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Lana was languidly stretching while lounging around sprawled in her bed late one night, listening to music and as usual, fantasizing about all the things she wanted to do during the summer. Finally a break from all the University exams, no more studying!

She could do anything she liked... A Cheshire cat smile spread on her face. She knew just what she wanted.


Lana's mother - Farah, raised her as a single parent, so through the years she struggled to take care of her while working 2 jobs and finishing her degree.

Her relentless ambition and hard work paid off, though, as now - in her late 30ies she owned a small but successful business, that unfortunately also consumed pretty much all her free time.

Lana's basic needs were always provided for, but she was starved for time and affection. Lana grew up often feeling lonely, which in her adulthood translated into desperate need for validation and attention seeking from men.

When Lana turned 18, Farah finally introduced her to her long time boyfriend, whom she kept secret from her daughter, until she was absolutely sure he was the One.

She was also afraid of Lana's reaction, because she knew how strained their relationship was anyway, even without a third person further complicating things.

John was also in his late thirties, but that was not the first thing Lana noticed about him.

He was tall, lean, with a cheeky glint in his bright blue eyes and a charismatic air about him, capable of enchanting everyone he came into contact with.

When they first met, she was standoffish at first, but quickly realized that John wasn't some stuck up snob, he was actually attentive and caring towards her mother, so she started warming up to him.

In fact, since he moved in, he has become somewhat of a friend and confidante, whom Lana instinctively learned to trust and rely on, whenever she needed help or relationship advice.

Lana was attending a university only half an hour away from her home, so it didn't make sense to move out just yet, plus she was saving her hard-earned part time job money for a car.

Pretty soon, the friendship bond she shared with John turned into a secret crush, a feeling she struggled long and hard to subdue, but to no avail.

She was ashamed of her feelings at first, knowing it would be wrong for her to reveal even a sliver of what she wanted, afraid he would reject her, or worse - tell her mother about it and humiliate her into complete mortification. She wanted her mom to be happy, of course, but at the same time couldn't deny the chemistry she shared with John.

She preferred to keep quiet, doing her best to maintain her urges and keep the poker face in check, while growing more frustrated every day.

Then she started noticing things.

It was subtle, almost imperceptible at first, but the more attention she paid, the surer she was about it.

Every time he thought she didn't notice, John was looking at her, watching her intently, but quickly looking away whenever their eyes met.

Her mother's job required lots of traveling, so on many an occasion, Lana remained alone with him in the house for days in a row.

That provided her with plenty of opportunities, while also giving her the confidence to become bolder in her explorations, finding subtle ways to test the waters.

With every response she enticed from him, she felt her confidence growing and her resolve cemented.

Try as she might though, Lana realized that John was a decent man and as such, he would never be brash enough to take an initiative.

She decided the only thing left for her to do, was what any self-respecting woman should be able to - seduce him.


John came home late one night, while Farah was away on yet another business trip, leaving the house to him and Lana, who seemed to never be around lately, what with her blooming social life and never-ending stream of university colleagues vying for her attention.

He was making his way upstairs, craving a shower and nap, when he noticed Lana's room door cracked open, the flickering light from her computer screen lighting up the otherwise dark space.

He quietly peeked through the crack and froze.

Lana had her back to the door, lying on her bed - stomach down, watching a movie with headphones on.

Her pale skin contrasted on the dark purple duvet she was lounging on, her legs bent at the knee, absent-mindedly swaying up and down in the air, each movement briefly revealing the space between her upper thighs, where her rather tight looking cotton panties were bunched into the most succulent cameltoe.

He felt his dick stir and had to forcefully peel his eyes off the view, before he made any sound and got caught in the act.

What he didn't know, however, was that Lana had deliberately left her door ajar for him to find.

The headphones were plugged in but the sound from the movie was lowered enough for her to hear him approach, thanks to the telltale squeaky board right in front of her room.

The mere thought of him watching her made her tingle all over.

She felt her panties dampen and her nipples deliciously harden against the mattress.

When she heard him close the door to his room, she quickly went to her closet and took out the shopping bag hidden underneath and changed into the contents, inspecting her reflection in the tall mirror next to her bed, unable to suppress her smile.

Poor John... He didn't know what was coming for him...


