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I am a 32 decent looking female with what I have been told is a very well shaped body and as of now unattached and well off financially due to my husband's passing and leaving me more than I will ever be able to spend. I have also been hornier than hell for the past few weeks.

My condo has a swimming pool for the residents and I was down there a week or so ago soaking up some rays and my younger sister stopped by to chat. I am Janet and she is Gloria. Glor is 21. She and my 20-year-old brother Jim still live at home with my mom and dad. Glor is short, very pretty but a little on the thin side and her tits wouldn't fill the proverbial champagne glass. Jim is a good bit taller but also very thin.

Glor has visited quite a few times during the last several weeks, which is a bit unusual. Up until then she wouldn't visit more than a couple of times a year. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary with this visit and we and spent quite some time just chatting about everything going on in the world and US politics. I suggested she join me for lunch. I had bought a pack of crab cakes from a small fish market that morning and would love to have someone to enjoy them with. She accepted and up we went.

The crab cakes were delicious and accompanied with a glass or two of Chardonnay made a fine lunch. She mentioned that our brother also loved good crab cakes but they had been unable to find any that met with his approval. I had been having the same problem and was glad I had found the new small fish market. I mentioned that I would get some more and would invite the two of them over for dinner some time soon. She thought that would be terrific.

We had eaten our lunch at my kitchen nook and grabbed another couple of glasses of wine and went out to sit on the balcony over the pool. Within the next half-hour I noticed her becoming very quiet. When I asked what was wrong she mumbled something, which I didn't get, and I just let it go. She then said,

"Janet, you and I have become somewhat closer over the last several months and I am hoping I can talk frankly to you."

I assured her she could.

"Would you think I was a terrible person if I told you I think I like women more than men?"

"Glor, of course not. I am bisexual and have had some very nice times with women."

"Well, I'm a virgin. I've never had sex with either a man or a woman but I do get all warm and tingly when I am near some women.

"It's a shame you never let them how you felt for I am sure some of them would have helped you out. A lot of women are bisexual as well." I countered.

"Really? I realize when I feel all warm and excited I don't know what the heck to do about it."

"Say, I have an idea. I have a few porn videos I am sure will show women together" I said. "Would you like to watch a couple of them?"

"Yes, if you wouldn't think I was weird." She answered.

I dug out the videos and searched through them trying to find one with lesbians in action. The only one that came close was one I had watched a year earlier and it was a couple of gals going at it with a guy joining in after they had satisfied each other. It would have to do. I knew I was a lot older than she was but I was hardly counting those numbers at the moment. With any luck I would have her lovely face buried in my pussy before the day was over.

"Glor, come on inside, grab us another couple of glasses of the bubbly while I get the VCR working."

I directed her to the sofa and started the tape. Glor was all eyes.

The first few scenes were of the women dressed and supposedly just meeting one another for the firs time in a motel room. One of them came up behind the other and reached around cupping the others breasts. The other one leaned her head back and moaned a little. From there it went through all of the tender scenes of one fingering the other an then pulling down her pants and burying her face in the others crotch. I looked over at Glor and she was mesmerized with some sweat showing on her upper lip. When one of the gals started to throw her hips around Glor let out a small moan. I had been sitting on an easy chair at right angles to the sofa and I got up and slid over next to her. I slipped an arm around her shoulders and pulled her close to me.

"Relax Glor, let it go." I told her.

She let her head lean back to my arm and slid closer to me.

After a few minutes of her moaning I let my free hand slide down to her waist and unbuttoned her shorts and slipped my hand inside of them and her panties. She was soaked. I had a few fingers search out her clitoris and let them slide up and down on either side of it while flicking the tip of it every now and then.

I finally pulled down her pants and had both hands working her crotch. My one hand was teasing her clit to come out and play and my other was up lightly massaging her nipples. I then inserted first one then two and finally three fingers in her vagina and by then her tight little virgin ass was squirming all over the sofa. All of a sudden she threw her head back even harder and started a loud moaning. I leaned over her and gently touched my lips to her mouth and then let my tongue search out hers. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me to her. All of this time my fingers were still working their magic on her clit and her slippery pussy lips.

She pulled her head away saying "Oh God, Janet …don't stop"

"Honey, I won't. Just relax and enjoy"

With that I pulled up her top freeing her tits from her bra. Her tits were small but firm and the nipples were now hard as steel and protruding with her arousal

I leaned over with my face very close to her nipples and let my tongue reach out explore them. My hand was still working her pussy and her hips were driving it down on my fingers as hard as she could.

It didn't take much of this before she was exploding. She had one hand on top of my hand working her pussy and her other hand was wrapped around the back of my neck pulling my face even harder to her tits when she threw her hips a foot in the air and screamed "I'm cumming."

Thankfully the building is extremely well insulated for sound and neighbors couldn't hear her.

I pulled my arm out from behind her neck and sort of pushed away from her. I then took both hands and pulled down her shorts and panties. She opened her eyes and asked "Janet, what are you going to do to me now?"

"Hold on tight honey. The best is yet to come." I announced.

