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My Sister Jeni Long Sex Story

My Sister Jeni long sex story

All characters in this story are age 18 or older. Enjoy.

* * * * *

I woke up this morning to a happy, bright, sunshiny day because yesterday, I graduated from college with a 3.95 GPA. Four years of hard, dedicated studies in computer programming has brought me to this point and the reward is having several job offers for my career. Today I want to check out each one and make a decision.

I get out of bed, riding on cloud nine, and head in the general direction of the kitchen, but when I reach the bottom of the stairs, my sister jumps on my back and wraps her arms and legs around me. I smile with her, not really expecting her playful action, but enjoy it none the less. Jeni is in a happy mood and she also attends the same college, having just completed her sophomore year, with journalism being her chosen course of study.

"Congratulations David! You're my hero! You made it! First in our family to do so."

"But not the only one Sis. You're not far behind," he replies.

As she crawls off his back and gets in front of him, her face is telling him a story.

"Are you having doubts?" he asks.

"Yeah, I am. Some events at college are making me wonder. It seems if you pick the wrong topic to write about, some people feel it necessary to cut you down, including the professors."

"You may want to talk to Mom and Dad about that. If what you say is true, picking the wrong subject matter to write about can kill your career as a journalist," Dave replies.

"I know and I do plan to talk with them later today, but that aside, you must be higher than a kite today."

"I am and want to do something exciting, but I don't know what, so in the meantime, I'm going to look through my job offers and check them out," Dave states as he heads to the kitchen to get a box of cereal from the cupboard.

"Want to take me to the beach?"

"You know how to drive, don't you?" he says as he arrives at the table with cereal, a bowl, milk and a spoon with her following him, sitting on the corner seat next to him.

"I do, but I want you to take me so we can do the same thing. You need to mingle and meet girls while I mingle and meet boys," she says.

"Yeah, you may be right about that, but I don't feel up to it today. Another time?" he asks.

"Okay, but in the meantime, want to have some fun?" she asks as he inhales a spoonful of cereal.

"What do you have up your devious sleeve, Baby Sis?"

"I'm your adopted Baby Sis, remember?"

"Of course I remember. How do you forget something as important as that?"

"Sorry Bro. Didn't mean to piss you off. I'm thinking of a physical exercise we can do together."

"I'm not pissed off, Jen... And what physical exercise are you speaking of?"

"Well, since you don't want to go meet girls, how about staying home and exploring your Baby Sister instead?"

Dave has just put a spoonful of cereal in his mouth and when she said that, it comes out with force, spraying it to the far end of the table.

"Damn Jeni! What the hell?"

"That was a good attempt, but you missed me... Anyway, I'm horny and you, my favorite brother, are the object of my desires," she says, smiling.

"I'm your only brother so 'favorite' isn't that funny to me. You have shocked the shit outa me you know."

"I was hoping so, but at the same time, it means a lot to me... BTW, did you lose any weight?"


"Because it sounds to me like you should have based on losing some shit for unknown reasons."

"Funny girl."

"Anyway, I have wanted you to explore me for years and now seems to be the right time to satisfy both of us. You feel okay doing that?"

Dave is blown away by his sister's comments, which are coming at him from left field. He's struggling with himself, but still has to answer her.

"Why didn't you bring it up before now?"

"Doesn't matter David. I'm doing it now."

Dave is slowly realizing his sister's strong statements are a good thing for her, and him for that matter. Now, he's going to test her resolve.

"I see... So what's in your mind for me to explore?" he asks sarcastically.

"Not my mind smart ass... my body. I want you to tell me what you think of my naked body, silly," she answers with a slight smirk.

Complete surprise comes over him as he responds.

"You're my sister Jen. I can't do that," he says as he gets up to put his cereal away, reaching to the upper level of the cupboard.

"Not by blood, though," she says.

Becoming more determined, Jeni stands up and removes both pieces of clothing, leaving her completely naked behind him. As Dave turns to face her. He's stunned, stares, then collects himself before speaking.

"You're beautiful Jen. Your body is what fantasies are made from."

She pads to him and mounts him, arms behind his neck and legs locked behind his back, holding him tight as hell. He wraps his hands behind her back and holds her tight, feeling the heat from her body, especially from her tits, and boy, does it ever feel good.

"Thanks Bro, but you're not done yet. You have to take me to your bed, or my bed, and show me what you mean by exploring my body."

"I do? Didn't I tell you what you wanted to know already?"

"Yes and no, but I'm not letting off the hook yet. I want more and you have to do it right now because I'm really horny. You also need to move your hands to my ass cheeks because I want you to."

Dave wears a dumbfounded look as he moves his hands to grip her ass cheeks, and kneads them.

"Your ass feels tight, soft and strong and I love the feel. The bad news is, I'm an ass man," he says.

"I know that about you. Start there then. Do what you want to my ass and we'll go from there."

"How do you know that?"

"A little birdie who's initials are Andrea told me."

"Oh, yeah. She definitely knows that," he tells her as his sister smiles back at him. "What else has she told you about me?"

Hesitantly, she replies, "She told me you sleep in the nude."

"Damn, she's telling you all my secrets. Now I'm embarrassed."

"I like most of your secrets, especially the sexy ones."

"Is that why you're doing what you're doing with me today?" he asks.

Jeni replaces her facial expression with a shit eatin' grin and says, "Maybe," in her best girly voice, which does nothing more than turn me on.

I have to face facts here. My sister is a HOTTIE, and I know it. I've known it for years.

Dave is beside himself with concern as he smirks, but the delight gets more attention as he kneads his sister's ass while walking toward her bedroom. As he's getting a good feel, she buries her face into his neck, enjoying his tender touch.

The feel of his sister's body against him is transmitting signals from his hands, to his brain, to his dick's brain, to his dick, and it wastes no time responding to the sensations. Jeni is excited, knowing she's going to get laid after a two month sexual drought and she's ready, willing and able to give and receive, not to mention she's horny, even if it is her brother.

Entering her room, he lays her on the bed and admires her body. Jeni is slender at 113 pounds, 5'-9". Her 34BB tits are firm, her hair - shoulder length, her stomach - flat, her pussy - bare, her facial features - very pleasing. Her body has all the right curves in all the right places and, she has a great pair of strong legs. Along with a pleasing personality, she's witty and has a smile that glows in the dark. She's sassy, confident, innocent, fit, strong, sexy as hell and attractive, a perfect 12 by his own standards. In other words, his sister is a knock out, and both of them know it.

Dave is weighing his fortune and needs to act before his sister does something he doesn't want her to do, like kick him out of her room and masturbate on her own. He kneels between her legs as she spreads them, suddenly forgetting he's an ass man, but he does like to eat pussy too.

"Are you sure you're okay with your brother performing sexual acts on your body?"

"Yes, we've already been through this. Get busy on my pussy. It wants you."

Jeni is in a very horny state, now that her brother is about to eat her pussy. He's also in the same state because he has secretly wished he could take advantage of his sister's body for a long time, but kept it to himself.

"True, but Mom and Dad may not agree with us doing this."

"Then lets not tell them what we're doing."

"What if we get caught?"

"We don't put ourselves in that predicament. Okay? Get busy!"

Dave knows she's getting annoyed with his questions and concerns so he drops the obvious for the inevitable. He pushes her knees back and sticks his tongue out, making contact with her clit, which is clearly visible, sticking out from under the hood. Jeni is on fire to be touched and she reacts the instant his tongue touches her sensitive clit.

Circling her clit lightly, she moans and squirms as she tells him to keep working her clit. As his tongue works its way into her pussy, she has her first climax, not breaking any records, but a climax just the same.

Dave moves his tongue back to her clit as his finger enters her pussy in search of her G-spot. Upon making contact, Jeni screams. Between that and her clit being a major source of pleasure, she's lost in euphoria with her eyes closed and mouth open. Continuing his ministrations, one of his fingers makes contact with her asshole as he's probing her pussy. Jeni smiles as the feel of his finger rubbing her asshole is pleasing to her. Nobody has touched her asshole before and she knows Dave isn't doing it on purpose, so she drops the actual in favor of the intent.

While Dave is realizing he wants to caress her ass, his original point of desire, he removes the pleasure he's giving her and rolls her to her stomach, spreads her legs wide apart as his eyes view the sweet pussy his sister has brought before his eyes. Dave isn't stupid so he takes advantage of his position between her legs.

He sits on his haunches on the floor and begins caressing her ass with both hands. It's strong, tight, soft, tender, round with smooth surfaces, touchable and pleasing to the eye as he takes in the beauty of her tear drop ass. Moving across her cheeks with both hands, the moment strikes him, and he feels guilty about what he's doing to his sister and backs away from her.

"You're okay with me doing this to you Jen? I'm not taking advantage of my sister am I?"

His question touches her emotionally, knowing he has no desire to destroy their relationship. She rolls to her back and sits up, embraces him to let him know she understands his concerns, but still wants him to give her body the special attention she's looking for. She captures his face in her hands, gives him a sweet kiss on his lips, backs away from his face and looks him in the eyes.

"You're not David. You're not going to change anything between us by doing things to me I want you to do so I give you my permission to do anything you want to my body. I will enjoy your touch and anything else you desire to do to me because I know you love me. Okay?"

"Okay Sis. I know I'm annoying you with my dumb questions, but I'm nervous about being this intimate with my sister. We get along very well and I don't want to destroy the relationship we share."

"And I don't want anything to change either, so please continue," she says as she gives him another kiss to reassure him it's okay with her. "I want you to do this for me."

She lays down, rolls to her stomach and assumes the same pose she had before and Dave wastes no time getting his hands back on her soft, tender ass. As he kneads her cheeks, he feels his sister squirm as his fingers get closer and closer to her crack. Leaving his hands on her cheeks, he moves his thumbs beside her lips and presses them together. Jeni is pleased with his boldness and lets him know she likes his tender stimulations.

"That feels good, what you're doing to me, so keep on keeping on. I love it. Please proceed, my dear favorite brother."

Dave smirks, hearing 'favorite brother' again. He spreads her cheeks as she feels her brother's love. Every other boy she's had sex with would have been balls deep inside her by now, so this is different for her. Jeni wiggles her ass as he continues to please her, letting him know she wants him to continue.

He temporarily abandons her ass and runs his hands up her back, caressing her tenderly as she moans for him. All the way to her shoulders his hands travel, caressing her tenderly and teasingly. She sighs and moans softly as his hands pleasure her while he roams all over her back and shoulders. He teases the sides of her tits at the same time and she moans for him to continue.

Jeni is doing everything she can to encourage him to go further and further to please her horny body. She's one happy camper as she feels the pleasure he's giving her with his soft touch, strong fingers and tender love for his sister. Even though Jeni has had several boys between her legs, for the first time, being with her brother, she's enjoying the ride he's giving her. It's a new and different experience for her and she love's it. His slow approach to teasing her body is making her horny as hell.

Dave suddenly comes to grips that he's still dressed. To the best of his knowledge, she has never seen his cock so he's wondering how she will react when she does. He stands up as Jeni turns over, wondering what he's doing. Propping herself up on her elbows with her knees raised and legs spread, she watches with interest as he removes his clothes.

Wearing only shorts and a T-shirt, he removes his top first, knowing that's not what she waiting to see. He's teasing her and he can see the anticipation in her eyes. He reaches for the button on his shorts and releases it as a smile appears on her face. Unzipping his shorts, his fingers let them drop to the floor.

Jeni gasps as his cock springs into the light. It's not hard as hell yet, but it's hard and he's pleased with her response. She quickly moves toward it, wanting to suck on him, but Dave is in no hurry. As she sits up, he stops her from grabbing his dick, pulling her up to him and kissing her proudly.

"Like that do you?"

"Absolutely," she replies with a smile on her face.

"Good things comes to those who wait, Sis. Have some patience and you'll get your turn in time."

"She never told me about the size of your dick, the bitch... You, my favorite brother, are teasing me. If I had seen your dick before now, I would have been after it then. It's beautiful."

She lays back on the bed, wishing she can suck on him, as Dave crawls between her legs. Folding his legs in front of him, he lifts her ass up on his lap, all the way up until her pussy pins his cock against his stomach. Jeni immediately rubs her pussy against him as his hands spread out on her mound.

