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I was due to sit for Tony and Maree that evening. I'd finished dinner early so I thought I might as well head on around. It wouldn't matter if I got there slightly early as it would just mean that Maree could get ready in peace. Tony was hopeless at keeping the kids quiet.

I'd always considered Maree and Tony to be an oddly mismatched pair. I mean, if they were motor vehicles she'd be a little Ford Pinto while he was the equivalent of a Sherman tank. Oddly enough I was also a little on the petite side, about the same size as Maree, with a small difference being I had a somewhat more generous bust-line. (A lot more generous, truth to tell.)

Anyway, I rolled up and Tony let me in.

"You're a little early," he said in that deep rumbling voice of his. "Maree and the kids nipped down to the park just after dinner. Maree thought it wouldn't hurt to let them run off some of that excess energy of theirs. They should be back soon."

Truth to tell that voice of his always sends shivers up my spine. Something about his voice reminded me of the way thick velvet cloth felt, rich and sensual. It was annoying in a way as someone of his size and looks should have a voice that sounded like a rasping foghorn. People just aren't the way they're supposed to be at times.

"Come in and grab a seat, little one," he rumbled and I became annoyed all over again.

It was the disparity between what he said and the way he said it. His voice was a 'come hither, I have something to show you' voice and then he spoils it by calling me little one. For god's sake, I wasn't a child. One moment I'm thinking slightly naughty thoughts and the next I'm feeling put upon.

Yes, yes, I know. He's married and a father and a client and I'm not supposed to have naughty thoughts about anyone in any of those categories, let alone someone in all three. But still. I am a woman and he is a generously sized slab of man. I'll admit to wondering at some times to just how generous a size he was, not that I ever intended finding out.

"Enough with the little one," I grumbled. "I don't call you Mr Chubby."

He laughed at me. Understandable, I suppose, as chubby he was not. I was pretty sure that was solid beef on his frame, not fat. He wasn't the type to be opening a refrigerator and snacking all the time. More likely to be using one as a spare set of weights.

"I guess I'm just used to considering you as a child," Tony said with a smile. "You were what, fifteen, when you first came to sit for us?"

I nodded.


"Then that would make you eighteen, possibly nineteen now?" he asked.

I acknowledged eighteen.

"So. You've grown up without me noticing. Me being a man and all and not paying attention to that sort of thing."

I graciously inclined my head to indicate I fully understood a man's uselessness in things like that. He grinned and sat down on the couch, indicating I should come closer. Totally unsuspecting I did so.

I was stunned when he calmly lifted my dress up and told me to hold it. Rather stupidly my hands closed over it, holding it up and giving him a clear view of my panties. What was I thinking of? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. My mind just sort of went blank.

His didn't. He knew exactly what he was doing. He had hold of my panties and was lowering them almost before I had a grip on my dress. I wasn't showing off my panties. I was showing off the things that my panties should have covered. I couldn't even console myself with the thought that my muff would hide everything because I was freshly waxed, ready for summer and brief bikinis.

Of course things immediately went from bad to worse. He slipped his hand between my legs and started rubbing me. I didn't dare jerk my legs together because all that would have done would be to press his hand even harder against my privates. I was just standing there, face bright red, being felt up by Tony. The absolutely worst part about it? The fact that it was highly erotic and I liked it.

It took me a few moments to pull myself together, with Tony taking full advantage of the delay. I finally managed to open my mouth, being unable to speak not a normal condition for me.

"Do you mind?" I demanded with great indignation.

He simply said "No," and kept on with his gentle massage. Strike the word gentle. His rubbing was becoming harder, rougher, forcing a response from me. He did something with one of his fingers and the next thing I knew it was sliding between my lips and I was being massaged both internally and externally.

"Well, I do," I pointed out, "and I'll thank you to stop doing that."

"No need to thank me," he said, and I just knew it was because he had no intention of stopping.

Now what was I supposed to do? If you tell a man to stop he's supposed to stop. Everyone knows that. Except Tony, apparently. Maybe I should hit him or something. That's the point when I noticed that he was unzipping his trousers. OK, maybe, just maybe, I might have wondered what he had in there but I'd never had any intention of looking. Now it was being hauled out into the light so I could inspect it at my leisure.

I almost laughed when he first pulled it out. It was short and fat and just too damn small for a man of his size. For that matter it was probably too small for a man of any size. That was my first thought. My second was more along the lines of Doctor Frankenstein when his monster came to life. It's alive!

