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Everyone called her Kitty. Her real name was Katerina Mushkia. Kitty was well known and liked around town, her mother worked in the sheriff's office, her father ran a small shop where he tried to make sure he had what everyone wanted. A person could go into Ivan Mushkia's shop and if he didn't have it, he would order it in as a special delivery.

They all lived in a small pleasant town. Most people looked out for each other. It hadn't changed much from the way it had been in 1945, even the cinema still opened for Saturday matinee's the way it used to and had an usher that would take you to your seat.

It was middle America at it's very best and proud of it. The stars and stipes hung from a flagpole and an old Marine would still hobble out every morning to salute it, straitening his back with pride and saluting smartly while his grandson played the bugle. It wasn't what most modern towns did and city people would watch with a kind of awe. Understanding of the tradition flying past them. But for the good people of Jarksville it was something they took for granted and found comfort in.

In 1995 a big company bought a large tract of land just outside the town. The people were happy at the new addition as the company promised a fully equipped, brand new hospital would be built as well as the massive complex it wanted.

Jarksville prospered, jobs were created and new people arrived, most of which embraced the town's traditions and found it a good place to live.



Kitty was fourteen when one of their family friends asked if she would be interested in an extra babysitting job. The newly arrived Jensen family had a small boy. The Jensen's both worked at Biodyne Technologies and were looking for someone to help once the nanny they had hired finished at six.

"Sure, the Davidson family don't need me anymore and I was hoping to find someone else." Kitty answered with a smile. She had her eye on a new phone.

Her parents were second generation Ukrainians and still held strict ideas regarding work ethic. Katerina had helped out at the store since she was small and once she got older, had been expected to find extra work if she wanted the things every teenage girl wanted.

Kitty found she liked the Jensen's very much. Mrs Jensen was from Baton Rouge, had a pleasant and welcoming air while maintaining a smart professional image. Mr Jensen was a tall blonde haired man with an easy smile and a background in biology. He too was cheerful and generous.

She soon found herself quite eager to go look after their son Alex as the boy was fairly easy to handle and once put to bed, Kitty could concentrate on her studies. If she wanted to relax, they had a pool, a jacuzzi and the very best TV. All of it was available for her to use as she wished.

At sixteen the Jensen's gave her a spare set of car keys, the bright yellow Mercedes was rarely used and she was allowed to drive it whenever she wanted. Her father objected at first but soon let the matter drop once he had talked with Mr and Mrs Jensen.


It was autumn and the town's trees were filled with a riot of bright gold, yellow and reds. Kitty drove carefully as she headed past the school and onto what was now called Biodyne Avenue. The town council had unanimously voted for the name change after the new hospital had been built as promised. Kitty had never know it as anything else so the new name was the way she always thought of it.

She stopped dutifully at the stop sign and checked left and right before moving off. Aside from the shopping in the rear, she carried the precious cargo of young Alex and was extra careful.

"Can I have an Ice-cream Kitty?... please?... please?" begged the now nine year-old boy.

Kitty laughed and nodded.

"Okay.. lets stop at Papa Luigi's." she agreed. Partially because the half Italian-half Polish Kyle would be working. She had a massive crush on him and took any chance to visit the place.

They found a parking spot with ease and were soon walking hand in hand into the Ice cream parlour. Alex never let go of her hand. Unlike most young boys, he didn't like to explore and felt a need to hold her hand.

"Hiya Kitty.. hi Alex.. what will it be?" asked Kyle with a smile. He liked Kitty a lot. She was taller than most girls her age, had large brown eyes and a pretty face. Her breasts were well developed too and filled out her sweater nicely.

Kitty flicked her hair and looked down at Alex. The action hiding the blush she felt rising when Kyle had smiled at her.

"What would you like?.. only one scoop." She asked and told the child. Aware that too much sugar sent Alex a bit wild.

Alex stared at the array of ice-creams, his mouth watering as he grinned in delight.

"Chocolate fudge." He said firmly, pointing to the one that looked the most chocolaty and sweet.

"Kitty... hey girl, I thought we could hit the library later." Samantha Brooks said in a gush as she walked into the store.

Kitty hugged her best friend.

"Sure, but I'll be late... Mrs Jensen can't get home until four." Kitty replied.

"Wow.. on a Saturday?" Sam said with a shake of her head.

Kitty shrugged.

"They both work super hard... it's good for me though... want an ice cream?... My treat." Kitty said with a grin. Knowing she had made well over a hundred dollars in the last few weeks.

The two girls giggled together as they chose what they wanted. Exchanging soft whispers as they watched the handsome Kyle fill their orders.

Kitty took Alex's spare hand as he licked his cone.

"Come on you." She said to him with affection. He grinned up at her and worked his fingers into hers as they headed for the door. Samantha already opening it.

"Kitty!!" blurted out Kyle, a bit more loudly than he had intended.

She turned and looked at him in surprise.

He blushed and fiddled with his apron. Gathered his courage and then seemed to swell up a bit.

"Will you go to prom with me?" he asked.

Her mouth dropped open a bit and she looked at him blankly in her shock.