Slowly, softly and deliberately, his hands move up to knead her tits as she continues to rub his cock with more passion. Jeni's eyes close as his touch gives her the pleasure she desires. Deep down, she's loving her brother for giving her what she's longed for.

Dave pinches her nipples, then rubs her tits while he watches and listens, loving her reactions. Caressing her shoulders, tits and upper body is giving him a new lease on life and while his libido gains strength, his desire for his sister's awesome body causes his dick to get harder, all by itself.

Changing course, his hands slide back to her legs and he pushes her knees against her tits. Caressing her thighs, she holds her knees firmly in position, then he raises her pussy to his lips and licks her, then sucks her juices into his mouth. He's aware of the pungent fragrance and the sweet taste of her juices, then returns her to his lap.

"Jen, your pussy tastes like sweet nectar on my tongue. I'm hoping I can get more and more down the road."

"Anytime you want it, my dear brother... I want a turn at your cock before long too. You're making me hungry."

"Soon Sis. Just want to do one more thing, then you can have your turn, so get off my lap and turn to your stomach in front of me, legs spread."

She gets off him, but instead of doing what he asks, she turns to her stomach, spreads her legs, rests on his lap and lays down. He helps by pulling her tight to him, pinning her and his cock against his stomach.

"You're very flexible Sis."

"Yup. A couple years of cheerleading helped me with that."

"I guess it did."

He caresses her ass again and as he's doing so, she reaches back and spreads her cheeks.

"Would you run your fingers through my crack, please. I'm thinking it will feel pretty good."

With my curiosity piqued, I do what she requests several times until my finger touches her asshole. She reacts differently, so I stop.

"Did I do something wrong, Sis?" he asks.

"Sorry Bro. No, you didn't do anything wrong. Your finger rubbed my asshole and I liked the feel. Do it again if you like."

He pushes on her sphincter with his thumb and she moans loudly again.

"You must really like that."

"It feels different, yet good, hard to explain... So yes, I really like it."

"I guess maybe I should remember that."

"Yes, that would be a good idea."

He gives her one more push on her sphincter and again, she moans and releases her cheeks. His hands return to her ass cheeks, then runs them tenderly up and down her back, caressing her softly as she moans, delighting from the pleasure of it all. No other boy has treated her like this so her brother has earned more brownie points than she can count.

"My turn," she announces and he relents to her demand.

Swapping places, she gets off the bed as he lays on his back with his hard cock looking at his face. She sits on the bed beside him and picks it up, admiring the shape, the length, the girth and has a moment of euphoria before stroking it softly. Inspecting it like she's never seen a cock before, a smirk comes to her face.

"I'm going to love this," she says.

Without hesitation, his cock disappears inside her mouth, all the way to the back, resting at her throat. Dave's head drops to the pillow as his cock experiences the sudden burst of pleasure arriving at his brain. Pulling her head away, his cock slides out, leaving just the head in her mouth, then she takes his cock to her throat again. His eyeballs disappear as the pleasure of it all overwhelms his senses.

Jeni continues to work his cock, sensuously, until she can't fight it any longer. Her pussy is speaking volumes so she straddles him, lowers her pussy on his cock, slowly experiencing the hardness and pressure of his boner as she rocks with an unexpected sudden orgasm.

"OMG, that was so quick."


"My orgasm."

"Oh. That's why you stopped?" he asks.

"Yeah. It was sorta intense, but very short."

"We should be able to top that in time."

"Absolutely," she replies.

Jeni refocuses on her pussy and slowly slides up and down several times, concentrating on the pleasure she's receiving. Dave, seeing her euphoric expression, sits up and stops her again. He gives her a kiss and holds her tight to him with his cock buried deep in her pussy. The euphoric feeling he's giving her makes her moan into his mouth, then she breaks the kiss.

"God Bro. You make me feel so awesome."

He smiles as he slides them to the edge, stands up as she holds on for dear life, swings her around, placing her on her back. Jeni feels at peace with herself while in her brother's arms and his cock buried in her pussy is causing some feelings she has never felt before. Dave knows he can get use to this, and his desire is to make that happen, for both of them.

Dave slides his cock out, then back into her pussy several times as she gets used to his size. At the same time, she wonders how it can get any better than this. She closes her eyes as her brother picks up the pace, making her feel she has no regrets. Raising her legs to his back, harder and harder she greets his thrusts with her own as she moans her little heart out.

Jeni doesn't seem to be shy about expressing her feelings during sex and Dave is pleasantly surprised by the expletives she uses. They're turning him on. Faster and faster he fucks his baby sister and she returns his efforts with her own, building to the inevitable.

"I'm going to cum again," she says.

Hearing that, Dave pounds her harder, then explodes with her, shooting rope after rope in her pussy while Jeni coats his cock with her own juices. The climax has left them both lacking ambition and both breathing heavily as he rolls off and lays besides her.

His feelings for his sister have changed today, something he never expected to happen. As he gets himself back in control, he wonders what's happening to him, and if it will continue.

"OMG Sis! What has gotten into you all the sudden?"

"Tell you... in a few minutes," she says as she catches up to her own breathing.

Dave is also struggling so he waits until they're better able to express themselves. Jeni is so euphoric, knowing he has given her the best sex she's ever had. At the same time, Dave knows the same about her. Jeni is more receptive to sex than any other girl he's been with.

Getting most of her breathing under control, Jeni says, "OMG David! That had to be the best sex of my life and of all people, it was my brother that satisfied me."

"Tell me about it. It was the best sex I've ever had as well, but why do you want to have sex with your brother? There are lots of guys out there for you."

Jeni gets somber, wondering if she should tell him about her secret desires, then makes her decision.

"I'm aware of the guys out there David, but I'm not sure I want to tell you the real reason why I did what I did today. Like you, I have no desire to destroy our relationship."

"Go for it, Sis. I don't think there's anything you can tell me that will shock me at this point in our lives."

She hesitates, and after a few moments of silence, Dave nudges her to speak.

"Okay, you asked for it... As I got older and guys began to interest me, Dad was the first to catch my attention. For whatever reason, you took his place not long after. I live with you and got to know you closer than any other. Boys at school were immature and the only thing they wanted was to get inside my panties. Very few of them made it that far and none were able to get me off. Still, I wanted to pursue sex, but my search for a decent partner ended in failure so many times. Today, I found a decent partner and I don't have any desire for it to stop."

Dave pauses his response, causing Jeni to become nervous.

"I was wrong. That actually shocked me, Sis," he finally responds. "It's a surprise I wasn't expecting, but unfortunately for you, I feel the same way. I don't want 'us' to end either. I've been attracted to you for several years because you're a very beautiful HOTTIE, but I kept it to myself for the same reason... To be honest, I've been attracted to you because you are what you are; attractive, affectionate, playful, smart, sexy with a pleasing personality, and still am. You have it all, Sis, but I didn't know I was the object of your desires, but glad to be at the same time."

"Funny, but it's not unfortunate for either of us smart ass," she says, happily.

Jeni realizes what he's saying and is glowing inside. Her dreams about her brother are now reality for her and she can't hold it in any longer. As her emotions explode into pure happiness, she crawls on top of him and buries her face into his neck as tears of joy wet her cheeks and run down his neck. Dave holds her close, trying to hold back his own tears while her tits own their place on his chest.

Well, Dave lost his battle with his tears that are now running down the side of his head. When Jeni notices them, she lifts up and looks at her brother, then moves in for a kiss, a passionate, long kiss she has never given anyone. Dave embraces her, hoping she will make a commitment to continue it... whatever 'it' is they're currently experiencing.

Jeni reaches between them to grab his cock, wondering if it's still hard, and to her delight, she finds it stiff as steel so she guides it to her pussy, sliding herself down his body to force it inside. She rolls her eyes as it slides in while she experiences the reality of a satisfying cock.

"I love the feel of you inside me."

"And I love the feel of your tight pussy."

"Good... I'm wondering where you think we should go from here?" she asks.

"That's mostly up to you, but if you want me to influence your decision, I would rather not end what we have started without first exploring all there is to explore."

Jeni replies, "That sounds wonderful to me... Mom and Dad will be home in about three hours so we need to get a shower, get dressed and act normal, for now, but tonight, I want you to sneak into my room and take advantage of me."

"I will do that, but you have to be naked when I arrive so I can wake you up by caressing your soft body and I may even run my fingers through the crack of your ass. Deal?" he asks.

"Deal and I will love that!" she says excitedly. "Meanwhile, let's get into the shower and hit the pool for a while before they get home."

"Cool. Let's go."

As they enter the shower together, she gives her brother a special hug that only she knows the reason why, leaving her brother to guess, or to just accept the fact he gets an unsolicited hug. She holds him as the water turns warm, then they get cleaned up. Being the first time with his sister, he pays special attention to her body, his prying fingers not missing an orifice or crevice.

Jeni is accepting his pleasure as they finally finish playing around, dry off, go to their separate bedrooms to change into their swim wear and head to the pool. They sensually apply suntan lotion on each other's body before they sunbath for the first time together, real close together, holding hands in the privacy of their back yard.

Eventually, they're getting hot in the sun and Dave gets up and dives in the pool with no warning. Jeni turns over on the lounge chair and watches him as she smiles from ear to ear.

"Come on in, Sis. The water is wet."

"I know that, but it's cold too."

"Nope. It's very nice."

"Okay, but if it's not nice, I'm taking revenge."

"Stop teasing. I might even like that, but for now, get your ass in here."

Jeni gets up and dives in, surfacing right in front of her brother, wrapping her arms around his neck as she breaks the surface. They share a tender kiss as he grips her ass and holds her tight to him.

"You're right. It's nice... Put your hands inside my bottoms, please."

He tenderly slips one hand inside the top hem of her bottoms and pushes his fingers down her crack until he feels her pussy, which actually pushes the bottoms off her ass. Slipping a finger inside her, she gives him another well deserved kiss as she moans into his mouth.

Craving more, he pushes the bottoms down her thighs to her ankles and when she steps out of them, she wraps her legs behind him. Recognizing her bold move, he pushes his suit down his legs and as his cock springs out, he returns his grip to her cheeks. She reaches between them and aims his cock at her pussy, then he slowly lets her down on his boner as a sweet moan fills the air waves.

"Love this. Fuck me, Bro. You're exciting me so much I can't believe it."

He does exactly what she wants and she's one happy sister as he bounces her on his cock. In her excitement, her orgasm comes over her quickly, but Dave keeps fucking her with increased energy until he cums in her pussy, but it doesn't take him long either. The first time having sex in the pool is exciting for both of them.

Dave is standing in shoulder deep water with his cock in his sister's pussy and he wants to take a seat to rest up a bit. He walks her to the steps and sits down, all the time holding her to him.

"I love that you are willing to make me happy by screwing me anywhere I want to have sex," she says.

"I didn't know you wanted to have sex in the pool. What else do you have hidden up your sleeve?"

"You'll see in due time, my favorite lover."

"Should I cross my fingers and hope?" he asks.

"You won't need to. The way I feel right now, I'm going to be more than you can handle."

"Oooh, stop teasing."

"What makes you think I'm teasing?" she asks with an evil smile and loving eyes.

"I don't think, I know you're teasing."

As he says that, he crosses two fingers and pushes them into her pussy. The expression on her face tickles his funny bone and he laughs. His contagious laugh makes her laugh and when he withdraws his fingers, she draws him tighter to her and gives him another kiss he won't forget for a while.

"You can fuck me again if you want," she says, hoping for a repeat performance. "I'm still horny for you."

"I told you to stop teasing," he says with a smile.

He quickly stands up, walks into thigh deep in water at the pool's edge, stands her on her feet and spins her to face the side of the pool. Reaching under her arms, he places one hand delicately on her mound, extending his fingers on either side of her pussy lips and gently squeezes them together, teasing her as she moans.

Caressing up her body with his other hand, he cups her tits, kneads them and pinches her nipples as his other hand joins the fun. She reaches both her hands over her head to run her fingers through his hair. As she does this, she also forces her ass into his cock and teases him until he bends her over the side of the pool.

Excited as he is, he inserts his cock in her pussy and she allows her body to accept the intrusion with great anticipation. The rush of adrenalin only increases her desire to be fucked and his sudden, quick movements cause her to have another orgasm.