It truly was. It was alive and stirring and like Doctor Frankenstein's creation it was turning into a monster. It was swelling and lengthening and my mouth was going dry from fright just seeing it grow. Something like that should be illegal.

"You can touch it if you want to," Tony said and I managed to drag my eyes back to his face.

"Why would I want to?" I gasped out.

"To familiarize yourself with it before you sink down onto it," he said calmly.

"What?" I said in a half yell. "I have no intention of doing any such thing."

"Ah. You prefer to be more submissive and have the man do the work. That's OK. I don't mind."

My mind immediately jumped to a picture of me lying naked on the floor while he came down over me, holding my legs apart while that, that, cannon of his invaded me.

"You're mad," I gasped. "I said stop and that I wasn't going to do it."

"That's true," he conceded. "However, you did just stand there, dress lifted, and let me pull down your panties and get more intimately acquainted. I think you're giving me the green light and I can always take yes for an answer."

"What was I supposed to do," I protested. "Hit you with my shoe or something."

"Well, you could have always taken a step backwards and broken contact," he said with an evil smile and I blushed something terrible. It just hadn't occurred to me that there was nothing stopping me from doing that. I'd just stood there like a gawk and let him play.

"Perhaps you'd better do that now," Tony said. "I can here Maree and the kids coming up the drive."

I then proved him right about how I could have taken a step back by bouncing back almost to the far side of the room, hastily pulling up my panties at the same time. Tony simply stood up, stretched, and zipped up. (Carefully, I noticed, obviously not wanting to get something trapped in the zipper.)


The front door opened and Maree and the kids spilled into the house. Fortunately the move from bright sunlight to the relative gloom of the house meant she didn't notice my blush, giving me a chance to take a deep breath and calm down.

With the children there I calmed down pretty quickly. I will say that the way they managed to keep rampaging around after being at the park made me glad I was on the pill. No noisy little accidents for me, thank you very much.

Maree took her time getting ready. Five minutes before they were due to leave Tony went and got ready which I must admit was a bit of a relief to me. He'd looked at me several times and smiled and he'd made me very much aware of myself. Now he was safely out of the house. Not only that, but as Maree had paid me before they left I'd be free to do a runner as soon as they walked in the door.

The kids were their normal rumbustious selves but the excursion to the park soon told on them. They finished up going to bed with a minimum of fuss and were soon asleep, leaving me free to watch the TV.

When Tony and Maree arrived home I was all ready to take to my heels and get home myself. The problem was that Maree insisted that I stay and have a cup of coffee with them and she's so nice that it would have been rude to say no, so coffee it was. Not helped by Tony sitting across the table from me. It wasn't that he was doing or saying anything, or even looking at me in an unwanted manner. It was just that he had this slight smile that for some reason made me feel a little uneasy.

Anyway, I finished my coffee and started making going home noises. Maree was nodding in agreement and Tony opened his big mouth.

"Actually, Maree, your arriving home from the park earlier interrupted me just as I was about to make love to Kerry. Having the kids there put a stop to that. Now you know how I hate to leave things unfinished so I thought that it might be a good idea to finish that little task right now."

"Really?" said Maree, giving me a quick look. "Tell me, was she willing or unwilling?"

What the hell difference did that make, I wondered. He's your husband. Bring him into line, dammit.

Tony, the rotten swine, was making an iffy sign with his hand.

"Bit hard to tell," he told Maree. "She was saying stop but she wasn't struggling or trying to move away and it wasn't as though I was holding her in place. Why don't you judge for yourself?"

I was on my feet by this time and heading towards the door. Unfortunately Tony was between me and the door and he calmly reached out and caught my arm, pulling me around to face him.

"Here, hold this again," he said, lifting the hem of my dress and handing it to me and I, colossal fool that I am, automatically grabbed hold of it.

You guessed it. My panties went back down again and I started protesting.

"Hold on a moment," I said urgently. "I said stop before and I'm saying stop now."

Tony simply slipped his hand between my legs again and started massaging. Talk about déjà vu.

"I see what you mean," said Maree. "She's giving mixed signals, isn't she? I guess your best bet is to simply strip her completely and see how she reacts once she's naked. If she panics you can call a halt, otherwise you can have some fun."

You're kidding, was what I was thinking, but Tony seemed to think her suggestion was eminently reasonable. I didn't even have time to formulate a proper argument when he had my dress pulled up and over my head, and how he found the time to undo the zip I'm damned if I know. Whatever, the result was that I was now standing there in bra and panties. Come to think of it, I wasn't, as my panties seemed to have slipped down to my ankles, meaning I was in my bra only.

