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Hello friends, I am Saurabh.

The story I am going to tell you today is true. I have added nothing on its behalf, nor is it a fictional story.

Friends, this story is of my actual sister Riya, whose age is now 25 years, and I am 23. She is married, too. Now I start my sister's story. When I was 19 and she was 21 the whole incident happened that I am portraying in story.

My sister is exquisite in appearance. My eyes went to her body. She used to wear suits and shalwar. She never wore leggings or jeans.

She had a lot of desire to wear jeans, but mom refused her. My mother was afraid of her husband, and Riya was also terrified of Dads. So she never wore jeans before marriage until she stayed at home with us.

When she was about to pass out, a boy also proposed to her. But Riya refused him. I came to know about this from a boy in my neighborhood because the boy who proposed to him was also from our neighborhood.

From that day onwards, my attention was also on Riya. I used to keep in mind that she is not having any affair with any boy. Then monitoring him. I do not know when I started getting attracted to my sister. I paid my attention to my sister's Tits.

Her Tits were lemon sized. His nipple was pointed and tight. She used to live in the house without a scarf on her chest and she didn't wear a bra many times, so my attention was often on her chest.

When she was bent down, I saw her boobs round and round. Now I used to look inside her bra. Therefore, when there was no one at home, I used to see her brain through her wardrobe.

My sister Riya wore a sports bra. She had only one bra, but panties were many. I used to sniff her panties. I used to feel like getting the scent of Riya's pussy. Many times I used to lick panties from where panty is engaged on the pussy.

Licking the panty makes my cock erect. Many times I wore her panties on my cock, too. In this way, I also started masturbating on the name of Riya.

She used to clean her pussy with hair removal cream. The day she came out late taking a bath, I knew she had come by shaving her pussy. She used to hide her cream on top of the shelf in the bathroom. As soon as it came out, I went in and saw the cream. The cream I always get is wet.

One day, no one was in the house. Riya did all his work and then went to take a bath in the bathroom. I was lying outside and watching TV. After some time, I went to the bathroom. When I heard water falling, I stood there. Only the sound of water was coming, not the sound of bathing.

I just stood there. Then I was eager and unstoppable, and I took a stool and put it outside the door there. I dared to set foot on the stool and started trying to peek inside with the light. My legs were shivering.

When I saw the inside view, my breath became sharp. My sister was sitting naked with her feet wide and was washing the clothes, humming the song. His back was towards me. Seeing her white back and open hair, my cock erected.

I kept watching for 10 minutes, but Riya's pussy was not seen. Then I slowly came down and started standing on the side and started masturbating. I dropped semen there within a minute. Then I wrenched it and threw the cloth in the dustbin.

Then I came back and started watching TV. After five minutes, I started thinking again to see my sister taking a bath. She was still inside. It tempted me to wish that I could see her pussy. So I peeked again.

After that I went and climbed on the stool again. I had a thirst to see her pussy inside. This time, when I climbed onto the stool and saw it, she was sitting a little slanted. I was seeing one of his round lemon sized tit from the side.

She was rubbing her tight nipple with soap. I tried hard to see her pussy, but could not see it. When she started taking a bath, I came down and put the stool aside. Then I came back in front of the TV and lay down quietly.

She came out after five to seven minutes. She looked very cool in wet hair.

I said in a bit of anger, "Riya, you spent an hour inside! I also had to take a bath."

I got up in mischief and pulled her hair and then ran towards the bathroom.

She said, "you come out then I will repair you dog."

Then inside, I firstly saw Riya's wet panties. I quickly picked up the panty and sniffed it with my mouth. Within two minutes I had given the entire panty in my mouth and I was chewing it with teeth. The scent of her pussy was making me crazy.

I was sucking juices with wet panties like mangoes. Then, after sucking all the water, I took it out of my mouth and wrapped it around my cock. I emptied my semen on the panty where the panty applies to the pussy.

After Cumming, I took a bath in that panty. Then cleansed it and dried it back and came out after taking a bath.

Days passed like this. Whenever I had time to see him, I used to watch him while taking a bath.

But only his back was visible to that light. I could never see him from the front.

One day I was alone at home. I thought I should make some plans for today. Then I saw it here and there. Then the idea came that I would make a hole in the bathroom door.

