slut wet” said Mary “Lick her pussy, let's see if she likes it from a woman!”

Sarah had never really thought about women having sex together before. The thought of having this girl lick her pussy while the woman looked on didn't seem quite right but at the same time she found herself becoming increasingly excited at the prospect 'Not that I've got much choice 'she thought to herself 'I may as well relax and enjoy it, after all that would be the last thing her captors would want, surely?'

Sarah aimed to thwart their plans at every opportunity, to prove that she was indeed all woman, a sexual woman and proud of it.

She moaned as she felt it, the kiss planted on her open wet slit, gentle, and again, almost a nibble, Annabelle using her lips to tease and caress, gently sucking the lips of Sarah's pussy into her mouth then releasing, then sucking, using the softness of her lips to tease Sarah's pussy.

Tied down as she was Sarah found herself respond to the girl, her hips jerking involuntarily, creating a rhythm. Annabelle recognised it, now using her soft lips directly on Sarah's clitoris, a nibbling, sucking motion, repeatedly, as if trying to suck up a pea between her lips. Sarah felt her pussy getting wetter and wetter the more excited she became. It was exquisite; Sarah was sure Annabelle must have done this before, she was just so good at it. She seemed to know exactly what she wanted and when.

Presently, she felt the cold, rounded end of the candle finding the entrance to her pussy and she was more than ready for it. She had thought she would have to imagine it was Daddy doing this to her to get turned on but the girl was so good she knew she couldn't have stopped herself if she'd tried!

Slowly the candle sank inside her as Annabelle, never once interrupting her rhythm, impaled her on the long thick candle. Sarah was so wet and aroused that the candle entered her easily, her soft, elastic vaginal walls yielding to take it deep inside her.

Sarah had never previously imagined that women could make love to each other. She certainly wouldn't have believed how good it could feel, especially when the smooth wax shaft began thrusting in and out of her, fucking her gently, in time with the sucking lips on her clit. She was very close to coming. She tried to imagine Daddy watching this scene, She knew instinctively that he would love it; to see her so excited and horny, to see her pussy stretched around the big thick candle and another woman licking her clit.

And with that thought she came, loudly, crying out, her hips jerking, her pussy clenching on the thrusting candle, intense , repeated spasm's that racked her body with pleasure.

Annabelle knew when to cease her attention to Sarah's clit but continued to fuck her with the candle as Sarah relaxed again after her orgasm, little aftershocks of pleasure still making her twitch involuntarily.

With her eyes closed she felt the candle being thrust ever more vigorously. It was not unpleasant but when she opened her eye's she realised that Mary was covering Annabelles hand with her own, encouraging her to fuck her harder, both of them intent on watching her face, seeing the effect they were having on her.

Sarah closed her eye's again, returning to her fantasy of Daddy watching her getting fucked like this. She imagined him getting his cock out, all big and hard, and wanking as he watched her, covering her with his come when she had an orgasm.

Although Annabelle had stopped licking her pussy she was getting ever closer to orgasm just from the fucking with the candle and her own imagination.

With her eye's closed, concentrating on her fantasy, she could not see what Mary was planning.

To her surprise the candle was abruptly withdrawn, yanked out of her, leaving her pussy gaping open, wide and relaxed. Before she had time to think she felt herself filled again. Mary rammed her whole hand up inside her, repeated, painful thrusts that had Sarah moaning out loud as she tried to force her cunt even wider.

Sarah was shocked at what the woman was doing to her. Mary Abbott was too impatient, too forceful. She was hurting her.

“Take it you greedy little bitch!” She hissed, leering at Sarah “Take my fist inside you.... By the time we've done with you girl you'll never look at another man again!

Sarah had been caught off guard for a moment but she quickly recovered her composure and despite the discomfort of it she was determined to take the woman's fist inside her, determined to take everything she had to give and still want more. She had to prove she was as capable as any woman. She would take her fist, then her husband!

As she was thinking she felt one of Annabelle's hands grasping her titty, toying with her hard nipple, the other sliding down over her belly, coming to rest on the smooth skin of her pubic mound, the fingers gently caressing her clit, around and around in little circles.

Annabelle kissed her full on the mouth, her tongue insinuating itself into her mouth as Sarah concentrated on opening herself for the fist, relaxing, relaxing.....

Sarah was in turmoil, overwhelmed by the sensations, too much, too much, swimming in a sea of pleasure, only briefly aware of the sharp stinging pain in her pussy followed by the bulky fullness as the woman's hand clenched into a fist inside her.

