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My family members ever approached for sex Real Sex Story Lovely Ghosh

My family members ever approached for sex

I am Lovely Ghosh 25 years old , I am happily married. I don't have kids. My father in law fucks me every day. His wife died 8 years back. So lives with us. This started when I noticed my father in law kept camera inside my bathroom when my husband went abroad. At first I don't know who kept it and from how many days is this happening. But then i saw my father in law going to get his camer from my bathroom. I didn't have courage to confront him. But i feel disgusting about this. I let him see for some days , as he would get doubt if I take camera away. Once I took memory card and watched he even took video of him masturbating seeing my bathing videos. He is 66 years I wonder how his cock is still that big and working. Then started to maintain distance from him. One day after dinner he came to my room asking if he can sleep here as his AC is not working. I didn't want him here. So I told him it's okay u sleep here I will sleep in hall. But he forced me to sleep here. I haven't slept for one minute that night. But nothing happened. Like this some days passed by , one night I felt bed is shaking in the middle of the night , to my surprise my FIL is masturbating. It is almost dark so, he removed his clothes and masturbating. After some time he ejaculated and the sperm fell on my right cheek, he didn't know so cleaned it. After this daily he would do same, some times sperm would fall on my lips and i have even tasted it. Atlast the day came when my nightmare came true. He started masturbating as daily and he tried to press his cock against my ass cheeks. I couldn't take this so, i woke up,

and shouted “ dad what is all this I am u r daughter in law, This is wrong"

He was frightened “ its nothing I felt very hot so I had removed my clothes , u are kid so no problem”

Me “ No I know all u r doings and spying in my bathroom”

He “ what , no that's no me I don't know”

Me “ don't act I have seen u masturbate in videos"

He “ u saw , then pls help Me I am very desperate as you mother in law is dead , I feel lonely” and he started crying.

I felt sorry for him and said “ ok leave it but stop all this from now on"

He “ see my cock i am in middle of some thing ,et me complete"

Me “ pls do it in fast this is disgusting"

He “ I am not able to do it can u pls help me only this time plss , I won't ask again"

Me “ what should do if u can't get “

He “ just handjob my cock plss , I will never ask again and don't disturb u “

Me thinking for a while “ this one time only ?”

He excited ,” yeah pls" then he went and switched on lights" it was off untill then. Then I saw his cock It was long and very black with white hair around it.

Me “ no off the lights pls,”

he “ pls with lights it will completed soon"

Me “ ok" then I hesitantly touched his filthy cock, it felt very hot and he was excited.

He “ yeah do it fast “

Me “ u have a very big cock despite u r age"

He “ yeah I have great stamina once I fucked u r mother in law for 4 hrs straight”.

Me “ oh my godd really” then I increased pace and he is seeing my boobs and face.

Me “ pls don't see like that"

He “ if u can show something this will be done quickly"

Me “ is it necessary “ he “ yeah pls" then I started removing my night gown but and I am only in bra and underwear infront of my FIL.

I chubby I have some what milky boobs and I am very fair but my FIL is so dark black.

He said “ come on remove that bra fast “

I removed hesitantly and he suddenly grabbed them like milk packets and started to squeeze them.

Me “ what are u doing “

He “ pls don't disturb It will be completed , u beat my cock"

Me “ don't squeeze them hard pls" I am getting feeling slowly.

He slowly bent towards me and Started sucking boobs. Even I liked it. But tried to push him. But he was so strong. I couldn't.

After some time he lifted by arm and started to lick sweat at arm pits. I liked it so much. Then I am beating his cock very fast.

He “ why don't u suck my dick and will suck ur pussy”

Inside I wanted to to do but I said “ nooo this is enough”

But he kept on insisting so I said ok . At this moment I knew he will fuck me today. I don't why but I felt excited about it.

He , “ here come and take it in u mouth"

Me “ aaaaa aaaa"

He “ come on u r doing good ahhhh I might cum"

I loved sucking his big cock, then suddenly,

He moarned “ ahhhhhh take aaaahhhh" and cummed inside my mouth itself.

He asked me to swallow, even I wanted to and I did.

Then he fell back on bed. But. I am turned on now. Are u satisfied is it done.

He said “ this is best thing I had in entire life" and laughed by pinching my boobs. Said thank you. Now u can sleep. I was very dissatisfied and angrily switched the lights off and laid next to him I haven't even dressed by pussy is so wet. But he is sleeping. Even I tried to sleep but I could after 1 hr of struggle. I thought of making him horny again. So, in dark I held his dick , it is sooo small now , I kept on beating it but no use then I started to suck it then and slowly cock became hard and he was again horny and woke up and suprised to see that I was sucking his dick wantedly. Then he held my head and started pushing dick in my mouth. But I stopped him and asked him to suck my pussy. He was shocked” u r behaving like a bitch"

I got angry but it felt naughty “ u didn't satisfy me at all"

He “ ok wait “ and he switched on lights and I was lying naked for him and he spread my legs and started to suck my pussy. I was in heaven and pressing his head into it.