"I mean.. I know it's not usual to ask a junior to senior prom... but... erm... would you?" Kyle said nervously.

Samantha had a hand over her mouth and was repeatedly whispering OMG.. OMG.. under her breath.

Kitty's eyes darted around the store, people were looking and a few were smiling. The older ones had that weird 'aww, how cute' look. It made her blush furiously and she gulped.

Samantha was the one that snapped her out of it. Tugging her around so they were face to face.

"Senior PROM... Oh.. MY .. GOSH... You HAVE to say yes." She hissed out quietly.

"Oh... but.. but."

"No.. no but's... I'll buy you a freakin dress myself if I have to... say YES." Samantha growled back in a whisper.

Kitty glanced over her shoulder. Kyle looked like he was about to vomit.

She turned around.

"Okay... YES." She said while continuing to blush.

It took a moment for her answer to register. Kyle blinked a few times and then grinned like a lunatic.

"I'll text you... erm.. maybe we could meet... later?... talk more?" he said.

Kitty nodded a bit stupidly and then was whisked out the shop by Samantha before she could form a reply or embarrass herself. Alex gripped her hand and followed. His eyes wide in confusion.

Outside, Samantha started to laugh delightedly.

"Holy SHIT.. my BFF is dating KYLE... just wait until I post THIS." She said with glee. Taking out her phone to hit up twitter, Facebook and a few other sites.

"NOOOOO... no you can't.. I'm not dating him... I mean.. oh crap.. I don't know what I mean." Kitty wailed.

Alex tugged on her hand.

The tug reminded her he was there and she shook her head before looking down at him with a smile.

"Hey little big man?" she said gently.

"Do you love him more than me?" Alex asked with a slightly desperate expression on his face.

Kitty knelt down and pulled him close.

"Don't be silly... of course not." She told him as she held him close.

Samantha groaned.

"Jesus Kitty.. you're not his mom."

Kitty shot her friend a glare. Alex was a loving little boy who she felt very responsible for.

"Sooo NOT the point Sammy." She replied as she picked up Alex, despite him being old enough to walk, he wrapped his arms around her neck and snuggled in.


Prom night. Kitty had picked out a pretty dress and was ready. She felt butterflies looping the loop in her tummy and once more checked she looked okay.

Her mother and father waited in the living room and when she walked down the stairs her father gave a little gasp. Her mother smiled with pride.

"Katarina.. you look so pretty." Her mother exclaimed.

Ivan looked away. It was a bit much for him as he hadn't realised how much his daughter had grown until now.

Her coltish figure had changed without him seeing it. Her legs were still long but now had a woman's shape, her hips added curves and her small waistline exaggerated them. The dress she wore showed her as a young budding woman.

"You will be home by ten." Ivan said firmly.

"Yes father... I promise." Kitty replied. At no point was she lying and fully intended on doing as he had asked.

"Ivan.. the dance doesn't stop until midnight." Her mother objected.

"Mom.. it's okay... I'll be home at ten." Kitty said.

"What if your handsome boy wants a kiss?... you MUST have time for one kiss."

Ivan glared at his wife.

"Ten... it's already agreed." He snapped out.


Kyle's old Chevy spluttered along the road.

"I'm.. er... I'm saving for a new car." He explained.

Kitty nodded but didn't reply as they drove into the school lot. He parked up and they sat in nervous silence for a bit.

Then he reached for her and they kissed... Fumbled together.

She felt at a loss. This wasn't what she really wanted. But she let him go much further than she had with any of her previous boyfriends.

It was a relief when her phone rang. She pushed Kyle away as she reached for her phone. Her pretty dress bunched around her hips, her panties already gone.

"Mr Jensen?" she said breathily as she answered her phone.

"Yes... yes."

"Oh.. oh NO."


"I can... I'm... I'm so sorry Mr Jensen." She said as she scrambled out of reach and wagged a finger at Kyle. Telling him NO.

She stood in the middle of the carpark. Tears running down her face.

"I have to go." She said softly to Kyle.

"What happened?" he asked.

"Mrs Jensen got rushed to hospital... Mr Jensen is there with Alex... I HAVE to get to Alex.. he needs me." Kitty half said, half shouted as she pulled open the passenger door.

"Okay.. yeah.. I'll take you." Kyle said franticly as he jumped into the driver's seat.

The engine roared to life and his old car responded as if it knew this was an emergency.


Kitty sipped her coffee slowly. The house was quiet. She valued it as she took another sip.

A small noise from Alex's room made her put it down.

"he's up." She said with a sigh.

"Stay." Philip Jensen said softly... his hand brushing along her naked thigh.

"he needs me." Kitty replied as she got out of the bed she now shared with Philip, her tall beautiful body was now fully developed. Her long brown hair fell in waves down her back as she stood.

Philip Jensen sighed.

"Sometimes I wonder... was it me or my son you fell in love with?" he said in annoyance as the eighteen year old Kitty reached for her pale blue dressing gown.

Kitty smiled as she bent to kiss him. Her hand drifting down his chest, across his stomach until she found his cock. She grasped it firmly.

"I fell in love with THIS." She said with a grin as they kissed.

"prove it." He replied lustfully.

