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After a long time I have been able to share my experience here.

Radhika and Prem called me up to check if I could provide a massage for them. Since I myself offer massage and I have no female masseuse, I told them I would offer massage to both. They were not at all ok with it, since they were looking for a cross gender massage. I couldn't do much about it and told the same to them.

Couple of weeks later, I got a call from them again. They shared their horrible experience with a couple; hence they wanted to try with me. Unfortunately, I got to know that, Radhika had lost interest in sex and was also not interested to get massaged post her first experience. I spoke to her to make her feel comfortable and I suggested Radhika and Prem to go with a romantic massage, which they accepted and we fixed an appointment for the next day.

I had to travel to Chennai; all the necessary things were taken care by them. I reached Chennai in the evening, Radhika and Prem had come to the airport to receive me and on the way, we picked up few things required for the massage and headed to their place.

They wanted it to be a special moment for them. I had told them about the expenses for which they were absolutely fine and hence the shopping was done as per my choice and they were happy to get a massage. The excitement was seen on Radhika's face and she hardly spoke with me on during the drive back home.

Romantic massages are more intimate and sensual than the normal massages. It can make scene for something special, get relaxed and not to forget couple focused time. Ambience is very important to start the romantic massage and also willingness to experiment, which would enhance the loving relationship.

We reached their place. The house was cleaned and was having lovely fragrance. I was given the guest room to get refreshed and they went to their room to get refreshed.

I came out and sat on the couch, Radhika and Prem came too in few minutes. Radhika made drinks for us. We spoke about few things, about me, about them and general talks. We decided, the massage should be started.

I asked them to shower and get completely refreshed, in the mean time I could arrange for the massage.

I went to the other room and made sure that room is clean, tidy and is welcoming. I made the bed, shut the curtains and made sure that temperature in the room is comfortable. I ensured that there is enough music that I don't have to get up and change it during the massage. A romantic massage is never complete without a room filled with candles. I placed good number of aromatic candles in the room to create a seductive glow. I made the oil ready for the massage too.

Radhika and Prem came to the room and were thrilled with the arrangement.

Nish: Are you guy comfortable with this arrangement?

Prem: (Looking at Radhika) It looks super comfortable.

Radhika: Yeah. Never expected you to arrange it this way. Even our first night arrangement was not this sensual except for the flowers. The room has created a sensual feel already in me.

Radhika, aged 28, is a very nice woman. Yes, that apprehensiveness will always be there when you are meeting a person for the first time, that too directly for the massage. Her silky hairs, brown eyes and lovely lips made her look so fabulous. Prem, aged 30, is a nice person too. He was very comfortable with me from the day we spoke.

Radhika, in her robe and Prem, with shorts and tees on sat on the bed. I started the breathing exercise and we all 3 did it together. Only Radhika needed the massage.

I guided her to lie down on her tummy and face the back to the ceiling. I removed her robe. She was not even wearing her bra and panty. I removed the robe till her lower back so that, her ass is covered. This being a romantic massage, I was in my comfortable clothing (short and a tee).

Prem: She is all yours now Nish.

Nish: (I just smiled) Are you feeling comfortable Radhika?

Radhika: Yes. Bit hesitant that Prem is here as well, but hopefully, I'll be fine soon.

Prem: Do you want me to go out sweetheart?

Radhika: You can be here now. If I don't feel ok, I'll tell you.

I sat on her buttocks, poured oil in my hands, rubbed with my palms and started to spread on her back. I made sure that oil is applied well, so that, it would be easy for me to massage and make her feel relax.

I started the techniques and massaged her back, neck and ears.

Radhika: Your touch makes me feel good Nish.

Nish: Enjoy the massage. Don't think about anything else. Let me know if the pressure is too much or you need more pressure.

Radhika: This is fine.

A woman wants to be touched with love, curiosity and delicacy. I massaged her back for a while and then started the neck massage. As a masseur you need to know the techniques to get a woman aroused while doing a neck massage.

While I was massaging her, she let out soft moans. I kept on interacting with her and Prem so that; both won't feel they are lost. I moved my fingers in a sensual way, she was getting aroused by that. I bent down so that I could blow air on her neck. While doing it, she was letting her soft moans.

I guided my fingers to her ears. The area behind the ear is very sensitive. While massaging her ears, I blew air in the ear and also on the back of the ear, in the meantime, my lips touched her ear and I could sense the highness in her breath. Though I didn't do it purposefully last time, this time, I tickled with my tongue on the back of her ear. She was getting aroused slowly and steadily.

Post ear massage, I came back, undid her robe completely. There she was, lying nude in front of me and her hubby. I sat on the side so that, I can massage her ass cheeks, post which I massaged her both the legs. After leg massage, I gave her a foot massage which lasted for a while.

I helped her to turn around. I started massaging the front portion of the legs. I widened her legs and started caressing the inner thighs.

Radhika: Prem, you have had your share of fun many times and I haven't stopped you from doing so. Can I have my turn now?