Dave is no where near her excited state so he keeps on stroking her pussy using long strokes, preparing her HOT body for another orgasm. She's feeling his cock expand her love canal and doesn't hesitate to let him know how good it feels to have him back inside her pussy. Faster and faster he slides his cock inside his sister as she tells him how much she loves the exquisite feeling of his big dick.

With his own euphoria taking control of his brain, and his dick's brain, he continues to fuck his sister's pussy, feeling the pleasure, the heat and the wetness of each stroke. She continues to tell him how great he feels inside her because of the fullness of his girth, the penetration of his length, the heat from his cock and the pleasure caused by the movement of his cock in and out of her pussy. She wonders if it can get any better than this.

As he caresses her back and shoulders, he slowly moves his fingers into the crack of her ass, then changes to his thumb, pressuring her asshole. An instant orgasm overwhelms her as she immediately responds to the pressure on her back door.

"Oh my god, Bro! I can't tell you how good that feels. Do it again as you fuck me."

He strokes her several times, then applies the pressure to her butt hole with his thumb. This time, she doesn't cum, she just moans so loud he thought the neighbors can hear her, so he covers her mouth quickly. He stops stroking his sister and bends over her, brushing her hair out of the way, kissing and licking the back of her neck.

Focusing on his sister, he notices tears in her eyes. Thinking he has hurt her, he pulls his cock out and picks her up, spins her so he can look at her and holds her tight.

"I'm sorry, Sis. I didn't mean to hurt you!"

Jeni embraces her brother with love in her heart, sex on the brain and above all, feeling like she wants this to be a long term relationship.

"You didn't hurt me David. You treated me like a women with sexual desires, the first time that has happened to me," she whimpers.

"Oh... Does that mean you don't want me to hold you?" he asks with a smart ass expression on his face.

"Of course not silly. It just means I'm proud that my brother would take the time to do that for me when no other has."

"God, Sis, you're trying to make me feel awful good here. What are you expecting of me now?"

"To finish what you started."

"And what might that be?"

"You know. Doing me."

"Say what it is Sis. It makes you that much more irresistibly sexy."

She smiles as she determines what he wants her to say.

"Fuck my pussy Bro. Fuck me deep. Fuck me hard, fuck me fast, but most importantly, fuck me."

"That makes me hard as hell girlfriend."

Quickly, he spins her around and bends her over the side of the pool, slides his cock inside her and gives it to her exactly the way she wants it. Never before has Jeni been fucked that way and she's one happy camper. Her moans and grunts bring a smile to her face and that brings a smile to Dave's face.

He's relentless as he gives it to her and sooner than not, it's happening again as it builds inside her. Dave is having the same problem and before they know it, they're exploding into simultaneous orgasms, the best either of them has ever experienced.

Dave bends over his sister as he catches his breath and she reaches to caress his hair, then he gives her cheeks a kiss as he pulls his dick out of her pussy.

"I wish you could leave it there, for now any way."

"It was about to drop out. I'm done for now so I'll be out of service until this little guy gets more starch in it. In the meantime, we should get cleaned up for Mom and Dad's arrival."

"Funny... Yeah, I guess we better."

They grab their suits, get out of the pool, go to the shower and clean up, not denying his sister a little pleasure here and there. Getting out of the shower, drying off and getting some clothes on, they go to the livingroom and wait for Mom and Dad to get home, Mom shortly after Dad.

While they're waiting, Jeni wants his opinion about her performance.


"Yes, my dear Baby Sis."

"Did... Did you enjoy... having sex with me. I mean, did I perform well for you like you did for me?"

"Having great sex between us is caused by each of us knowing what the other desires. That takes time and practice and I'm willing to practice as much as you want. That aside, you're very sexy in so many ways and my desire for your body increases just thinking about getting inside your pussy... If I knew a couple years ago that you would turn into my number one girlfriend, I may have changed things between us back then."

She moves quickly to his lap and gives him a major tight hug and a kiss she doesn't want him forgetting for a while.

"Thank you. You're not just saying that to make me feel good, are you, because you definitely know how to make a girl feel good?"

"Sorry to disappoint you Sis, but I don't say things I don't mean and you should already know that. My bottom line is you're a very attractive girl and you know it. You can capture any boy or man you want, and you know that as well. You picked me and I picked you. Own it."

"We should talk to Mom and Dad about this and see where they stand. It may not be a good outcome for us so we better have a plan B if they don't support us. Let's wait for a week or two before we do, just to be sure we'll continue our current course. Time always has its way to bring out the truth."

"Seems like wise thinking," she says.

"I wasn't thinking, Sis. Two of my best friends from high school have married and divorced already. I want to marry once, to the girl of my dreams and you have spent more time in my mind than any other. It's a good start, but we need to be sure it's more than infatuation, which I believe leads to love between two people."

Just then, Dad pulls his car into the garage so Jeni gets off my lap after giving me a quick kiss, and takes her own seat on the sofa, acting like there's nothing going on between us. When Dad walks into the house, we start a fake argument just to throw him off.

"You two are arguing again? Don't you have anything better to do?"

Jeni gets off the sofa and pads to her Dad, giving him a hug.

"Yea we do, and one of these days we will figure out what it is," she says as she walks off to the kitchen.

I shrug with a disgusted look on my face when Dad looks at me. Mom drives in a few minutes later as Jeni prepares dinner for all of us.

"David, can you help me in the kitchen please?"

"She argues, now she wants help? What's up with that?" I say to Dad as I pad to the kitchen to help her.

She whispers, "Rub my ass while I work if you can do it without getting caught."

I smile, not able to refuse her request, but I do have to be careful. Mom and Dad wander off to change clothes so I rub my sister's ass tenderly, until I hear footsteps from the bedroom, then I wander off to the livingroom as my sister pouts.

As dinner is close to being served, I wander back to the kitchen, rub Jeni's ass while Mom and Dad are watching a baseball game on TV. It's working for now and Jeni has a content look on her face.

I set the table and help her bring the food out and the call goes out to eat. We all sit down for dinner and during dinner, Mom notices something different about Jenny.

As we near the end of dinner, Mom says, "Jen, you have an unusual expression on your face. Care to fill us in?"

"Sure Mom, that will be great. If we can wait until after we finish the dishes, we can sit and talk in the livingroom."

"Okay Honey, let's do that."

Dave and Jeni tell their parents they've been fired for the evening and to go watch a movie or something while the kids attack the dishes. Jeni takes care of the leftovers while I clear the table and start washing the dishes that are piling up, then Jen dries and takes care of them when she's done with the leftovers. It's a system we have stuck with for years. As they finish the cleanup, they join their parents in the livingroom and Dad turns the game off.

Jeni begins the conversation, saying, "David graduated from college this week very happy about his future. I'm two years into my degree, but I'm more scared about my future than happy. I feel I'm wasting time and money in my journalism curriculum. It actually scares me and I'm thinking I need to change careers before this goes any further."

Dad asks, "What scares you about it Honey?"

"About two months ago, I picked a topic to write about, which the whole class had to review, and I got ridiculed and berated rather heavily by everyone, including professors. It's happened several times now. Ever since, I've been the talk of the class. I don't want work scared all the time, nor do I want to be scared in class all the time."

"Good evaluation Sis. Got any idea how you want to proceed from here?" Dave asks.

"I'm thinking about switching to accounting, then on to being a CPA. I'm good at math and figures, and I like money, so I'm thinking it's a better future than journalism. What do you think?" Jeni asks.

"If you have considered this seriously and that's what you want, go for it," Mom says.

"What makes you think this won't give you the same outcome?" Dad asks.

"I don't think it will because the outcome won't be based on what I write, but on accounting abilities and people skills," she replies.

As they get deeper into the topic, they conclude her desire to change careers is likely the best thing for her. Her parents are willing to send her back to college for four more years in the new curriculum in favor of a better future. Good for her.

Mom and Dad stay in the living room while Dave and Jeni wander off to change, then they're off to the pool.

"At least you're right about one thing," Dave says.

"What's that?"

"You are good with figures, all in the right places."

Jeni laughs, and so does her brother.

"Funny man," she replies.

"It went well with Mom and Dad, don't you think?" Dave asks.

"It did and I'm ready for the change. I'm actually happy about this. Tomorrow I need to re-register and change my curriculum at the college."

"Good luck, Sis. I think you're doing the right thing for your future."

"I feel good about this change myself. Thanks Bro," Jeni replies.

They mellow out together as they absorb the evening sun by the pool. As it heats his body, Dave gets up, jumps in and swims a few laps as Jeni remains absorbing the evening sun, but watches her brother. As he gets out of the pool and drys off, he admires his sister's figure and looks forward to the late night visit.

As the evening wears on, Dave tells his sister he'll see her in the morning, gets up and pads to his room to change, then he joins his Dad as he watches the game while Mom is off cleaning their master bathroom.

Jeni gets up an hour later, returns to the house, says good night to all, pads to her bedroom, strips her bikini off and settles her naked body on her bed to read.

* * * * *

After Mom and Dad are fast asleep in their bed, Jeni is also fast asleep in her bed, naked, laying on top of her sheets, facing the wall, with a book next to her. As her door opens, an invited guest walks in as quietly as possible. A naked Dave pads to her bed, turning on her desk lamp, and sits on the edge, not waking her up. She's lies mostly face down with one leg bent at the knee, exposing her pussy. Her teardrop ass looks beautiful, and her tits are flattened under her.

He admires her luscious body and reaches to lightly caress her from her feet to the top of her thighs with, wishing he was inside her already. Being an ass man, he spends several minutes caressing the soft skin of her ass. Sleeping through this assault, he moves closer to her upper body and caresses her from the crack of her ass up her spine to her neck, never forgetting what a great body she has maintained since high school. He doesn't touch that which makes her squirm and wiggle, but he wants to. He returns to her ass and softly caresses its teardrop shape, permanently installing the image in his brain.

She rolls to her back, startling him and moving closer to him, so he quickly pulls away. When he's convinced its okay to continue, he begins again by brushing the hair from her face, then moves his fingers to her neck. Moving lower, he takes her tits in his hands and squeezes, then lightly pinches her nipples.

Spending little time on her tits, not wanting her to wake up just yet, his hands move down her flat stomach, to her mound. He admires her bare pussy in the dim light in the room and makes a mental note she has recently shaved it, being so soft and smooth. Passing his fingers over her mound, he makes contact with her clit.

She startles and slowly opens her eyes as he rubs around her clit. The light behind him shows her the image of a man seated beside her and she knows exactly who it is. Slowly, she comes to a sitting position and tenderly embraces her brother, forcing her face into his neck. It's a tight embrace and she remains in that embrace with a softness about her.

"I'm so happy you came to see me tonight. I want you so bad... Are we going to have sex or are you going to tease me all night?" she whispers as they carry on using a whisper conversation.

"What's your pleasure, Sis?" he asks.


"Okay, I don't want to anticipate this, but I would like to learn what you like and dislike when it comes to pleasing your body. Want to teach me?"

Jeni squeezes her brother harder than before and kisses his neck.

Backing away from his neck, she says, "You're the first to ask me to do that, and you're my brother! No other has given me the time of day to teach them how to please me. This is amazing, but if I do that for you, will you do the same for me?"

"Of course, Sis. You don't know how much I would love doing that for you."

"Super. Where do you want to start, dear brother?"

"You're the teacher, you tell me."

She looks at my dick and it's hard as hell.

"You're ready for me already. You want some relief before I teach you my most intimate secrets?"

"If that's something you want to do, I won't deny you that pleasure."

"Yes. I want to do that for you."

She lays me on the bed exactly where she wants me and as I relax, she takes my cock in her mouth and carefully pushes down until it reaches the entrance of her throat, then stops. She doesn't even gag with my cock so close to her throat.

"Most girls gag when a foreign object gets close to their throat. How come you aren't doing that?"

She slowly moves herself off my dick, looks at me, then answers.

"It's because I've had lots of practice sucking a cock."

"Really?" I ask inquisitively.

"Yup. I am fortunate to have a big cock in my room to practice with."

He looks at her in total disbelief. How does that happen? Is she pulling his leg? As he looks at her with major disbelief written on his face, she breaks down, with a smile looming on her face, and tells him what she means.

"I have some toys I use to keep me sexually happy and a big dildo is one of them. Want to see them?"

"Not now, but definitely another time."

"You seem to be really turned on now aren't you, dear brother?"

"I am, dear sister."

