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Daddy, daddy, come cuddle with me," nineteen-year-old Heather said from the doorway of her bedroom.

She swayed there in her romper onesie pajama, a pink one with big red peppers printed on it. Her blonde hair was a bit disheveled. Her eyes were playful and mischievous. Her hands were behind her. Her breasts jiggled a bit as she swayed.

And two perky nipples stared back at Caledon, Heather's stepdad, as he shifted uncomfortably on the sofa.

"Aw, baby, honey, I thought we stopped this. Don't you have a boyfriend now?"

She groaned and pouted in annoyance. "But I miss you."

"Your mom was real suspicious last time we did it, you know..."

She shrugged. "I don't care."

"We almost got caught that time!"

She shrugged again. "We won't this time."

"We shouldn't."

"We should. Just cuddling."

He sighed. She giggled victoriously. She put her hands out.

"Come, daddy."

Caledon looked around the house. Daisy, their dog, rested comfortably in her dog bed.

"Mom's at work all night," Heather reassured him.

He bit his lip and stood up in his tank top and pajama pants. Daisy looked up, wondering what was going on. Cal took a hesitant step towards Heather.

"Come on, daddy," she insisted in a childlike voice.

"Oh, God, I'm so going to hell," he muttered as he went to her.

Just as he was about to take her hands, she jumped and turned around, her butt jiggling inside the form-fitting nightwear. She made him wrap his arms around her from behind. The warm fabric of his pants met the warm cotton of her onesie.

She gasped when she felt his erection.

"Daddy, I said just cuddling!" she chided him. "Shame on you."

"I'm sorry, honeypot."

She towed him into the bedroom. Of all the places they had fooled around, he had always resisted going into her bedroom. He was a bit nervous as he entered.

She let go of him and hurried to the bed, pushing the plush dolls aside and sliding under the covers.

"Just cuddling, right?" he said.

She rolled her eyes. "Dude, yes."

He slid under the peach comforter with her and groaned as he relaxed onto the bed. "Ah yeah," he said.

She rested her head on his massive chest and put an arm around his stomach and a leg around his legs.

"I miss you so much," she said.

"Why?" he said. "We're all still together. We're still a family. I heard you're thinking of moving out, though."

"With Lisa, yeah," she said. "And it's making me miss you already..."

"Ahh," he said. He looked at her and shook his head and sighed. Then he wrapped his arms around her to hold her tighter. They both moaned as they pressed into one another, enjoying their warm bodies in their warm clothes under the warm blanket in the warm room.

And his burning erection pressed against her thighs as she tried to mount him.

"Oh, come on," he complained.

"I'm trying to get comfy," she said as she tried to position herself on top of him.

Every movement made his cock harder.

"Heather, please," he said.

"I'm trying," she said. "Your big cock's in the way, daddy."

They wrestled a little under the covers until they felt right.

"There," he said. "That's good." He sighed. "This is nice."

Her face next to his neck, she kissed his skin.

"Mm," he said. He patted her hair with one hand while his other was under his own head as he stared at the ceiling.

Her hands slid under his shirt. He flinched when she pinched his nipples.

"Baby," he warned.

"What?" she asked innocently.

She moved up on his body, her chest bumping against his on the way. Her face was over his, her hair descending, until their faces were in their own world, eyes locked. He put his hands on her butt, realized what he did, and put his hands on her waist instead.

She opened her lips. He closed his. Their noses touched and rubbed. He could feel her breath on him.

"Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck," he muttered.

Her hands were still under his shirt.

"Kiss me, daddy," she ordered him gently.

"I thought it was just cuddling so we mmm—"

Her face had landed on his, and he was kissing back. His hands slid down to her butt again. Her fingers tickled his sides, but her breasts were grinding against his chest and neck.

"Heather," he managed to say, and her tongue slid right into his mouth.

He took her and rolled her aside onto her back. He turned away from her.


"I'm sorry," he said.

She cuddled into him though he had her back to her.

He decided to change the subject. "Hey, you still do those goofy YouTube videos?"

She started kissing his face from behind. "Yeah."


"Nymphet!" she corrected him.

"Ah, yes, the schoolgirl stuff?"

"And no, that got boring on YouTube," she said between kisses. "I do it on Tik Tok now with my bestie. People love it!"

"Oh, God, that shit now?"

"Yeah, don't be mean," she said.

"I'm not," he said. "It's just stupid, is all."

"It's not stupid," she pouted. "It's fun."

"Girls dancing?"

"Yeah," she said.

"You dance?"