Kitty released his cock and moved away with a laugh.

"Exactly how many times will it take?... you took my virginity.. I've fucked you pretty much everywhere.. " she told him as she tied her robe closed and headed for the bedroom door.

"More.. a lot more." He yelled with a laugh as she left.

Kitty walked to the kitchen. She knew that the now eleven year old Alex would be waiting.

"mom... can I have pancakes?" he asked as she entered.

Kitty ruffled his hair affectionately.

"Sure.. why not," she agreed as she went to the fridge.

Alex watched avidly as she mixed up the ingredients for his favourite breakfast. Calling Kitty 'Mom' had come naturally to him. He felt she was his mother and hardly thought of his real mother at all now.

The easy transition for Alex and Kitty was mainly because both had spent so much time together already, with her acting more like a mother than Mrs Jensen had.


The old Marine hobbled out as usual and his grandson blew the bugle. Kitty and Alex held hands as the flag was honoured.

A few people looked at them but said nothing. Only one young man stared in anger. Kyle.

Kitty and Alex walked towards the school. Even at eleven when most boy's hated even a kiss goodbye from their parents. Alex held her hand and smiled up at her.

"Be here when I'm done?" Alex asked at the school gates.

"Always." She promised as she always had.

"I love you mom." He said as he hugged her.

"I love you too." Kitty replied. A tear in her eye as always. The connection she had with him was amazingly deep even though she wasn't his real mother.

"Some people don't like this Katarina." Said Ivan as he watched Alex run up the steps of the school. It had been a while since he had talked to his daughter.

Kitty stood and shook her head. She hadn't expected her father to be there.

She spent most of this year ignoring the scandalised whispers that had grown into frowns of disgust when she had married Philip.

"And you daddy?.. do you hate me?" she asked with a maturity beyond her years.

He shook his head.

"Like that boy.. I see love... not everyone can.. NO.. I LOVE you. I always will." He answered and then turned away with a smile.

Katarina gulped back tears as she watched her father leave.

"I love you too Dada." she whispered under her breath. Knowing and feeling guilty for all the lies she had told. The good girl she had once been felt a long time ago. Kyle had every right to his anger, so did many people, even if they didn't know the whole truth.

Kitty shouldered her handbag and walked to her Mercedes. The car that she had bought with her virginity a long time ago.

It started smoothly, the engine purring to life.

Kitty blew out a long breath. She was nearly nineteen. Collage and university were dreams her father and mother had had for her. Life, her own life waited and while she regretted some of what she had done. She was happy with what she had.


Eight years later...

"That's your MOM?" breathed out Andrew as he watched Kitty walk down the University hallways with a smile for Alex.

Alex shot his friend a glare of warning. He was used to the way people reacted to how young and beautiful his mom was. He still hated it though.

"Yeah.. keep it in your pants." He hissed out angrily.

Kitty embraced him warmly and kissed his cheek.

"All set?.. your dad's got us first class tickets home." She said with a smile.

Alex held onto her for a while. He had missed her terribly. He didn't care if it didn't look cool.

"Missed you mom." He told her.

"Missed you too little big man." She said affectionately. Her eyes welling up from his greeting. She had half expected hm to be standoffish like she had seen other kids be with their parents.

Andrew coughed politely.

"hey dude.. introduce me." He interrupted. All he saw was one very HOT looking woman that looked about twenty six. Kitty was twenty eight, nearly twenty nine. But looked younger. Her body still slim yet busty, her face and hair unchanged much by the last few years.

Kitty disengaged herself and smiled at the young man.

"Kitty.. Alex's mom." She introduced herself. She knew her son and knew he felt embarrassed.

"Wow.. you must have been really young." Blurted out the boy with no tact whatsoever.

Kitty's smile gave nothing away.

"I was." She replied.

Alex grabbed his bags.

"Gotta go... see you next year buddy." He said to his friend as he scrambled to move away. Wanting the awkward yet familiar situation done with.

Kitty and Alex walked down the hall.

"I'm sorry... he didn't mean anything." Alex apologised.

Kitty laughed as she took one of his bags and wrapped a spare arm around his shoulders. In her heels she was still taller than him despite his recent growth.

"It's fine... men always think silly things, all that matters is what we as a family think... by the way, you okay working at my father's store all holiday?" Kitty said.

"Sure, Grandad Ivan got that new check out system running yet?" he replied with a grin.

"No.. you will have to help with that too." Kitty grinned in response.

They shared a laugh as they walked. Some things in Jarksville never changed. Time had healed the oddity of Kitty and Philip Jensen's marriage. Most people now hardly looked twice when they dinned in a restaurant or went to a bar. Only people that weren't from Jarksville displayed any shock or disapproval.

As before, Kitty had a wining personality and was again well liked in town, so was her husband. Both going to church, volunteering when they could and basically doing what most of the good people in Jarksville considered the right thing.


Kitty bucked her hips to meet Philips, he was panting hard in effort. She knew he was close, but so was she and she pushed harder to get what she wanted.

"Don't... don't" she gasped as she chased her building orgasm. Her words begging him not to come too soon.