She heard herself moaning, stifled by Annabelle's kissing. She felt the woman's hand moving inside her, Annabelle's fingers on her clit driving her wild with pleasure. Sarah tried to imagine her Daddy watching her being fucked like this, seeing a woman penetrating her with her whole hand while she was tied down and helpless to resist. She knew he'd love it. She imagined him taking over and putting his own fist inside her and making her come so many times ! She knew she couldn't take much more of this; she felt like she'd completely lost control of her body. She was completely at their mercy, overwhelmed with the sensations..... And she came.... The most earth-shattering, soul-searing orgasm she'd ever had, bucking wildly about on the bed as she was fisted through one orgasm straight into the next. Over and over again she was made to come, the pleasure almost excruciating in it's intensity.

By the time Mary Abbott had finished she'd been fisted for nearly half an hour. She had lost count of how many times she'd come. In the end they all seemed to blur into one.

Finally they relented and Sarah was allowed to rest. No sooner than she was untied she was overcome with exhaustion and fell rapidly into a deep sleep as Annabelle gently tickled her forehead and smoothed back her sweat-damp hair.

Not long after Father Abbott and Tristan returned from the morning service, by which time Mary was bustling about in the kitchen. She told them that Sarah had been upset after her father left but that she was now sleeping peacefully in her room. When father Abbott peeped his head around the door Sarah was fast asleep with Annabelle sat beside her. No one would have guessed that anything was amiss, least of all Father Abbott who left her sleeping peacefully, vaguely aware of a faint but pleasant odour in the room. It was a distant memory of his youth. He couldn't quite make it out but he, rather disturbingly, became aware of feeling rather randy and had to distract himself to quell the swelling erection beneath his cassock.

Sarah woke to the delicious smell of roast duck. She stretched luxuriously; the bed was very comfortable compared to her old one at home. She was alone and the sun poured in through the small window of the sparsely furnished room. She felt remarkably serene and relaxed; on top of the world even. She felt a strong sense of purpose, an acute sense of her own direction, as if she were a hawk above an unsuspecting mouse... poised, powerful, waiting on the moment to strike. It felt good.... she wanted to play....

She rose from her bed and washed before making her way downstairs just in time for lunch.

Father Abbott was sitting in the drawing room smoking his pipe, welcoming her with his cheery smile and kindly eye's. He was older than her own father but she could still find him attractive, she thought to herself, as he finished his pipe and ushered her into the dining room where Annabelle was just putting the finishing touches to laying the table.

Annabelle avoided her gaze but when she did catch her eye Sarah simply smiled sweetly and Annabelle blushed.

Mary Abbott arrived, followed closely by Tristan, who muttered an apology for his lateness and sat down. Mary conducted grace and the meal began.

Sarah, feeling abundantly confidant, played the game of perfect house guest, polite and well-mannered, with no hint of betraying any of the mornings activities. Apart from the odd side wards glances she even managed to keep her eye's off of Tristan despite his obvious charms, the dark complexion, his mop of tousled hair and rather appealing shy nature.

Occasionally she addressed him to ask about his studies and his plans for the future. Each time she did so Mary would interrupt , answering for him, promptly terminating the conversation.

Sarah quickly took the hint; she did not wish to put the 'old bag' on her guard. She turned her attentions to Mrs Abbott, much to the woman's surprise, innocently engaging her in conversation, gently seducing her, making herself as pleasant as could be.

Mary felt confused; was the girl coming on to her? Had the act of ravishing the girl actually made her interested in Mary? Whatever was happening it was not what she was expecting.

After lunch Sarah was practically falling over herself to be helpful. The moment she had finished one task she was offering to do something else. When at last Mary could think of nothing else for her to do Sarah asked if she might be excused to take a walk in the garden.

She pottered around in the Rectory garden, helpfully pulling up the odd weed that had sprouted since the gardeners last visit. Almost by instinct she became aware that she was being watched. She felt it at first, then, careful not to make it known, she began to surreptitiously look around as she walked about the garden. It did not take long before she noted the mop of dark hair in Tristan's window, his eye's following her as she walked.

