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As those of you who have read my previous submissions will know, I have been recounting key events of my incestuous relationship with my sister. When we started having our sexual liaisons, all we cared about was the sheer sexual pleasure we got from each other. For me, here was someone who dressed exactly as I liked (stockings, suspenders, high heels, and a willingness to flash this outfit in public by donning short skirts and dresses). The fact it was my very own sister's silky, curvy body adorned in such a way only heightened the thrill. To this day, I still love the fact she will walk around South West London, on a weekend, flashing her stocking tops.

However, one thing that we never really thought about when we first started our relationship would be the times we had to get together for family events. I mean, how do we both meet our parents together and conceal the sexually charged atmosphere that there must be between us? Well, today's retelling is about the first time we got together for the family Christmas since my sister and I had become lovers. Thankfully, we have a small family and so Christmas day was normally just the four of us (unless one or both of us were in a relationship). Obviously, we were both in a relationship but this time it was with each other and so there would still just be the four of us...

The train pulled into the station and in a matter of moments, I was through the barrier heading towards the car park. It was Christmas Eve and as I did every year, I was heading to my parents. Of course, there was a 'slight change this year in that my sister and I were now fucking each other and I was rather anxious as to just how this would affect things. I was snapped out of my concerns when I saw my sister waving, standing next to her car and I headed towards her.

"Merry Christmas. Good journey bro?"

"Not too bad."

"Well, how about a Christmas kiss?"

"Sis, we have to be..." I never finished my sentence as my sister grabbed me and kissed me hard. Instinctively, I dropped my luggage and grabbed her arse through her skirt. I felt the familiar suspender strap and knew my sister was wearing the lingerie that had originally seduced me.

Sanity returned and I pulled away. "Sis, we have to be careful!"

"Boring." She laughed and got into her car. I dumped my luggage in the boot, opened the passenger door, and sat in the passenger seat. I glanced at my sister and saw she had pulled up her skirt and was now showing her stocking tops and suspender straps. The bright red straps looked so alluring against her creamy thigh. I couldn't help it and felt myself stiffen.

"Look sis, we DO need to be really careful. We cannot let mum and dad have any inkling as to what we are doing. They'll go mental. So you have to promise me that whilst in the house, we...YOU...behave!"

"I guess you are right. It is going to be difficult though having my brother's cock so near yet out of reach."

I knew where she was coming from but the next two days we had to abstain. The risks were just too much. "Just think, after Christmas, we can head back to mine and I'll fill you with my brotherly seed. I promise not to wank so that I have plenty to give you. Deal?"

She looked at me, slid her hand onto my still stiff cock, and gave it a squeeze. "Deal. But just so you know, I will be wearing stockings and suspenders the whole time." I put my head back and groaned and she took the opportunity to have a quick rub of my cock through my jeans. This was going to be a tough couple of days of abstinence

We drove the 15 mins to our parent's house in relative silence, each of us lost in our own thoughts. Only as we pulled into the street that they lived on did my sister finally cover her stocking-clad legs. My cock was already beginning to ache with desire. I just tried to console myself that it would only be two and a half days before I would have my cock buried deep into my sister's cunt.

The rest of Christmas Eve passed without any major incident as, true to our deal, we acted like a normal brother and sister (though on a couple of occasions during the evening, my sister did wiggle her nylon clad toes at me provocatively and smiled slyly). I retired to bed that night with aching balls but I resisted the temptation to play with myself. I had said I wouldn't wank and I was determined to build up a load of hot cum for my sister's tight pussy. When I was younger, I used to struggle to go to sleep on Christmas Eve thinking about what Santa would leave in my Christmas stocking. Now, all these years later, I was once again struggling to get to sleep thinking about stockings. But this time, I knew exactly what was in the sister's smooth legs, just meters from where I was lying.

I awoke Christmas morning to the sounds of mum and dad singing "Merry Christmas" through my door.

"Father Christmas has left you a stocking." Yes, even as an adult my mum still stuck to the tradition of giving me a Santa's stocking. The usual ritual was for us to gather in the lounge whilst my sister and I opened our stocking presents. "I'll be one minute mum. And Merry Christmas to you too." I got up and put on one of dad's dressing gowns left hanging behind the door. I joined mum, dad, and my sister who were already gathered in the lounge.

My sister greeted me "Merry Christmas bro. Let's see what's in your stocking." She placed the emphasis on the word stocking and had that naughty twinkle in her eye. She was wearing cotton pajamas but as I glanced at her feet, I could see they were sheathed in dark nylon. Bloody hell, she was keeping to her word and still wearing stockings.

My sister and I duly went through each stocking present, opening them (for me, it was the usual gifts, Terry's chocolate orange, a bottle of gin) and thanking 'Santa'. My sister behaved herself and once we'd all grabbed a quick breakfast, it was back to our rooms to get ready for the rest of the day.