I then slipped to my knees between her legs and started to run my tongue up and down each leg skipping over her pussy and then going over to the other leg and repeating myself. I finally raised my face up and positioned it directly over her cunt while my tongue darted out to find her clit. It wasn't long before I found the hooded little jewel and had encouraged it to come out to play again. She clamped her legs tight around my head and all I could hear was "Oh God, what are you doing to me?" I worked her clit and her pussy lips with my tongue…first gently and then a little rougher. When I felt her rising to my movements I reached up and wet a few fingers and slipped them inside of her virgin pussy. She was soaked from her last orgasm and my fingers slipped in to the hilt. I then started to pump that hand while my tongue was doing all it could on her clit.

I reached up with my free hand and started to make circles around a nipple. Once again, she started that loud moan signaling she was ready to pop. I could feel her whole body quivering through her pussy and felt both of her hands on the back of my head pulling my face deeper into her. I took my fingers out of her pussy and started to rim her ass with them but could feel a little hesitation on her part. Not for long, she was soon driving her ass back on my fingers while pulling my head in even deeper yet. I soon had two fingers as far up her tight little virgin ass as far as they could go. Once again she let out a scream while she was having her second orgasm in less than a half-hour. When it was over she let her head rest against the back of the sofa and just sat there with her eyes closed.

I got up and went into the kitchen and washed my face and hands.

When I got back to the sofa her eyes were open and she asked "Janet, you must think I am a slut, don't you?"

"Hell Glor, I was the one eating your pussy" and laughed.

"But Glor, in case you didn't notice it, I am horny as hell and would appreciate some relief."

I stood and slipped off my top and undid my bra releasing my 34 C's and then bent down taking my shorts and panties all the way off.

Reaching down I took her hands and pulled her up and led her to the master bedroom with its king-size bed.

We were then completely nude and I threw back the spread and sheet and lay back on the bed and pulled her down to me. She just lay there looking in my eyes. I reached up and put one hand behind her head and pulled her mouth to mine. That was all it took. Her tongue was penetrating the back of my mouth as she searched out mine.

I took one of her hands and moved it down to my crotch and soon had it resting on my clit. She took her mouth from me saying,

"Janet, I don't know what to do."

"Glor, just do to me what I was doing to you and what you do to yourself when you masturbate." I suggested.

She then started to work my clit very much the way I did hers just a few minute earlier. It felt great. After a little of that I put a hand behind her neck and gently but firmly pushed her head down to my crotch.

"Glor, just go slowly. It will feel and taste strange to you at first but just know you will be giving me all kinds of pleasure."

It didn't take her long before she was right in the swing of things and had me humping her virgin face almost hard as I could. I was holding her head between each of my hands and pulling it in and out in sync with my hip thrusts.

"Glor, I am cumming…keep going."

I then threw my arms out to each side and was tossing my head from side to side as a powerful orgasm overtook me. Damn, it had my whole body vibrating.

"Glor, you were terrific. I am on cloud nine."

"Really Janet? You aren't just saying that to make me feel good?"

"No, dear one. Even my toes are tingling."

"I'm going to go into your bathroom and wash my face and hands OK?" she asked.

"Go on honey but hurry back."

She was back on the bed in a few minutes.

"Glor, did you enjoy that?" I asked

"Wow, did I enjoy it. I should say so. I not only loved when you were doing it to me but got more pleasure when I was doing it to you." She said.

"I'm happy for you. Now you know the type of pleasure women can give each other. There are a ton of other things we could have done but since this was your fist time I didn't want to confuse the issue.

"Janet, would having sex with a guy been more enjoyable?" She asked.

"No honey, not more…just different"

"I don't think I would like some big hairy guy falling all over me sticking me with his cock"

"Glor, I have a strap-on dildo I got a few days ago. I didn't want the strap-on type but it was all they had. If you would like I could let you feel just how a cock inside of your pussy would be."

"Would it hurt?"

"I can absolutely promise I will be more gentle with you than any guy would be. We wouldn't have to use the strap-on feature if you don't want. I could just hold it in my hand as it went in and out of you "

"I want to try it but I want it to feel as close to having sex with a guy as possible so use the strap-on feature."

The thing is eight inches and a little thick for a virgin so I thought I better lube it up and only put a few inches in her for this first time. It took me a few minutes to get the straps adjusted and I then told her to lie back. I reached into the bedside table and retrieved my trusty tube of KY jelly my husband used to use on my ass.

"Lie back Glor and let me go in easy."

I then put the head of it against her bulging red pulsing pussy lips and pressed in a little. Her pussy lips opened up a little and I was in about an inch or so. I leaned forward and kissed her deeply while pushing a little more. With that thrust she moaned very loud but not in pain, more with enjoyment. She had are arms wrapped around my neck and I pushed in a little more when I felt the resistance of her hymen.

"Glor, I am right up against your hymen and if I go in any further you could never be considered a virgin again."

