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David had stayed up way too late again. He lay in his bed under his covers, naked, and pondered the evening he had just endured. He went to a party at the behest of his 19-year-old sister, Susan, to meet some girls and to get drunk. He had no problem with the second part, but it was the first part that drove him home early.

He had left his sister with her friends, hitching a ride with his buddy at 11 PM. It was now 1 AM. He was still drinking, and he was still pretty buzzed if not drunk.

The front door opened loudly, and two voices could be heard, one lightly crying, and one calmly consoling. After a moment, there were footsteps up the stairs, and then some loud whispering outside his door. David could hear, but it was difficult.

"No, I'm gonna ask him."

"Susan, you're drunk and you just got dumped. What can your brother do?"

Through the light sobbing, Susan answered "He can teach me how to blow someone, so I don't get dumped again!" She started to cry a little, and her friend continued to try and reassure her. "You know how to give head. Ask my brother. Mike's just a jerk."

"And your father", Susan added. Then she giggled a little. "Sorry, Emily. I should have told you."

"Don't sweat it. I blew my dad too.", Emily replied. Snorts and snerfs followed as both girls cracked up.

David was hearing some things that he couldn't believe. His 18 year-old sis was actively handing out oral sex, and her friend's dad was getting blown by Susan and the dad's daughter. And he was just about to be recruited to teach them all he could about blowjobs. He couldn't begin to imagine what that might entail. An erection began to swell underneath David's blanket. He quickly pushed it against his stomach, but it was no good. "Oh no!" he whispered. "What do I do? Crap!" He quickly turned on his side and faced the door, pretending to doze.

"OK Susan, let's go and see what your bro can do for us." The bedroom door opened, and in walked the girls. It was pretty dark in his room, but the moon was full and there were some streetlights outside that gave pretty good illumination. David had forgotten that the girls were at a party, because they were both dressed rather scantily. Emily was wearing a black mini with a tight top and an open dress shirt, while Susan was wearing a short skirt and a sort of halter top that revealed her flat stomach. Neither girl was wearing a bra as far as David could tell. And for two 18 year-old girls, they were both pretty stacked.

Susan whispered as she entered "Davy! Are you awake?" Of course, David was, but he groaned and moaned a little, and then answered. "Sis? Is that you?" "Yeah, I'm coming in. I need your help with something, but its kind of delicate subject." David rolled onto his back and quickly sat up so as to cover his now raging hard-on. "Who's that with you?"

"Oh, it's my friend Emily."

"Hey Emily," said David, feigning sleepiness. David stretched a little, mostly to show the girls his relatively fine upper body. "OK, come on in and sit down" as he patted the bed on both sides of him. Both girls plopped down on either side. They were very close to him, and he was now certain the girls were not wearing a bra. Emily whispered across the bed, as if David wouldn't hear her. "How old is your brother?" Emily answered "David is 19". Emily replied with a grin, "excellent." David wasn't sure what to make of that, but he figured he would soon find out.

Susan looked at Emily, and Emily looked at Susan. They kinda smiled, then kinda giggled. "Well big brother," Susan began, "I got dumped by my boyfriend tonight."

"Oh, I'm sorry baby."

Susan continued. "Well, it was the reason he dumped me that got me to thinking..."

Emily snuffed a laugh "that maybe there's something that ... you could help me..."

" us" Emily corrected.

" us with" Susan finished.

David looked at his sister, then at Emily. He raised both his arms in mild exasperation and said "Well, what do you need help with?"

Susan looked a little awkwardly at David, then made that cute recoil face that girls make when they are asking for something where the answer might be 'no' and said in a rather quick and run-on sort of way, "Mike dumped me because he said I don't know how to blow him. Could you teach us how to give good blowjobs, or at least tell us what we're doing wrong?"

David looked at his sister, then at Emily again. He cock was growing by the second, and the blanket was no longer concealing it, but he didn't care. There it was. This is what the girls wanted from him. Emily's eyes fell to his crotch, as did Susan's. Emily, never one to be shy, simply grabbed the blanket and pulled it away from David's dick, and exposed David's naked body. His erection was enormous.

"Oh my", said Susan, "even if we didn't want help, we're still going to blow you tonight, baby." Emily laughed and said "yeah, that's for sure."

David sat there exposed and didn't care. He continued as if he wasn't naked with a raging boner in front of his sister and her friend. "So, you want to blow me, and I'll tell you what you're doing right and wrong?"

Susan leaned in. "Yeah, baby. Will you do it?"

He looked at both girls, then made some conditions. "Both of you have to be naked too."

"OK!" the girls quickly got up, stripped off their clothes, and returned, horny as hell.

David looked at Emily, then looked closely at Susan as his eyes fell to her breasts and then her stomach, and finally to her blond, beautiful pussy. Susan smiled, not ashamed at all. David looked up and smiled back. "And one other thing. Pay attention, because its important."

They both nodded. "I know this sucks, but I will not be coming during this...exercise." They both moaned a little then agreed. "Hey!" David exclaimed, "I just met you, Emily, and Susan, for Christ's sake, you're my sister! I shouldn't even be doing this!" They again agreed. "It's mostly because I'm fucking drunk, and, well, I never shy away from helping my sister, or her hotty friend." Emily smiled, then leaned in and gave David a smooch on the cheek. "Thanks," Emily breathed. David looked over at Emily, and her smile turned to a lusty grin she leaned in again, finding David's hard cock with her right hand, while giving him a deep, loving kiss. "You won't be disappointed, sweetie." Susan chimed in "Let's get started! I'm first!"