'Good, he's interested' she thought to herself. The feeling was mutual; she was definitely interested in him and not solely for revenge. It had not escaped her attention that Tristan was an exceptionally attractive young man. He was tall, dark, slim and muscular with broad shoulders and powerful arm's. He was blessed with a shy, gentle face, deep brown eye's and that mop of unruly hair. She also couldn't help noticing during lunch that the bulge in his knickerbockers suggested he was also rather well-endowed.

Despite having been fucked silly that very morning by the women of the house, if anything it had left her feeling randier than ever; she wanted more! Sarah smiled to herself, thinking what a greedy girl she was. Her pussy kept twitching pleasurably; she felt the urge to be filled again, to feel Tristan's cock sliding in and out of her....

She brought herself out of her reverie..... If she carried on like that she'd end up raping the poor lad!

Later that evening Mary called her aside... “I'm pleased to see you have realised what's best for you young Sarah... I wouldn't want to be forced to punish you again!” She said.

“No Mrs Abbott” she replied meekly “I like it here but I do want to return to my own house when you think I'm ready”.

“Don't you worry yourself young lady, keep you mouth shut and do as I tell you and this time next year maybe you can” Mary said.

“Thank you Mrs Abbott” said Sarah, smiling sweetly “may I go to bed now please?”

“Go and ask Annabelle if she requires any further assistance first, then you may retire” said Mary.

“Very well Mrs Abbott” said Sarah and scurried off to find Annabelle. Once established that all the chores had been completed Sarah returned to her bedroom and had a strip wash. When she had finished she stood before the mirror in the wardrobe door, naked. She liked what she saw; even the removal of her pubic hair could not detract from her looks she thought to herself, in fact she rather liked the look of her pussy like that. She just hoped that Tristan would too. It was time to find out...

She arranged her bedding to make it look as if she were still in it before creeping out of her room and down the hallway to Tristan's bedroom. She listened at his door a moment before knocking gently. There was no reply.

'Good' she thought, 'not there yet' and entered his room. There she removed her night-gown, hid it beneath his bed, and climbed between the sheets.

'Nothing like being obvious' she thought as she lay there gently running her fingers over her body, enjoying the feel of her touch. She ran her fingers lightly over her tits, making little circles around her nipples, causing them to harden into little points. Her hand soon strayed between her legs, Sarah enjoying the sensation of her fingers on the smooth skin of her pubis, so sensitive without it's protective covering of hair. She peeled open the lips of her pussy, dipping her fingers into the wetness there. She smiled again; She'd been wet all day, horny as anything. 'What had Mary and Annabelle done to her?', turned me into a complete slut' she thought, 'not that I mind'.

Sarah lay there for nearly an hour teasing herself but not allowing herself to come. By the time Tristan came to bed she was ready to jump on him there and then and fuck him senseless!

He didn't notice her at first, coming into his room and closing the door behind him. Sarah watched, her eye's peeping out over the bedclothes.

“You!” He blurted out, jumping slightly with the shock of finding Sarah in his bed.

“What are you doing here?”

“Don't be angry with me” she smiled coyly “I was lonely and homesick.... I just wanted someone to cuddle up to”.

“You can't stay here... what would mother say?” Said Tristan “You'll have to go”.

“I'm sorry Tristan, I didn't mean to upset you, I'd better go” she said.

Tristan's jaw dropped as Sarah slipped out of bed as naked as the day she was born and innocently started toward the door.

“You can't go out there like that” he whispered in panic, “my parent's are out there!”

It was true; they could both hear Tristan's parent's bustling about , readying themselves for bed.

“Where are your clothes?” Tristan whispered.

“Don't you like me naked?” Sarah asked, displaying herself to him, “I saw you looking at me in the garden Tristan, wouldn't you rather see me without my clothes?”

Without giving him a chance to answer she went to him and sought it herself, pressing her body close to him as she kissed him hard on the lips, feeling the hefty bulk of his erect cock pressing against her belly.

“I see some parts of you are pleased to see me like this” she breathed seductively as she reached for his cock, grasping it in her small hand and rubbing it through the material of his breeches. Tristan was breathing heavily, scarcely believing what was happening to him. He was a virgin, from a God-fearing family, totally mesmerised by this perfect vision of beauty stood before him. She unbuckled his belt, letting his breeches fall to the floor, undressing him as they kissed again. She pulled him to the bed, Tristan almost tripping over his breeches as he tried to step out of them. Sarah giggled, pulling him down on top of her, pulling his shirt off and kissing him again, his hefty cock poking insistently between her leg's.