I took a drill machine and made a hole in the gate. Everything inside the hole was visible. But the fear was also that if someone saw this hole, then there would be trouble.

Therefore, after putting a lot of mind, I made a thin stick for him so he could fit in that hole. After installing the stick, I could not know that we have made any hole at the gate. Only after paying a lot of attention could something be known.

Several days after that, I got the opportunity for which I had made that plan. Riya was inside the bathroom, and I slowly took out that stick. The view inside was clean and my sister was looking at spotless. Seeing her blonde body and round lemon sized tits, my cock was erect.

Her nipples had brown colored nipples. Her pussy was fair and tight, as if someone had sewed something between her thighs. She had short hair on her pussy. She seemed completely doom. My hard work was successful. I saw Riya's pussy.

One thing I forgot to mention is that Riya always gets naked and takes a bath. First she removed her panty and then washed it and then dry it. I used to suck panties as soon as I got a chance.

Many times I saw her panties in periods, too. Her pussy was absolutely swollen with blood and panties, too. When she used to clean the blood inside the pussy, then she also appeared inside her pussy, which was pink.

While cleaning the pussy, she used to open her pussy torn with one hand and used to clean the pussy by wetting the other hand. I would not have missed any opportunity to see him naked. I had time to see her naked three to four times a week.

One day, I saw Riya fingering her pussy. She rubbed the pussy off with her thumb and first finger for 2-3 minutes and then kept the middle finger out of the pussy for 9-10 minutes. Slowly, his eyes closed.

She was taking long breaths. Then she calmed down and started taking a bath. This was the first and last time when I saw him doing a pussy. I never got such a view after that.

Now it was common for me to see Riya bathing naked. Now I did not feel scared. Days passed like this. One night, both our siblings were alone in the house. This was the first time that both of us siblings were alone in the house and that too in the night time.

They were summer days. Riya loved pizza and ice cream. But Dad did not let us eat much outside.

She said, "Brother, bring something to eat from outside?"

I said, "tell me what to bring?"

She said, "Pizza."

Then I went to the market to buy a pizza. I also took ice cream. It thrilled her to see the ice cream and ran away from my neck and started hugging. I cannot express that feeling here in words.

After that, we both sat on the couch. Together we ate ice cream. Then we started eating pizza. I was sitting on a corner of the couch. I kept the pillow in my lap. Then Riya used to eat and lay on the pillow in my lap.

While eating, we kept talking. Then something got stuck in his teeth. She tried hard to remove it, but it did not come out. Then she started telling me that there is stuck in her tooth.

I opened his mouth and looked inside. When I put my finger inside, she bit it. I slapped him a little and took out the finger. She laughed for a long time.

Then I put my finger again, she started doing mischief again and in this mischief I got a finger in my eye.

She woke up immediately and started saying "sorry" that she got it by mistake. Then she started blowing air into my eye. His boobs were touching my chest.

My cock was under the pillow. Then she opened his mouth and put it above my eye. Then I said, "now there is some relief". Then I told him to go wash his face, and I lay down on the bed.

Then both of us started watching TV, and the heroine was wearing leggings.

She said, "Dad, do not let me wear anything like this, I do not know how we were born in a family."

I said, "Never mind, wear all this after your marriage."

She said, "do you know my in-laws should also have the old thinking like our father?" "Brother, tell me, what is the problem in wearing jeans? The entire world wears it and I am the one who has never had such luck," she said.

Then we had dinner outside. After that, we came home. Started thinking of bathing before sleep because the weather was too hot. Riya had already hung her clothes.

Then I went after him and said, "first I will bathe, it is boiling."

She said - okay.

Then she came out and now I was in the bathroom and I opened the stitching of her shalwar from where the pussy can be seen. But in opening, I opened up too much. I was afraid that Riya might find out about it.

Then I came out after taking a shower. After that, she went inside. I started looking through the hole and she took a bath and wore that shalwar and she did not even know anything. I was happy. My idea worked. Then she came out after taking a shower.

She started sleeping by saying good night to me. But where was I going to sleep at night? Within an hour, Riya was sleeping deeply. When she was breathing, her feet were getting up and down. I drifted to him.