My room was en-suite so I showered and was just about to get dressed when there was a knock at the door. "You decent?" It was my sister. What did she want?

I responded as normally as I could "Just a moment." I was a little panicked as to what she was up to but made sure my bathrobe was done up tightly. "Come in."

My sister entered my room, fully dressed in a red, knee-length dress. I was both relieved and disappointed she was dressed so conservatively by her usual standards. "I've got something for you bro." She whispered. Looking behind her to check the coast was clear, she threw something onto my bed. "Here is another Christmas stocking for you. I was wearing it this morning so that it smells of me and I want you to wear it on your cock today."


"I know we have to be good but I want you to be thinking naughty thoughts of me and I think having your cock encased in one of my smooth, nylon stockings all day will help remind you of what you are missing. Promise me you will put it on your balls and cock?"

What could I do? I had to admit, the idea of having my cock 'dressed' all day would be a turn on so I responded the only way I could. "OK." She smiled and left the room, closing the door behind her. I looked at the stocking, picked it up, and smelt it. I could smell her perfume and it did feel good in my hand. Sighing to myself, I opened the bathrobe and, as if putting the stocking on afoot, bunched it up like I had seen my sister do so many times when putting one on. I placed it on my now semi-erect cock and I will admit, it did feel really good. So soft. I pulled it up around my cock and encased my balls in it too. It took a couple of attempts but eventually, I managed to tie a knot so that it remained in place. It was definitely having an effect and I could almost feel my balls filling with seed. It must have been exactly the side effect that she wanted. I completed getting dressed and soon headed out to begin Christmas day proper, albeit with my cock sheathed in my sister's stocking.

The day proceeded as the perfect family Christmas Day. Presents were opened, champagne was drunk and a Christmas Dinner was consumed. As always, we had a fun time, laughing and reminiscing together. Though for me, there was the extra pleasure of the constant feeling of one of my sister's stockings on my cock. It really was a turn on and I swear my balls were feeling extra full. By the time it was late afternoon, we had all eaten and drunk too much and it was finally time to clear up. As I always did, I volunteered to wash up all the big plates and roast tins, leaving the rest of them relaxing watching whatever Christmas shows were on that year.

I stood at the sink, my hands in the washbowl, holding a roasting tin. My cock was throbbing, still sheathed in my sister's gift. Resisting the temptation to wank tonight, using the stocking, was going to require a Herculean effort on my part. Whilst lost in thought, my sister came in and walked up behind me, wrapping her arms around my waist. To an observer, it would have looked like two siblings having a friendly cuddle at Christmas.

"Not being able to touch you all day has driven me mad." My sister whispered in my ear.

"I know. The feeling is mutual."

"To think, I have been wearing stockings under this dress all day and you haven't been able to stroke them. And have you been wearing yours?"

I shut my eyes and groaned. My sister's hand left my waist and stroked my stocking sheathed cock through my trousers. "That's not fair. But yes, I am wearing it and it has been driving me nuts!"

Without saying a word, she suddenly grabbed my zip, eased it down, and in a fluid, well-practiced move reached in and grabbed my cock through the thin material of my underwear. I groaned (who wouldn't?) and then before I was realized what she was up to, she pulled my cock out and was holding it in her hand. Here I was, in our mum and dad's kitchen with my stiffening cock in my sister's hand. It felt so good but I knew it was dangerous.

"What you doing?" I whispered.

"Just checking that you have been true to your word and I can see that you have. Good boy! Have you enjoyed the sensation of my stocking on your cock? I bet it feels good?" As if to reinforce this point, she began to squeeze then release me. She repeated this and brought me to full hardness within the confines of the stocking.

"We shouldn't be doing this. We might get caught."

Thinking my sister had seen sense, she let go. I looked down and saw my cock jutting out of my trousers. There was an unmistakable damp spot on the front where I had obviously been leaking pre-cum. She slid her other hand round my waist until both hands were now touching me. "I think it is only fair that I release your cock. I can see it straining against the nylon." So saying, she began to undo the knot that had kept the stocking in place. It took a few moments with her long, manicured nails but finally, the knot was loosened and she slipped the stocking, slowly, off my stiff cock. An involuntary groan escaped my lips at the sensation.

One of her hands returned to my cock, gripping it in her fingers, the red nails looking so sexy as she held me tight. With her other hand, she reached towards the hand lotion dispenser mum always kept by the sink. One. Two. Three squirts and my sister's hand were full of white lotion. Surely, she wasn't going to...I gasped as I felt the coolness of the lotion engulf my cock. I wouldn't have thought it possible but that erotic touch got me even harder, my breathing increasing. Ever so slowly, her hand began to move backward and forwards along my shaft.