Sarah was so wet and ready for him she grasped the meaty shaft and guided the swollen head to her cunt, moaning softly as he plunged into her.

“Fuck me Tristan, fuck me” she pleaded, looking deep into his beautiful dark brown eye's. Tristan, lost to her now, needed no further encouragement as instinctively he began thrusting inside her.

“Oh God” she moaned “Fuck me with that big hard cock, make me come!”

Sarah was so ragged up, her hip's jerking to meet his thrusts, their bodies slapping wetly together as her pussy leaked torrents of juices.

Tristan's youthfulness got the better of him; within seconds he cried out loud, shocked at the intensity of his orgasm as he spurted his seed deep inside her twitching pussy as she desperately raced to reach her own climax.

They kissed again, passionately, as Sarah felt his cock softening inside her as his movements ceased.

“Oh Tristan that was lovely” she murmured in his ear, running her finger's through his hair.

Her pussy was still throbbing and twitching on Tristan's cock; still highly aroused she wanted more. She held him tight , keeping his cock inside her, contracting her pussy muscles in an attempt to arouse him again.

After a few minutes she felt him stirring inside her, swelling, becoming harder by the second. Sarah began moving her hip's slightly, sliding herself back and forth on his hardening cock.

“Lie on your back Tristan, let me go on top” she breathed, rolling him over but keeping his cock inside her. She sat astride him, one hand on his chest, the other going to her clit as she began to ride him, sliding herself up and down his thick hard penis. Her finger's flicked from side to side across her clitoris as she fucked him ever more frantically, squeezing him with her vaginal muscles, increasing the friction in her saturated pussy.

Tristan was moaning again, a glazed look in his eye's as he watched her beautiful body riding him, sliding up and down on his rigid cock.

Sarah felt at home again; It felt as if this was what she was made for.... A rampant sexual predator, driven by her desire, her desire to come ! Before long she was in a frenzy. She stopped rubbing her clit, leaning forward to kiss him, humping her hairless pussy against him. His throbbing cock seemed to expand still further till Tristan moaned aloud and came again, shooting hot spurts of come deep inside her pussy. Sarah too began to come, driving herself up and down his pumping cock she cried out loud, delighting in the pleasure of it.

When it was all over they snuggled into each other, Sarah caressing Tristan till he fell asleep. She toyed with the idea of sleeping with him that she might be found there in the morning by the Abbott's but decided against it. That would upset her plans; The last thing she wanted at the moment was to arouse Mary's suspicions and put her on her guard.

She crept out of his bed, retrieved her night-gown and crept silently back to her own room, soon falling into a deep and dreamless sleep.

It was raining the next day. Sarah was woken by a sharp knock on the door and Annabelle's face appearing around it.

“Get up Sarah, you've got work to do” Annabelle said, not waiting for a reply. Sarah stretched, got up and looked out of her window sleepily before going to the bathroom for a wash.

Father Abbott greeted her kindly when she met him on the landing, enquiring how she had slept and how she was feeling.

“I've been made very welcome Father” she said “Annabelle has shown me the ropes and Mrs Abbott gave me a hand yesterday” she said, smiling inwardly.

“Good, good, that's the spirit Sarah, make the most of your stay here” said Father Abbott.

Sarah had been wondering how she was going to get a chance to be alone with Father Abbott when suddenly she had an idea.

“I will Father, but if I have any spare time I would very much like to help you with any job's that need doing in the church..... I'm very good at flower arranging “ she said.

“Well that's very kind of you Sarah, perhaps tomorrow you could pick some flowers to liven up the church for Wednesdays service”.

“Thank you Father” she said, smiling sweetly “I've got to go” and rushed off to help Annabelle with the days chores.

Despite Annabelles initial frostiness she soon warmed to Sarah. She had felt ill at ease with her following her initial introduction but Sarah clearly held no grudge. In fact she was a delight to be with, really pleasant company and a big help to Annabelle. The day's task's were done quickly and they were able to have some free time later in the afternoon.

Sarah began to take Annabelle into her confidence, telling her that she did not blame her for what had happened on her arrival and that she'd actually quite enjoyed it anyway !

She asked Annabelle how she had got to be so good at sex and was surprised when told it was Mrs Abbott who had taught her, using Annabelle to satisfy her own lustful urges.

“And what she did with her fist... does she do that to you too?” Sarah asked.

“Not at first she didn't, she used to have me do it to her” Annabelle explained “She wanted to do it to me but I was too tight so she insisted that every day I put bigger and bigger candles inside me until I could take her whole hand”.