She was breathing deep and fast and said, "Go ahead but God, it hurts"

I then pushed a little more and looked down and could see that I had almost six inches buried in her hot little cunt. I thought I would save the last two for another time and began to pump slowly. I was resting my upper body on my one arm and was pulling her hip to me with the other. She was in her glory and started to match me stroke for stroke. I leaned up as far as I cold go and dangled my tit over her mouth and told her to let her tongue do some magic on it. She opened her eyes and went a little crazy, kissing, licking and then sucking my nipple. Damn, she is going to be even better when I get her trained a little more.

I was pumping fast and furious by then when I thought "What the hell" and slipped the last two inches deep in her pussy. She gasped and then started a long deep moaning she kept up until she exploded. I kept fucking her with the thing for a few minutes afterwards and finally lay back off her and down on the bed beside her. The dildo was smeared with her virginal blood and I kept her from seeing it in case it turned her off.

"Well, what do you think. Do you like a dick in you better than my tongue?" I asked.

"Oh no. Your tongue is far gentler and I love it. I don't think I ever want that thing in my pussy again" She answered.

"Good. Well, I can please you whichever way you want."

We then went into the bath and showered together before going back out to the living room. The VCR was still playing. I somehow had it set to keep repeating itself and by now the film was a guy with a hard on getting ready to do one of the gals. I said, "That guy is pretty well hung."

Glor responded with. "Hell, he isn't anywhere near as big as our brother Jim."

"How do you know that? I didn't think you guys ever did anything with each other." I asked.

"We don't but I walked past his bedroom door one night and he was masturbating. His cock is at least two or three inches bigger than that guy's"

I can hardly wait to meet my brother in this type of environment!!!!!

I had to be out of town on business for the following week and when I returned I was hardly in the door when my bell rang. It was Glor welcoming me home. She just stood around while I unpacked. When I went in to the bathroom to relieve myself she followed me in.

"Janet, I was heartbroken with you away. You weren't close to any other woman were you?" she asked.

"No love. I was working almost all of the time."

"Great because I would be sick if I thought I hadn't pleased you enough the time we did it." She whimpered. "I want to do anything you want that would make you happy. What do they call it…your sex slave?"

Oh shit, this might be more than I bargained for.

"Glor, I am going to let you be my main love. You will be the only one I will let eat me out. I am going to take a shower now. Strip down and I'll let you join me"

Her clothes were off in a flash and she was in the stall shower and had the water at the right temperature by the time I got in. She had soaped up a wash cloth and was lightly washing my breasts.

"I love your tits. Mine are so small and yours are so large and firm."

"Bury your face between them Glor and you can nibble to your hearts content."

My tits had never been so clean. What with her licking them and then scrubbing them with the wash cloth they felt raw.

"Glor, let's dry off and I have something I would like for you to do to me."

"Whatever you want Janet."

We were lying on the bed in a few seconds with her along side of me.

"Glor, remember the other time I licked around the rim of your ass and then put a couple of fingers up there?"

""Oh yes, Janet, that was wonderful."

"Well, I now want you to lick around my asshole and then stick your tongue up there as far as it will go. When you get your tongue up there I want you to take a hand and let your fingers bring my clit to attention and then work my pussy over while you are eating out my ass."

I then lay back and brought my knees up to my chest. She had her head between my legs almost before my legs were off the bed.

She must be a hell of a student for she sure takes directions well. It felt as if her tongue was in me a half a foot and she had found my clit in a flash and was working it wonderfully.

"Glor, don't you dare stop. Play with my tits when you are doing this."

Her free hand rose to my chest and started to circle my nipple and then the underside of that tit. She started a very light massage on the tit and that was it …I could feel that tingling starting deep inside of me and it was increasing in intensity with every move she was making.

'Glor, I'm cumming."

With that warm feeling coming over me I reached down and pulled her face into my pussy. Her tongue took over on my clit from her fingers that were doing a great job. I could feel my legs lifting high in the air without any control on my part. It was awesome.

"Glor, you did a great job."

She was like a little kid when you show them a little appreciation for something they have done. She was all smiles and just lay her head on my stomach and purred.

I reached around and flicked one of her nipples a little and she squirmed all over my body.

"Are you suggesting that you want me to give you some fun Glor?"

"Only if you want to Janet"

"Hold on. Let me up for a minute" I asked.

I went into the bathroom and returned with the strap-on jutting out in front of me. She gasped when she saw it and scooted up in the bed. I said,

"No, I want you on your hand and knees."

She assumed that position instantly and I took the position behind her.

I put the head of the dildo in line with her pussy lips with just a little lube and gave a large forward thrust.

The dildo went in almost all of the way and she gasped loud enough that I thought regardless of how well the building was soundproofed my neighbors would surely have heard her.

I grabbed her hips and pulled myself in her all the way. She dropped her head down to the bed and pushed herself back to me. I then started a long slow thrusting deep into her near virgin pussy.

"How does it feel Glor? As good as when I had my mouth in your pussy the other day?"

Oh Janet, keep going now but I told you before I don't think I want you to stick that thing in me again. It hurts way too much. I would rather make you feel good than have you do me."