"Want to delay being a student of my pleasure for a while?" she asks.

She crawls up my body and lays on top of me. Her tits claim a home on my chest, which doesn't cool down my lust for her one bit. She wants me harder than steel and I know it.

"Depends on what you have up your sleeve."

"I don't have any sleeves on me, silly, but I want to be fucked. You're making me horny and I need some relief, and I'm only assuming you can use some as well."

"I think we can make that adjustment to our adventure as long as we continue my training at some point."

"Easily. I like that you're so flexible."

"I'm not as flexible as you, but I'm good."

Confused, Jeni says, "What are you saying?"

"That I can't spread my legs as far apart as you, and other physical positions, nothing more."

"Haha," she says quietly. "I'm talking about your ability to change what we're doing on a moments notice silly."

"I know, Sis. I'm teasing you."

Smiling, she says, "Well stop teasing and fuck me. Eat my pussy first and get me wetter than I already am."

I know what she wants so I get a sock stuffed in her mouth, then I get my mouth close to her pussy as she watches. I stick my tongue out in the direction of her clit and her anticipation drops her head to the bed as I redirect my tongue to the inside of her thighs and lick her, just to tease, and it worked.

Her head pops back up and she gives me the look so I smile, move to her pussy and lightly lick her lips. Again, her head drops to the bed, this time with a satisfying smile on her face. From there, my tongue moves to her tender inner lips as I suck them into my mouth, stick my tongue deep inside her wet pussy as I suck all the sweet juices I can get, out of her flooded pussy.

Jeni has a muffled moan of satisfaction as she squirms. When she wiggles her ass, I track her movements, torturing her pussy with my tongue. As I return my tongue to her clit, she reaches for my head and guides me, with determination, to get what she wants and as it touches her clit, she raises her pussy and gyrates it around while I hold my tongue temporarily motionless.

My sister is squirming and moaning as she pleasures her clit and after a minute of doing that, she's had enough and pulls me up, face to face with her.

"I want you to stuff your big cock in my pussy and, I want you to like it," she says with a smile.

I'm smiling as my cock slides into her pussy, watching her eyeballs disappear. The euphoric expression on her face is a beautiful site for sore eyes, exciting me to want her to get what she wants from this current act of physical exhaustion. When her eyes open, I give her a kiss, not just any kiss, but a passionate kiss that she can feel in her pussy as my cock stretches it open. I'm feeling her tightness and my pleasure nearly causes me to wake the whole house, but I manage to refrain - this time.

My sister is looking at me with adoring eyes so I stroke my dick inside her as she raises her legs above my back, wiggles her ass and pushing her pussy into my cock. As I increase the rate, her moans become louder, but still muffled. I don't stop. I want her to enjoy this so I continue as she gets more aggressive getting my cock inside her.

I change the rate as I stroke her and she makes it known she's going to cum, so I bang her hard and fast until she does. She tightens up, her orgasm so intense, and crushes my cock as I stroke her until she goes limp under me. I pull out and look at her closed eyes. Her look of contentment has her looking tired. She opens her eyes, looks at me, removes the sock, thanks me for the great sex with a passionate kiss, then drifts off to sleep, without saying a word.

Another change of plans... Feeling robbed of an education, he kisses her forehead, gets off the bed as quietly as possible and returns to his room feeling alone, but the memory of sex with his sister rumbles through his mind non-stop, causing him to rub one off before he falls asleep himself.

* * * * *

Jeni wakes up the next morning, finding herself alone in her bed. Her last memory is that of her brother fucking her and she jolts to a sitting position looking for him. Not seeing him, she looks at the clock and notes the time. Her parents are at work so she gets up and pads to Dave's room. Opening the door, she finds him fast asleep, naked, laying on his back with his morning wood at full staff.

She smiles and pads to the bathroom, cleans herself up so he doesn't get sloppy seconds, then returns to his room, sits on his bed and tenderly strokes his cock. When he shuffles himself on the bed, she adjusts her position and sucks on his cock until he wakes up.

As he opens his eyes and sees his sister sucking his cock, he smiles, looks at her with loving eyes and pulls her to him. She slowly crawls on top of him and gets comfortable. Dave feels the heat from her body as she gets close to his lips, giving him the desire to give her a sweet kiss, so he does, then breaks the kiss in favor of another act of affection. He hugs her close to him because he thinks he's falling in love with her. Straining for relief, he releases his grip on her as she pouts.

"I have to go to the bathroom, but I'll be right back, Bright Eyes."

She willingly rolls off him, then he pads off to do his due diligence. When he returns, he lays beside her, she crawls on top of him and gets comfortable. As he embraces her sexy body, she looks at him, pouting, with concern in her eyes.

"I didn't want to fall asleep on you last night, David. I wanted to do what we planned to do. You should've woke me up," she says.

"I was going to wake you, but when the time came, I couldn't do it. You looked so beautiful in your deep sleep I didn't have the heart to wake you so I went to my room for the night. I could've stayed and satisfied myself, but I didn't out of respect for my sister."

That brings wetness to her eyes and she gives him a tender, yet tight hug. She moves closer and plants a kiss on his lips and it gets passionate. Her tits burn into his chest and his dick is getting harder by the second. She breaks the kiss and scoots back until her pussy is rubbing the head of his cock. She squirms on it, getting him hot for her.

Surprisingly enough, it works and he pushes her until she engulfs his cock while her eyes do a disappearing act. With the temperature rising, they remain like that as they feel the pleasure. Not being able to take it anymore, Jeni gets her legs under her and rides his cock. Her eyes are closed as she takes him in as far inside her as possible.

Dave's eyes are also closed. He's feeling it, just like his sister. He reaches for her tits and kneads them, then pinches her nipples softly. She's feeling the connection and, with her eyes still closed, leans her head back and enjoys his tender touch and ministrations.

Sitting on his cock, she feels how far it reaches into her and it feels oh so good. With her head still back, she savors the feeling of his cock buried so deep inside her as she rocks herself on it for her pleasure, giving him some pleasure as a reward.

As Dave feels the movements on his cock, he sits up quickly and pulls her into his body, holding her tight, giving her a series of kisses on her neck. She smiles and wraps her arms around her brother.

"Hold on tight."

He stands and pads to their parent's bedroom amid objections from Jeni.

"Where are you taking me?" she asks, after he stands.

"We're going to do some exploring with the help of Mom and Dad's love seat."

"Playing with fire are you, using our parent's bedroom?"

"The hotter it is, the more intense it gets," I tell her with all honestly.

"Ooo. I like that answer."

He gives her a passionate kiss, takes her behind the love seat and lets her drop to the floor.

"What are we going to do here?" Jeni asks with a confused look on her face.

"As you were riding my cock a few minutes ago, I thought something different is in order so as you were rocking on my cock, I came up with this plan."

"What plan?"

"Well, if you bend over the back of the love seat, you'll find out."

Jeni stands there looking at me when the lights suddenly come on. A smile comes to her face as she bends over the love seat, getting comfortable with a pillow under her. I squat down behind her as my hands caress her ass and use my tongue to violate her essence. She moans with loud sounds and I don't stop her this time because there's no one in the house to be concerned about. She can scream as loud as she wants for all I care.

As I move my tongue all around her pussy, I notice her asshole begging for my attention. My mind goes off the deep end with the thought of what I hope will make her one happy sister. I flatten my tongue, place it on her mound and drag it between her legs, slowly, with her noises audible. As it crosses her clit, she moans. Moving to her lips, I force it into her essence as far as I can get it, sucking out some of her juices before moving on.

Moving my teasing tongue to her perineum, I tenderly caress the skin back and forth with the tip several times and as she moans and wiggles her ass. Flattening my tongue on her perineum, I spread her cheeks as it moves across her asshole with a little pressure behind it, then slowly proceed to the end of her crack, where I release her cheeks.

"God David, that feels so fucking good. Do it again please."

I do it four more times from her repeat requests so I know she likes what I'm doing to her. Her appetite for my tongue between her legs is growing, and I don't mind one bit.

"Time to stop teasing and fuck me David. I want it all."

That's enough for me so I stand behind her and escort my cock into her waiting, wet pussy. I slowly work it in and out, then pick up speed as her moans get louder and more frequent. The pressure she's putting on my cock makes me add my moans to her's. I can't help but pressure her asshole with my thumb as I fuck my sister and she has an orgasm as a result, which causes me to stroke her faster as I build to my own orgasm.

Once again, I'm getting a good workout, but this time, Jeni is forcing me to enjoy it, as if I need more from her. Her audible moans and comments are encouraging me to fuck her harder and harder as I approach orgasm. My hands roam over her back and shoulders as I continue my satisfying work, despite being forced.

A bit later, my balls are telling me the time is ripe, and let her know I'm going to fill her, and I do with some serious force behind my cum as it rockets into her pussy, then dribbles out. I'm remaining inside her for the time being as I make an effort to recover, then I pad around the love seat and sit down before I fall down. Jeni remains where she is, but reaches for me to cuddle. Eventually, she reaches for my cock and strokes it, juices and all.

After a rather long stretch of R&R, Jeni gets up, pads around the love seat and plants her ass on my lap, holding me with some future intent, but I'm not sure what it is, yet.

"Shower," she says.

We get up and she drags me in that direction, which I let her do as I watch her ass wiggle as we walk. While she's getting the shower ready for us, I admire my sister's shape and smooth features as she leans into the shower. Why I never noticed it before is beyond me, but I have now and I like what I see. Well, maybe I do know why, but...

With the shower ready for us, I push her in first, forcing her arms against the wall, spreads her legs and juts her ass in my direction while looking at me over her shoulder. I get the hint and line my cock to her pussy and enter her. Just then, a loud crack of thunder interrupts our passion and scares the shit out of both of us, with me jerking out of her pussy faster than a bolt of lightning.

We look at each other, laugh at our own reaction, take the world's fastest shower and get out, dry off and return to her bed. We cuddle close to each other and before long, Jeni grabs my cock and strokes it. I hate to disappoint her, but I do at this time, even as the rain pours down outside.

"Sis, we have all day for sex. Right now, we need to eat breakfast before we run out of energy."

"Yup, you're right," she says as she gets up and moves to her dresser to put some clean clothes on.

"What part of eating breakfast requires wearing clothes?" I ask.

A smile comes over her face and she aborts getting clothes on. She returns to me, lays on top and gets comfortable. I give her a kiss and a hug, then I push her to a sitting position and sit up myself.

"Hold on."

I hold her tight while I stand up and walk us to the kitchen where I drop her to her feet and give her a kiss. Then I notice a note Mom left us, asking if we can do some shopping for her. I reach for cereal, bowls and spoons, and glasses, while Jeni gets the milk and OJ, then we sit at the table and consume our breakfast.

"Mom wants us to go shopping. Did you notice?" I ask.

"Yup, I saw it too."

"Let's get that done before we get grossly excited again. Okay?"

"If I have to, I guess," she replies.

"You have to. We'll finish here and go."

She's giving me a look of sadness as we finish our breakfast and when we're ready, we rinse the dishes in the sink and clean up our mess. Then, surprising me, Jeni grabs my hand and drags me into the garage.

"Why are you dragging us out here?" I ask.

"We're going shopping, aren't we?" she replies, holding back a smirk, not winning that war.

I pull her hot body to me and smile, "No, not like this we're not."

Jeni is full of play so far today and she did a good job with that one. My sister is impacting my life and I'm not sure what she has up her sleeve, but I do like it so far.

She mounts me and we return to our bedrooms, properly get dressed, then off we go to the supermarket and get the things Mom has on the list, but it doesn't stop there. Jeni wants to go to a sex shop to look around and see what they have. She buys a small vibrator, then we return to the house and put all that we bought in their appropriate places. Now the time is ours, but Mom and Dad will be home in a couple hours or less so we have to be vigilant of the time.

Jeni has several things on her list to do to me. Not wanting to be left out, I have a list to do to her so we dive in with the intent of satisfying the other. Then the plan changes.

"I'm curious, David. How many girls have you had sex with, if you don't mind answering?"

"I'm also curious, Jen. Why do you ask?"

"I guess I'm just curious how you learned so much about sexually pleasing a girl so quickly. Well, maybe not quickly, but faster than most boys," she replies.