“Do you enjoy it?” said Sarah

“Now I do” said Annabelle “The only thing I don't like is when she makes me lick her pussy.... it's smelly and horrible and very hairy.... I hate getting hairs in my mouth” she added, “I much preferred yours, you have a lovely pussy !”

'Well' thought Sarah 'there are advantages to having a bald pussy. Hopefully Daddy would appreciate it too'

All the talk of sex had left Sarah feeling randy and wet again but any thoughts of making love with Annabelle were swept away by Mrs Abbott calling them in to prepare supper.

Tristan had avoided her all day, busy with his studies, but he did acknowledge her shyly at supper time.

That night she lay in bed for some time planning for the morrow.

She worked hard again in the morning; her and Annabelle made a good team. 'Could she persuade Annabelle to join her in the seduction of Father Abbott?' She wondered, then decided against it; she would need Annabelle to get Mrs Abbott to come to the church at the right time. She had to be certain that Mary actually saw her fucking her husband, to really rub her nose in it !

When it came to it, just as Sarah had predicted, upon discovering that Sarah was allowed to help in the chapel Mary insisted that Father Abbott went with her.

“We don't want the girl running off back to her father's house” she said “I don't believe we can trust her just yet”.

Later, as she walked to church with Father Abbott with the bunches of flowers she'd picked from the garden, Sarah had everything prepared. She had managed to persuade Annabelle to inform Mary that she was needed at the church, that her husband had a surprise for her to see.

It was cooler inside the church, a pleasant relief from the heat of the balmy summer evening's sun. Father Abbott went to the Vestry after showing Sarah the room off the belfry where she would find the thing's she needed.

Not wishing to cheat him of her offer she busied herself doing the flower's , arranging them in vases which she placed about the church to make a pleasing display.

As she put the finishing touches to the flowers Sarah realised her heart was racing and despite the coolness of the church she was sweating. She was anxious; this would be her most difficult test yet, and the most crucial. Would she be able to do it ? Could she manage to seduce Father Abbott ? Should she go for the subtle approach or blatantly obvious ?

In the end Sarah decided she did not have time for subtleties. She quickly stripped out of her clothes, grabbed a candle and crept silently to the alter.

She carefully cleared the alter top to make space for herself then climbed up and lay on top of it lengthways, face up, with her legs spread wide apart, her calves hanging down either side of it.

Her pussy was already wet, she realised, as her finger's delved into her slit and began to work their magic, gently tickling up and down the delicate little lip's of her pussy, dipping inside and spreading the moistness around. Usually when she played with herself she liked to take her time but now it was more urgent. Her finger's found her clitty and began their rhythm, making little circles around and around.

The more turned on she became the better she felt, her confidence growing. She assumed that Father Abbott would find it much harder to resist if she was aroused..... And if he was anything like Daddy he would be even less inclined to refuse her if he found her fucking herself with the candle.

Sarah took the candle and ran the thick shaft around her pussy before pressing the rounded end into her cunt.

Despite the size of it she felt it slowly sliding inside her. Keeping up a steady pressure the natural elasticity of her cunt muscles succumbed, allowing her to open for it, the thick wax implement sliding deep inside.

'There is something about seeing a girl fuck herself that men seemed to find irresistible' Sarah thought as she proceeded to do just that, sliding the candle back and forth, revelling in the feel of being so full, so open and willing. All the while her finger's toyed with her clit.

As she became increasingly excited she changed tactic, using two finger's, one each side of her clit, running very lightly up and down.

Father Abbott finished off his work in the Vestry, locked the door and went to see how Sarah was doing.

First he noticed the floral display's and smiled. She had indeed made a good job. 'The y also make the church smell nice too....' He thought... And there it was again, that smell he'd noticed the other day. It wasn't until he looked toward the alter and seen Sarah that he realised he already had an erection.

It took him a moment to figure out what was happening.... Sarah , naked on the alter with her hand's between her leg's.

Flabbergasted, Father Abbott gave a strangled cry and lurched toward her, brought up short as she turned and smiled at him.

“Don't you want to see ?” She asked “Look Father, see what you've been missing”.

Father Abbott stood transfixed at the sight of her; like some sacrificial virgin on the alter.... But Sarah was no virgin he could see.... And his cock strained at the sight, lifting the front of his cassock !

