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She wasn't sure how she got into the same room as her dad and it seemed too good to be true to be real but, 'It must be a dream! So, if it is a dream, I have nothing to lose by letting loose with my desires,' she surmised.

Stark naked, she slowly walked over the oriental rugs to the black leather couch where she stood, with her legs slightly spread and hands clasped behind her ass, between her dad's legs and interrupted him from his silent porn viewing session on his plasma screen to, instead, viewing her naked body, especially her thirty-eight B-cup tits and bald pussy.

Leaning forward, she allowed her beautiful tits to hang over his face then dragged her nipples down his face, across his neck and bare chest. She guided his hands to her tits for him to squeeze and play with while she left little love bites, here and there, around his nipples. She continued pressing light kisses along the dark chest hair leading down to his navel as she reached further down and glanced at his angry purple head, leaking pre-cum and jutting out of his black slacks.

"Baby! What are you doing?!" he cried out, shaken out of his stupor of seeing his naked young daughter before him, and realizing that he wasn't fantasizing.

She ignored his question, continuing to stroke his shaft up and down, and then moved to cup his balls that were covered by curly, black hair. Her dad closed his eyes, moaning louder from increasing pleasure.

She was powerful and in control, in a way she had never experienced before. In the real world, she was burdened with the title of a shy, awkward and nerdy bookworm. She didn't seek to be praised for being studious and virtuous but she went with the flow by always being subservient to her parents.

The combination of a strict mother and an overprotective father had often alienated her from people her age who viewed her as a prude, stuck up, and a know-it-all teacher's pet. She always stood aloof, not wanting to appear too affected and hurt by the lack of interest in her by her high school classmates.

Her short brown hair, that normally hung loose and surrounded her round face, was curled and pinned into a sophisticated style, highlighting her face instead of covering it. Her warm brown eyes, usually hidden by the round, geeky glasses she usually wore, appeared more vibrant as she was wearing fresh contacts she had put on earlier.

Finally, grasping her dad's cock, she experimentally stroked it as she had seen him do so many times, spreading the pre-cum that gathered at the tip. She marveled at the texture and warmth of the cock that was about the same length as her seven inch dildo she had bought online.

She observed that the veins gave it ridges and bumps, totally different from the smooth dildo she'd practiced on for months. Her dad's steely gaze was on her lips, giving the idea of using something else to pleasure his cock.

"Do you like how that feels, Daddy?" she asked.

"Tell me what you want, Daddy," she whispered.

The teasing and statements of their taboo relationship only made it hotter for her dad but also brought him back to awareness.

"Bella, Baby, stop! This is wrong! What has gotten into you?" he asked angrily, stopping her hands.

He stared at his beautiful, naked, young daughter who was standing before him, eager and willing to please him. He thought of the lonely months of depending on his hands since his relationship with his wife had been on the rocks as a result of her recently discovered fanatical obsession with religion and devotion to the church and newfound church friends.

'How can I pass up my own daughter? Our relationship will never be the same, not to mention immoral and illegal, even though she is eighteen. I'm so tempted and her beautiful, perky, thirty-eight B-cup breasts don't help matters, any! Her light brown nipples are begging to be sucked and I want to suck them!' he thought before groaning and letting go of her hands.

"Just lie back and let me make you cum, Daddy."

She remembered that her mother was gone for the weekend on a religious trip with her church girlfriends so she had all of the time at her disposal but she didn't want to prolong getting her pleasure either.

She grinned confidently at the sign of his compliance, despite it being her first time, as she took off his slacks and underwear, kneeled between his wide open legs and started stroking her naked dad's hard cock. She'd learned, from secretly watching her dad's porn collection when her parents were away, that starting at the tip was best.

The porn silently playing on the tv was forgotten as he focused on the hand stroking his cock.

"You're making me so horny! I want you so bad! Suck my cock, Baby!" he said, giving in to the taboo.

The slightly salty taste and musky smell was different from the plastic smell and taste of her dildo. It was intoxicating and erotic to taste her dad's cock. Putting the cherry shaped head further into her mouth, she moaned around the tip, letting the vibrations add to his pleasure.

Her hand traveled down to his heavy, hanging balls. She cupped them and fondled them, testing their weight. Her saliva left strings of drool dripping down his shaft to his balls.

She looked up, her eyes meeting her dad's gray eyes. She experimentally sucked more of his cock into her mouth, testing how far she could swallow after months of practicing on her dildo. Tears gathered in her eyes the further she went down. His eyes never left hers, encouraging her to please him thoroughly.

Up and down her head bobbed. His hands moved to cup and caress her hair, guiding her and helping her to reach all of him.

"Oh, fuck. Fuck. Fuck," he chanted as she sucked more of his length.

'Where did she learn this? Where did my sweet, innocent daughter learn to suck a cock like a seasoned cock-sucker? Are all of her after school activities a cover up for sucking the cocks of high school boys after school hours? Is my baby girl a cock-sucker? Is she still a virgin?' he wondered.

"Slurp, glug and mm," rang through the silent room.

The slurping, and initial gagging sounds she made intensified his pleasure. Gathering confidence, he gripped her hair and lightly thrust more of his hard cock into her sweet, small mouth.

"Where did you learn to suck cock so well, Baby? Have you been a naughty girl, sucking the cocks of the boys from school? Huh?"

He grunted with each thrust and she moaned causing deep vibrations around his cock.

"Who taught you to be such a good little cock-sucker?" he was jealous but, at the same time, grateful and appreciative of her skills.

She moaned and panted heavily once he took his cock out and wiped his cockhead on her plump, pink lips like lip-gloss. She licked down the side of this shaft, sucking his balls while stroking him.

"Mmm, cum for me. Cum in my mouth, Daddy. I want to taste your cum!" she moaned, inhaling the smell of him.

"Feed your baby girl your cum, Daddy!"

At those words, he felt his swollen balls tightening and his cock throbbing and pulsing.

"AH! Fuck. I'm cumming, Baby! Daddy's cumming for you. Fuck!"

Quickly aiming his cock at her mouth, he fired two shots into her mouth and three more hit her forehead and tits.

"Mmm, thank you, Daddy! I love the taste of your cum. We're going to have a lot of fun this weekend!" she grinned up at him with cum on her face as she smeared cum all over her tits.

He was embarrassed he had cum so quickly but her words reminded him that he was going to have other chances to make it up to her.
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