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Hello all, this story is about how I started to develop sexual feelings for my cousin sister, who is 6 years younger to me, and how we found expression to it.

I'm basically from Chennai. My cousin and her family live in Bangalore. Since childhood, we used to visit each other's house periodically. We grew up that way.

Fast forward, I was doing my Mtech 2nd year in Thanjavur. I had to go to Bangalore then. It was a long while since I had gone to Bangalore, and also years of gap of seeing my cousin sister.

I had reached my aunt's home in the morning. My cousin had left to college (she was in her 1st year then) before I arrived. I was waiting to see her. She came home around evening. She was in her casual outfit, and she was sweating.

This was when I started to develop a different feeling for her. She had reached 18 by then, and I was 24. My perception changed. The innate affection as for a sister, was of course there. But my hormones were slightly hi-jacking the purity of our affection.

She had become a beautiful girl, with inquisitive eyes, a charming smile, long neck, fairly big breasts, and fleshy hips.

Though these were all under the observations of my senses. they didn't trigger any lustful feelings for her then. We were having a good time. We cracked jokes, went out for dinner, etc.

She has a good sense of humor, and I love that. I love her a lot. Perhaps the love was too much to be accommodated in my heart, that it required a bigger expression.

I returned to college then. I shared with my friends about how smart my cousin sister was, the good time we had, etc.

I completed my Mtech and returned to Chennai. Coincidentally, my first job was posted in Bangalore. I was working for like 6 months, but then I left my job due to some reasons.

During my tenure in Bangalore I used to visit, and sometimes stay at my aunt's house. My cousin used to engage me with so much of love every time. She loves me a lot. Whenever I had to return to my PG, the sadness in her eyes were evident.

After I left my job I was staying in my aunt's house for like 1-2 months. This was when my hormones, and hers too, overtook our pure feeling towards each other.

Every day she would come to my room in the morning, to wake me up. She would pull my hand, tickle me, etc. I used to enjoy that. Even if I woke up, I would act asleep. Throughout the day she would stick to me. We chat about cinema, her college stuffs, and sometimes she would want me to teach her some academic stuffs.

One day, before we were going to sleep, we were chatting on my bed. I was lying down in a sideways manner. She was sitting in front of me and we were talking about random stuffs. Suddenly she said, "I would say something, but you shouldn't judge me". I asked her to proceed, and that's when she confessed that she knew about sex, and related stuffs. She didn't bring that topic purposely, but it just fell in place with our conversation.

I didn't show any unwelcome reaction to her, as I didn't want to embarrass her. Afterwards we proceeded to sleep. But the fact that she openly discussed about such things excited me.

Coincidentally around this time, I came across a kissing video on Youtube titled "Girl can't control on lip kiss". It was just about 2 lovers kissing passionately and nothing more. When I started watching it, at some point I was astonished, as the girl, from an angle resembled my cousin sister up to 95%! and she was dominating the kiss. This triggered numerous thoughts and fantasies within me!

I could not get rid of that video. The discussion with my cousin last night regarding sex, the kissing video I saw on Youtube, all triggered a stream of lustful feelings for my cousin sister. My feeling towards her started becoming more and more sexual.

From the next day my observations were getting more dirty. I started ogling at her upper, center and lower beauty. Till then I had purposely never looked at her that way. Though I knew it was dirty, it excited me to no bounds!

Unfortunately (or fortunately) it so happened, that once she caught me staring at her curves. She didn't react, but I knew she had noticed it. I felt embarrassed, but then she immediately made me comfortable by striking a conversation, and then we were talking normal.

But the human mind is such, that though it feels guilty after doing stuffs like this, or masturbation, etc, it starts working the same way soon again. Same thing happened. I was unable to resist myself from seeing her accommodative breasts, her curvy hips, her inviting neck, etc.

Late that night, I went to my room to set my bed for a sleep. Usually before sleep, she comes to my room and we have a chat for at least half an hour. But now I was feeling nervous, as I had to control myself upon seeing her, lest she sees me ogling at her and gets angry.

Their house is a very big one. My uncle and aunt sleep downstairs. Myself and my cousin sleep upstairs, in separate rooms. We usually chat for long, so the lights would be on in the upstairs till then.

As expected, my cousin sister came to my room. For my fortune/misfortune, she was in a more revealing night dress. I could see her bare thighs. Let alone her thighs, even her bare hands were turning me on. I knew something was gonna happen that night.

She sat beside me, I was trying to speak normal. As mentioned before, she is a sharp and intelligent girl. She was keenly looking into my eyes, as I was speaking. She understood that I was kind of feeling nervous sitting close to her. She had also noticed me staring at her assets that morning.

As I was speaking, her looks alternated between my eyes and my lips. To my amazement she suddenly came forward and kissed me on the lips!

I didn't know what happened. I was feeling out of the world for a moment. I was looking at her with amazement. She said, "I knew you wanted this".

I knew she was intelligent enough to understand why I would stare at her assets, and I couldn't fake saying NO, so I kissed her back as an acknowledgement.

It was a heavenly feel to taste her lips and get kissed by her! I was on cloud nine! The thought of me taking her in my arms when she was a baby, were flowing through my mind. It was crazy. We were kissing continuously, and lost ourselves.

We could feel so much of love towards each other through our kiss. We had a connect, and it was beautiful. The sound of our smooch turned us on even more. We were cuddling intensely.

We lied down on the bed. As we were kissing, I started pressing her boobs. She gave a sweet moan every time I squeezed her boobs. Hearing her moan, while we were still kissing, made me go crazy! I just wanted to feel one with her that night.

She was equally embracing me. When I saw her navel I completely lost myself. I was a navel lover already. This was the first time I was seeing a bare navel in real, and that too of my cousin sister. Her navel was deep and inviting, adding more beauty to her fleshy hips.

I couldn't control getting towards, and kissing her navel. She gave a sweet "aah" kind of a moan. Man! those feelings are tough to reciprocate!

The memories of holding her in my arms when she was a baby, were adding more flavor to my actions. I literally felt her like a baby again, but now she was a beautiful and grown up baby.

We didn't take off our clothes though, as we wanted to be careful enough to not get caught.

I was lying over her, facing each other. My feet were over hers, my thighs were well placed above hers, my dick could feel the entrance of her pussy, my navel was connected to hers, my chest was pressing here breasts, my lips was eating hers, and we had a lovely eye contact.

We literally felt like 2 people with 1 body. The only sounds that could be heard then, was the sound of our intense smooches, and the sweet moans of my cousin sister.

We remained in that position for like 20 mins. We then realized it had become too late, and parted with a good night smooch.

From then on, till now, we're like cousins with benefits. There isn't a part of hers that I haven't kissed, and that of mine that she hasn't.

I'm lucky to have a cousin sister, whom I have held in my arms when she was a baby, who is like my best friend, and now the one with whom I could go up a level more.

She is my soulmate. We are unapologetic about our sexual acts, as those are not just out of an animal instinct, but an expression of overflowing love towards each other.

I'm happy to share this experience of mine in literotica. Hope you guys had a time worth reading this.

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