While pretending to sleep, I gently put my hand on her thigh. I had placed my hand only where the stitching of his shalwar was open. I kept my hands there for a long time. I didn't even wave my hand.

Then I slowly took my hand in the open stitch of Shalwar and gently put a finger on her panty. I was also afraid that he might not wake up from sleep. Then I tried to insert the finger from the side of the panty.

My cock was jerking badly. As the finger was entering her panty, the waves of lust were jumping in my body with full enthusiasm.

As soon as my finger touched her pussy, I do not know how the semen started coming out of my cock. I fell badly after touching her pussy, but, friends, the fun I had in that orgasm was nothing short of fucking her pussy.

After the orgasm, my lust subsided, and I slowly withdrew my hand from his shalwar. For half an hour I laid quietly.

Then I tried again.

I put my finger in the panty and tried to penetrate her pussy. But the finger in panty could not move much inside. The panty was tight. Like this, by touching the pussy repeatedly, once again without touching the cocks, my semen came out in my lower. I fixed the panty and shalwar and pulled my hand.

With my hand out, I lay down on my bed and then I fell asleep, which I did not know. Then when she woke up in the morning, she was engaged in work. She gave me tea.

I noticed Riya looked somewhat sad.

When I asked, she answered nothing.

Then she came after some time and said, "I want to talk to you."

I said, "yes, say."

Riya said, "You are not ashamed?"

I said, "for what?"

Riya "Don't be too innocent. I know what you were doing at night. If I tell all this to our parents, then think what will happen to you?"

It terrified me. I was caught and feeling ashamed. I apologized to him and I started crying. Then I ran to my room. Riya also came after me.

What are you doing, she said. "Do you cry like that?"

I said "go out."

Then I pushed him out and started closing the gate. But she did not let the gate be closed. Then she slapped me 3-4times and then she hugged me.

She made me silent and gave water and started saying that she will tell no one anything. I could not see her.

Then she put my head in his lap and said, "We are siblings, and this is the most pure relationship on earth. You are making it dirty like this?"

I was not saying anything. Just listening to him. She was explaining to me by rubbing my cheeks.

Then she picked me up and held my face and looked me in the eye and said you love me?"

I did not answer and bowed my neck.

What is in Riya's mind, I can't understand? Then she raised my face again and placed her lips on my lips. She started kissing my lips. I could not understand what was happening and how it was happening.

After kissing me continuously for 2-3 minutes, she said, "Now happy?"

Now make me laugh!

My mood was still depressed. Then she said that get up early and take a shower.

She forced me into the bathroom, and I took a shower. Then after coming out, she started tickling me in the towel itself and made me laugh.

After that, we both ate together. Then she kissed on my cheeks and both of us lay down and started watching TV. I was feeling very fresh now.

After being silent for a while, I asked Riya, "have you kissed anyone before?"

Riya "What do you think?"

I said, "yes, I think so."

Riya "Well, how did you feel?"

Me: "Just like you kissed me, who can do it with experience."

Riya "Let the big ones let me out? How could I do that to someone?"

Riya "I did not kiss."

Me: "I swear to you, tell the truth."

Riya "Then I also swear to you will not tell this thing to anyone?"

I said, "ok, I swear, I will tell no one."

Riya "Yes, I kissed."

Me "with whom?"

Riya "Just told the truth, that's enough." Why is asking so much?

I said, "Riya, I swear to you, please tell me."

Riya "did to Arun, Sonia's brother! He likes me a lot. I refused her too many times, but Sonia forcefully made me talk with her. That boy is superb."

I said, "Well, why do you keep going to Sonia's house soon?" I used to think my sister is straightforward. But you have gone far ahead!

Riya "Brother, I swear on you have been with him for two years. I have done nothing to him other than the hag and kiss. He too has not touched me from anywhere else. We just love each other."

When Riya started crying while telling me, I silenced her.

I said, "will you marry her?"

Riya "Yes, I want to do it brother, but the family of both of us will never accept this relationship. Don't know why caste comes in the middle?"

Riya and I were talking among ourselves that my mother and father had come. Then we both became normal. After that, I never talked to Riya about her boyfriend.

