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"Daddy, daddy, look at our titties!" nineteen-year-old Heather said cheerfully as she raised her T-shirt up to her neck. She wiggled her body making her breasts shake before her college friend Lisa grabbed them and thrust her head between them.

Heather threw her head back and laughed, her blonde pigtails bouncing. Lisa was biting into her friend's nipples loudly, her jet-black hair glistening behind her bare shoulders.

Sitting on a sofa with an erection, Heather's stepfather Caledon craned his neck to see more of these two topless college girls dancing and touching each other.

"She likes my boobies, daddy," Heather giggled.

Heather was wearing her denim shorts and tennis shoes. Her black shirt was now over her head and sailing through the air towards Caledon. Her friend Lisa was wearing a blue, plaid miniskirt with lacy frills around the hem and black knee-high socks. She had been wearing a tank top, but she chucked that ten minutes ago. All that was left was the porcelain white skin of her small breasts that Caledon was straining to see.

He leaned back and sighed when Lisa stood up straight to kiss his stepdaughter on the lips. Two pairs of tits were grinding against each other.

"Wow," he muttered as his favorite porno subgenre—interracial lesbian—played out in front of him. "Wow, wow, wow."

"Look, daddy," Lisa said. She glanced at Heather. "Can I call him 'daddy,' too?" She didn't wait for an answer. "Look at us kiss, daddy," she said. And she slithered her tongue into Heather's mouth. They wrapped their arms around each other, their chests smooshed together, and they moaned loudly and exaggeratedly as they French-kissed.

Lisa's hands slid all over Heather's body before converging on the buttons of Heather's shorts.

"Oh, fuck," Caledon groaned as he caught a flash of Heather's pink undies before Lisa turned her around.

Lisa kissed her friend's neck, her shoulder blades, her breasts again, her navel, and then chewed on Heather's undies with her teeth.

Caledon leaned back, ready to undo his own pants and jerk himself off.

But he was in a stranger's house. He had driven here to pick up Heather. Lisa then invited him in for mid-afternoon Malibu rum cocktails she was having with Heather. It was an excuse to get him up here. Lisa had been wanting to meet Caledon for a while and the girls finally made it happen.

A drink became two.

Two drinks became truth-or-dare.

And that silly game became two topless girls making out in front of him.

"Come here," Lisa said to Heather.

"Oh, shit," Caledon said as the topless teens began rushing towards him.

Heather threw herself on the sofa next to him. Lisa stood in front of him. She sat on his lap.

"Did you like the show, Cal?" she asked.

"Oh, yeah," he said, wrapping an arm around the girl. She brought her face close to his—her small mouth playful and her Chinese eyes fluttering.

"Can I kiss him?" she asked Heather.

"Hey, I'm right here," he said with a grin. "You can ask me."

"Don't ask him, just do it," Heather said.

Lisa laughed and turned her face to kiss Caledon.

"Mm," he said as her lips touched his.

Her fingers were stroking his chest. Then she felt up his arms. "Ooh, he's so muscley," she said to Heather. She slid her hands back up to his face and turned it to her to kiss him some more, this time with tongue and a louder moan. She reached down between his legs and squeezed the rock-hard bulge that was poking hard against his pants. "Oh, my fucking God," she said. She smiled at him before kissing him again.

"You like that, daddy?" Heather asked.

"Oh, yeah, bumpkin," he said.

"Pumpkin?" Lisa asked confused.

He shrugged. "Nickname."

He was staring at her skirt and her bare knees tucked between his legs, bumping against his erection.

"Touch her, daddy," his stepdaughter said.

He inhaled. Then he brought his hands to her knees.

Lisa shifted and said, "Mm."

He slid his hand under her skirt up her thighs.

"Ooh," Lisa squeaked.

He brought his hand back out to play with her hair that was covering her chest. Lisa pushed the hair back over her shoulders. Her little chest was bare and leaning against his, her tiny white breasts waiting for his big hands. He grabbed one and squeezed.

"Aww," Lisa said, staring at his grip.

When he pinched her nipple, she twitched.

He slid his hand back down, over her skirt, and pressed his hand between her legs. She grabbed his wrist and gasped. He pressed harder. She panted.

"Can we, unh, can we take him upstairs?" Lisa asked Heather.

"Yeah," Heather said.

"Can we, ooh, ooh, take him and, and fuck the shit out him?"

Heather laughed. "Hell, yeah."