After 10 mins , he “ is it enough “ me “ nooo dad for more time pls”

He said “ u bitch how much do you need , if u do like this I will fuck u “

Me angrily “ I am not a bitch or prostitute , I don't take money for sex, just satisfy me pls"

He slapped me" u r a prostitute , I will fuck u today and give u money"

I got excited listening to this I kept on teasing him,

Me “ Who is stopping u from fucking me , pay me money and fuck me as much as u want"

He is full raging “ my daughter in law has become a prostitute, how much do u need"

Me “ I need 4000 rs” he laughed and said “ 40 rs is more for u r pussy"

Me “ then don't fuck me get up , give me my money “

He slapped me again “ I will give u 4 rs only and I will fuck u very hard today , u can't even do anything about it" and laughed.

My cheeks turned red “ ok I will take 4 rs only I beat me"

He “ that good bitch, here take u r 4 rs" and throwed it on my face.

Me “ ok I am u r bitch now Fuck like u want”

Then he tried to put his cock with out condom I got frightened, and said “ no put some condom, otherwise I will be pregnant”

He “ I never use condom bitch , I will fuck u like this only"

Then he forced his dick inside , as I was huge , I screamed in pain “ ahhhhh oh my gooddd its paining”

He “ shut up bitch u took money let me have fun"

Me “ ahhhh yess have it aaahhhh i am all ur bitch fuck me ahhhhh"

He “ shit my son has married a prostitute, fuck u bitch ahhhhh atleast satisfy my like this ahhhha"

Me “ okk ahhhh ahhhh fuck me harder ahhh I want u r filthy old cock ahhhh ahhhh “

He “ ahhhhh is u r mom also a prostitute ahhhh" he laughed.

I got angry “ nooo I think u r wife was" then he slapped me and ,

He said “ don't talk rubbish bitch , tell me u r mom is a prostitute right ahhhh ahhhh"

I got frightened as he is hitting hard “ ahhhhh yes yeahhh my mom is a prostitute ahhhh I don't even know my dad was ahhhhh fuck me dad ahhh ahhh"

He laughed “ I want to fuck u r mom also bring her here sometime , I will give money ahhh ahh"

Me hesitantly “ ahhhh yess I will bring her u can fuck her me at a time ahhhh ahhhha fuck me dad ahhh"

He “ how much she charge ahhhhh ahhhh"

Me “ 2 rs only ahhh u can fuck her I the ass also ahhhh ahhh"

He “ wait I will fuck u in the ass now, ahhhhh ahhhh"

Me shocked and frightened” plss I never did that pls leave me"

He laughing “ turn u bitch" and opend my ass and pushed his dick deep inside.

I screamed “ ohmyyyyy godddd I am dead plsss take it out noooooo …. Plsss"

He didn't listen he is fucking me like a dog and after sometime I started to enjoy and said “ fuck me dad ahhhh ahhh fuck me ahhhh fuck me in the ass ahhh don't stop ahhhh"

He , “ bitch u will die today ahhhh ahhha “ it been 1 hrs he started fucking my pussy. We both are sweating like hell in AC room them he bend over me and started to lick all the sweat.

Then he again turned me and started fucking my pussy, he “ come on lick my sweat" and he bend over me now I told him to show me his hairy armpits and licked the sweat there it tasted salty.

He “ ahhhh bitch lick every thing ahhhhh" and after 2 hrs of continued fucking he is moarning “ ahhh bitch i am coming ahhhhh"

I got frightened and said “ plss dad don't come inside my pussy plssss I might get pregnant ahhbb stop pls"

He “ I don't care bitch ahhhh" and he held me very tightly and with final stroke , he cummed inside , it is very hot

I was crying “ why did you do it “

He was kissing me “ bitch have my sons now “ laughed.

And he fell on me itself ,and slept again around 4 o'clock in the morning he was fucking my pussy due to which I woke “ ahhhh won't u stop ahhh enough ahhh “ and again he cummed inside and laughed.

Next day morning I woke at 11 o'clock and he is still sleeping we both are naked. Then I went to bath and came back he is up now asked me come near him and said “ how is yesterday night “

Actually it was heaven for me , I told him “ u showed me heaven"

He laughed and said “ come on suck my dick “ and I had to do it.

After that we had sex many times and he would give me 4 rs every time like I am a bitch.

One day he called me and said “ you have a good news"

I was surprised “ what is it “ suddenly bell rang and i opened the door and shocked to see three oldmen who are my father in law's friends.

They “ We bought 4 rs each “ and laughed.

Me angrily Asked my FIL “ What is this “

He laughed “ U will see heaven again today lock the door and serve u r guests bitch.”

I always wanted to try gangbang but I didn't expect like this with oldmen. Even I got excited.

And said “ come on uncles who has 4rs come fast “

They all came towards me like hungry dogs.

They enjoyed me for 9 days and left but they never used a Condom after 1 month I got pregnant.

I became a pure prostitute for 4 rs.
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