“I don't think Mrs Abbott does this sort of thing for you does she?” Said Sarah, continuing to slowly fuck herself “she's too busy with Annabelle!”

The vicar stood there completely bewildered. 'What was this bewitching young girl saying?'

“Didn't you know?” Sarah said “She likes to do it with young girl's, like she did to me the day I arrived at your house!”

“But that's not possible.... He muttered “She's not interested in...” He trailed off.

“That's a laugh” Sarah retorted “the moment you had gone She had me tied to the bed with an enormous great candle up me!.... honestly, her and Annabelle together”.

Father Abbott looked dumbstruck.

“So while you have been faithful and celibate Mrs Abbott has been having her fun with Annabelle.... That doesn't seem very fair does it ?” Said Sarah “If they can have their wicked way with me why shouldn't you?” She smiled.

Father Abbott was in complete emotional turmoil.... This was too much for him to comprehend. It made his head spin to even try. The only thing he could make sense of was the overwhelming urge to fuck this young beauty.... to pull that candle from her exquisite hairless pussy and ram his cock in it's place!

His cock felt like it was about to explode; he had to do it, he had no choice!

Sarah smiled as she watched him frantically ripping his cassock off, all the while calmly pumping the candle in and out of herself. 'When it comes down to it' she thought 'even the Vicar is a weak man, just like all the rest of them' and she felt incredibly powerful, it was exhilarating.... she loved it..... The power was almost as good as the sex.

Much as she wanted him to fuck her she also needed to come. She could see he was desperate to fuck her; now naked, his short fat cock stuck out from beneath his hairy paunch, the large purple head angry-looking, like it was about to burst.

“Lick me here” she encouraged the desperate Vicar “Lick my little clitty and fuck me with this big thick candle”

“Oh Lord forgive me!” He moaned, and like a starving dog he went at her, bowing his head between her widespread thigh's he tasted the pussy of an eighteen year old, lapping at her protruding clitoris, causing Sarah to moan out loud with pleasure.

He took up the motion with that thick white candle, thrusting it gently in and out as Sarah relaxed and revelled in the feeling's.... Such bliss!

As Sarah lay there she fantasised about all the thing's that had happened over the last fortnight. There was her Daddy fucking her and using a beer bottle and cucumber, Mary fucking her with the candle and her fist, Tristan fucking her and now Father Abbott using a candle and soon his cock.

Sarah once again realised that this was what she was born for; she just loved to be fucked! She really didn't much care by who or with what.... She was so horny she would have fucked the Abbott's dog given half a chance! And as she fantasised about the Vicar's Alsatian she tightened her pussy muscle's on the thrusting candle and came, crying out in ecstasy, her hip's jerking, her whole body convulsed with pleasure as Father Abbott fucked her with the candle until her orgasm finally subsided.

Panting with exertion Sarah pulled Father Abbott's face from between her leg's and kissed him passionately.

“Fuck me” she begged him “Fuck me with that big fat cock!”

Barely able to contain himself Father Abbott yanked the candle from her and stared in awe before climbing onto the alter and plunging his rock-hard cock deep inside her gaping wet pussy, moaning with pleasure as he felt her envelope him.

Sarah winced at his roughness; he went at her like a thing possessed, ramming himself into her again and again, fucking her rapidly with short, quick strokes. He stared into her eye's, his face contorted with lust. Sarah could tell he was close to coming, his breathing short and ragged.

Suddenly they heard a cry of horror.... Mary!

“So.... This is the surprise” hissed Mary Abbott “This is how you repay my hospitality... By fucking my husband behind my back ! What kind of she-devil are you?” Her voice rising to a yell “You are a despicable little whore!”

Father Abbott, his erection rapidly diminishing, sheepishly removed himself from Sarah, putting the alter between himself and the raging Mrs Abbott lest she should turn her fury upon him.

Sarah slowly raised herself, swung her leg's together and sat facing the angry woman, smiling.

“I'm the kind of despicable little whore who fucked your precious little Tristan as well!” she taunted.... “I'm the kind of she-devil who can have any man I want, including your Oh so Holy Husband! And you said no man would want me you ugly old witch!”

Mary was dumbstruck. Sarah smiled sweetly at her and Father Abbott, collected her clothes and sauntered out of the church. Mary knew she was beaten; even if she did wish to exact her revenge the girl was just too dangerous to keep in the house. Sarah had won; she would have to let her go.