"Now you're sure we're alone..." Caledon began.

"Daddy, stop," Heather said. "We're all good." She leaned into him and kissed his face. "He always gets nervous," she said to Lisa.

"No, I don't," he said. Heather began kissing him on the lips.

"Just relax, daddy," she said.

He kissed back. Lisa brought her lips to the scene and began kissing them as well.

"Mm?" Caledon said. "Wait. Who am I kissing?"

Heather continued kissing him. So did Lisa. The three of them were locked in a three-way French-kissing tongue fest. Heather mumbled a laugh. Lisa was the hungriest, alternately focusing on Heather, then Caledon, then Heather again, licking them and grabbing the backs of their heads to pull them even closer together.

Heather buried her face in her stepdad's neck. Lisa threw her arms around them and kissed their faces.

"This is gonna be so fun," Lisa exclaimed. "Daddy's gonna fuck us good. Aren't you, daddy?"

Caledon shook his head. "Oh, I'll try!"

Heather giggled at that. "Come on." She began to get up.

Lisa jumped to her feet as well. They each grabbed one of Caledon's hands and pulled him to his feet. He put his arms around them and hugged them, enjoying their breasts grinding against him.

"Lead the way," he said.

But he heard a door opening.

"What is that? Who the fuck is that?"

"Calm down, daddy," Heather said.

"But who--?"

"It's okay," Lisa said.

Caledon bit his lip and waited as he heard footsteps coming towards them.

"What's going on here?" said a Chinese man in a suit with no tie and a thin mustache.

"Oh, shit," Caledon muttered.

"Baba!" Lisa cried out.

Caledon looked at Heather in confusion. Heather mouthed out, "Means 'papa'."

"I'm fucked," he concluded.

Lisa's father put his hands on his hips and stared at them.

They stared back, waiting for his reaction.

A slight grin appeared. The man said, "What is this? Some kind of sex party going on here? No one tells me?"

"You know him?" Caledon asked his stepdaughter who nodded.

"Oh, look at this, cocktails, too," the father said eyeing the table with the bottle. "Where you guys going now?"

"To my room, baba," Lisa said.

He waved the idea away. "No, no, no, no, no, not yet. I want to join party. Get to know him. Sit down. Come on."

He hurried over to the sofa and sat down. "Oh, there's no room for four of us." He pointed to Caledon. "You sit down, sir."

Caledon looked at Heather who pushed him into the sofa.

"You take my Lisa," the man said.

Lisa jumped back on Caledon's lap.

"And I take this one," the man said, taking Heather's hand. He pulled her into him until she sat on his lap. "Look how cozy this is," he said.

"Baba, this is Cal, Heather's teddy bear daddy," Lisa said, putting her arm around Caledon and resting her forehead against his.

"Henry Lee," the man said. He gave Caledon his hand to shake.

Henry tightened his arms around Heather.

"You've got such a beautiful daughter, Cal," he said, staring up at Heather. "Lucky son of a biscuit!" He laughed and kissed Heather on the cheek. "Mm. So cute and crazy. How you deal with someone so crazy as her?"

"It's not easy," Caledon teased.

"Hey," Heather said.

"Ha," Henry said before kissing Heather's lips. "Mm, and tasty. Kiss, kiss."

Caledon winced as the man began making love to his stepdaughter, kissing her and casually fondling her breasts and caressing her.

Lisa brought his attention back to her with a kiss.

"Okay, enough kissing," Henry said.

And he began undoing his pants.

"Whoa," Caledon said.

Lisa giggled and stood up, dancing between his legs.

Henry brought out his cock, boldly and unreservedly. "Ah," he said. He held his cock and pretended it talked. "Remember me?" he said in a pipsqueak voice. Heather chuckled and shook her head at him. But she stood up and knelt between his legs.

Caledon had questions but then realized Lisa was undoing his pants as well. He leaned back to help her. She also knelt between his legs.

"Look how big, baba!" she said to Henry, who laughed.

Lisa kissed the cock and pretended to munch on it while Caledon squirmed and chuckled. Then he gasped as his cock disappeared inch by inch into her small mouth.

"Now this," Henry said. "This is a nice afternoon! Oh!" He was holding Heather's head and guided it back and forth on his own cock. "You such a lucky man, Cal," he muttered. "Oh!"

As disturbed as he was by Heather with another man in front of him, Caledon had his own cock snug inside a girl's loving mouth. Lisa was holding his balls as she sucked. Her beautiful black hair was shimmering under the living room's chandelier lights.