"I've had sex with seven girls, Jen. Other than that, I don't know what to tell you. I focus on pleasing my sex partner and that, hopefully, makes her satisfied enough to have a strong desire to please me, but I'm still learning. So far, nobody has complained, but it seems that's about to change."

"It's not going to change. What you do to me makes me very satisfied beyond what I've ever experienced. I like it and expect that from you now. Any girl that doesn't must have a mental defect or something."

"Thanks for the compliment," he says. "I appreciate it more than you know."

"You're welcome more than you know."

"So, since you asked of me, how many boys have you allowed in your pussy?"

"Five. They were all disappointing and never got a second shot at this pussy."

"Jeez Sis, you're a HOTTIE! Only five guys?"

"That was all that made the grade, but failed the final exam."

"I know what you're saying. So, back to our education, my dear. Let's make this happen slowly, over a long time, so we need to let the other know when something happens that you like, and don't be shy about it."

"You mean like this morning when you bent me over the love seat and fucked my brains out?" she asks.

"Yup, you were horny, sexy and being vocal about what you liked as I did them and that's what kept me going. I learned a lot from that."

"So did I, David. Now I want you to educate me while I suck your cock."

"Go for it," he says.

My sister is the first girl to ask me to educate her on cock sucking. Bless her heart. I'm go for that.

Jeni slides down my body until her head is even with my hard cock. She picks it up with one hand and strokes it lightly. I almost tell her to lick the head, but change my mind. I want her to show me what she knows first, then I'll tell her what I like. After she has shown me all her talents, which are nothing short of amazing, I stop her before she pops me off and back her off my cock.

"Sis, that was a great job. Now I want to tell you what spins my prop."

"I'm listening."

"Okay, when you first stroke my cock, also lick under the tip of the head. That will likely get a rise out of me."

She doesn't wait for me to tell her to practice, she dives straight in. She does exactly what I told her I like, but I have to pull her off and give her a kiss, it feels that good. She takes the head back in her mouth and lightly sucks, then takes all of me inside and sucks as she pulls off. I give her a couple other things to do and she practices those as well, much to my delight.

She does everything I told her to do to me and she performs exceptionally. She can tell when I was getting close and backs off, finally letting me have an incredible orgasm that I've never before matched. While I was recovering, she tenderly strokes me, as if she had nothing better to do, so I gave her something better to do.

Because my sister is amazing, I pull her up to my level and give her a reward she never expected in a thousand years. I wrap her in my arms and give her a kiss she will remember for a long time as I caress her back and ass. Her tits heat my chest up and the temptress she is amplifies my desires again, and hers.

"I love you David," she says after we break the long kiss.

I pause before I answer.

"You're infatuated with me Sis. Love comes later, if we stay together for reasons other than just sex... Mom and Dad will be home soon so we need to get back to our normal sibling selves.

"Infatuated? Maybe so, but I'm going to stick with loving you for now."

"I know, Jen. I feel like I love you too, but at this time, it can't be anything more than infatuation. Do you understand where I'm coming from?"

"I think I do, but you're right, time will give us the answer... We need to get some clothes on, but I love being naked while you're watching me. It makes me horny," she replies.

"And one more thing to remember about me. I love your ass, sweet sister of mine. Let's get a shower."

One more hug, one more kiss and they're off to the shower where they enjoy teasing the other until they're finally clean. After drying off, they get dressed, pad to the livingroom to wait for Mom and Dad to arrive as they engage in small talk to keep them busy without getting horny. Obviously, that didn't work so they're forced to migrate to plan B.

Getting their swim suits on has the opposite affect, but they do it anyway. Jeni looks hot in her skimpy bikini and that makes Dave hard, but it does go away as they swim and frolic in the pool. Mom and Dad arrive not long after so they get out of the pool and get dressed for dinner. Mom is doing the cooking until Jeni joins her in the kitchen. After Dad and I set the table, the girls bring the food and we dig in, giving the cooks accolades for a great meal.

As we eat, Mom says, "Jeni, you and your brother haven't been fighting much lately. What's up with that?"

Jeni looks at me and I look at her. Then she answers.

"Would it be okay with you if we talk about that after dinner?"

"It would be okay. Sure," Mom replies, not knowing for certain what she has up her sleeve, but feels certain she knows.

As we finish dinner, Dave and Jeni clean up and do the dishes while Mom and Dad go to the livingroom and relax after a long day at work. Jeni finishes washing the dishes and I take a little longer drying them, so Jeni goes to the livingroom, joining Mom and Dad.

"Mom, Dad, I have found a boyfriend that is my best friend, my confidant and my lover. He's handsome, intelligent and sexy, and we're just getting acquainted with each other. I would like you to meet him if you're ready."

With impeccable timing, Dave walks in and sits close to her, but not touching.

"Mom and Dad, I'd like to introduce my boyfriend, David," she says, then sits back and waits for the backlash.

Yup, it's confirmed, she knows.

Her parents pause. Obviously, Dave and Jeni aren't in control of their reaction so they have no choice but to wait for a response, expecting the worst.

Dad responds first with a hint of dissatisfaction, saying, "I'm not really surprised you two, not that I wanted it to happen, but I always knew it was a possibility."

Mom asks, "Yeah, I knew this was a possibility as well. I was hoping it wasn't going to happen, but now that it has, how long have you two been having sex?"

"Since the day after I graduated from college," Dave injects.

"Yes Mom, it hasn't been long, but I think we're on the right track. We still have lots to learn about each other, and life, but we expect to take it one day at a time from here. This isn't something that just came upon us. Both of us have been thinking about this for years. We just finally got it together recently and here we are," Jeni adds. "We have discussed this between us so at this point, we think we are approaching this with an open mind."

"But why your brother? There are lots of guys out there that would be happy with you so why did you pick him," Mom asks, probing her's daughters thought process.

"There are several reasons, Mom," she offers, "but the most important to me is I know him inside and out, and I love what I see in him as a man, a leader, a lover and a protector. He's intelligent, witty, handsome, sexy and he loves me for what I am. There's nothing I need to prove to him. I've met no one that matches him, not even coming close to my David. We weren't going to talk to you about this for another week or two because we're still unsure of our future, but we feel pretty strong about us for now."

"Good reasons Jen. It appears you have thought this out."

"I have Mom, but I expect life will be a good teacher and I'm hoping our parents will advise us as we go forward."

"How do you feel about this, Son?" Dad asks. "So far, Jeni has done all the explaining and justifying."

"I feel pretty much the same way for now, Dad. Like she says, we have lots to learn and it's already started. I'm looking forward to our future at this time and I like what I see. My sister is beautiful, smart, witty, sexy and is everything I want my future bride to be. All we have to do is put the icing on the cake and move on from there," he says as he reaches for his sister and holds her tight. "We don't know, yet, if there will be an 'us' in the future, but we're positive it will happen for us at this point... How do you feel about this bombshell we just laid on you and Mom?"

"It's a bit of a shock, but at the same time, we both want you and Jeni to be happy and if this is what does that for you, we'll support it. There are no legal issues you need to deal with so that part is good. We can talk about this again in a couple weeks, if you want."

I'm okay with that... Mom, what are you thinking?"

"I'm with your Dad for now. I also want you two to be happy so I'm good, somewhat disappointed however. I was hoping for grandchildren from two families, not one, but I'll adjust."

"Thanks Mom... I must admit, both of us was a bit scared about having this conversation, but it seems to have turned out okay," Jeni says.

"That's because of your Mom and Dad's attitude toward this situation. If you were blood brother and sister, this would be a different scenario and have a different response. I just hope you two are as happy with each other as much as your Mom and Dad have been and still are," Dad says.

"We're grateful for that from both of you," Dave says, "but we'll make prudent evaluations of 'us' as we proceed to see how we stand together as we go forward... We also don't want to reveal 'us' until we have a better outlook about that subject so we're expecting to keep 'us' quiet for now."

"Good idea. We'll respect that as well, kids," Dad says.


"Ooops, bad choice of words... You know what I mean. You two will always be our 'kids'."

"Before we finish up here," Jeni continues, "We want you to know that the best example of what a happy couple should be is sitting in front of us, and has been and always will be, an inspiration to both of us. We owe our parents so much as we look ahead to our future because you have set the goal posts pretty high."

"Oh stop that," Mom says. "You two know what you want and have gone after it. That's something life teaches you."

"Thanks for teaching us then... You always make us feel good, Mom, even if it is your fault," Dave says.

They laugh together as Dave takes hold of Jeni's hand and stands up, dragging her with him.

"And where are you two going?" Dad asks.

"We're going to get some exercise, and tomorrow I have to make some employment plans, so see you tomorrow," Dave announces.

"See you two tomorrow then," Dad says and smiles.

Dave and Jeni make their way to his bedroom and the first thing she does when the door is closed is hug the shit out of her boyfriend as tears of happiness come to her eyes. Dave holds her tight, knowing how she feels about Mom and Dad's reaction.

"I was expecting an ass-chewing, but got an approval instead," she says in all honesty.

"I know. I was expecting the same. Lucky for us. I guess we have special parents."

As they undress and lay on the bed, her half on him, getting cozy against him, but he isn't satisfied with that so he moves her on top. She buries her face into his neck with a smile on her face and gets comfortable as his fingers tease her to death.

"Shit Bro. You can't do that for long before I want more."

"More? Okay, spin around and I will take care of more," he insists as his sister continues to smile.

She spins around and puts her pussy against his lips as she gets busy sucking on the part of his body she loves the most. Tenderly licking her lips, she begins an evening of squirming under his tender touch. Her anticipation of the orgasm that is sure to happen is getting strong as hell, and the evening is just beginning. Reaching for her back and shoulders, he lightly touches her, roaming his fingers all over her back and shoulders, causing her to purr her desires, even with a cock stuffed in her talented mouth.

Focusing on her pussy, so close to his eyes, he thrusts his tongue inside her suddenly, getting the reaction he expects from her. As he licks her essence, he moves his fingers to her ass and teases each cheek as she takes his cock inside her mouth, making him react to the pleasure she's giving him. Then he runs his finger through her crack several times as she reacts.

Unable to take the teasing of her pussy, Jeni gets off him, turns around, plants her pussy on his cock and sucks it inside her. It feels so good, Dave is the first to moan, with Jeni following suit shortly thereafter. That causes both of them to put a sock in their mouth. As they get close, Dave sits up and pulls her into him, leaving his cock deep inside her pussy.

He stands on his knees, turns around, lays her on her back and saws his cock in and out of her pussy. As he picks up the pace, Jeni is talking dirty as he gives her some serious pleasure, but she doesn't stop there. She wants more and tells him to fuck her faster and deeper until she cums on his cock. Her sexy talk is all he needs to fill her up, and he does as she creams his cock with her own juices.

As she's coming down from her orgasm, she pulls her brother to her and holds him tight, knowing deep down this relationship isn't going to end anytime soon. She squeezes his cock with her pussy several times, giving him a hint of what's to come.

"As much as you hate me saying this, I love you and don't want this to end, at all," she says in all seriousness.

"I don't hate you for saying that, Jen. Not at all, but based on what I'm feeling for my sister right now, I feel the same way. I'm actually liking this arrangement. We can see what marriage will be like as we face the future together."

"Yup. Now get off me so I can cuddle you and get some sleep before morning," she says with a sexy smile.

"Giving orders already? Not a good way to start a relationship," he says frankly.

Instantly, her expression turns sour and he reacts quickly.

"I'm kidding, Jen. I can take that from you most of the time. No problem,"

she says, perks up and smiles.

"Good. Want you to fuck me again before we go to sleep together for the first time?"

"I would love to, but first I want to hold my sweet sister in my arms until I fall asleep. Then we can figure out what to do after that."

"That's not hard to figure out, David, so that's what we'll do tonight, knowing you have to review your job offers tomorrow and I'm okay with that," she says as she squeezes him tight enough to break a rib.

Dave grunts under her strength and gives her a kiss she won't forget, at least until morning.

* * * * *

Jeni wakes up early in the morning and after the butterflies recede, she watches Dave sleep so peacefully. She's unaware how long she's been watching him, but in the serenity of the moment, something inside her is telling her she made the right choice. Because of that, she has no desire to wake him for morning sex, allowing him to sleep in before he starts his quest for a job.

As Jeni watches him sleep, she brushes the hair from his eyes and runs her fingers through his hair several times before it looks perfect to her. Looking at him, she wonders what life will be like for them, hoping for a strong future and happy life with man of her dreams.