So it was that Sarah returned to her Daddy that very evening. She arrived home, knocked on the door and flung her arm's about his neck the moment he answered, hugging him so tightly that he eventually had to peel her off of him. It had not yet been a week and he had not been expecting to see her until Sunday.

“What is it Sarah, is there something wrong?” He asked gently.

“Oh Daddy it was horrible there.... Mrs Abbott was so cruel to me” she embellished for good effect. “Father Abbott was nice enough but when he wasn't there she did thing's to me, horrible thing's.... I can't go back there Daddy, please don't make me!” She pleaded.

“What on earth did she do to you my darling?” He asked.

“Mary and their maid, Annabelle, forced me to have sex with them.... They tied me to my bed and Mrs Abbott ripped all the hairs from my pussy, made Annabelle lick it and then they stuck a huge candle up inside me” explained Sarah “They fucked me with the candle and made me come and then Mrs Abbott forced her whole hand inside me and fucked me with her fist!” She added, “I couldn't help it, they had me tied down” she said, noticing the ever increasing bulge in the front of her father's breeches. As she'd guessed it would, her account was turning him on.... Alot !

“Couldn't help it?” Enquired Daddy.

“Coming” explained Sarah, “coming on her fist.... She had me tied down and she kept fucking me with her clenched fist and she wouldn't stop... .she kept making me come!”

“You actually enjoyed it?” He said incredulously.

“Well sort of... but I'd much rather it had been you doing it!” She smiled “Would you like to?” Ben Tamworth gazed at his lovely young daughter and then his large hairy hand's. 'Surely it isn't possible?' He thought.

He looked back at her.

“You want me to put my hand inside you?” He said “Surely it's too large”

“Wouldn't you like to try?” Sarah offered “You know how much you liked it when I had that big bottle up my pussy” she encouraged, “Come on Daddy, fuck your little girl with your fist!”

She grabbed his hand and led him into his bedroom excitedly.. . Sarah was still on a high, still exhilarated by what had happened in the church earlier; the defeat of Mary Abbott! She felt as if she could accomplish anything, the sense of power surged through her veins.

Sarah quickly slipped out of her clothes and stood before her father naked, gauging his reaction to the sight of her now hairless pussy. Although it had been several day's since she was plucked there was still no sign of re-growth and her pussy was as smooth and soft as the day it was done.

“What do you think Daddy, do you like it?” She asked, but the look on his face already told her the answer; he was clearly enthralled at the sight of her!

“Annabelle said she liked it” said Sarah “she hate's getting hair in her mouth”.

“Oh sweet Sarah, yes I love it. You truly have a beautiful pussy” said Ben “I do believe you're even prettier without any hair there”.

Sarah pressed her finger into the skin above her slit and pulled upwards. Like a budding flower her slit peeled open revealing her slick wet inner lip's.

“Do you want to lick me first?” She invited “Do you want to get me all worked up and ready for you?”

Ben Tamworth wasted no time; he literally ripped off his clothes and jumped onto the bed where Sarah lay waiting for him, her leg's raised and spread.

Once again it occurred to Sarah the difference it made without hair on her pussy.... Daddy seemed to lavish extra attention on her pussy, wanting to linger over the smoothness of her pubic mound, to savour every detail, paying attention to the surrounding area as well as her pussy. The feeling was different too; more sensitive.

Her Daddy lingered over her hairless pussy so long she was practically begging him to lick her, humping her pussy into his face in an attempt to end the sweet torment. Eventually his tongue found her clitoris, sliding softly back and forth causing Sarah to squirm and moan in pleasure.

She felt a finger worming into her pussy. She was so wet and welcoming it slid in easily, followed by another and another. Sarah was jerking her hip's, trying to get him to fuck her with his finger's. They quickly found a rhythm, his finger's thrusting to meet her as all the while his tongue insistently teased her clit.

Having had that thick church candle up her another finger was easy enough for her to take, all four now sliding in and out of her greedy pussy.

“Oh God Daddy, yes, that's it” she moaned, feeling his four finger's and knuckles pushing into her, stretching her, opening her, preparing her... And then the thumb too, deftly slipped in alongside his fingers. As Ben Tamworth attempted to fit his entire hand inside his daughters pussy he began to feel her resistance. Her internal muscles at full stretch impeded his progress, the knuckles wedged in her tightness.

Sarah could feel it too; it was hurting, but she was determined to take his hand inside her. Ever since Mary Abbott had entered her body in that way she had fantasised about doing it for Daddy. How could she deny him this when Mary Abbott had done it against her will?