Philip tried to think of something else. His young wife was just too hot to ignore though and he grunted out a few gasps as he started to spurt inside her.

"Fuck." Kitty said in annoyance as his cock wilted.

"I'm still good baby." He gasped out as he went down on her, lapping at her clit in an effort to finish her off.

She pushed his head away and sighed. Closing her legs as she moved away.

"It's okay... I'm good." She breathed out.

Philip laid on his back in exhaustion, he was fifty four, not exactly old but satisfying Kitty had become close to impossible lately.

"Sorry." He panted out.

Kitty grumbled under her breath but kissed his cheek affectionately. She still loved him deeply.

"Well, it was still nice." She told him truthfully as she had enjoyed the coupling.

Philip laughed. It was a self-mocking laugh.

"Time was... that you used to beg ME to stop... lay on this bed like I am now and whimper in exhaustion." He said wistfully.

Kitty smiled and ran a finger over his chest.

"Oh I remember.. and just now... it really WAS nice, as a plus... at least I can walk to the bathroom now." She giggled out.

Philip looked at her lovingly. He knew she was telling half-truths. Kitty loved sex and was a demon in bed.

"I love you." He said sincerely.

She kissed him gently.

"I Love you too." She replied in total honesty.

The sound of the early morning bugle made her look to the window.

Her husband looked towards it too.

"Young Jamie doesn't look right doing it all on his own." He muttered sadly. Despite being relatively new to Jarksville. Philip and many of the other newcomers had embraced the small towns traditions. He and nearly the whole town had turned out for the burial of Marine Sgt Hicks when the old man had finally passed away.

Kitty smiled and stood. Naked as the day she was born she walked to the window and looked out, knowing what she would see.

"Take a look... Jamie's not alone." She invited her husband to the window.

They looked out and Philip smiled at the sight.

"Your dad looks good in his Uniform." He said as he watched Ivan salute the flag in his uniform. The silver wings on his chest glittered in the early morning light. The green beret on his head told everyone he had once served with the elite force.

"he does." She said proudly.

It had taken a lot to convince the normally shy Ivan to replace Hicks. Ivan rarely talked of his service and Kitty still remembered her mother screaming at him to 'get out of my house' when he had told her he was going again. Kitty had only been four at the time but the memory was vivid.

"this town is so weird... in a good way." Philip said softly.

Kitty nodded.

"in a good way." She agreed.


The clouds rolled in and the thunder roiled. Lightning sparked miles away.

Alex looked at the form in front of him and then signed it.

He had watched grandfather Ivan salute the flag. He had once promised both Kitty and his father he would complete his education, but something felt wrong about delaying any longer.

Logically he knew both Kitty and Ivan were not blood relatives, but he FELT they were, he FELT that Kitty was his mom and that Ivan was his grandfather.

"I'm sorry mom... and you too mom." He said softly as he sealed the letter. Referring to his lost mother and the one he felt was his mother also.


The bus arrived and he got off it in a rush as the drill sergeant's screamed abuse at them to move faster.

"One HUNDRED of you are here... selection has already started... THREE of you will make it and of that three... ONE might just make a Green Beret." Yelled out the hard looking man with Sgt stripes.

Alex gulped nervously but stood erect. Like Ivan, he was a quiet person that also hid a depth of strength.

He had wanted to join the military ever since finding out his grandfather Ivan had served. He knew he was pushing his luck by trying out for the elite unit, but he also knew that even if he failed they would grant him an army placement.


Kitty slapped the letter she had opened on the table in front of her father.

"Did you do THIS?" she yelled in anger.

Ivan sat calmly as he picked up the letter and read it.

"I'll make a call... and NO... I didn't." he said sadly.

Kitty slumped into a chair.

"make the call... pleases papa... he's so gentle..." she sobbed.

Ivan nodded. He had grown to love Alex like a grandchild. It did not matter to him that he wasn't blood related. Even though he, Ivan now suspected his daughter had been sleeping with Jensen long before Mrs Jensen had passed. He still felt much the same connection his daughter had for the boy.

"I'll try... but he's strong... inside, he is strong.. they will like that." He said gently, already knowing that despite all of young Alex's dependence on Kitty. The boy had what it actually took to make it through selection. For a while now the two had bonded further as Ivan took the boy into the woods and showed him the basics of hunting and survival.

Kitty dashed away tears.

"he's MINE.. fuck your army... fuck your green beret... bring him HOME." She yelled.

Ivan sighed and nodded. He understood why she was saying the things she did. His own wife had said as much numerous times.

"I will try... that's all I can promise... BUT... if he's accepted.. you WILL congratulate him." He told his daughter firmly.

Kitty scowled at him as her mother laid a hand on her shoulder.

"Katerina.. Alex IS my grandson, I love him deeply... if he does this thing.. it is because he is like your idiot father... not a bad thing... but stupid." Her mother said gently.

"This was never meant to happen." Kitty replied.

"No.. no it wasn't, but I agree with your father on this one thing... you MUST tell Alex you are proud of him if he makes it."

"I would NEVER undermine my SON." Kitty replied heatedly.