After what he just witnessed upstairs, John needed a cold shower and a whiskey, in order to cope.

All the fatigue after the long day at work he had, was suddenly replaced by the overwhelming wave of lust toward his stepdaughter.

After the shower he had changed into a pair of baggy sweatpants, and was now lounging on the sofa in front of the TV in the living room, pressing the cool glass of whiskey to his bare chest, feeling soothed by the clanking ice cubes inside.

The only light in the room was coming from some documentary playing on the plasma TV, he had his eyes closed and was just about to swallow the big sip he was savoring in his mouth, when he heard something.

He almost spit it out.

Lana was slowly coming down the stairs, but that was not what caused his reaction.

What she was wearing...almost gave him a heart attack.

Her long auburn hair was down, falling free around her voluptuous frame, her perky breasts barely covered by a full-lace transparent bra, set with matching panties and a garter belt, holding the same creamy white colored sheer stockings.

He watched as she confidently strut through the room, crossing it to get a juice from the fridge, then coming back to the living room area, and only then did he come out of his stupefied stunned state, in time to realize she was taking to him.


Lana almost giggled out loud when she saw his jaw hit the floor. He was frozen, deer in the headlights moment, unable to decide whether he was dreaming.

She approached him and nonchalantly asked what he was watching, pretending to be completely unbothered by anything else, as if walking around in expensive lingerie was just another Thursday night for her.

She felt intoxicated by the rush of power she held over him, feeling giddy and lightheaded while she sat on the opposite armchair and lifted her legs over the armrest.

She didn't have to turn to feel his hungry gaze burning against her creamy flesh.


John was sweating. Hard as he tried, he couldn't think straight. This was too much.

All the time he saw her walking around in her tight skirts, short shorts and tops, lying on the couch, straining for high shelves, bending over... He used to steal glances every time Lana seemed oblivious to her surroundings and sat with her legs rather loose, her panties briefly visible when she would move or stare at her phone, distracted while chatting to her friends online. Those moments that used to give him a semi before, were nothing compared to the spectacular view he had now.

There was nothing subtle about it either.

His dick was raging hard, straining even against the loose fabric of the sweatpants.

He wanted to adjust it in case she turned and saw it bulging, but the moment he squeezed, he almost moaned out loud.

His smile was bittersweet. He was a fool to think he would forever be able to control himself where she was concerned. God knows he tried, he really did..but he was human, after all. And she was his biggest weakness.


When she felt she gave him enough time to enjoy the view, she stood up with feline-like grace, slowly stretching and swaying her hips while heading towards John.

The silence between them was almost surreal. She finally broke it for the second time, drawing his attention by standing right in front of him.

-Do you like what you see?

He gulped hard, looking rather adorable in the way he was still struggling to do the decent thing and not blatantly ogle her. He was also unsuccessfully trying to hide his erection behind a hastily thrown pillow that he now held against his lap, as if his life depended on it.

-Is everything okay? You seem flushed..

He looked up at her then, his conflicting emotions flaring up with renewed vigor, setting his cheeks ablaze. He didn't want to cheat on her mother, he loved Farah...but Oh, dear Lord! The temptation was so strong...

-Y...yes. *he cleared his throat* I'm fine, just tired..

He stopped mid-sentence, when Lana suddenly pulled at the pillow and threw it away, leaving his lap exposed.

She plopped on it then, hugging his neck, leaving him stunned for a moment.

Her lacy bra was tickling his own bare chest and what's worse -- he could distinctly feel her hard peek of her nipple graze against him. Her plump butt was right on top of his bulge, moving ever so slightly to further tease his already straining cock.

He reveled at her warmth and proximity, wondering how many times he used to secretly fantasize about this, only to berate himself for it later.

Her ass rubbing against him quickly brought him back from his thoughts.

She took his hand and put it on her chest, covering it with her own.

- Do you like how my boobs look in this bra? I have seen you stare at them every day, after all -- she let him cup and feel one, then the other. The tone of her voice was sullen, but the seductive notes were unmistakable.

His mouth went dry.

She used his finger to peel the bra cup from her left boob, the one closer to his face, and then lifted herself up, so that his mouth was mere millimetres from her chest.

He looked and his mouth opened in awe. A second later, Lana pushed her nipple inside it.