"Sis, you must stop. " I pleaded. "We could get caught."

"They'll be asleep next door. Besides, do you really want me to stop?" As if to emphasize her point, her hand speeded up in its ministrations upon my rigid cock. She was being stealthy but there was an audible schlop schlop sound now. The sensation and sheer eroticism of my sister wanking me in our parent's kitchen melted away any further protestation. I could feel my legs begin to shake.

"Just think bro, under this dress I have a new creamy suspender belt. The type a bride would wear for her wedding. The straps pulled taut against thighs. Framing my arse."

Her teasing was driving me close to the edge and she knew it. "You are a naughty boy being turned on by your sis. I can feel you growing even harder."

She was right. My willpower was failing and I knew the moment was approaching fast, my cock aching to cum. Incredibly, I felt my cock swell and knew I would soon be at the point of no return.

"Sis, I'm gonna...gonna...gonna..."

"Cum bro? You going to cum for me. Right here, right now. Milked by your own sister in our parent's kitchen" Her hand was sliding effortless up and down my greased pole and I suddenly felt it. That headlong rush to orgasm was inevitable under the skilled attention of my seductive sister and I knew I had given up any pretense of getting my sister to stop. It just felt so good having her milking me.

A quiet "Fuuuuuuuck!" That was all I could muster as I felt my seed shoot violently from my cock. "That's it, bro, give it all up. Empty those balls." My sister encouraged as she continued milking me, spurt after spurt of hot seed splattering against the door of the kitchen cabinet. Finally, she relented as I slumped against the sink, my breath ragged, my seed running down the door and already beginning to pool on the floor.

"That's quite a load I've got out of you. You'll need to clean that door but let me help a little" As she said this, she ran her fingers up the door, gathering some of my seed. Her fingertips were coated with my cum (I really had shot a load).

Suddenly, we heard dad's voice from the lounge. "Any chance of a cup of tea you two?" I froze in panic, whilst my sister simply responded. "Of course Dad. Stay there, we'll bring it in." I hurriedly put my drained member away, still coated in lotion. Meanwhile, my Sister had her hand up her dress and judging by her pose was rubbing her cum covered fingers into her cunt. "I need some of your seed in me today."

I finished washing up and tried to compose myself as my sister made cups of tea. The rest of the evening passed without incident though I sat with mum and dad with a terrific afterglow following the illicit hand job. Finally, Christmas night came to an end and we bid each other goodnight as my parents and sister made their way to their respective bedrooms. I was left to switch off all the Christmas lights and it was pitch black as I finally made my way to my bedroom. I padded silently across the hall, opened my door, and let myself in before turning on the light, so as not to disturb the rest of the family. The sight before me froze me in my tracks.

Posed on all fours, on my bed, arse facing me was my sister. Her bottom was framed beautifully by her cream suspenders. She had no knickers on but as I followed her stocking-clad legs I could see she had donned a pair of silver, patent stilettos. What a sight.

"Sis, this is insane!"

"Insane? Incestuous...yes!"

I acknowledged her wordplay. "Ha, ha."

"Now bro, I want you to fuck me like a dog. Bareback."

This was madness but with my sister offering herself so wantonly I knew I could not resist. I needed to be inside her and if that meant fucking her with our parents only meters away, I was prepared to take that risk (I think the pleasure of the earlier hand job and the Christmas alcohol both played their part in my decision). I quickly undid and removed my trousers and then removed socks and underpants. Despite the earlier kitchen milking, my cock was already stiffening as I looked at what was being offered to me. I strode forward and stood at the edge of the bed. My sister scooted down so that her knees were just on the mattress with her stocking-clad legs on either side of me. I briefly stroked those silky thighs and groaned at how good they still felt. We had been fucking for a few months now but I still found my sister's body utterly delectable, especially when presented so sexily.

I lined my cock up to her pussy and eased myself forward until my cock head rested at her entrance. She looked over her shoulder, looked me right in the eye as I slowly but inevitably slid my cock into her a couple of inches. She was so wet that I met little resistance and it felt so good to have her pussy swallowing me inch by inch. It enveloped me and gripped me firmly. I placed my hands on her bottom checks and eased myself fully into her. We both let out an involuntary whimper at the sensation and froze, taking a moment to enjoy the sensation of our incestuous coupling. However, good as though it felt just resting in her, I slowly started to slide my cock back out, almost withdrawing completely before sliding it straight back in. Again, we both gasped a little and I continued the movements several more times, slowly increasing the pace. Doing what we were doing in our parent's house was a truly amazing turn-on. It felt so naughty but we didn't care. We had to do this right here, right now. Wary of making too much sound, I tried not to fuck her too hard but she began to meet each of my thrusts with a backward movement and sure enough, we began to fuck in earnest.

"You feel so good, sis," I whispered.