She concentrated on relaxing herself for it like she had the bottle , concentrating on not clamping up tight. She tried to imagine she was giving birth, imagining her Daddy's hand was the babies head coming out, concentrating on just letting it, just letting it.... just letting it happen....

“Aaaahh!” She cried, feeling her pussy open so wide, so very wide, a searing burning sensation at the entrance of her cunt as she took the huge bulk of his hand, naturally curling into a fist inside her.

She had done it! With his hand buried to the wrist in her Sarah smiled lovingly at her father, reached for his head and pulled his face to her, kissing him passionately, a long deep kiss that had her pussy twitching on his wrist. Once again Sarah was aware of feeling totally and utterly open to him, so vulnerable and feminine.

As the kiss ended she looked deep into his eyes. It felt incredibly sexy to have his whole hand inside her; she felt like she was on the very brink of a massive orgasm but the size of his fist was blocking it happen. She felt an incredible desire to be tied down again and fisted senseless, till she couldn't help coming.

“You've done it Daddy, see your whole hand is inside me!” She said “When Mrs Abbott did it to me she made me come so much and I kept thinking how much you would love to see me tied down and helpless while they kept on making me come”.

“Oh yes Sarah, I'd have loved to see that!” Said Ben, his voice cracked with emotion. Sarah could see how excited he was.

“I want you to tie me down too” she encouraged him “I want you to make me come as many times as you want when there is nothing I can do about it”.

Ben gazed at his beautiful young daughter, her hairless pussy stretched around is wrist. As he pulled his fist slowly from her, the little lip's bulging outwards so sexily, the opening of her pussy stretching ever wider, he came... crying out loudly, his cock throbbing, shooting hot jet's of sperm all over his arm and Sarah's pussy.

Sarah giggled then winced as his fist popped out of her. She thought she was excited but Daddy was even more so! He hadn't even touched his cock and he'd come!

Within minutes Sarah was tied spreadeagled to the bed with Daddy's fist once again buried inside her. Sarah was so rampant, she felt like she was about to explode at any moment. She felt his tongue on her clit as his fist began to make tiny movements inside her, a gentle fucking motion. Each touch of his tongue on her clit sent spark's of pleasure shooting through her. It was exquisite, such an incredibly intense pleasure; it was as if she was being held on the brink of orgasm, that point where she was just about to come but she could neither go back or forward. The stretching of her pussy muscles seemed to be delaying her orgasm and at the same time increasing the pleasure tenfold.

Moaning helplessly, Sarah was fisted and licked by Daddy, completely at his mercy, knowing that when she did come it was going to be huge! It was like her orgasm was a dam about to burst; she felt so full up, with Daddy's hand, with more pleasure than she would ever have thought possible. Something had to give.....

She began to feel frightened at the intensity of her feeling's. She had completely lost control, writhing about within the confines of the ropes that held her she was glad she'd asked to be tied down. Whatever her orgasm was like she was going to have to take it.

Daddy was fisting her with ever increasing vigour, his tongue still working her clitty from side to side, each thrust, each lick causing such intense pleasure she thought she would die.

Sarah had no idea how long she was held on the brink of the orgasm but when it finally happened she literally screamed, a painful, drawn out cry of sheer and absolute ecstasy, her body convulsed with the most intense orgasm she'd ever experienced.

She thought she couldn't take any more pleasure than that but Daddy had other idea's. Having just given her the orgasm of her life he was not about to leave it at that; he wanted to give more....

Thus it was that Sarah was fisted senseless that day, just as she had fantasised about, Daddy making her orgasm time and time again until she eventually passed out with sheer pleasure!

Ben ceased the pumping of his fist inside his daughter at that point, slowly and gently sliding his hand from her pussy as she lay there in a complete faint. Ben untied her as she lay there unconscious but she soon came around from it and they held each other tightly before drifting off into exhausted sleep.

They didn't do that again for awhile. It took her a few day's to recover, Sarah was so exhausted. They did fuck however, as often as possible; they were both like randy teenager's.

Unsurprisingly, no more was heard of from the Abbott's. They no longer went to the church but word spread around the village that Mrs Abbott was ill and had taken to her bed. No-one had seen her for week's. Sarah smiled when she heard that. Although she didn't believe she was really ill she knew she had made the bitch suffer for her sin's !

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