It was pure instinct -- the way he started sucking on it, slowly at first, but with growing urgency.

She took her other breast out as well, pushing his hand on it, while she moved to sit astride him and continued grinding against him.

She leaned down to his ear then and whispered "You have no idea how many times I've touched my pussy wishing it was you..."

John groaned then and slightly grazed his teeth against the perky hard peak of her pink nipples.

He didn't dare do anything on his own, so he let her move and adjust him the way she wanted to. Her body turned with her back propped on his chest, while still grinding on his lap, letting him cup her breasts from behind and cover her neck and shoulders with a myriad of kisses.

She just slid down then, all the way to the floor...and before John could ask what she was doing, she pulled at his pants and his thick purple cock sprang free in all of its veiny glory.

Lana gasped. She's had sex with a few men before, but none of them boasted such impressive sizes.

She leaned down, looked him in the eye and...put a sloppy kiss on the tip.

John was shaking all over.

She drooled and spit on his cock, and he didn't know which part drove him crazier -- the fact that he was cheating on Farah or that he was doing it with her own daughter, his unofficial stepdaughter...

She teased and played with his circumcised cock, taking her sweet time -- licking the rim of the mushroom shaped tip, then fluttering her tongue around it, sucking deeply on it, until she choked and teared up, then spit it out, covered in saliva, mixed with his precum.

She sucked on his heavy balls one by one, taking them inside her sultry mouth, and just when he pulled back to warn her he will not last much longer, she suddenly stopped and stood up.

He closed his eyes, expecting her to finish him, but when he opened them, she was halfway up the stairs, giggling.

He quickly jumped to his feet and chased after her, his animalistic desire fogging the rational part of his brain.

He needed her. He had to have her.

Lana went inside the bathroom and he followed her in, watching her sit on the toilet and smile at him.

-What..what are you doing? -- he asked, his voice hoarse with lust.

She shrugged in that infuriatingly nonchalant way, the little minx.

-What does it look like? I need to pee. -- She smirked watching his dick twitch on its own and then added want to help me with it?

John's eyes widened and something flickered there for a moment.


Two months ago, Lana had to use the computer on his office desk as hers has died, but accidentally found some questionable porn titles in the browsing history. Quickly deducing from the time frame, she confirmed it couldn't be her mom, so there was only one possible person who seemed to have a thing for watersports in the house.

Ever since, she fantasized what it would feel like using that information to seduce him.


She watched him intently now, her fingers slowly sliding her panties to the side, revealing her soft pink pussy lips.

Incredulous, John took the few steps distance between them in a heartbeat, then quickly went down on his knees when he reverently shoved his face as close as possible to her spread legs and watched expectantly.

Lana knew that afterwards, when she basked in the afterglow of what happened, she would probably feel a bit cringey about that part, but now she was so high on her power over him, she was practically leaking.

He watched her pussy without blinking, while licking his lips and jerking his cock with one hand, but she never started to pee. Instead, she stood up and said:

- You know what...I have a better idea.

Then she pushed him to the bathtub, making him crawl to reach it and spread her legs above it.

He leaned his head face up on the bathtub rim, and Lana hovered above it, her thighs around his reddened face.

Slowly, she lowered herself down until she sat on it, suffocating him a little in the process.

Instinctively she started rubbing her pussy on it, using his nose as her personal clit toy, while his tongue was eagerly lapping at her soft plump lips, inciting the trickle of pee that soon started streaming down his mouth and face.

John moaned and gurgled on it, licking, drinking, reveling in it, while his tongue was probing deep inside Lana's tight pink opening and he soon felt it starting to contract.

She rode his face until she came hard, ecstatic with the liberating feeling of her pee and pussy juice mixing over him, until she was fully sated.

She slid down to sit on his dick then, smearing her wetness all over it, rubbing against it with her pussy lips wrapped around the length, up and down, grinding faster, without ever letting it slip inside her, no matter how he tried or how much louder he moaned.

He came with a sharp groan that reverberated all over the bathroom acoustic, and she saw the thick white cum trickling down his stomach.

She smeared it all over his chest and then - unable to move from the cold bathroom floor, snuggled down on his chest, while both were struggling to catch their breath.

Nothing was ever going to be the same.

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