"You've seen me."

"On video?"

"Yeah, I can twerk now."


She giggled. "Look," she said.

She crawled over his body, sliding past his erection, to get off the bed. She turned to him and started doing a short dance, rapping lyrics while doing so. At the end, she turned slightly with her feet spread and began twerking.

"See?" she said. "It's all in the ankles!" She started singing, "Yadda, yadda, yadda, yadda..."

He laughed and clapped.

She laughed as well as she swung her arms while her butt cheeks continued clapping against each other. She stopped twerking and rolled her hips instead in a slow, sexy dance.

He stopped laughing.

She faced him and began unbuttoning the top of the romper.

He cursed and watched.

She slipped it over one shoulder and smiled at him. She slipped it over the other shoulder. She peeled them down to her waist.

He gulped as her breasts bounced free.

She did the same dance again but slower. And when she turned, instead of twerking, she continued peeling the pink onesie pajama down to her ankles.

"Oh, baby," he groaned.

She stood there, naked except for her striped socks.

He moved to the center of the bed and lifted the covers.

"Come here, you sweet, beautiful crazy little nympho nymphet whatever-the-fuck—"

By the time he was done talking she had crawled her naked body back into bed and on top of him. He wrapped his arms around his stepdaughter and attacked her face with kisses.

Her moaning—short, quick, pipsqueak little chipmunk moans—were turning him on even more.

He wrestled her onto her back and got on top, enveloping her petite frame with his massive body. His mouth got her face, neck, shoulder blades, and those wonderful little tits he had been eyeing all evening. They seemed bigger than he remembered. More for him to devour.

She grabbed his hair while he ate up her nipples. She put her arms around his neck as he came back for her face. She grabbed his waist as he whispered love into her ear. And then she grabbed his pants.

He looked at her. "We said we wouldn't."

"Fuck that," she said.

And she yanked his pants down.

"Oh, shit," he said. He pulled his pants down more.

"Daddy," she said sadly. "I miss touching it." She reached down between their bodies and took a hold of his warm cock. "I miss kissing it." She began stroking it as he groaned. "I miss getting fucked by it."

"Oh, baby," he said.

She stroked it faster.

"Do you miss my pussy, daddy?" she whispered.

"Oh, hell, yeah," he cried out.

She opened her legs more. Then she guided the cock between her legs.

And he drilled his rod into the girl's pussy as deep as he could. Her face distorted into a cry that wouldn't escape her mouth. He wrapped his arms around her head and stared, loving the way his lovely young stepdaughter reacted to his older but virile cock inside her for the first time in months.

"Daddy," she managed to say.

She gasped when he managed to go deeper.

"Fuck!" she said.

They stayed like this for a moment until she was able to open her eyes and relax a little. He smiled at her. They laughed a little.

And he began to fuck her, gently, lovingly. She had her arms under his shoulder and her legs wrapped around his body.

"I did miss you, too, my sweet bumpkin," Caledon said to her.

She held him tighter as he pumped away into her.

They rolled. He was now on his back and she on top of him, straddling and riding him. He liked that, lying back and watching her focused face and her tired eyes and gasping mouth and her cute pink lips and her disheveled hair.

Daisy entered the room and barked at them for attention. The dog received none. Heather was grinding her body into her stepdad, relishing every inch of her stepdad's cock. They rolled again, him still inside her, too close to the edge of the bed.

They yelped as they fell and went splat onto the floor, taking the blanket and a plush bear with them. Daisy barked and ran over, tail wagging, ready to play, too.

And they kept fucking. She held on to the plush bear and whimpered as he fucked her even harder.

He didn't last much longer.

He had her pinned to the floor, his strong legs on top of hers, as he groaned and orgasmed into her and then collapsed on top of her.

"Oh, man," he groaned, catching his breath. "Oh, man, oh, man."

He tried to get up, but she grabbed him and said, "Hey, we're not done cuddling!"

He looked down at her and laughed. "Oh, jeez."

He reached under her and picked her up and laid her on the bed.

He picked up the blanket. "We should clean up."

"Later," she said, reaching out for him.

"We should set the alarm in case we sleep—"

"Later," she said, wiggling her fingers at him.

"We should—"

"Dude!" she said. "Cuddle. Now."

He climbed back into bed and let her curl into his arms. He kissed the top of her head. She played with his balls before resting her hand back on his chest. Daisy found a spot on the bed and got comfortable as well.

A few hours later, Daisy barked them awake that Mom was home, giving them just a few seconds to scramble and pretend nothing happened.

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