With that, David leaned back against the wall, spread his legs, and gave both girls a little room. Susan moved her face down to David's dick, and stroked it with her left hand. The feeling for David to be touched in this way by his sister was electrifying. Susan looked up at her brother, then licked the head of David's dick, finally closing her eyes and gently sliding it past her lips and into her mouth, moaning with pleasure. David inhaled sharply, then exhaled and said "oh yeah, baby". Half his dick disappeared, then reappeared. Susan fell into a slow rhythm, making slight sucking sounds as she blew her brother at last. She didn't allow his dick to leave her mouth, as she began to pump it again and again, moving a little faster each time. Remembering that this is a quiz, David, through stuttering breaths, said "well Susan, so far so ... oh Jesus...good." He moaned and reached down to brush the hair on his sister's head aside so he could watch his hard dick suction in and out of her mouth. "Oh yeah, that's it, you're doing so good sweetie." Susan stopped for a moment, repositioning herself in between David's legs. "I have to watch you, brother. You're making awesome noises."

She cupped his balls in her left hand and stroked the shaft with her right, as she dove back down on her brother's penis. "Ooooh...nice job, Susan." His torso twitched in a sign of things to come. Emily looked at David's face, then looked at Susan's face as she bobbed up and down, faster and faster.. Both were staring at each other, and for the first time, both looked as though the word "love" was passing through each of their minds right at that moment, as David reached out his hand to gently touch Susan's face. Susan maintained her eye contact, moaning as she started to slobber a bit on her brother's cock. David inhaled sharply, then sighed. Emily smiled. There was absolutely no way that David wasn't going to come.

Susan started to pump David's dick as her mouth sucked up and down. David squirmed a bit and shifted his weight. "Ooo Susan, careful baby..." But Susan was anything but careful, as she moaned lightly, taking his dick out of her mouth, staring at it, whispering "oh sweet, baby.." then stuffing it back into her mouth, easing it down her throat. "Oh my God" David whispered "you're fantastic...what was Mike thinking?" Susan looked up while his cock gently fucked her mouth and moaned a smiling moan. Susan kept stroking his dick as her mouth moved around and about his shaft. "You taste so good, baby..." as she again stared at David's pretty penis, and then she paused, closing her eyes, perhaps in a form of prayer, because her next statement was more of a plea than a request. She breathed out, her mouth an inch from David's cock. David felt her breath and quivered.

"Baby," Susan whispered, her eyes still closed, "I'm sorry, but I have to taste your come." With that, Susan looked up at David's ecstasy filled face, then slowly lowered her mouth onto his dick, all the way to the hilt. David quivered, grimaced, then raised himself up as if was trying to escape. "Awwww....yeah, Susan." Then it hit him as to what she had just said. "Wait, wait, wait, baby.." But Susan did not wait, as she released his cock from her throat, then rhythmically bobbed up and down, all the while maintaining eye contact with her helpless brother. Faster and faster Susan went, as she pushed David to the edge. David seemed a bit panicked, but tried to reason with Susan.

"Baby, don't do it...please...I can't come in your mouth. Please Susan...slow down....don't make me promised." David was whispering now, pleading with Susan to stop on her own because he was now powerless to end this. He reached out with both hands and gently held her head so she would keep looking at him. "Susan, please, listen to me..." he was on the verge of tears it seemed, as his voice lost steam. "No, baby,". David's eyes fluttered as he struggled to maintain control, and his body began to lightly convulse as a prelude to orgasm. "Help me, her."

Emily was smiling all the while, and she leaned in to whisper into Susan's ear while both

Susan and Emily each kept looking deeply into David's eyes. "Take him now, Susan. Your brother is ready to come for you, baby." David looked at Emily with a pained look, almost as if he wanted to tell her that what she said was not helping him. David then looked back into his sister's eyes. Her head was moving swiftly now, and her tongue and mouth spun feverishly around the head and shaft of David's dick, all the while keeping her eyes fixed on her brother's. David's body began to shudder, and he instinctively bucked his dick into his sister's mouth. A small spurt of pre-come released, and then it was all over.

Moaning a soft, adorable moan, David one last time uttered the word "no", then "I'm coming, baby, I'm gonna come...". His body trembled lightly, then he released a monster load of come, followed by another, and then another. "Unnnhhh..." is all David could say as Susan kept sucking him off, while eagerly swallowing all her brother had to offer. His body continued to spasm, and come continued to spurt from his cock, as Susan moaned the unmistakable moan of pleasure. David, still holding his sister's head gently in his hands, kept staring into those incredible eyes, as he came and came. His body stopped convulsing with pleasure, and David released Susan's head and fell limp against the wall. Incredibly, David's dick continued to spurt come, and Susan kept sucking him for another 30 seconds.

Finally, Susan released her brother's dick from her mouth, and licked her lips and her fingers. She apologized to Emily for hogging her brother's cock, and then exclaimed to no one in particular "I'm definitely doing that again. David, your fucking come is delicious baby. I'm sleeping with you from now on."

David panted and strained, and finally spoke. "Susan, baby. You know how to suck cock." Susan smiled and said "I know, baby. And I'll blow you every night just to prove it,"

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