Tony didn't try to take off my bra. Do you know why? Because when my dress was obscuring my vision Maree had hopped off her chair and moved up behind me. Tony's hand slipped between my legs yet again and at the same time Maree unhooked my bra and brushed the straps off my shoulders and down my arms. If that wasn't bad enough her arms came around me and she started stroking my breasts.

"Well, her nipples are saying go," Maree calmly announced.

"And she's certainly hot and wet," observed Tony. Well, he should know. He now had two fingers well inside me giving me some additional massaging.

"I'm still saying no," I pointed out rather tartly.

"Well my vote is you should go for it," said Maree. "Her protests seem to be purely for the sake of making a protest because she thinks she should."

"That's my vote as well," agreed Tony, finally removing his hand. Somehow I didn't think it was because I wanted him to.

I was so right. He turned me so my back was to the table and then he was easing me back. I could feel the table behind me and still he was pushing against me until I was leaning back over the table, my hands bracing me so that I wouldn't finish up flat on my back. That's when he dropped his trousers, releasing that damned cannon of his.

I was looking down the length of my body and I could see his cock just hovering next to me pussy. Then he was pressing against and into me. I flicked a look over at Maree and she was watching with avid eyes, enjoying the sight of her husband taking me. She must have felt my eyes on her because she met my gaze and winked at me. I couldn't believe it. She fucking winked at me.

"Don't worry," she said with a giggle. "It'll be over before you know it."

Then she giggled again.

"Just kidding. You'll well and truly know it before he's finished."

My eyes switched back to where Tony was taking possession of me with a sort of appalled fascination. I was relieved that he wasn't just trying to stick the whole thing into me but I found what he was doing was greatly disturbing. He was pushing in a little and then pulling back, and then pushing in again. The trouble was that the amount he pulled back wasn't equal to what he was pushing in meaning he was sinking in a little deeper each time.

I kid you not I've had sexual experiences where the entire job was done in less time than it took Tony to finally sink fully in. By that time I was writhing restlessly under him, my body desperate for him to stop stuffing around and get on with it. And I couldn't even tell him to get a move on because officially I was against the whole thing.

Now he was able to get to work properly, pulling way back and driving in hard, my passage nicely oiled, providing a warm slippery path for him. While his hands playing with my breasts he built his action up into a nice even tempo, with me humping my bottom to meet him.

My excitement was building rapidly. I was gasping with the exertion while at the same time trying to keep my mouth shut so that I didn't start cheering him on. Although I'd never admit it this wasn't doing me any harm whatsoever and I could take a lot more of it. Not that I'd have to as I was likely to climax in short order the way he was going.

Bloody Maree.

"Slow it down a little, Tony," she suddenly said. "She's getting overheated."

That swine, that brute, that unfeeling rotten lowlife, followed her advice. He cooled things down a little and one of the things that cooled was me. He took me right down until he was barely moving, and then he started up again, but only increasing the pace slowly.

It seemed to take ages before Tony built things up to where they'd been earlier but finally I was back in the groove, eagerly rushing towards my fate. That's when Maree had something else to say.

"Too much, too soon," she said, and I heard Tony laugh.

"Give me a break," he said, but at the same time he was pulling that slow down for a second time, taking me off the boil and leaving me to gently simmer. That simmer applied to a suddenly evil temper I hadn't known I had as much as it applied to my sexual frustration.

Once again it was a case of slowly pick-up the pace and see just how much frustration I could take. My excitement was building faster now, not surprising when you consider what he'd been doing to me.

This time when I was close I beat Maree to the punch.

"If you, slow down, again," I gasped out, "I will, kill you, and laugh, while doing it." I started off speaking fairly quietly but I finished up almost shouting.

Tony just laughed and picked up the pace, really driving home, pushing me over the bar and into a climax with no problems at all. I simply shrieked and went with it.

Afterwards Tony vanished and Maree helped me clean up. It was rape, I insisted, as I'd said no. She totally disagreed. It was seduction, she said. When you're being seduced you tend to say no but you don't actually resist what is happening because you really want it. She pointed to my just standing there holding my dress up while Tony took down my panties as proof of her point of view.

"I'll tell you what," she said. "Come around and see us tomorrow evening. I'll tell Tony to seduce you again and you see if you can resist properly. If you can't manage a proper resistance he'll have you down on all fours and will ride you doggy fashion. It'll be fun to see what happen."

I gave her a 'you've got to be kidding' look and took my departure. Come back and be raped again? Or would it be seduction? What was the official definition of seduction, I wondered.


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