As for what she wants from her husband, her brother is fitting the bill at the moment and that makes her happy, more than happy even. For now, she's content to have what she has and she leaves it at that. She gets off the bed, takes a shower, dresses and goes to the kitchen, only to find Mom making breakfast.

As they work together, they chat about her and her brother.

"Yes Mom. I'm very proud of my choice, but we still have a lot to learn about each other. Many things I already know about him, and so far, we're good for each other."

"So, no second thoughts, yet?"

"Absolutely none yet, Mom. You will likely be the second to know if I have doubts though."

"Oh. Who's going to be the first?"


"Oh, of course. Duuugh... Good for you Honey. I'm glad you're getting what you want and I will support you, even if you are brother and sister."

"It sounds like you support me, but wish I made a different choice. True?"

"Yes. I wish you would have chosen someone else, but this is your life, not mine and I will respect your choice. You have no legal issues and you both know it so your Dad and I have made the decision to support the two of you. We'll keep it quiet as long as you want us to."

"Thanks Mom. I wish you and Dad would be happy about this, but it doesn't sound like that's the case. Would you and Dad feel better if we move out?"

"Oh no way, Honey! It's not like that at all. It's just not a normal thing for parents to deal with. A brother and sister rarely fall in love with each other, nothing more. That's the only thing we're dealing with. We will support you two, no problems so relax and enjoy your boyfriend. We'll get over this in time so don't worry about it."

"But, so you know, I think you made a great choice. David is a great catch for any girl he chooses, and he chose you. Never forget that when times get tough, and they will. Talk about everything. The more you communicate, the better your future will be. Your Dad will tell you the same thing."

"Thanks Mom. I'm not sure you know how we feel about our parents, but it's all good. I kinda expected you and Dad to blow up on us last night and we were afraid of that the most. Nor did we did plan on having that conversation with you because we wanted time to evaluate 'us' on our own terms before we spilled the beans," Jeni reveals.

"I could tell it was not planned and I commend you for moving ahead with the subject. I could also tell you wanted to talk to David about it before you discussed it, but you moved ahead anyway. Good decision Jen... So, as a girl, I'm curious. How is David in bed?"


"I'm just being a girlfriend wanting girl talk with her girlfriend. Nothing more. We're adults here."

"You want to know information so intimate about your son? It's disturbing."

Mom isn't shy about her intimate desires so she responds, saying, "I'm still a girl and I still fantasize about sex, even though I am an old fogey. You're likely not going to tell me anything I don't already know so out with it Jen. Does he make you cum when you have sex?"

"I'm so shocked you're asking! This is not normal, is it?"

"I don't care. Have you ever wondered if your parents are having great sex? Ever listened from our bedroom door as we fucked our hearts out? I did that to my parents so it wouldn't be surprising if our kids did it to us."

Jen replies, "Unbelievable. This is so shocking to me, Mom. I never expected my Mom to ask anything this intimate in my wildest dreams, but now that you have, I want to answer," she says smirking.

Jeni wants to shock her Mom like she did her and she's ready to make it happen, given the short notice.

"David fills me to the brim with his big cock. He takes me to orgasm intensely and so far, has always gotten me off, but it's only been a short time. He's tender, caring and a perfect lover, and I always want him inside me. In fact, you're making me so horny I want to go fuck him now."

"It happens every time you talk about sex, Honey. Your Dad will be here in a minute so we need to pick up this conversation the next time we get some time away from the men."

"Absolutely. Now I'm going to wake up my boyfriend and fuck his brains out."

She turns and runs toward his bedroom, but as soon as she rounds the first corner, she crashes into his chest. Dave woke up a while ago, took a shower and came down to see if he can find his girlfriend. As she's hugging him, Dad passes by to have breakfast with Mom while Jeni drags Dave off to the bedroom. Dad is oblivious to his daughter's urgency, until he sits down at the table and they're long gone.

Arriving at her bed, she's horny as hell and takes control by removing his clothes so fast he's left in a daze. Clothes off, she pushes him to the bed and sucks his cock until it's hard enough to take advantage of. She removes her clothes, lays next to him and pulls him on top of her.

"Jen. What in the world has gotten into you?"

"Tell you after you fuck my brains out. I want it hard and fast, and make me cum so hard it's unforgettable."

Flabbergasted, Dave proceeds to do what she wants without further questions. Her spontaneity has turned him on and all she wants is great sex. He eats her pussy, then bangs her hard, enjoying every second of it. When he cums, she also cums and they're exhausted. They lay, with him on top, satisfied that both have survived great sex.

"You have to get off so I can breathe, Bro."

"There you go giving orders again," he says, smiling.

Just as she's ready to respond with some smart ass answer, he gives her a passionate kiss and she just melts into him, wrapping her arms and legs around him, pulling him tight to her. She squeezes his cock several times and he loves her for doing it.

"That was fucking great, David. I'm a very happy baby sister right now, all because of you."

He rolls off and lays next to her. She can't stand not touching him so she snuggles to him with her face forced into his neck.

"I like hearing that, Sis, but you owe me an explanation. Out with it!"

"Now who's giving orders?" she says.

He gives her a smile, then a kiss, then tickles her until she cries uncle.

"Okay David! You win... You're not going to believe this, but Mom shocked the hell out of me this morning. She's still a very sexual girl and she asked me if you make me cum. I couldn't believe she asked. I was so turned on by what she wanted to know about you and about what kind of lover you are."

"What did you tell her?"

"I told her your cock fills me to the brim and that you are soft, tender, hard and as fast as I want you to be. Her face lit up like a Xmas tree and I wonder what's coming in the future. Interested?"

"Mom wants sex with her son? I can't lie to you, Babe. My interest is definitely piqued, but the way I feel about you right now, I'm not sure how that will work out for me or us. To into you. Bottom line."

She tears up and hugs him so tight.

"That's so sweet of you David. I love you too, just as much and I mean it from the bottom of my heart," she says, passionately. "But, does that mean you don't want to have sex with Mom?" she asks with a smirk.

"Having sex with my Mom is a fantasy. I'm not sure I should engage with her, whether I want to or not."

"But, would you if she wanted to have sex with you?"

"Jen, please! Are you trying to get me to pursue sex with Mom?"

"No silly! I just want to know if you would fuck your Mom if she's willing."

"Damn, Sis. You're pushing me into a corner here. Either way I answer may get me in trouble with you and I don't want that."

Jeni gets somber, thinking how to respond to him.

"David, every person on earth has fantasies. Your's may not be any different than the average David out there. What your fantasies are may turn me on. That's why I want to know so I would love it if you would be willing to tell me. I want you to know what turns me on as well. It will definitely lead to some great sex between us."

"Can't argue that, and you're right. I do want to know what turns you on and what your fantasies are, now that you mention it. My dick gets stiff just thinking about it, even stiffer when we talk about it... So, is Mom asking me to fuck her?"

"My conversation with her never got that far so I don't know how serious she is. Just talking about it might be fulfilling one of her fantasies. But, we'll have another talk about this subject and when we do, I'll tell you her desires. But, you have to act like we never had this conversation and not give her a clue I told you about this or I'm in the doghouse."

"Agreed... Let me ask you. Do you have any desire to fuck Dad?"

Jeni pauses hearing her brother question her.

"Now I understand how fearful you were when I asked that of you... I never thought about it until now, but like you, it does pique my interest, now that I'm horny as hell."

"Want to do anything about it now or in the future?"

"Don't know. We need to talk about this another time when we aren't as horny as we are now."

"Good thinking. I hear you girlfriend. I'm hard as hell so do you want to take advantage of me again?"

"Dumb question David."

Remaining on top of him, she guides his cock into her pussy and proceeds to take advantage of her brother for her own horny pleasure, but it doesn't last long. Her lust is becoming urgent so she raises off his cock, lays on her back next to him and pulls him on top of her body.

"I want you to eat my pussy until I scream, then I want you to slide your cock inside my pussy and fuck my brains out until we both have an orgasm, hopefully together," she says, then gives him a quick kiss.

Jeni is using words designed to light my fire and man, is it ever working. As I slide down her body, I drag my tongue over her ample chest, across her flat stomach to her mound, then to her clit and she reacts with a loud moan. It's bigger and stiffer than I've seen it so far. The fantasy talk has turned her on more than she revealed. For that, she must pay.

My sister is proving to be unpredictable in many ways. I never knew her to be so sexy in bed, and how could I. Now I wish I'd known before now. We have to catch up on two years of missed opportunity, so let the fun begin.

I move to her pussy and lick the juices from inside and draw them into my mouth. She's wetter than I could imagine, having a unique, sweet taste and I savor my lust for my girlfriend. Her moans are getting too loud so I stuff a sock in her mouth as she cracks a smile.

I'm spreading her legs as far apart as they will go and she holds them in that position, smiling at me as if she knows what I'm going to do next. My tongue, as if acting on its own, moves to her inner lips and sucks them into my mouth, then slides down to her perineum, just to tease her. She squirms for me to make contact with her asshole, but I avoid doing so. I've never seen her this horny before and I don't want this to stop.

I know she wants me to finger her so I can't disappoint my lover, but I do want to tease the shit out of her in the process, not literally though. Her lust is becoming very intense so I need to move fast. My cock is ready to burst because of the undulating moves she's making with her pussy.

When I move my tongue back to her clit, she has an orgasm and her body shakes and shudders before my eyes. Backing off her clit, I run a single finger into her pussy, getting it as wet as I possibly can as I lick her thighs as sensuously as I can. When her shuddering ceases, I add another finger in her pussy and she moans and squirms intensely, wanting more.

I pull my fingers out of her pussy as my tongue returns to her essence, then to her perineum. My finger sneaks into the picture near her crack and she reaches for my hand to guide my finger to her asshole. She's so horny she wants it inside her, and I do want to please her, but another time.

I apply pressure to her back door and she responds by wiggling her ass to get it inside her, but I don't allow it. I want her so horny she begs for my cock in as many ways as possible. Teasing her, my finger reams her hole and she thrusts her ass into my finger, wanting as much as she can get.

"Push into me. I want it so bad. Pleeease Bro!"

"Not now, Sweetheart. We need to prepare you for that."

With that said, I move to put my cock in her pussy with haste and shove it in as far as it volunteers to go. She sucks in some serious air as it bottoms out, then exhales.

"It feels so wonderful," she says as I remain deep inside her. "Leave it there for a little while before you fuck my brains out. You're so deep it feels like nothing I've ever felt."

I stay in that position, thinking she can savor the feeling until I fuck her, and when I do, her eyes drift into her head, savoring not only the pleasure, but also the feel of my big cock inside her. She holds her legs up and apart as I sink that extra silly little millimeter of length inside her.

"I love you David. So deep. So wonderful."

My cock is looking for relief so I fuck my sister with relentless abandon. I can't help it. She has turned me on with her movements, her voice and her desire as she meets my every thrust. I deny her nothing while she moans her little heart out. I change the rate, then the depth as her orgasm builds. I'm breathing heavy as my orgasm builds, then I pull out of her unexpectedly.

Before she has a chance to say anything, I tell her, "Tell me what my cock means to your pussy Jen, and don't be shy."

A smile comes to her face as she removes the sock and tells me what I want to hear as I tease her clit with the head of my cock. She's squirming so bad I can't deny her any longer. I sink my cock back inside her and this time, she thrusts her pussy into it, meeting every thrust I make. I have reached the point where the pleasure she's giving me is culminating in a powerful and intense orgasm, shooting load after load inside her, causing her own intense orgasm.

They lay still, him on top of her, until they experience some resemblance of reality about them. Rolling off her, she quickly rolls on top of him and he holds her as tight as he can. She's the horniest girl ever and he wants to keep her, even if she is his sister. With her face buried in his neck, wetness creeps into her eyes as the reality of this sexual act impacts her emotions.

"God David, that was so intense, you have to do it again."

"I think it was so intense because we were talking about fantasies. It had a major impact on me and I could tell you were just as horny."

Right again, Bro. I was so turned on I damn near raped you, didn't I?"

"You did and I enjoyed it so much I gave you a nice reward."

"Yup... It was so satisfying, such an incredible experience and like I said, you have to do this again."