"She's good?" Henry asked.

"Um," Caledon said, glancing nervously at Henry. Then he shrugged and had to admit, "She's real good."

Henry threw his head back and guffawed. "Good! She work so hard to get that good. She practice every day after homework."

Caledon groaned.

Henry laughed louder. "A joke."

Lisa pulled the cock out to say, "Shut up, baba," before resuming.

"I'm sorry," he said, high-pitched and playful. He leaned back to enjoy Heather on his cock. "You teach your bitch good, too," he said to Caledon, who was a little angered by that.

"She's not a—" he began.

But Lisa stood up and kissed him with her wet mouth. She reached under her skirt and pulled her panties off.

"Ooh, you in for a treat now," Henry said.

Lisa gave her back to Caledon and bent over, dancing a little. She lifted her skirt and reached behind her.

Caledon squinted to see she was pulling a butt plug out of her behind. He sat up on his seat and brought his face to her buttocks. He was under her skirt, licking her butt cheeks, spreading her butt cheeks, and then licking in between her butt cheeks.

"Ooh," Lisa cooed. She was holding the table in front of them for support while Caledon munched away at her.

She knelt on the floor, still holding the table. Caledon got on one knee behind her. He hesitated, holding his cock, nice and hard and slick wet with precum and her saliva, outside her anus. She pushed the table forward so she could bend even more, opening her anus to him.

"In my ass, daddy?" Lisa begged. "Please?" She shook her ass at him. "Make it hurt?"

"Do it," said Henry.

"Oh, fuck," Caledon said as he slowly penetrated her.

"Yes," she hissed.

"Oh, man," he said. He held her hips and moved in deeper, slowly.

While he was being gentle to not hurt her, she was pushing back into him and cooing like an owl as she felt him deeper and deeper.

"Excellent," Henry was saying.

Once Caledon was settled inside her, she was able to lift herself up a little, so he could wrap a muscular arm around her little body and feel her hair in his face. He was even able to slide another arm in front of her and stimulate her pussy while fucking her. When her mouth opened, he let a finger slide into it.

"Outstanding," Henry said.

Caledon glanced over at the man.

Henry had his now fully nude stepdaughter on her back on the couch with her legs in the air. He was between her legs on top of her.

Caledon looked closer. Henry was in Heather's anus as well.

And the living room was filled with the smells and sounds of two young women squealing, their "daddies" grunting, and hard cocks grinding into tight fleshy holes.

Caledon ejaculated inside Lisa. She collapsed onto the table. He fell back against the sofa, sweating, panting, exhausted. He watched the cum seep out of her anus. He turned in time to see Henry pull out, stand up, and explode all over Heather. Her arms and legs flopped down, tired. She sighed as he dripped the rest of his cum onto her naked body.

She glanced over at Caledon, who sat there with mixed emotions, ready to say something when Henry jumped up.

"That was so fucking fun!" Henry exclaimed. "We need to do this again and again. Dinner orgies. Weekend blowjobs. I've got a boat with a huge bed. We could party on the lake. Invite other friends..."

"Shut up, baba," Lisa said while they laughed at him. She hugged him to calm him down. The girls kissed the men and held hands as they giggled and scurried to the washroom to clean themselves.

The men dressed up. After a few moments and a last round of drinks, the girls returned and dressed. They said their goodbyes. Heather and Caledon held hands outside while Henry and Lisa stood by the door kissing and teasing one another.

"They don't worry about the neighbors?" Caledon wondered, opening the door for Heather.

She shrugged.

"Gotta get home before Mom starts to worry," he said once they were in the car.

"Jeez, forget Mom," Heather said while she synced her phone to the car audio for music.

He sighed. "We're out having fun while she spends her off-day waiting for the plumber."

"She's fine. Didn't you have fun, daddy? All into it with Lisa?"

He thought about it with a huge smile.

"Wait, more fun than with me?" she asked suddenly, looking worried.

He laughed, but she punched him once, then a few more times.

"Ow, never, never," he said, making her scoff and relax. Then he made a face and asked, "But those two aren't...?"

"No, they're not, eww," Heather said quickly.

"Oh, not...biological...?"

"Yuck, no," Heather said. "Step. Like you and me."

Caledon sighed and nodded. "Good."

They listened to the music.

"We're all still going to hell, though," he added, making her groan and roll her eyes as they drove home.

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