Alex had worked hard. His body had been taken to the point of breaking and beyond, only his determination had pushed him past. Then the real work had begun. His quiet stoicism had prevailed, allowed him to see it through to the end.

By the time he was gifted the silver wings of a green beret he was nothing but muscle and determination.

"I swear..." he started the oath while Kitty watched with a mix of pride and fear.

She fretted and felt anxious, yet she was also incredibly proud of him at the same time. He had emailed her regularly and she knew some of the trials he had had to face. Especially as he had had to undergo basic training before moving on to the specialist course.

Once the men were dismissed. She waved and clapped enthusiastically along with all the other family members present.

Alex waved at her as he headed towards where she, his father and Ivan waited.

"That's my family, see you later." Alex said to two of the friends he had made as the three fit looking men walked together.

Mitch clapped him on the back and nodded. He too had spotted his loved ones. "Later guys." Mitch said with a grin before running towards his girlfriend and family.

Danny laughed as he noticed Kitty bouncing on her toes and waving excitedly.

"You never said your girl was coming... she's HOT buddy."

Alex could have said Kitty wasn't his girlfriend, could have cleared things up easily enough. Instead he just nodded.

"See ya." Was all he said as he moved away from Danny.


Four months later...

Far away from Jarksville and it's comfortable safety.

"Go.. Go... Go." Yelled out the Captain. His voice carrying over the sounds of the engine.

Alex leapt out of the aircraft, his visor down as he assumed the correct position, diving towards what was still enemy territory.

"Enemy sighted." Came over his coms as he and the rest of the team took the risk of a low altitude opening.

The city below had numerous flat roof tops. In the light of day those would have been baking hot.

Alex waited as he had been trained to do. Popped his chute at the last possible moment, wrenching the guide lines hard so that he landed safely on one of those rooftops.

"Take em out." He heard as others lined up green lighted targets.

"In position." He said into his coms as he covered Chandler and Riggs.

Bullets ripped and muzzle flashes told everyone they had been spotted.

"Going loud" he screamed as he fired.

"Moving." Shouted Chandler.

"Mag out." Yelled Riggs... "Changing."

"Moving" replied Alex as he pushed forward, emptying his mag with precise short bursts of fire.

"Man down." Came over the coms...

"move. Move. Move. Frag out." Yelled Sgt Moore as he dropped a grenade down a chimney.

It sounded like chaos, but to the well trained green berets, it was ordered chaos. They responded perfectly and after what was a relatively brief fire fight. They moved to secure the area.

"We lost Connors... Hicks is hit too." Sgt Moore said angrily as they rounded up a few men and women.

"Eyes on target?" crackled over the coms.

"target neutralised sir." Affirmed Sgt Moore.


It was summer as Alex got out of the car and headed up the driveway to his home. He was a different man to the boy that had impetuously signed up over two years ago.

In his mind, he had envisioned coming home so often that the sight of his front door made him pause, unsure if the greeting he expected was the one he would get.

He could have told them he was coming, but it felt wrong to him. He had lost a good friend.

For some reason, he hadn't wanted the display of affection he would get. Not at the airport where his other friends might see.

It was guilt for surviving and no person can say how they will feel. For Alex it felt wrong to receive a public homecoming like that. So he hadn't told anyone when he would arrive.

He looked up and then down the familiar street. Everything was normal, a few kids played catch not far away. The blonde one displayed skill.. good hand eye coordination, he noted.

"Alex?... it is you." Shouted Mrs Wells from next door as she rushed over. Breaking his train of thoughts.

"Hi Mrs Wells.. yeah, just got back." He said as she grabbed his face with both hands and planted a kiss on his cheek.


Kitty had been doing the dishes when she saw him get out of the taxi. Both her hands had flown to her mouth. The plate she had been holding smashing to pieces on the floor.

It might seem strange to some, but Kitty started to cry and ran upstairs rather than go greet him.

She sat on her bed as emotions crashed through her body and mind. Great sobs of relief erupted from her as she clutched her knees and tried to breath.

Slowly she gained some semblance of sanity.

She hiccupped a few times as she got herself under control.

"Alex." She breathed out. Naming him made it feel more solid and she stood up.


"Anyone home?" Alex asked loudly as he shut the door behind him in relief. Getting away from Mrs Wells had taken some doing.

"Alex... Alex." Kitty sobbed as she ran down the stairs, her heels clattering loudly.

Alex couldn't breathe. She looked so good, like pure warm love. Just the way he had always thought of her since he was small.

"Ommfff." He grunted out as she collided with him, her arms flinging around him as she smothered his face with kisses.

"Oh Alex... are you okay?.. did you get injured?.. is that why you are home?" she suddenly stopped kissing and hugging. Her face changing to one of worry.

She ran her hands over his body, checking he was okay.

"Hey.. medical checked me already." Alex laughed out.

Kitty cried unashamedly.

"medical isn't me." She sobbed through her smile as she continued to check him over, feeling his solid form in a frenzy of emotional relief.

"I'm fine... really... I promise." Alex told her as he grasped her hands and looked into her eyes.

Kitty nodded and took a step back. The full armed slap she hit him with next made his ears ring.

"Owch... what the fuck?" he said and then ducked as she tried to hit him again.