She leans in and gives her brother, her lover, a passionate kiss. As it sinks in, he tenderly caresses the perfect body parts he admires so much. Dave is also realizing that his sister is willing to talk about her intimate desires without embarrassment, hesitation or shame, and that also turns him on.

* * * * *

Dave has blown off the better part of the morning so he has to double down on the job search. He disappoints Jeni, but he has to do this and she knows it. He gets off the bed, takes a quick shower and heads off to get the job done.

There are three software companies in area and he has been in contact with each one over the years. Each company has been tracking his venture through college and they know he graduated with flying colors. He's expecting the phone calls to begin shortly so he needs to get ahead of the game.

After reading the three local job offers, he makes the decision to review the other offers, just to see how they stack up. When he's done, he smiles. He knows the company he wants to work for, and he knows he will begin his career with a six figure income.

Two hours have passed, Mom and Dad have gone to work and Jeni is wondering where Dave is. She's walking through the house, naked, looking for him and finally finds him sitting in the corner of the livingroom with a laptop on his lap, a smile on his face and his hands behind his head.

She moves the laptop off his lap and replaces it with her slender, soft, naked body. Dave gives her a happy and tight hug, knowing he can easily support her this early in life. Jeni has given him the time he needed without interruption and he's very proud of his horny girlfriend.

* * * * *

Believe it or not, time has passed so fast it's lunch time and Dave wants to treat his girlfriend to lunch. They shower, dry off and get dressed. She decides to tease him by wearing a sleeveless light summer dress that goes to her mid thighs and buttons in the front, but she totally forgot to wear panties and a bra.

When Dave escorts her to his car and opens the door for her, she spreads her legs wide, exposing her lack of panties. He smiles, knowing she's not aware of his plan, but he hopes it will please her.

Dave drives his lover to a restaurant where they have a nice lunch in a town about an hour away. They find a cozy corner and tease each other until the food arrives. Then they chow down and after it all disappears, Dave pays the bill and they depart for home, she thought.

As they get farther and farther from the restaurant, she gets inquisitive.

"Where are we going, my dear?" she asks.

"Outdoors, somewhere I can take advantage of the horny girlfriend sitting next to me in a daylight location, that has privacy on the menu."

Jeni smiles at her boyfriend and reaches for his cock.

"I have no problem with your plan as long as I have a say in the location. Okay lover boy?"

"Absolutely sexy lady," he says, as she strokes his cock.

Then her question disturbs him.

"I'm sorry, Babe. I didn't mean to cut you out of that decision making process. You will always have a say in everything we do so if I don't ask, just tell me your thoughts as soon as possible, as you just did. I will always respect your desires, especially if it involves your slender and soft body against mine," he tells her and he's as serious as a heart attack.

Dave knows exactly where he wants to take his girlfriend and as he drives close to the location, she knows where he's headed, having been there a couple times in high school. Since it's daytime, he's not expecting anyone to be there so they'll have the place to themselves.

As they arrive, it's plain to see they aren't the only ones who have the same plan. So, deciding against this adventure, Dave turns around and drives away, much to Jeni's satisfaction, and disappointment.

"Don't want to expose us to the other people there?" she asks.

"I don't want to expose your naked body to anyone, dear sister. It's not for public view, in my view. What do you think?"

"I agree. Nor do I want you to expose your body to other people. It's mine to enjoy, not for public view."

"Good answer Sis. What now?"

"Spending time with my boyfriend is enough for me."

"Okay. Plan foiled. Let's go home and see what mischief we can get into there."

"Okay," she says, groping his cock. "But, I'm going to be seeking this for our pleasure before long."

Dave smiles, knowing how horny she is.

* * * * *

Arriving at home, Dave is surprised to see a high school friend walking by the house as he pulls into the driveway. Getting out of the car, they walk toward the other and shake hands. Jake is in the neighborhood looking up old friends and he found one.

Dave introduces his sister and Jake's face lights up with interest. The longer they talk, Jake's interest focuses on Jeni. Sensing this, Jeni excuses herself and goes in the house, gets her bikini on and pads to the pool.

Dave talks to his buddy for about an hour before joining his sister at the pool and when he gets there, he throws his towel on her, playfully, and jumps in, the splash reaching her. She gets up and jumps in, splashing him and the fun begins. They playfully wrestle and splash each other, then get out and lay on adjacent lounge chairs, soaking wet.

"Jake took a shine to you, Jen."

"He did. I noticed it and excused myself. I have no desire to lead him on so I did a disappearing act."

"I'm jealous. The first high school buddy I run into gets a crush on my sister right in front of me."

"Yeah... Maybe the same thing will happen to me. Then I'll be the jealous one."

Dave smiles, reaches for her hand and holds it tight. Jeni smiles, doing the same. Minutes later, they move the lounge chairs to the shade and get comfortable again, still holding hands, and not making any plans to do so, they fall asleep.

Mom is the first to arrive home from work and she finds her kids near the pool, sleeping. Dave is sporting a boner and it's quite visible. Mom stands there gazing at it as her pussy leaks into her panties. Spoiling her concentration, Dad comes to them and wakes everybody up.

"Wakey, wakey you two. Time to return to life," he says as they wake up.

Surprised to see them, Dave excuses himself to go to the toilet and relieve himself. He wonders what the sequence of events were that lead to their waking. Did Mom and Dad show up together, or what. He may never know, but it has piqued his curiosity.

Like his sister, his Mom is a hottie. She's slender with brunette, shoulder length hair and green eyes that obviously made Dad take notice. She's beautiful, just like her daughter, even if they aren't blood related. Since Jeni brought up fantasies about his Mom, he's been thinking about her as a possible sex partner, but only if his sister and his Dad are okay with it.

* * * * *

Later that night, as Mom and Dad lay on their back beside each other, Dad asks his wife, "Did you get turned on by the size of your son's boner, my dear?"

A long pause comes over his wife as she contemplates her answer. Not knowing how he will react, she wants to have this very frank discussion, even though she never thought she would have it with her husband.

"OMG, this is so embarrassing," she says, and she is embarrassed.

She pauses again. She has never lied to him about anything and doesn't have any desire to start now.

"I'm sorry to say I did, Honey. It's at least as big as yours and it just caught me off guard for whatever reason."

"I'm wondering if you want to have sex with your son then?" he asks in a direct way.

"No. It's a fantasy. I have no desire to destroy our marriage, not to mention I'm in love with the one I chose," she says as she squeezes her husband.

"Would you change your mind if I encouraged you to have sex with your son?"

"That's a very dangerous and blunt question to ask, don't you think?" she asks.

"It is, but I'm hoping you'll admit your fantasies and answer me as bluntly as I asked."

"Okay... Maybe is all I can say at this moment. You ask because you want to have sex with your daughter, I assume?" Mom asks.

"Maybe. She's a near replica of you so that has entered my mind, but I won't do it without your approval. I never have. Like you, I have no desire to destroy our marriage," he says frankly, meaning every word. "I married the hottest girl on the planet and I intend to stay married to the hottest girl on the planet."

She smiles and says, "We're on the same page, so if you want to pursue this, we need to talk to the kids and see how they feel about it."

"You don't think this is wrong, do you? I mean the fucking our kids part?" he asks.

"Not if they're willing. They're both adults. Do you?" she asks.

"Not if they're willing... We agree again. I'll talk to Dave and you talk to Jeni, then, depending on their desires, we'll make plans from there."

"That's what we'll do then... Are you a little excited about this?" she asks.

"A little, but at the same time, they may not be as receptive to this as we are. After all, they are young, horny and in love, which means they likely spend most of their time fucking than doing anything else. We did, remember?" he reminds her.

Mom laughs, saying, "Yeah, I remember. You're probably right, my dear. I love you."

He reaches for her pussy, and as she spreads her legs for him, he discovers she's very wet.

"It looks like you need some relief. Let's play."

"No, let's fuck, my dear, who satisfies my every desire. I'm too horny to sleep without sex tonight."

"Absolutely sexy lady."

As he moves on top of her, she's expecting him to enter her pussy without hesitation, but she's wrong. Instead, sporting a rock hard cock, he teases her pussy by rubbing his cock up and down her slit, then he moves his body down hers until his face is inches from her wide open bare pussy. He attacks her clit first and she moans loud enough to wake the neighbors before he's able to cover her mouth. when he does, he quickly continues to lick her clit, then moves down to her slit and sucks her as she guides his tongue to the spot she loves the most. His wife loves what he's doing to her and her delight gives him the feedback he desires.

Moving his tongue round and round her clit, his fingers, accidently on purpose, penetrate her pussy, searching for and finding her G-spot, which causes her to love her man more than ever, and moan. He sucks lightly on her clit, working her G-spot at the same time and she goes to instant orgasm, something she never expected to happen, but it's having an impact on her. She thought she's had it all, but sometimes, fantasy has a tendency to change reality. He backs away from her pussy, licks her thighs and removes his fingers as she recovers.

"You have to fuck me, now. I'm so fucking horny for you..."

Her words of passion have made his cock want her pussy bad. As he moves into position between her legs, she guides his cock into her wide open pussy and he's off to the races. She raises her legs to his back and he fucks his wife to satisfaction in no time. He's ramming his cock inside her and all she can do is moan her pleasure to him.

Since he's also turned on by fantasy, he's eager to please his wife as he works her toward a second orgasm. Her fantasy has sparked her interest in her son and she's dreaming it's him fucking her. Sparks fly as she reaches another orgasm along with her husband, who's also cumming inside her at the same time so he bangs her a few more times, then stops, all drained. When they get their breathing back in control, Mom speaks up first.

"That was great, Honey. I felt so into you," she tells him. "I love you."

"I feel the same way, Honey, but it was the fantasy that tripped this. Maybe we should talk more about our fantasies and include them in our sexual adventures."

"I won't argue with that."

"I knew you'd see it my way. Nite, Lover. Morning will come quick so we need to get our beauty sleep and I'm getting sleepy quickly."

"Sounds like a requirement to me, but your right, we need to get ready for tomorrow. Nite, Baby," he says, smirking.

* * * * *

Dave and Jeni remain in the livingroom as their parents leave for their bedroom. Since the kids don't have to work tomorrow, they have to figure out something they can do for the remainder of the evening.

Telling him not to move, Jeni leaves her boyfriend on the sofa, runs to her bedroom to change into stretchable shorts with no panties, a tight stretchable tank top with no bra, and she's bare foot. She tucks her hair into a bun on top of her head and she's very sexy, not to mention horny. When she returns, he's ready to do to her whatever she wants.

Still sitting on the sofa, Jeni climbs on his lap, straddling and facing him. He slides to the edge of the cushion, sits up and hugs the shit out of his girl. Jeni has a smile on her face that lights up the room and they just hold each other tight for a while, enjoying the intimacy of the moment.

A bit later, he backs his head away from her and asks, "Do you have other sexual fantasies you would like to fulfill? In addition to Mom and Dad?"

"At the moment, my only sexual fantasy is your hot bod, my dear brother."

"Seriously, Jen. I want to know what you're fantasizing about. It makes me horny."

"That's my point, Baby. I'm not thinking about fantasy. I don't have time to think about fantasy. You're here with me all the time and you give me everything I want, even something I didn't know I wanted. I guess that means you are my fantasy and I'm perfectly satisfied knowing it. You fill me up and make me cum every time we have sex so if I do have a fantasy, it's all about you."

"I'm flattered, Babe. You brought this fantasy thing up and now it seems to have disappeared. What are you thinking about our parents now?"

"I guess Mom and I will talk about it tomorrow, maybe, but I don't know for sure. Are you wanting to fuck your Mom now?"

"I still have the interest, Jen. Do you still want to fuck Dad?"

"I do have that interest as well, but it's not a pressing matter. I have you and you satisfy my every need, just the way I want it."

"How about having sex with two guys at the same time? Ever thought about that?"

"Nope, but your question has given me an answer. I know what I want as my first fantasy."

"Good. What is it," he says as his face light up.

"I want you to fuck me in the ass. Your fingers feel so good back there I have to have more and you may explore that as soon as you like. Tonight even, if you want to."

"Do we have any lubricant for that purpose?"

"I don't think so."

"Then we need to get some. Meanwhile, I'll tease you with my fingers until we do."

Jeni's face turns sour as she pouts and he can see her sad eyes.