I kept up the pumping without answering her. She was throwing her ass back to me with each of my thrusts and was whimpering with excitement. It didn't take long before she started her howling and I knew her end was near. She threw her ass back even harder than ever before and thrashed her head from side to side as her vaginal muscles were grabbing the sides of the dildo for all they were worth.

She let go with a long sigh and I knew her orgasm was finished.

"Glor, there is another way a guy would like to have your sweet little ass and that is putting his dick in it. I was in a sex shop on my last trip to get an anal dildo that will fit into my strap-on . I want to do it to you that way now."

I slipped the little thing in the strap on holder. It was about five inches long but a lot thinner than the eight incher I had used on her pussy. I covered it with lube and told her to get on her back with her legs apart.

She obeyed instantly and only asked,

"Janet, I think this is going to hurt a lot. Will you stop if I tell you to?"

"Oh yes love. I will stop if you even breathe the word. But first I am going to loosen you up a little before putting this thing up your ass."

I then lubed up my fingers and told her to lift her ass in the air. She did and I started to rub my fingers around the rim and then inserted one and then two. The same as I did when I was eating her. I kept them busy for a while before having my third finger join them.

"Janet, your fingers are starting to hurt me and they are a lot smaller than the dildo you just bought."

"Not really Glor. My fingers, even though each one of them is smaller, together they are a lot thicker than the dildo."

"OK honey, I am going to slip the dildo up your ass. Hold your hips in the air and I will go in very gently."

I lined up the little head on the anal wand and put it against the ruby lips of her tight little asshole. I put the slightest pressure on it and it slipped in an inch or so. I was looking down at her and didn't see any pain on her face so I pushed a little more. She was scrunching her mouth around as if it was hurting her but not saying a word. I pushed a little more and I could begin to see pain showing on her face. By then I had three inches or so buried. I stopped for a minute and leaned forward to let my fingers wander over her nipples. She looked up at me and smiled,

"You know I love that don't you Sis?"

She had never called me 'Sis' before and it sort of surprised me. "Yes, love I do."

I then pushed a little more and now had four inches in her and by now she was crying.

"Do you want me to stop?"

"No, try and get it all in me so I want to know what it feels like."

I gave the final push and then had the entire five inches or so buried deeply in her virgin ass.

She was gritting her teeth with pain but holding it in very well.

I started the same kind of thrust and pull back movement I had been using with the big dildo on her pussy and it didn't take long before she was shouting,

"STOP…take it out. I will NEVER let anyone do that to me again. It hurts too fucking much" WOW, that was the first time I ever her heard her use the 'F' word. She must really be serious about this.

"Glor let's shower and get cleaned up."

We did and afterwards I suggested she go out to the kitchen and make us some lunch while I was tidying up.

She had soup and sandwich meet and some soft rolls on the kitchen table by the time I got back out there. We had our lunch and I told her I was going to my favorite little fish market later and would get some crab cakes for a dinner I would throw for her and Jim sometime in the next couple of days. She thought that was a great idea and I knew if I ever wanted to get my hands on that huge dick she said he had I would have to start somewhere getting closer to him.

The dinner went off fine. Jim loved the crab cakes and I had accompanied them with asparagus and a salad. A small dish of vanilla ice cream finished off the meal. Jim had a nerdish personality but I chalked that up to the age difference between us. After dinner I suggested a game or two of Scrabble and he jumped at the chance.

Glor just rolled her eyes saying, "You are playing right up his alley. He is superb at the game."

Sure enough her won the two games by a wide margin and was in his glory. We sat around chatting for the next hour or so and then they were gushing with appreciation for a nice night. NO problem, it was but the first step in my effort to get the kid's dick.

The next couple of weeks went by with only a couple of brief get-togethers and I decided to fire another salvo. I phoned their cell phone and Jim answered. I told him I was going to have a repeat of my crab cake dinner the next night and wanted to invite him and Glor. It sounded as if her jumped thru the phone accepting the invitation.

A got a couple of bottles of Chardonnay to accompany the crab cakes and the dinner went great. Glor and I told him that we had let him win the last games of Scrabble and if he wanted to try again we were prepared to kick his butt. Well, the male ego couldn't stand that challenge and out came the board. Sure enough Glor won the first game and I the second. He was crestfallen but we never mentioned until later that I had kept his glass full of the Chardonnay and he was more than a little tipsy when we were playing. He took our deception in good nature and we played some card games until it was time for them to leave.

A week later I knew Glor was going to go out of state overnight with her college choir leaving Jim home alone. That evening I phoned him saying that I was having some trouble with my VCR and asked if he knew anything about them. He assured me he did and would be right over. I had jerked around on the little connection cord that goes between the VCR and the TV to the point it was disconnected inside the fitting.

Jim came over with a little tool pouch prepared for a major operation on my patient. I made certain I was wearing a very loose fitting blouse without a bra and just had to lean over the unit while he was working on it to make sure he saw what lay beneath my top. Within ten minutes he had found the problem and had the coupling connection repaired. I said I wanted to try it before he got away.