In front of our mother and father, there was no such thing with Riya now. After his arrival, I did again the same daily work. I used to keep watching Riya nakedly. Then after a year her marriage was confirmed.

After marriage was fixed, Riya started feeling very sad. She used to cry secretly. I often saw him crying in private. Then her wedding day also came, and she left and left our house. After she left, I used to cry a lot in his memory.

Then slowly everything became normal. The joy was that he had found good people in his in-laws' house. Her husband loved her very much. Her mother-in-law in law was also good. There was no restriction on his attire.

After going there, she mostly wore shorts and jogged and wore very little sized dresses. They went to Goa on their honeymoon and returned after 15 days of fun.

After returning from her honeymoon, she came to our house for a week. When I saw his photo, I got mad. She did not have a single photo in the suit. All photos were in skin tight clothes. She wore tight jeans, shorts, and no idea what she was wearing. She was looking very sexy in it.

When I started copying all that data from his phone on my computer, I found a hidden folder. When I opened it, I lost my senses. There was a photo of his honeymoon on it. The entire room was decorated with roses. Riya was wearing a transparent dress, which was made specially for her honeymoon. Her bra and panties were also seen from it.

I didn't get any nude photos. The next day, my family went to the goldsmith for her jewelry and we both are left alone in the house.

I asked, "Riya, happy now? Now you can wear everything as you wish"

Riya "Yes brother, I am thrilled I have got a fantastic family, not like a daughter-in-law, but like a daughter."

I said, "I saw your honeymoon photo. Looking very sexy".

Riya "Thank you, brother."

I said, "I too have fallen in love with you seeing this photo... ha!"

Riya " dirty!"

Me "I have also seen all the pictures of your honeymoon."

Riya "Dog, I will beat you. This is a dirty thing to check someone's personal data."

I took Riya to stand up quickly and told her and said, "Miss you, I miss you very much!"

I kissed him on the forehead by saying this. Then he also hugged me and kissed both of my cheeks. Then in the last, a lip kiss.

After that, she returned after a week.

But whenever she used to come, both of us used to have normal things. Then I got married too. Riya also got a job in a company. Riya's boyfriend accidentally started working in the same company in which Riya was making.

In this way Arun and my family had very good relations. Anyway, Riya's best friend Sonia already knew about us. Arun used to come to our house. Sonia also used to come with him many times.

Once, my mother and father went to visit for 3 days and Riya came home. My wife had to go to the hospital in an emergency. Riya came home directly from the company, and Arun also came home with her. That day some of his work was pending.

The three of us had dinner together. Then we went to sleep. Didi was sleeping with me, and Arun was in another room. Riya was not with me when my eyes opened around 2 pm. When I went and saw the light in Arun's room was on.

The curtain of the window was slightly removed. When I looked up slowly, my senses flew away. Both Arun and Riya were deep kissing each other. I stood there. On one side I was surprised, and on the other I was also having fun. What they kept doing to each other for about 10 minutes.

After that, both of them gradually removed each other's clothes. Arun lays Riya straight and kisses her entire body. He took her boobs in the mouth and started sucking.

Then he started sucking my sister's pussy from below, near Riya's panty. He removed the panty and started licking her pussy. Riya was pressing her mouth firmly on her pussy. He opened Riya's legs and inserted her tongue in her pussy. Riya yearned like a fish.

Seeing this view, my condition was also getting worse. After plucking Riya, he took Riya on her stomach and started licking her ass hole. He licked her ass and licked it with spit.

I was seeing such a man for the first time, who had inserted his tongue in his ass. Then Riya immediately woke up and started sucking Arun's cock. Within 3-4 minutes, Arun's semen came out. Riya drank his semen. Then cleaned his cock with his panties.

After that, both of them lay down and Riya continued to kiss with great affection on Arun's chest. Slowly, she again reached near his cock and started sucking his cock in her mouth again. After sucking for 10 minutes, Riya went to the corner of the bed.

Arun's cock was now erected and Riya lifted her ass up. Arun lovingly tended the cocks in my sister's pussy and then slammed the cocks in her pussy in a fun way. Both started fucking like cream.

Sister's boyfriend was banging her pussy in front of my eyes, and I was enjoying it. Fucking was going on quietly. I had not seen this even in porn videos.