"Swearing... you do NOT swear in THIS house." She screamed as she recovered her balance.

Alex held up his hand.

"Hey... MOM... I ... I'm sorry..." he said gently.

Kitty blew out a slow breath.

"you must be hungry... I'll make Ivan's soup." She said as she calmed down.

Alex walked behind her and watched for a few moments.

"I don't' want granddad's soup." He said softly as he wrapped his arms around her waist. Pulling her to him.

Kitty sighed and caressed his cheek lovingly as he embraced her.

"You must need something? All that... all that... war... my father hardly talks about it and I'm sure that is why he is the way he is... Talk to me Alex.. I'm here for you." She told him as she intertwined her fingers with his. Just like she used to.

Alex smelled her hair and her neck. It smelt clean but also like home.

"I love you Mom... but I can't talk about that stuff... can we just.. just stay like this for a while." He whispered with more than a little emotion.

Kitty turned around while maintaining their embrace. She looked up into his sad eyes and nodded.

"Hold me... I'll always hold you." She said as she hugged his now muscular frame.

Her face was too close. Her lips too tempting. She was more beautiful than any woman he knew or had seen. The kiss he laid on her lips wasn't the kind of kiss a son gives a mother.

Kitty's eyes widened a bit but she didn't pull away. Instead she kissed him back, her tongue sliding over his as they slowly deepened the kiss into the realms of passion.

Alex lifted her up, her bum rested on the kitchen counter top as he pushed her skirt up, reached under it and tugged at her panties.

"Alex...You can't" she objected but still allowed him to pull off her panties, physically raising her hips and wiggling to assist, he pulled them over her legs and down until she had to help him take them over her high heels.

"I want YOU." He said passionately as he pushed her legs apart. She let him and spread herself wide.

"It's wrong." She gasped out while still opening her legs and then kissing him urgently.

He plunged into her and they both sighed.

"I don't care if it's wrong mom.. Kitty...I love you." He grunted out as he felt his cock being enveloped by her soft lips.

Kitty gasped in ecstasy as she felt him enter her. The sensation of his large cock plunging into her made her yelp.

She kissed him even more deeply as she felt him fill her fully.

"Oh..Oh." she moaned.

"Ugh, ugh." He panted as he started to slam into her.

Kitty clutched the countertop as she orgasmed. Her whole body shook and three of her nails broke as she squeezed her thighs, gripped the counter top and let out a soft sigh of fulfilment.

"More.. you can take more." Gasped out Alex as he continued to ram in and out. His large cock hitting her G-spot with every thrust.

"yes.. yes... I WANT MORE." Moaned out Kitty as she bucked her hips and chased the second orgasm that was building inside her.

Their mouths mashed together, her tongue ran over his repeatedly as she tried to devour all of him. FEEL all of him.

His large cock filled her fully with each thrust, slightly slower now that he understood she had cum. They both scrabbled at each other's clothing.

"Cum in me." She gasped out as he lifted her and they went to the floor. Most of their clothing discarded.

They kissed ever more passionately as they slammed together in urgent need.

He panted and grunted with effort. She clawed at his back as she pulled him into her with the heels of her now naked feet, bucking her hips in time to each of his thrusts.

Alex bit her neck as he started to pulse. His cock twitching inside her.

She panted breathlessly as she stared into nothing. The ceiling above seemed to exist someplace else as all she felt and experienced was his cock filling her with cum.

"Ohh... ohhh.. oh... mmmmm..." She whimpered out as she felt his semen fill her.

Alex pushed as deep as he could as the last of his cum spurted. He held her close as he nuzzled her neck. His hot breath coming in gasps against her neck.

She caressed his spine, her nails trailing down it as she started to fully relax, the tension in her waning.

"Don't." she whispered and then found his mouth with hers as he moved to get off her.

They kissed slowly. The kiss more meaningful now they had coupled.

Alex's lips melted to hers. It was an intense and telling moment.

For now, any guilt was ignored as the kissed lovingly. His cock still inside her.

After a long few minutes, Kitty looked away. Her eyes becoming distant.

The guilt finally hitting her fully.

Alex caressed her cheek and smiled down at her, trying to capture her eyes again.

"God this is so wrong." Kitty sighed out eventually. But she still had her legs wrapped around his hips and was holding him inside her.

"I've always loved you... Kitty." He whispered softly as he gently, so very gently turned her face to his with one callused hand.

She gulped and nodded. She knew he was telling the truth but the use of her name made it more real, different... he had called her 'Mom' since he was nine.

"Oh Alex." She sighed out shamefully as she moved her legs and let his limp cock slide out. The wet sound momentarily filling both their ears.

Alex sighed too, the sound sad as he moved and snuggled into her, his head between her soft breasts.

"When I was little.. you used to snuggle with me like this." He said wistfully.

Kitty touched his face lovingly.

"Only when the storms came.. you got into bed with your dad and me." She reminded him sadly.

Alex nodded at first but then grew very still. His body stiffening.

"My real mother was still... still." He uttered in a kind of blank voice.

Kitty blinked away tears. Alex couldn't know or be allowed to know why she had been in his fathers bed at that time.