A bombshell of a porn tape was innocently sitting inside the unit just waiting it's turn. Jim turned it on and gulped when he saw a guy fucking a gal on her hands and knees while she was giving another guy laying underneath her face a blowjob. I had walked out of the room about the time he turned it on. I didn't want to be right there and be in a position of having to get up and turn it off in the event he was embarrassed so I waited in the kitchen for a bit and returned to find Jim glued to the screen.

"Damn, that looks like fun. I forgot I had that tape in the unit" I said

He never said a word but kept staring at the screen. I could see that he was getting a little uncomfortable with the expansion taking place in his pants. It wasn't long before he had to sit back and reach in his crotch to reposition himself.

By then the gal on the screen was sitting on the dick of one of the guys while she was jacking off the other. Poor Jim didn't stand a chance. He was moaning as loud as Glor does.

"Jim, why don't you open your pants and let your wand out for some fresh air. It looks as if it is kind of cramped in there." At the same time I was saying that I had reached between his legs and opened the top button on his jeans. He wasn't wearing a belt and the button popped open with the pressure being put on it from the inside. I then let my hand pull down the tab on his zipper.

Good Lord, Glor was right. This guy had a dick to end all dicks. With all of his earlier repositioning himself it was sticking right through the slit in his boxer shorts. The damn thing had to be over ten inches and was damn near the thickness of my wrist. It was hard as a rock with just a bit of pre cum showing on the head of it. He could do some serious damage to a woman with this thing if he wasn't careful.

I let my hand slide over it and gently started to slide it up and down. With my other hand I pulled my blouse all the way open and let my tits burst out. I reached over and put a hand behind his head and turned it from watching the tape and directed his face at my chest. He dropped his face between my tits and started to kiss the nipples back and forth. While he was enjoying my tits I was jacking him off ever so slowly. There was a little more pre-cum showing now and I took my fingers and worked it over the head of his cock and all around the cock rim and then down the sides of his shaft. I was positioning my hand along the shaft to see if I could some accurate idea of just how big he is. It was apparent I could get a t least three handfuls before reaching the head of it. He slid forward on the sofa so his ass was hanging free and that allowed his dick a little more freedom to stand almost completely erect.

He was breathing much faster now and I could feel him trembling through his mouth on my tits and my hand on his cock. He then started a deep moan and his cock started to twitch. By now he was gasping and his breathing was labored. I could feel something starting way deep in his balls and a second later his orgasm began. I swear the cum shot out of his cock at least six inches in the air and it kept on exploding time after time. He must have shot four or five thick heavy streams out of that monster. I kept jerking and milked every drop he had. I got up very slowly and retrieved a warm wet towel from the kitchen.

I returned to the living room and he was still lying exactly as I left him. I had removed my top and shorts and leaned over and put the warm cloth on top of his dick. His eyes sprang open and I leaned forward and straddled his face with my tits. He reached up and put a hand on the sides of them and buried his face in between them while pushing his hands together. I reached down and gently wiped up his cum that had shot all over his stomach. I then sat on his soft dick and kissed him very softly.

"You are some lover Jim." I purred. He hadn't done anything but lay there and let me jack him off but I wanted to stroke his male ego a bit.

I then slid down and just flicked his shaft with my tongue and gently held his huge balls in my hand. God they were the size of tennis balls. It didn't take much work on the part of my tongue before his young shaft started to expand. I pulled it away from his abdomen and softly took the head of it between my lips. I wasn't sure that I would be able to get the whole head of it in my mouth when it was fully hard but I was damn sure going to try. My free hand was gently tracing the veins in his shaft and I could feel than when I let my fingernails do the tracing it seemed to turn him on more.

It wasn't long before that marvelous piece of meat was at full attention. I was right, I could barely get the entire head of it in my mouth. He had one humongous cock. I was glad that I had had my tubes tied after the birth of my daughter for I wasn't sure they made condoms for a cock of this size. I put one knee on either side of him and positioned his cock in line with my pussy. I knew I had better be careful or he would impale me on the thing.

He looked up at me and said, "Janet, I don't think we should be doing this. I am a virgin, you are my sister and I don't really know what to do."

Well, I'll be, another virgin…two in less than a month. That has to be some kind of record.

"Don't worry about it Jim, I will be happy to teach you all you need to know."

I then started my slide down his pole. I was soaked from the passion I had while jacking him off and my pussy lips were trembling. I was able to get about six inches in me without any trouble when I could feel the tightening of my vaginal muscles around the head of it. I could actually feel the ring around the head of his cock with my vaginal muscles. There was no pain so I kept going. I was sitting straight up and he had reached up and was playing with my tits.

"Damn Jim, that feels good." I said "Now hold still while I try and get the rest of you in me."

I pumped up and down a bit getting it in a little further with each of my downward strokes. I still only, ONLY!, had about eight inches in with a lot more to go. I slowed a bit and then resumed my efforts.