Riya was picking up her ass and boosting Arun's passion and was chilling. Ahh... Oh... Ah... I was having a sensual voice.

For ten minutes, Arun took him and then removed the cocks. Then he put cocks in Riya's ass and started fucking. Riya gave pussy and ass for 20 minutes. Arun removed semen in his ass.

Both did not talk in full fuck. Just quietly enjoyed the fuck. Only mild whispers were heard. When Riya started going to the bathroom, Arun caught her and started kissing again.

Riya Said "I have heard loudly."

Then Arun sat down with his mouth open.

Arun- piss will be for you. It is nectar for me.

Then Riya hugged her pussy in her mouth and grabbed her head and started pissing in her mouth. Arun drank all his urine. A little fell down from his mouth, too.

Then both went to the bathroom. After that, I too came to my room and lay down on the bed. It was about 4 o'clock in the morning. Then slowly Riya also came to me and lay down. I was pretending to sleep. She fell asleep again in a while.

When I woke up in the morning, she had prepared the food and then prepared and explained everything to me and left for office. I wanted to talk to him but could not find the time.

Then after about 15 days, he had to move from the company work to another place.

My brother-in-law did not get time, and I went with Riya. We were going together.

I said, "Riya still has an affair with Arun?"

Riya "Are you crazy, brother? We are just friends!"

I said, "the day you stayed home with her at night, I know all about that night."

Riya "Sorry brother there is nothing like that, it was just like that, sorry."

Me "Riya, Isn't that wrong? What will happen if the brother-in-law finds out? Are you not happy with your brother-in-law? If there is such a thing, let me know, I will help you."

She said, "No brother, this is not the case, I am thrilled with him, our relationship is deep."

I said, "Are you not able to make you happy in physical relations?"

Riya "No, no, there's nothing like this. We are both thrilled."

Me "Then why did you do it with Arun?"

Riya "Sorry brother, there will be no such mistake after today."

Me "tell one thing truthfully, did you speak or did Arun?"

Riya "Both of them had their wish. Sorry brother, this will not happen after today. If you say, we will not be friends either, I will also block his number. I will never even talk to him".

Me: "You tell me the truth, do you love Arun?"

Riya "Don't know, please tell me, consider me as your best friend, not your brother."

Riya weeping and said "love brother very much, I love him more than my life."

"I know what he is using you to satisfy his sexual appetite?" I told Riya.

Riya "If he had to use me, he could have done me even before marriage. I met him in the room alone. We were both naked. I told him to put it myself."

But he started saying, "Riya, I love your spirit, not just body. If I have sex with you today, listen to the taunts of your husband all your life."

Me "So have you met him before?"

Riya "Yes, once when Jaipur went to work, it was with him."

Explaining him, I said "see, I would not say that you leave it, I know that this is your first love, but I want to say that whenever you do something with it, then make it safe, do not do it in your city or in any city hotel, Go outside to another city."

Riya "Thank you, brother."

Me "will it be very strong in sex?"

Riya "Yes brother, Arun is much smarter than your brother-in-law. You already know it sucks my body from everywhere. Performs such a messy sex that even the potty place puts a tongue."

Riya "Brother, he loves me. Till date your brother-in-law has not even smelt me from there, but let me tell Arun that if he is eaten inside in the ass, then he will also eat it."

"I know, yes, even he drank your piss."

She said, "well you had seen everything, the dog you are not ashamed to see your sister naked?"

"I was naked, I saw you before marriage."

Riya "I know, I know all about that hole. But I thought you don't know, let me see. Hahaha Enjoy it too."

I said, "You came ahead of me."

After saying this, I kissed her.

She said, "Dog, you will beat me. I am a whore of two men."

Me- If you had not been my sister, I would have been mine today, I love you very much."

Riya "Shut up bastard, I am your sister. You keep your attention silently on your wife"

In this way, Riya and my pair were so amazing that nothing hid in both of our siblings.

After that, I called Arun many times at my house. Whenever Riya had a mind, I used to call Arun. They both used to enjoy sex a lot. I also used to be happy with my sister's happiness.

So, friends, this was the sex story of our brothers and sisters. I could not fuck my sister, but my relationship with her is much deeper than that of a friend. Perhaps brother and sister love is like this.

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