Prem: (He had smile on his face and his expressions made me smile silently) Sure dear. Nish, take care of my wife.

Nish: Sure.

He went out. I, honestly never expected her to tell this. I felt pity for him.:P

I continued caressing her inner thighs and she was trying to remove my shorts.

Radhika: Please remove these shorts.

Nish: Are you sure?

Radhika: Please remove them.

Without even waiting for me to do it, she pulled my shorts and asked me to remove my t-shirt.

I applied oil on her and also on my body and lied on her and started rubbing my body on her. She was trying to catch hold of my dick, but it was close to her vagina. Meanwhile, with my hands I massaged her breasts. They were firm and her nipples were hard. I asked to keep breathing hard so that, she would control her excitement. She could do it only for few times and gave up.

She pressed my head to her breasts and indicated to suck them. While I was sucking one of her breasts, I massaged the other with my hands. Her breaths were harder; no sign of relief was seen on her. All that could be seen was the excitement that she needs more. I got up and sat next to her so that I can massage her breasts properly.

I massaged her collarbone and then her armpits and again her ears. I came back to breasts massaged them for a while and was all set for a yoni massage.

Nish: I thought you would require a romantic massage, but this has turned out to be sensual massage.

Radhika: I am loving it Nish, no matter which type of massage is this, but without any doubt, I am loving your touch. The earlier experience with the couple was horrible due to which I had lost the interest, but today, you have changed my thoughts about a massage.

Nish: My pleasure.

I was about to start the yoni massage now. I widen her legs, applied oil on my palms, rubbed them and gave a smooth touch on her inner thighs and started caressing them and steadily moved to the mound of the vagina. I poured more oil on the mound and using my fingers rubbed them sensually. I slowly guided my hands to the vagina, inserted one of my finger inside and there she let a soft moan, I took out the finger and this time I inserted 2 fingers inside her vagina and she let a loud moan this time. She held her hands on the bedsheet and grabbed them.

I massaged the interiors of the vagina and got my tongue down where it was about to touch the clitoris, but just blew air mildly.

Radhika: Lick it Nish, lick it. Don't make me go mad

I still didn't lick, but this time I removed my fingers from inside and used my finger to tickle her clitoris. Her body started shivering, not because of the cold, but due to the excitement. Her moans started to become wild. I was on my knees on the edge of the bed. She kept her legs on my shoulders and was trying her best to drag me close. But I kept on tickling her clitoris with my finger.

Her moans made her hubby curious and without even bothering to ask, he stepped inside the room.

Prem: Are you enjoying baby?

Radhika: Yes.

Prem: Can I watch?

Radhika: No. Please go. Leave us alone.

I smiled and Prem, without saying any word went out. I could see he was hard and he would have been ready to pounce on her if she would have said yes.

Radhika: Please Nish, suck it, lick it. I need to feel your tongue on my clits.

Nish: Control baby. I will do that later.

Radhika: I can't hold on Nish.

Saying that, she leaked her cum out. But I kept tickling the clits for some more time and she was saying.

Radhika: Enough Nish.

And she woke up from bed and grabbed my head and smooched me. I went on the bed and she made me lie down and without a second thought, she took my penis inside her mouth and I felt wow. Her shoulder length hairs were around my penile region and that made it look so erotic. I love it when a female sucks my penis and the hairs are on my penile region. Yes, I had that pre-cum and she didn't bother to wipe it before she could take it.

She then sat on my cock and started riding. Her hubby came again and started playing with her breasts.

Radhika: Dear please leave me alone with Nish only for tonight. After a long time I am experiencing the pleasure.

Saying that, she got up and took his hand and made him go out and bolted the door.

Nish: You should have had allowed him to be here. Poor guy. He has been waiting for this moment I guess.

Radhika: He has fucked many woman before and after my marriage. He has not hidden anything from me though and I am cool about it. But today, I want to enjoy.

I guided her into the bathroom. I started the shower, took the loffa and pour some bath gel and applied on her, while I had stopped the shower. Once I made sure that, I had lathered her up and then used my hands and moved them and she was getting aroused again. She was on her knees and started giving me a blow job again. I couldn't hold on and I came on her face and there she was, looking like a slut.

Radhika: I was waiting for this to happen Nish.

Nish: Great, your wait has finally been rewarded.

I started the shower and cleaned her body and she helped me to clean mine. We did have a session of sex under the shower and finally came out of the bathroom. (Not narrating the sex part much as all of you know what will happen).

I helped her to dry and got myself dried and there she was, looking happy, relaxed and satisfied.

Radhika: Thanks for making it so special Nish. I look forward to get served by you again.

She opened the door and hugged her hubby and thanked him for allowing it to happen.

They kissed each other in front of me for few minutes and they went to their room and I went to the guest room.

I had my flight back to Bangalore the next morning. Prem and Radhika did come together to drop me to the airport and thanked me with a promise to meet again.

I thank all the readers for their time and patience to read this experience of mine. Hope my dear readers have enjoyed it.

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