I had stopped at the eight-inch level and then just put a slow but steady pressure on it and I soon had his cock buried to the hilt. Holy shit, I thought I could feel it all the way up to my throat.

I looked down at him saying,

"Jim, you are all the way inside of me now. I am going to rise up and down but I don't want you to rise up hard trying to jam it into me. You could do some serious damage to me if you do. OK?"

"OK Janet. Whatever you say. I don't know anything about this other than what I have read about and seen on those porn flicks."

"Trust me Jim. You will know everything you need to know when we get through today."

I then started a very slow rocking on it and lifting myself off him a few inches before coming back down. It felt sensational. I leaned forward and once again had my tits straddling his face. He seemed to love nuzzling them. At the bottom of my thrusts I started to swish my cunt all around the base of his shaft and his balls. That got his attention big time.

I had reached around behind my ass and was gently playing with his ball sack to hear "God, Janet, that feels great." He shouted.

I then started to lift myself up about six inches before falling back down on his lovely shaft and found I could handle that without any trouble. That was all I needed to know. I started to pump that cock into me fast and furious. I don't think I ever rose so that less than three inches was still buried in me and when I came down I kept up the squishing of my cunt. My clit was completely aroused and was receiving the benefit of my squishing when I was at the bottom of my stroke.

"Jim. It's my turn to cum and I am going to do it nooooowwwwww"

My pussy actually went into what I can only describe as convulsions. My vaginal muscles were expanding and contracting like I had never felt before and there was a warm glow extending throughout my whole body. I am 32 and have had sex numerous times but never ever felt anything like this in my life. He wasn't far behind me. I could feel the pulsing in the shaft and he was soon shooting stream after stream deep inside of me. I didn't think he would be recharged so quickly for he had just cum a half-hour earlier when I was jacking him off but I guess I forgot the sexiness of youth.

I just collapsed on him and with the length of his cock it stayed in me as compared to what a shorter cock would have done. We were both exhausted. Me, more than him but we lay like that for a good while before I got up and off of him.

"Did you enjoy that Jim?" I asked.

"God, yes. I have jacked off a thousand times but it never felt like it did when I was doing it to you." He responded.

"I'm happy for you. That cock of yours was made to give women pleasure but you could really do serious damage to a woman's insides if you aren't somewhat gentle. I'll teach you how to use it. OK?"

"That would be great Janet. All I know how to do is to jack off and even there you made me cum a lot more than I ever do when I do myself." He volunteered.

"OK tiger. Say I have to run out to a business meeting for a little while. How about I give you a call when return if it isn't too late?"

"Sure, I have a paper I'm writing that I can work on."

I was back from me meeting around nine and all I could think of during that whole damn meeting was the lovely cock on the boy. I called him as soon as I was in my door inviting him over. He said he would be there in about twenty minutes.

I answered his bell absolutely nude and his eyes almost popped out of their sockets when he got a full frontal look at me.

"Come on in big boy." I purred as seductively as I could without making it sound too contrived.

He followed me like a sheep and I led him straight to the bedroom.

"Strip down Jim. I have some lessons for you."

It couldn't have taken him a minute before his clothes were off and he was lying on his back on the bed.

"Wow, you're anxious.

I looked down and his cock was just starting to rise in anticipation of what was ahead.

"Jim, I'll be right back." I ran to guest bedroom and went to my sewing basket and retrieved my cloth bound measuring tape. I wanted to see just how big that damn this was.

By the time I returned it was at its full glory and he was stroking it lightly.

"What, are you trying to do, start without me?" I asked jokingly.

He blushed and said "No, I just wanted to keep it warm for you."

"Touché. Great response"

"Lie back and let me do something". I placed the end of the tape at the base of his cock where it joined his stomach and ran the tape to the very tip. My God, it was just a bit over ten inches. No wonder it felt as if it was all the way up to my throat when he was fucking me.

I threw the tape on the floor and leaned over him with my tits hanging right in front of his mouth and said "Gently tiger."

I lowered my head to his crotch to see if I could do that cock any good with my mouth. As hard as I tried I couldn't get much more than the head of his cock in my mouth. My lips were wrapped around the head of it just past his cock ring and that was it. Every time I tried to get more in my mouth my teeth were scraping his shaft. How the hell was I going to give him a blowjob?

I figured the only way was sort of cheating. I would get the head of his cock in my mouth as far as I could and then grab the shaft with one hand right up close to the head. I would move my hand up and down on his shaft as if it was my mouth moving like that all the while I would be licking my tongue around the head of it. I would really be jacking him off with the head of his cock in my mouth. The saliva coming out of my mouth provided all the lubrication my hand needed and it worked just fine. I had the other hand cradling his balls as gently as I could while massaging them with my fingers.

I had my head twisting from side to side the way I would be doing if I were able to ride his shaft from the top to the bottom. It wasn't long before I could feel his muscles twitching and he had wrapped his fingers in and around my hair and was pulling me down on him. He was ready…It had worked. A minute or so later I could feel the first of his love juices hitting the back of my throat that were followed but three or four more.

