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Lost My Virginity With My Cousin real story

Lost My Virginity With My Cousin

Hi this is Kumar from south part of TN. I am a regular reader of erotic stories and I have enjoyed many stories. I always felt that u people were lucky to have sex. So jagging off is my only relief. I am 23 years old and I broke my virginity only 15days ago. I had it for the first time with my cousin who is 30 years by now. She is Meena. She had come to my home at the start of April. She is married for 6 years now and has a boy of 3 years. My relation with her is normal and never thought of sex with her. It was a Saturday and my parents and her son have gone to my native for a regular visit. This left Meena and me in the house. The day was normal till 11 in the morning. We had breakfast together and were talking generally. Let me describe her. She is a fat woman of 30 years. She is heavy of 75kg, and has a fig of 40-34-42 only wears Saree. Her boobs which were beautifully shaped. She had a pair of beautiful breasts. They were big, huge and brown in color. The tits are also big and brownish black in color. Her ass is big and beautifully shaped, round and tight. Meena had gone for a bath. I was lying on my bed thinking of my business.

I heard the opening of the latch. She came out with white petticoat across her chest. As the petticoat was partially wet. I could see her dark brown tits. As she walked the boobs were jumping like a ball and I’m getting hard inside my lungi. She turned her back to me and started to comb her hair. The ass cheeks are shaped round a tight. My dick is out in action. Her ass cheeks were huge and tempting. I had never seen her ass so closely or clearly before. The ass crack was logged between her petticoats. It was a great view of her huge ass. I closed my eyes and imagined my dick between her ass cheeks suddenly I felt a hand over my dick. I could not do anything. She asked "Whats this?”Pointing to my dick. I lost words and didn’t say anything. She again asked “whats happening to your dick. Does u like me Do u like to have it with me?” Saying this she dropped her petticoat. For the first time I’m seeing a woman naked. The boobs were awesome. She lay besides me and started to kXB me. I responded strongly to her kXB. We were kXBing strongly. I lowered my hands to her boobs and started to caress them. She moaned."...ooooooohhhhhhhh aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhaaaaa uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh ........"

Suddenly she pushed me back. Meena bent down on me and removed my lungi knot and took my dick in her. She caressed them and pulled the foreskin back. She held it and I asked her for a blow-job. She agreed and smiled at me. I held of her hair and positioned her to suck. She slowly started to suck it like an ice-cream, and then I inserted it in her mouth in a heavy thrust. I felt her tongue on my dick and enjoyed. I started to pump it in and out in her mouth by pushing her head. She too held my ass and pushed me to and fro. Slowly we settled in a rhythm. I said " Ohhhh meena ennakku varuthu... nalla sappu meenaaaaaa....." I moaned "...ooooooohhhhhhhh aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhaaaaa uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh ". Im cumming on u Meena. She sucked fiercely. I started pumping hard as her lips were entangled on my dick. My dick was hitting her throat and we were fucking mad. She gave me a fantastic blow-job. I arched my legs and shot my load in her mouth. She ate it hungrily Some of the cum I shot on her nipples and sucked myself too. After a short while my dick was erect again. I saw in my Meena's eyes and then her pussy. She told me its my turn 2 suck her. I told her " meena nee nalla sappurae dee ..... I LOVE YOU ..." She pulled me and started to kXB her passionately and wildly.

I again dropped my hands on her boobs. Started to squeeze the harder than before. her tits are beautiful , big and white with brown nipples, It made me mad and I started sucking her hard nipples crazy, and grabbed her tits very hard,she stated making sounds and said "AAhhhhhhhh Vijay mella pannu vijay Valikudhu daa Methuva kasukku daa ....." I tasted the milk coming out. It was so good I placed my hands under her heavy tits, it felt so good I started feeling it to lick them ... She pulled one of hand and and guided to her cunt... I held her cunt and started to massage the outside of pussy.. She moaned loudly and breathed heavily...“Oh It’s heaven Meena...” ......She said “eppa nee ennodatha sappudaa ......” She spread her thighs. I kneeled down and kXBed her wet juicy cunt lips. “Lick my cunt “ I licked “Rub your tongue there” she guided me on to her clit. (my number 09894114743) I did , rubbing my tongue on her pink hard erect engorged clit “Put your tongue into my cunt.” I inserted my tongue into her cunt. “Now fuck me with your tongue.” Her whole body was shivering She put her hand on my head and pressed hard against her quivering cunt. While tongue fucking i grabbed her ass and pressed them hard.

Now Meena was moaning like a hell. aaaahhhhhhhhhhoooooooo ffffffffffffffff oooooooooooo hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my husband is really done nothing to me and myself is dying for some fuck !!!!!! Oh god Im fucked after a year...... you are great, fuck me, suck me, and tear me. aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaooooooooooooooo . I was fucking her pussy by my tongue like a mad and it was too hot she pressed my head towards her pussy and I was taking smell of her fanatic pussy Suddenly her lips of her pussy got tensed and she was moaning louder" ....aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaooooooooooooooo... Im cumming...."she has cummed in my mouth and I drank it all uuuuuummmmmmmmmm what a taste!!!!!.... she was tired.. i too... she told " Now u can fuck me with ur dick. She held my dick.. i raised again to 7"... I told " this is my first time.. u have to guide me"... She laughed " r 23 and a virgin.. still ... come on break it on meeee..... she laid down and i entered her Meena felt the thick, long cock entering her tight cunt and felt the difference as she moaned very loudlyyyyyyy. I started to move over Meena.. her boobs over bouncing as she lied on her back.. She spread her legs wide apart . she was shouting...."dei nee enn purusana vida nalla podura.. superrrrr daaa! thayoli kuthu daaaaaaaaaaaaa supera irukuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ... I bent over Meena and started fucking hard. Im losing my virginity as this is only my first fuck. I was moaning loudly...Plz ... this is hurting .. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.........ssssssssssssssssssssssss ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm "come on vijayyyy. Ur really a great fuck...fuck ur sister meena...fuck meeeee...aaaaaaaaaaa uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Meena opened her legs wide to accommodate meinside her. I felt some pain in my dick as this is the first time im fucking.. I moaned "Unghhhhhhhhhh... Meena Its paining Plz Guide me".

She said "its ur first time.. it would be ok as u have sex" I kept on moving over her...she was helping me by pushing her hip up and down in rhythm with.. we both were moaning loudly..She said.."Vijayyy Im cumming..plz dont stop...ummmmmmm.... she came immediately...i was still fucking her very hard.." u r good vijay...move over me... Now she was moaning ....ahahhahah fuck.. me...VIJAY...ahhhhh ooo.......mmmmmmmmmahhhhh. eat me......ahhhhhh...come on me vijay... ahhhhhh mmmmmmmmm. ..........mmmmm ahhhhhhhh. mmmmmmmmthen She started moaning mmmmmmm ahhhhhhhhhhh deepak. fuck me hard ahhhhhhhh.. i was in heaven. 7" cock in, meena's wet pussy i was in heaven.......7" up down up down slowly easily side 2 side......mmmmmmmmm ahhhhhhhh ... after few mins i was about 2 cum. i asked "Im cummming Meena...Should cum on ur pussy?..she said OK...She wrapped her legs around me and held my buttocks and started to move faster...I arched bac and shot on her pussy...I led quite a good amount on her cunt.. We both enjoyed so much in two days b4 my parents came back..I fucked her in doggy her ass... she over me..I bought a VCD and we enjoyed those positions in the XXX Vcd..When we were fucking My servant saw us thru the window and i fucked her as well.
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