"I love it, bro. This is the most natural thing in the world and I never want to stop."

"I won't sis, I promise. Your cunt was made for my cock."

She caught my eye and I saw that twinkle. That 'I have my brother's cock in me' twinkle.

"Bro, I want something special tonight...I want to feel you in my arse."

"You want me to fuck you up the arse?"

She nodded her head and said, "Wouldn't you like to?" I'd never done anal before and at that moment I knew I wanted to do it with my very own sister.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, bro. I love anal and I have been desperate to do it with you. Look under the duvet."

I lifted up the end of the duvet and let out a small laugh. There was a small bottle of baby oil. She had thought of everything. I undid the cap and place the bottle entrance against her sphincter and gave it a squeeze. I wasn't sure how much I needed but figured I had applied enough lube. I pulled my cock from her cunt and this time aimed it at her other hole. My sister used her hands to pull apart her arse checks and I pressed up against her bum hole. "Slowly bro."

I pushed forward, felt the tightness resisting but the baby oil had done its job and I slid my first inch into her. She pulled her bum further apart and I gently leaned forward and another inch slid into her rectum. It felt so tight, so naughty but so fucking good. I finally pushed forward the remaining inches so that I was balls deep in her and my sister gasped loudly before she removed her hands and gagged her own mouth to suppress any further sounds. God, it felt so good to be in such a forbidden place. Her arse was so tight on my hard cock that I paused for several seconds until I finally started a slow, fucking movement. My cock inadvertently slid all the way out and we both gasped. "I am going back in," I told her and took my now oiled cock in my hand and pushed it into her arse once again, though more forcefully this time. Once fully inserted, I squirted more baby oil around the base of my cock.

This time when I started thrusting I made sure to not fully withdraw. Now that her arse had accepted me and stretched to accommodate my girth, I began to speed up. This was one of the most erotic things I had ever done, my own sister taking my anal virginity. I was definitely going to add this to our repertoire of sex acts. Now that I had my first experience of arse, I began to thrust faster. Her arse fitted me like a glove and despite the milking earlier, I could feel the first tingle of an approaching orgasm. As if in perfect synchronicity my sister said "Bro, I think I...orgasm...close." I think she had lost the ability to complete the sentence. "I my cunt...back." I knew what she meant and after one final deep thrust, I withdrew and then in one complete motion slid my cock back into her cunt. "Oh, shit bro...I...don't stop." I had no intention of stopping and began to fuck her as she had first requested, like an animal.

This was out and out carnal lust between two siblings and we were rutting more than making love. The restriction of being with our parents all day was forgotten and it showed in our almost primeval fucking. My sister, her body glistening in sweat, was lost in the moment. I could feel myself rushing headlong to release. I slid my hands into her stocking tops, enjoying her smooth skin. It wasn't going to belong and we both knew it. One suspender strap pinged free as if signifying the release of my sister's joy. She buried her head in the duvet to try and muffle her groans as much as she could. I felt her body quiver, her cunt spasm and I knew she was cumming on my cock. The feeling was too much and for the second time this Christmas Day, I felt my seed rushing up through my cock. With my sister still in the throes of her own orgasm. I buried my cock as deep as I could, grunted, and unloaded my first stream of baby batter into her. This was quickly followed by a second, third and fourth load as I filled her completely with my seed, grunting each time. I gripped her around the waist like a drowning man clinging to driftwood, my mind registering the slight curve of her belly against the satin of the suspender belt. God, I loved doing this. I utterly loved fucking my sister unprotected. Even after all these months, the sheer intensity of orgasming and giving my sister a creampie was still like nothing I had experienced before.

My cock began to shrink inside her, my balls emptied completely. My breath was still ragged but I slowly began to regain some composure. "I think I gave you quite a load despite my milking earlier. I really needed that sis."

"So did I bro. And yes, you have pumped quite a load of your baby batter deep inside me. I came on your cock."

"I know. If that is what fucking your arse on all fours does, we need to do it more often!" We both laughed and then remembered where we were. Bloody hell, I hope we hadn't been too noisy. I felt myself go hot with guilt in case our parents had heard something but surely they would have been in deep sleep by now. I didn't want to pull free but I knew we couldn't stay like this forever and so I withdrew my cock slowly. As it slipped out, my sister rolled onto her back. "Come here." I delicately lowered myself into her arms and kissed her deeply. I felt her arms grip me, her stocking-clad legs wrapped around me. "Merry Christmas bro."


I hope this retelling has given you all as much pleasure as it has me recounting the memory of our first Christmas together as incestuous partners in crime. I have told my sister that I am publishing these stories and she has now read them all. It turns her on knowing that people are getting off on our exploits so please leave comments if you enjoyed this one as my sister loves reading them. We both hope you love our adventures and if this is indeed the case, I'll add another.

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