"It's not what you are thinking.. I was just sleeping over and the storms made me nervous.. I was really young back then." She explained.

Alex looked up from between her breasts.

"Do you love dad?" he asked finally after looking into her glorious and loving eyes.

Kitty sighed.

"Yes... very much... just not the way I love you... the first day we meet, you were so shy... but then you seemed to ... OH.. oh .. I'm not sure how to describe it." She said and then faltered.

"Fall in LOVE with you?" he supplied.

"Did you?.. well back then all I knew was you needed me and in a way, I needed you too.. LOVED you." she said softly.

Alex moved so that he was on his elbow, looking down at her. Her skirt had been ripped off, her top was half on half off, the bra she had worn was torn too. In their mutual need and lust. She and he had ruined their clothing.

He cupped a bare breast and ran a thumb over her puffy nipple.

"I was calling you mom in my head before it happened... then... when I was in college, everyone noticed you.. talked about you.. I hated the way my friends talked about wanting you." He admitted.

Kitty caressed his face.

"I heard some of it.. it made me feel sexy... I LIKED it." She told him truthfully. Her honesty born from years of being the 'hot mom' and without any way to do anything about it.

Alex smiled.

"I realised that when you wore that tiny skirt to my graduation... everyone was looking at you, hoping the wind would blow it up.. me included." He replied with a laugh.

Kitty blushed but laughed too.

"you were already thinking about me like that?" she asked in surprise.

He nodded slowly as he pinched her nipple gently, pulling it up a little. He didn't answer her question as he lowered his head and sucked the hard nipple into his mouth.

Kitty watched him suck and nuzzle her nipple, her breathing quickened and she let out a small moan when his hand moved from her hip, between her spread legs, his fingers sliding inside her well slicked pussy

"I want you again." He mumbled as he went from one nipple to the other.

"Not here.. this was risky... lets go upstairs." She panted out. Aware that they had made love in front of the glass double doors. Doors that opened onto their back yard. A yard that was overlooked by several houses.

Alex released her and pulled her to her feet, easily picking her up.

"Good idea." He grinned out and then carried her swiftly to his bedroom.

She let out a laughing squeal as she was dropped onto his bed.

"Wait... wait." She laughed out as he made to get on top of her.

"Help me out of my clothes." She said with a smile as she pulled, tugged and then removed his shirt.

Alex nodded as he helped her out of her ripped blouse and bra. Then slid her skirt down her long slim legs, she raised her hips to assist.

"You are so beautiful." He said huskily as he looked down at her totally naked body. Her legs splayed wide so that he was kneeling between them. Her slit still slick with her juices and his semen. His cock stood fully erect.

She held out both arms. Inviting him.

"make love to me little big man." She whispered, her eyes on his, they shone with a mixture of love and need.

"Don't call me that." He said as he went to her and slid inside her easily. Her slickness made her tight hole easy to enter despite his size.

She sighed as she felt him fill her, held his shoulders with both hands and wrapped her legs around him.

"You're still my baby boy." She said as she moved her hips, hungrily taking him all the way inside.

He closed his eyes as he felt himself fully enveloped.

"I'm Alex." He insisted as he started to move, slowly fucking her tight and welcoming pussy.

She bit her lower lip in pleasure as they found the right rhythm.

They stopped talking as they made love, slowly at first and then moving more quickly as their twin passions hit a high. Both of them thrusting and grunting like animals as they closed in on their orgasms.

"Oh... oh GOD..." Kitty moaned out as she started to cum. Clutching him to her as she bucked her hips and started to tremble.

Alex let out a low grunting noise as he felt his cock spurt. It throbbed and jerked inside her as he held her too. Both of them sighing as they finished together.

Kitty kept him inside her, her legs firmly holding him in place. Alex breathed heavily into her neck as his cock pulsed a last strand of semen into her. She was still trembling slightly as he did. Her own orgasm not quite finished.


Kitty placed the plate of pancakes onto the table. They were ladled with maple syrup and topped with a generous dollop of cream. Just the way Alex loved them.

"Thanks Kitty." He said as he picked up his fork.

Kitty sighed as she stood beside him, her fingers played with his hair. The guilt of what she had done fully forming now they were both downstairs again.

"You can't call me Kitty... not when you have been calling me Mom since you were nine." She said gently.

Alex swallowed a mouthful of pancake and turned to look at her, his eyes told her everything.

"No Alex... no... I'm not doing that... I love both of you." She said. Her own eyes begging hm to understand.

Alex's mouth twisted angrily.

"Don't lie... 'MOM'... I know dad raped you... I heard it all.. you saying no, him grunting.. you crying.. what were you? Seventeen? Sixteen?.. he doesn't deserve you." Alex said bitterly.

Kitty bit her lower lip and turned away.

"it wasn't like that.. you are remembering it wrong... your dad was never anything but good to me when I was your sitter... and.. and he DID love your mother." She said tearfully.

Alex shook his head bitterly. He was sure he remembered it right.

Kitty crossed her arms and hugged herself. She knew there could be no peace if she didn't explain.

