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This is a true story to say the least. My long distance boyfriend and I finally met up, on August 23rd of this year. So in this, I recall the details of my, ahem, 'our', first time.

We were sitting together on the bed we had shared for the past few nights, it was mid afternoon. I can't quite remember what the main activity of that day was, but even at the moment it was at the back of my mind. Out of the twelve days we had to spend with each other, this was our last one. Our last night. Sure, we had explored each other's bodies whenever the chance was provided, but he had never been 'inside' of me.

This boy enjoyed humiliating me. Feeling my ass whenever he got the chance, and once even sucking on my underarm. It tickled, and my whole body tensed as he hummed happily at my reactions. Was sweat seriously that appealing?! Whether it was my hair, back, or even.. Down there.. He was constantly breathing me in as he pleased. I'm only 18, him a few months younger than me, we were both virgins, so how did he know exactly what to do? Whenever he'd slide his tongue into my mouth, my whole body would relax and I'd feel a pleasant warmth form between my legs. That wasn't to say I was submissive to him, however.

I'd grasp him firmly in my hand and watch his face twist in pleasure whenever I'd tug on him, kissing his neck before biting and leaving love marks down his body. His scent and his taste, nothing compared either. I just have better self control compared to him. When I went down on him for the first time and breathed him in, the thought that popped into my mind was, "You actually smell like a man despite how much of a pretty boy you are." It was lovely. Everything about him was lovely. The goofy, awkward smile he'd shoot me whenever I looked towards him, the way he'd stare at me or kiss me no matter who was around us. Some sort of sweet, innocent, yet lustful love. He's so clumsy.

It was overwhelming. The first time he'd licked me. It was night one of our twelve days, and after rubbing me with his delicate fingers for about 10 minutes he was pleading with me to let him go down. How can I say no to that? I was embarrassed, worried, what if he disliked my smell or taste? That all faded immediately when I felt his tongue slide against my most sensitive places. It was warm, wet, and his tongue was strongly pushing against me as he tasted me. I remember smiling, having had fantasized about this so often. He spread me open with his fingers and proceeded to lick up and down my clit, pleasure blooming over my skin like flowers. I had even started to drool a bit before he went back up and kissed me. I did taste good. His breathing was heavy, and his face damp with my arousal. He then asked me "Please, sit on my face" and I sat in shock for a moment. Why must you always go another step up with your silly ideas?

I was hesitant but his boyish begging soon got to me and made me want to shut him up by putting my pussy over his mouth. He laid back and I steadied myself over his mouth, spreading my knees to give him access to me. He immediately lapped at me again and again, my fingers twisting in his curly hair. Before long, let's say, even two minutes, my legs gave out and I became even more embarrassed. So he turned me around to face the other way, as if having my ass in his face instead would make me feel any better, and that's when I felt it. He licked all the way from my clit to my asshole in one long stripe, and my legs went slack all over again. What an odd sense of pleasure, a humiliating one, that now had me twitching and dripping on his face. I could feel his smile against me as he licked over and over, before I pulled off of him, glaring back. "You just!" I protested before being flipped onto my back, kissed roughly again to taste yet another part of myself. It wasn't bad.

So here we were, sitting together on our last night. How many times his fingers had reached the most pleasurable spot of me by then, I'm not sure. I also lost count of how much of his love I'd swallowed or milked out of him in the process as well. This dorky boy, looking at his phone as I watched him, gave me that same awkward smile as always. Ah, I can't win with you can I?

"Let's do it, tonight." I said before turning away from him and laying on my side. He immediately hopped onto me, eyes wide with excitement and surprise. "Really?! But I thought you wanted to wait until we had a more private place.." I shook my head before smiling back at him. "No, I changed my mind.. I don't want to wait anymore." His face lit up again. Later he'd tell me that his heart was beating out of his chest when I had asked for him to take me that night.

Although the age of 18, I didn't have my drivers license or much money, so acquiring condoms was a bit of a hassle. Or it would've been had not be for my mother. I was staying with my conservative grandparents at my uncles, and the one to support my exploration of pleasure, was of course, my wild mother. Her boyfriend had picked them up during one of his truck drives, and she handed me three of them secretly during a visit. I was elated. Luckily for me that night, my boyfriend was well educated due to the superior sex education in Canada. Less stigma, I suppose?

He took his now soaked fingers out of me, kissing me all the while. I was on my back, and to keep anyone from being alarmed if they walked in on us, he turned me to my side. My grandmother had already barged in during a makeout session with him on top of me with my leg around his waist, and absolutely lost her shit, sobbing and saying how she had trusted us. Well, I'm sorry grandma, for I'm about to sin.

Finally it was time, he had been prepping me for this and I knew it, these past 11 days. I had on a thin romper, no underwear, while he was in his sweats and a t-shirt. His normally orange hair which mimicked the color of copper wire showed as brown in the dark, the curls draping beautifully against his pale neck. Pale except for all of the love bites I had left there as a reminder of his stay. Ah yes, all of the love bites I had left on his body that ranged from his jawline to right above his hip. I can't help myself, I love pretty boys. And this one is mine.