He didn't disappoint me. His tongue lightly brushed my nipples and his hands gently stroked them. I reached down and started to stroke that magnificent cock a little more roughly than he was touching me. I couldn't control myself. Here I was, years older than this young stud and I couldn't keep my hands off that wonderful piece of meat. I leaned over and fell alongside of him on the bed and told him that I wanted him to fuck me in what is referred to as the 'missionary position.'

I first reached over to the bedside table and got my tube of KY jelly out and smeared his cock with it. I also took a glob and pushed it into my pussy. I then lay back and pulled him on top of me and lined his cock up with my pussy.

"Now Jim, I want you to gently, hear me, gently, push the head of your cock into me. Not far, just a couple of inches." I instructed.

He did exactly as I said and I pulled his face down and buried my tongue in his mouth.

I started to throw my pussy up to take more of his cock and it wasn't long before I had more than half of it in.

"Jim, I now want you to keep up a little pressure on your hips pushing your cock in me further but I want you do it very s l o w l y. Do you understand me?"

He nodded yes and I could feel that thing penetrating me to my very core. He did exactly as I had asked and he soon had it buried.

Whew, it felt wonderful.

"Jim. I am going to wrap my legs around your back and pull you into me whenever I think I am able to stand it but I do NOT want you to go ramming it into me. Understand?"

We then started a very slow and magnificent fuck. He thrust deep and slow and I found myself pulling him deeper than his eleven inches would allow. It was fantastic. I could soon feel the pulsing in his shaft and his breathing becoming faster with each thrust. Mine was almost the same.

It wasn't long before we were both exploding and my worst fears came true. From the very beginning I was frightened he would go crazy ramming it home when he was in the throes of passion of an orgasm and that is exactly what happened. He backed off until just the head of it was in me and than thrust it in with one long hard move. I screamed as if I had been shot and he fell off me. I was doubled up with pain and he was off the bed and running around the bedroom asking what he could do for me and I just said,

"Nothing. Just let me lie here for a few minutes"

I reached over and grabbed some tissues and put them against my pussy. I took them away to see if there was any blood showing and to my relief they were just greasy from the KY and our love juices.

I went into the bathroom and sat on the toilet for a few minutes and nothing appeared that looked out of place but damn, I was hurting. I don't know what he hit with the head of his cock but it surely wasn't expecting to be hit with a battering ram.

"Jim. Do you remember the keyword I gave you…gentle? If you remember you certainly didn't show it there, did you?"

He was shaking like a leaf and the whole thing scared him as much if not more than it did me.

"Come here tiger" I had lay back on the bed and I reached up and took his hand and pulled him down to me.

He nuzzled into my chest and was crying like a baby. "God, I am so sorry"

"I think I'll be OK" and pulled his face between my breasts. It was if he had found a new home there, and perhaps he did. He reached around my waist and hugged me as hard as he could while he was sucking on a nipple.

We lay like that for a long while when I suggested we get up and shower before pouring ourselves a fresh glass of the wine. He jumped up and I can't say that I did the same. I was hurting inside and was prayerful I wasn't going to suffer anything more serious than the pain I had at that time.

I went out to the living room and still nude, sat on the sofa. He started to sit along side of me when I pushed him to the floor between my legs jokingly saying,

"Jim, you hurt it. You are going to have to kiss it and make it better."

He said, "Janet, I only saw that guy on the tape do that to the girl. Is that what you want me to do to you?"

"Mmmm..yep." I opened my legs and took each of my hands and pulled his head to my crotch. He wasn't going to know much about working my clit; that would be another lesson but I thought he could manage licking my pussy lips and perhaps getting his tongue up and flick my clit a bit.

He was very tentative but started to lick me soft and easy. His hands were prying my pussy lips apart so he could bury his face deep within me. I reached down and touched my clit gently and between his tongue and face and my own fingers I knew I was going to explode quickly. As soon as I felt myself cumming I pulled him in harder and tightened up my grasp not to let him go until my orgasm was finished even if he was gasping from suffocation in my pussy.

He handled it pretty well, although he did cough and choke a bit. It sounded as if he was going to vomit all over my carpet and I would have killed him for that but he held it in until her got to the bathroom where I could hear him retching. I guess all guys go through that the first time they eat a pussy.

He left to go back to their condo around midnight after a long slow kiss inside my front door. I was tempted to reach down and stroke that wand but I knew better than run the risk of letting that thing inside me so soon and I am sure that would have happened as soon as I felt it hard again.

I had a challenge in front of me. I wanted to get Jim and Glor together and have them work over each other and also give me the fun I wanted. I would have to give the problem some more thought.

My job took me out of town for a week and when I got back I knew what I had to do. I gave them a call and invited them to a lobster dinner. It had been some time since I cooked the big ugly things but I did enjoy the taste and I thought since they both loved the crab cakes their love of seafood might extend to lobster as well. Glor took the call and she was completely beside herself. She accepted for both of them and was fawning all over me on the phone asking what she could do to help prepare the dinner.

"Glor, my treat. You two only have one job and that is to enjoy them.