"It was your uncle... after I put you to sleep that night, he came round to see his sister, but your parent's were having a date night... he ... well... he took advantage." She said softly. The memory she had tried to forget making her tone wispy and sad.

Alex watched her back. His own guilt had always haunted him. He had thought it was his father.. had hidden under his bed as he heard the sounds of Kitty's cries. Logically he knew he had only been little. But he had never forgotten the guilt of not doing anything, even though it wasn't until he was older he fully understood what those sounds had meant.

"Kitty... MOM... I'm sorry." He suddenly sobbed out.

She turned around and rushed to him, holding his head tight to her chest.

"No... no, it wasn't your fault." She told him as she held him. His tears soaking through her pale blue nightdress.

"I've spent years hating him." He said with a shudder. He wanted to say hating himself too but couldn't.

Kitty took his face in both hands and looked into his eyes.

"Your father loves you, I love you... that's all you really need to know." She said firmly. Her own eyes still wet. Her face streaked by the mascara that had run.

Alex looked at her and nodded. He wanted to leave it but one thing still burned hot in his mind.

"Uncle Terry? What happened?.. I never saw him after mom died." He asked.

Kitty caressed his cheek gently.

"he left... your father saw to that... your mother, well, she took me home and made me promise not to say anything." She said softly.

"Did you hate her?.. my mom... that sounds like her from what I remember.. it was always you that picked me up and comforted me." Alex said softly.

Kitty shook her head.

"No.. I never hated her. She did what she thought was best for you... if it had been the other way around." Kitty shrugged and sighed. "I don't know, but I might have done the same." She finished in a whisper.

For the fist time in his life, Alex started to fully understand just how much Kitty had sacrificed for him. He had heard the talk, how she had seduced his father and dismissed it as he had thought he knew the truth. He had hated his father, yet loved Kitty. She was the strong foundation he had built his life on. Her family had taken him in. Ivan had treated him like a grandson.

"And you came back... for me.. even after what happened." He muttered in wonder, knowing that the only reason Kitty had returned to a house where she had been raped had been for him.

"I never felt more whole than when I was looking after you." She replied with a smile.

Alex gulped.

"So... what we just did?" he asked guiltily. Finally feeling ashamed.

Kitty looked deep into his eyes.

"Was LOVE... it was wrong in one way.. but still LOVE... I won't ever regret it." She told him and then kissed his lips gently.

Alex kissed her back. Tentatively at first and then he was pulling her to him. Kissing harder.

Kitty went with it for a while and then pushed away a little regretfully.

"We can't... not again." She breathed out while her sex ached and her heart slammed against her chest.

Alex nodded and looked away, his face showed the guilt he was feeling.

"I'm so fucked up in the head right now." He said as he stood.

"me too little big man... me too." She said softly as she watched him walk to his kit bag, pick it up and head upstairs.



Katarina and Philip held hands and smiled as their son Alex put a ring on Sally West's finger. The girl looked pretty in her white dress, Alex looked great in his uniform.

"You may kiss the bride." Intoned a smiling Padre Jones as the two were already kissing.

Everyone clapped, yelled or stamped feet, some of the crowd being from Alex's former unit and slightly rowdy.

The drinks flowed freely at the wedding reception and Kitty disengaged herself from Wendy Wells as Alex walked towards the bar alone.

"I'll have a screwdriver please." Kitty said as she walked up to Alex.

Alex hugged her before ordering the drink.

"Tonight?" he asked in a whisper. His words soft in her ear as they hugged.

Kitty shook her head as she disengaged and accepted her drink.

"I think your new wife might need a bit of love." She laughed out as she stepped back.

Alex looked around the room and stepped closer.

"You said she was a good match.. you and grandfather... She's vapid.. Jesus I can't stand her." Alex growled out.

Kitty raised an eyebrow.

"Didn't stop you from knocking her up... do the right thing Alex.. and NO.. not tonight and not anytime soon." Kitty said with a smile plastered on her face as she looked around.

"Mom... really?" he groaned out.

Kitty sighed.

"Take my arm.. we'll go for a walk." She said.

People nodded and smiled. Gave congratulations and generally praised Alex. A few gushed out how perfect Kitty's hat was as the two made their way outside.

The old hotel had a big garden out back, it was lit by flickering candles for the occasion. Most people remained inside though as winter was approaching and the air was cool.

"Will you re-up and go back?" Kitty asked as they wandered towards an old water feature. Two benches next to it and high hedges around it.

Alex shook his head. He had broken the promise once before but wasn't going to do so again.

"No, I'm done with the army.. I'll be a reserve through." He answered truthfully.

"Good... Sally needs a man at home.. so will your child." Kitty said with a smile as she intertwined her fingers with his.

Alex shrugged.

"She's hardly home.. Biodyne takes up most of her time." He replied as he looked at his mother, eyeing her sleek dress and the way it clung to her slim yet busty body.

Kitty turned to him. In her heels she was the same height.

She laid a hand on his chest and patted it affectionately.

"Well.. when the babies born.. I'll be your baby sitter." She said with a smile.

The cool air whipped into a breeze. It played with Kitty's long tresses and they framed her pretty face.

Alex wondered if this was fate.

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