"Babe, your ass doesn't have the same lubricating ability as your pussy. It's important to use lube on your first try and that's the only way I will proceed to do this for you. I have no desire to hurt you."

She hugs him and explains.

"I didn't know that. I never even thought about having a cock in my ass until you touched me there. Since then, I want it more and more."

"Live and learn, Babe... So now that I have you here, want to talk dirty to me for a while?"

"And if I do that, what will happen to me?"

"Don't know. Guess you have to try it and see what happens."

"Okay, but you have to take me to bed first."

"What a deal."

He stands up, holding her tight as she wraps her arms and legs around him, burying her face into his neck. Her shorts are so stretchable he can slide his fingers under them into the crack of her ass with no resistance. As he walks them to her bed, he kneads her cheeks, then sits on the edge, just like he was on the sofa.

As she looks him in the eyes, she asks, "What are you going to do to me, David?"

"Since I like the position you're in so much, and because I can reach all the intimate parts of your body, and since you're wearing such sexy clothes, I'm going to love on your body for a while and see where it goes from there."

"God, you make me so horny. I love you so much."

She hugs the shit out of her brother with love in her heart and a smile on her face that he can't see. He caresses her back tenderly putting his sister at ease in his loving care. His hands move to her front, cupping her tits, tweaking and kneading them as required to maintain her state of arousal.

"Take my top off, please."

That wasn't a request. I get the lower hem of her top in the grasp of my fingers and lift. She raises her arms and her top comes off without a problem, tossing it back there. My hands return to her soft, firm tits as low moans emanate from her. She's enjoying the manipulations of one of her best attributes... And so am I.

"Suck my nipples lightly please."

I do as ordered as she wiggles her butt on my lap. Her eyes are closed, her head is leaning back, but she can see everything I do to her. Opening her eyes, she reaches for my shirt and pulls it off over my head as I raise my arms to assist. She tosses my shirt over there and wraps her arms around my back. I feel the heat from her tits burn into my chest and by now, if my dick isn't at full staff, it needs to catch up or get replaced... whichever comes first. Fortunately for me, my dick's brain engages and decides to catch up. She melts into my chest and I can only allow us that pleasure.

Jeni is in a mood at the moment and I join her loving nature. She releases me and gets off my lap, only to take her shorts off, and mine as I stand. My dick springs out as she gets rid of my shorts, and stares at her fortune, or my fortune as it may be. As she mounts me, I turn to face the bed and lay her down with all the tenderness I can muster as her smile tells me all I need to know.

I eat her pussy and tease her asshole as I work her into a heightened sexual state, claiming my sister as my life long partner without her knowledge. Her moans are soft, but meaningful, as not to wake the neighbors. I crawl up her body and slowly insert my cock into her essence as slowly and tenderly as I possibly can. When my rod can't go any farther into her pussy, she opens her eyes, giving me her 'fuck me' look.

Slowly, I stroke her pussy and she responds by telling me how wonderful my cock feels in her pussy... How far I extend into her... How wide I split her open and... How tight I feel inside her. She's turning me on so I keep the slow pace and the long strokes until she can't take it anymore.

"Fuck me harder," she orders.

My sister is taking control and I love her for it. I'm banging her harder and she moans like never before. On her own, she stuffs a sock in her mouth just as we hear Mom moan loudly. Dave and Jeni smile at each other, knowing what their parents are doing in bed, and it ain't sleeping, yet.

Jeni is building to orgasm fast as her pussy is getting a good workout, just the way she wants it. He's also building an to an incredible orgasm and when it happens, his sister drowns his cock in her love.

Tired and wasted, they succumb to sleep, not opening their eyes until morning.

* * * * *

Once again, Jeni wakes up before Dave. As he sleeps, she props her head up on one arm and watches his chest rise and fall while brushing the hair from his face. After a while, she gets her senses about her, takes a shower by herself and wanders off to talk to her Mom as she prepares breakfast for the family. It's a late morning for Mom and Dad, not having to go to work until later, and it's a short work day for them.

"Good morning young lady," Mom says as Jeni walks in.

"Sleep well, or at all," she asks, smirking.

"You don't have a leg to stand on here, Mom. I heard you and Dad last night too," she says smirking.

"Yeah. It was fun too. You won't believe this, but since we discussed your brother yesterday morning, I've been horny as hell and your Dad has had to step up... Has David expressed any interest?" Mom asks.

"His interest is piqued, but he didn't say one way or the other. When he comes down, you should ask him yourself. You may get a more direct answer than I got."

Mom and daughter engage in small talk as the time flies by them without notice.

Then Dad appears, catching their attention, followed by Dave, and he looks different, like he's got a heavy burden on his mind, and Jeni notices.

"Morning girls," Dad says and they answer him giving them a hug.

Dave stands near the kitchen and Jeni moves to him, giving him a continuous hug, wondering what's on his mind. He hugs her tight and gives her a kiss as Mom and Dad watch. Then Dave moves to the table, but instead of sitting down to eat, he positions Jeni in front of Mom and Dad as he readies himself to speak about what's on his mind.

"Mom, Dad, Jeni, I'm going to speak frankly, maybe even bluntly... Dad, if what I say disturbs you in any way, just say so and I will stop... I've had several fantasies over the years, but none stronger or more vivid than having sex with my Mom... This morning, Dad asked me if I had any interest in doing that very thing. It blew me away. Jeni and I talked about this fantasy yesterday and I know my interest is definitely piqued, but I don't remember giving her a definitive answer, one way or the other."

"I was shocked at first, until Dad told me about his fantasy. He wished he could've had sex with his Mom while he was attending his last year of trade school at the ripe age of 21, but it never happened. He also told me Mom is interested in living her fantasy with me, if I'm willing. I have dreamed about this for a while and now, the fantasy is mine for the taking. Words can't describe how excited I am at the possibility of it happening."

Looking at his Mom, he says, "Mom, you're a very desirable woman by any man's standards, and you can still turn a man's eye to this day, maybe even another woman's eye for all I know, which might be the reason why Dad still has his hooks in you. That's literally what every friend I brought to the house told me after seeing you. All my friends were willing to take you to bed and frankly, I don't blame them. I'm sorry Dad. You probably don't want to hear that your wife has been a wet dream for so many horny teenagers, but it's as true as I stand here before you."

Dave pauses while he collects his thoughts before continuing.

"Out of the blue a couple, three, maybe four days ago, my sister told me something that shocked the hell out of me, but I willingly let her into my heart because I have the same feelings for her and for the first time, we ended up in a sexual encounter that morning. This morning, another shock hit me."

"Mom, first of all, I'm not opposed to having sex with you. You're as attractive as your daughter and both of you girls can be masturbation inspiration for any man, but here's my problem. Recently, I fell in love with Jeni and I feel if I have sex with Mom, I will be cheating on Jeni and that's not the way I want to begin our future together. Even though I've been dreaming about Mom for years, I just can't do it under the current circumstances. We've been a couple for just three or four days and I don't really know what makes her body tick yet."

"I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm truly sorry. Perhaps if Jeni had waited a week before exposing her true colors, I would've likely not refuse you now. However, now I'm a one girl man and as far as I'm concerned, I won't shed a single tear if it stays that way."

Jeni pads to him with tears streaming down her cheeks and hugs the life out of her brother. Mom is trying to control her tears as well.

"Well said, Son. I'm so very proud of you."

"I'm proud of you too," Mom says, "somewhat disappointed, but I'll get over it so don't worry about it. All is not lost."

Mom embraces her husband with tears in her eyes and Dad holds her tight, like he did the first time he was able to hold his future wife, many moons ago.

Dave moves himself and his girl close to Mom and Dad to embrace them.

Then Dave says, "Let's eat. I'm hungry, and not just for food."

They laugh as a family, then sit down to chow down. Jeni sits next to Dave, something she started doing yesterday, and she consistently leans on her boyfriend. If she was never love struck before, she is now.

Breakfast was quiet. No words were spoken as they absorb the seriousness of what Dave told them. When breakfast is over, Dave stands to start clearing the table, but Jeni stands with him and hugs him tight as hell. He holds her tight, knowing why she's doing it.

"I want you to hold me all day," she says.

"I can do that, but we won't get anything done."

"Don't care. Just hold me tight please."

This, was not a request. He does, but when he starts to move, she mounts him, squeezes him tighter than ever before and he grunts as a result.

"Sis, I sure would like to survive this, you know."

They laugh, but she doesn't loosen her grip on his body as his hands go to support her ass. Mom and Dad are watching as they interact with each other, observing how sexy they are together. Both Mom and Jeni are horny as hell and Dave knows it. Dad actually wishes it was his hands on his daughter's fine ass.

Dave walks to the livingroom, holding his girlfriend tight, and stops in front of the sofa.

"I'm going to put you on your feet and when I sit on the sofa, I want you to lay across my lap so I can squeeze the shit outa ya."

She stands, reluctantly, and he sits while she gets comfortable on his lap with her head buried into his neck, her arm over his shoulder and the other behind his lower back. His arms wrap around her, keeping her close while he gives her little kisses on her head.

"You must know I'm horny as hell for your cock, don't you?" she asks.

"You aren't any more horny for me than I am for your luscious body, dear girlfriend."

"Wanna bet?"

"Only if I can win, but it won't happen right now... Want to help Mom with breakfast cleanup before we disappear?"

Jeni takes his hand off her back and moves it to her ass so he can tease it while they talk, which he willingly does.

"Only if I have to. I want to hold my boyfriend and get as much lovin' as I can get. I'm so in love with you."

"Suppose I carry you to my bed and I'll return, help in the kitchen, then come back to you. How's that."

"I'll be left alone and I want to hold you. It's not going to work for me so I'll help with breakfast cleanup with you."

"Okay, sweetheart. Let's get to it."

Jeni slowly stands up and when Dave does the same, she hugs the shit out of him again. Mom and Dad are still watching them and Mom still has wetness in her eyes.

As they approach, Mom gives her son a hug she never has before, and Dad is taking notes.

"I'm glad I picked your Dad to fall in love with. He's just like you, or better yet, you're just like him. I'm very proud of my son and my husband," she tells her kids.

"And I'm proud my Mom is able to share with me her deep, most intimate fantasy to have sex with her son. You don't hear that very often. My Mom is more sexually open than I ever expected, same for Dad."

"Yup, we're all of that. Your Dad is willing to allow me to fulfill my sexual fantasy with you so he can fulfill his sexual fantasy with his daughter and that turned me on that much more."

"Sorry Dad, but I'm taking the same position as my David for now," Jeni says. "I just can't cheat on him the way I feel now. Sorry," Jeni says.

"It's okay Honey. You're Mom and I will survive this. Fear not."

"Just out of curiosity, what brought all this fantasy stuff up to begin with?" Dave asks.

Mom explains, "Well, I was curious when you revealed your relationship to us, then, while I was talking to Jeni the next morning, my curiosity piqued again. When I saw your boner when your Dad woke you up by the pool, it made me horny and your Dad could see right through me. We had a discussion about our fantasies and we agreed to talk to our kids about it, and here we are."

"It happened quickly then. I believe I'm happy enough for all of us," Dave says.

They laugh as Dave hugs his sister.

"If there's anything I'm more proud of than my sister, I sure as hell haven't found it. I love you, Sis."

She hugs him again and again with wetness in her eyes.

"I'm so proud not only of being your sister, but also being your one and only girlfriend. I can't explain how much I love my brother. He's a one in a million catch in my book," Jeni reveals.

"Boy, I'd sure like to read your book," Dave says, smiling as the parents laugh.

"Funny man you are. You're my everything, David," she says, hugging him tight.

As they get on, Dave and Jeni send Mom and Dad away so they can get ready for work.

As they walk away, Mom tells Dad, "Honey, they're going to get married, don't you think?"

"Yup. We better start expecting wedding bells."

While Dave and Jeni finish the cleanup, he softly rubs her ass and gives her kisses on her neck, making her smile. With that done, they pad off to her room and get naked on the bed with her resting half on him. He reaches to caress her teardrop ass and gives it some tender caressing as she does the same to his rock hard cock.

"So, have your fantasies changed, knowing your Mom wants to fuck you as much as I do?" she asks.

Dave is trying to think of a smart ass answer in return, but instead, he sarcastically throws it back at her with a smile.

"So, have your fantasies changed, knowing your Dad wants to fuck you as much as I do?"

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