They were right on time for the dinner and after they had gorged themselves and the table was cleared I told them I had a treat for dessert and they had to sit a minute, digest the food and I would be back in a moment. I went into my bedroom, stripped, put on a silk robe and returned to the dining area. They both were looking at me with eager anticipation.

"Hey guys, here's dessert." And with that I opened and dropped my robe. You could have heard Glor's gasp a mile away with Jim's a close second.

I stood at the end of the table facing them and said,

"We have lots to talk about. Each of you know, but the other doesn't, we have been having some wonderful sex. I think it is time we enjoyed it all together."

Glor was stammering and stuttering and finally came out with,

"Janet, we are all family and that wouldn't be right would it?"

I answered with,

"It would only be wrong if you thought it was wrong. Look at yourselves right now. Each of you can't take your eyes off my tits and would love to lean over to give them one of your kisses. So why don't you?"

I stood and first went over to Glor's area and leaned over and let my tit drape over her shoulder. I put one hand behind her head and pulled her face around to meet my breast.

"Go ahead, Glor, do what makes you feel good."

She leaned back and raised one hand to press my tit to her mouth and started to lick my nipple.

"Hold on sweet thing. Jim needs to get some of the same." I moved around to his area and did the same thing. He quickly grabbed both of my tits and started sucking on first one nipple and then the other.

"OK, now that you have each seen the other do something sexual, let's go a little further. Now I would like each of you to stand and drop your pants, panties and undershorts."

"Janet, I don't feel comfortable doing that." Glor blurted out.

"No problem Glor. It will just be Jim and I putting on the show for you if you don't want to join in. I thought you might like to show him how well you can eat my pussy."

That got her stammering a little and I went behind her and reached over her shoulders letting my hands drape down over her breasts. I massaged them through her top and she was soon squirming.

"Glor, at least take off your top and let your tits out for some air."

By now Jim had dropped his jeans and boxers and his wonderful cock was just hanging there. Glor was soon followed in undressing.

"Guys, if I am coming on too strong let's just forget the whole thing. We can each find others to enjoy some sex with."

"Oh no Janet. I don't want that. I want to make you feel good." Glor cooed.

"Then come over here and show Jim just how you do that." I suggested.

I sat on the arm of the nearby easy chair and motioned her to me. She pushed herself back from the dining table and came over and took my hand. I gently pushed her down until she was kneeling right in front of me.

"Jim, why don't you come over here closer and see how it's done?" I asked.

I then reached behind Glor's head and pulled her to my pussy. She went right to work. She had one hand searching out my hooded clit and the other opening my pussy lips to enable her to bury her warm soft face in it. She was able to get my clit to come and show itself and had her face down at the bottom edge of my pussy with her tongue darting in and out. Whew, she was getting better at this. Jim's face was as close to my pussy as it could be without actually eating it and his eyes were glued to what Glor was doing to me.

By now Jim's wand was at full attention. I told him that he wasn't to come anywhere near Glor's cunt with that weapon or I would cut the damn thing off.

"Glor, I would like for you to jack Jim off. You can't possibly take his giant cock in your pussy without doing yourself serious damage. I instructed.

"Janet, he's my brother."

"So, I'm your sister and you are eating my pussy."

She reached her hand over to him very tentatively and touched it lightly. I reached over and put my hand on top of hers and clamped it around his shaft. I then started to slide them up and down.

"Glor, take your other hand and rub it softly around the big purplish head of his cock and then trace the veins you can see along the side of it. She did and he was soon breathing a lot harder.

"Now Jim, I want you to eat Glor's pussy. You saw how she was doing me before. I want you to do her exactly the same way."

He had to turn into a 69 position to let her keep jacking him off and giving him a way to get his mouth on her pussy but that was fine. It wasn't long before they were both going at each other non-stop.

Damn this was a real sex circle. The hotter Glor got with Jim's tongue in her pussy the faster she was jacking him off. I could hear them both start their moaning almost at the same time. I think Glor popped her orgasm first and was rubbing her pussy all over her brothers face and when I looked down I could see the pulsing start on his cock. It wasn't long before he was shooting stream after stream of his love juices high in the air to land on his stomach and her face and hand.

As soon as she was finished jacking him off I pulled her face over to my pussy and she dove right in. Seeing what had just gone on between the two of them really turned me on more than I would ever have imagined and I was soon wrapped up in the excitement of my own orgasm. I reached down to pull her face deeper into me but that wasn't necessary. She had already moved in position to be able to bury herself in me. I didn't last very long before I too was tossing myself around like a beach ball…my pussy exploded and Glor was there to lap it up. It was unbelievable to me; I had been an on site voyeur at my brother and sisters introduction to the passion of each other.

Well, all told it was one hell of a great night for sex in the family. Up until my encounter with Glor a short time ago I never dreamed we would be doing this. I wouldn't have bet a dime that I would have been fucked by a ten inch, unbelievably thick cock and have had that cock belong to my own brother. And have had my pussy eaten by both my younger brother and sister.

Life was going to be get very interesting in the future.

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