He took his hard cock out of his sweats and moved my clothing to rub against me. We were both now on our sides facing each other as he slid wetly up and down my slit. We had to be quiet, but his breathing was coming out hard, so hard that I had to kiss him to keep him from moaning aloud. What I loved about this boy, among many things, is that he wasn't afraid to express himself. Often rolling his eyes back when tasting me, or cumming in my mouth. Those expressions made his grinding even more easy, as I began to leak all over him.

I opened the small package and handed him the condom, him grinning brightly at the fact that it was a large. He slipped it on with ease as I readied myself emotionally for this. Taking a deep breath in we faced each other once again, lifting my leg to give him access. "Let me feel.." he whispered, before sliding two fingers between my lower lips. He rubbed up and down, low hums of pleasure escaping my mouth before he found my entrance. Just like before, he put his fingers in, curling them at an extremely pleasurable spot. My legs shook as I was overwhelmed by the constant shocks of heaven sent by his fingers.

I was about to cum before he lifted up my leg to his shoulder and rubbed his cock against my pussy. I squeaked, trembling as the tip pressed to my entrance. I remember the sweet words he spoke to me as he pushed into me for the first time, a loud moan exiting my now open mouth as I threw back my head. It hurt, but it also felt so fucking good. "Wait.. Let me adjust" I whined out taking in deep breaths through my nose. A few moments later I hummed a sigh, a sign to show him I was okay, before he pushed in deeper. Now there was no pain, only an intense pleasure, and an even more intense need to have him deeper.

I gasped out his name, "Oh my God.. You're inside me!" I was in a bit of shock, then he pulled out slightly before slamming back inside me, angling his hips up against mine. Holy shit, what was this? Isn't my first time supposed to suck? He soon set a steady pace of ramming himself in and out of me, my gasping and moaning only growing louder. It just felt so good, it was like he was scratching an itch that I'd had since I had first heard his voice on call. I could hear him fucking me, the sticky noises my pussy made whenever he'd push into it as I dripped around him, squeezing him.

And then he hit the spot. I swear I saw stars, and I'm sure he knew it too because he moved faster, harder, all to hit that special place inside of me that he now knew so well. I was drooling, gasping, as he pumped hard in and out of me, his thrusts growing frantic and he covered my mouth with his hand to keep us from being found out. My legs were twitching and I held on tightly to his arm and shirt with both hands. He tested my flexibility and pulled my leg to open me more, no that's too deep. He kissed me as a sudden orgasm rocked me. My heart beating out of my chest, the pleasure shooting from my pussy up my back, down my toes, and swirling around inside of me. He groaned and continued his thrusting, I could see his face now and he looked almost pained. That was the best expression yet.

"I'm going to cum" he gasped, his thrusts becoming sloppy and uneven. "cum, please..!" I choked out before squeezing him even more. "Ah..!" He breathed, twitching inside me and filling the condom with one of the things I loved most. He thrusted a few more times, kissing me gently as he did, neither of us being able to contain our moans anymore. He pulled out and I immediately reached down to slide my fingers in myself, feeling how hot he had made me.

He held the condom limply in front of me and we both laughed, later he disposed of it after his flight home. Customs had stopped him during his check, but luckily did not find the evidence of our love. Our love that wasn't over even after he'd fucked me to my first orgasm on his cock?

After a few minutes of rest, I surprisingly found myself wanting more. He took up on that quickly and pushed his fingers inside of me. "Wow you're hotter than usual down here.." he whispered in awe, pumping his fingers so deep inside of me that once curled I almost lost it again. And then I had an idea. "Lick me, please!" I begged for once. One ask was all it took.

He went under the covers and spread my legs wide, resting them over his shoulders before pushing his whole face into my pussy. He had yet to do that, no matter how eager, never wanting to embarrass me. But even if he tried to, I doubt he could've in that moment. He stuck out his tongue to please me, flicking it gently against my hole before taking my clit into his mouth, letting the small thing rest on his tongue. Why was this so much better than when he usually licked? I reached down, my thighs shaking, clit throbbing, and gripped his hair, pulling him against me without shame. He sucked, nibbled, slurped, he was messy.

It felt so good, it was like I was melting in his mouth. Each movement of his tongue made my thighs shake. He began a pattern of swirling his tongue around my clit, pushing it, and then sucking. Ah, I wasn't going to last long. I could feel him breathing heavily against my mound, his chin pressed tightly against my entrance as he licked and licked. I finally completely tensed up before shaking violently, my thighs pressing to his cheeks and my toes curling. It was the hardest I'd ever cum, and he licked me through it. When he finally came up to kiss me, his face was drenched in pussy juice.

We kissed and giggled and recalled the night before I fell asleep in his arms. The next morning was the day he had to go home. I was devastated, sobbing the whole day like a child. I held onto him like he was going to disappear into thin air, saying our goodbyes before he boarded the plane. I cried like I hadn't in a very long time that day, and once he returned home we both sobbed on the phone for a long time more. I can't wait for him to come home again, to touch him and breathe him in. I miss him like I've never missed anything. But until then, I'll fantasize about the nights we spent tangled up in each other.

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