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Hi guys. This is VulgarWriter with one more real erotic sex story happened few days ago.

So let's start with the story.

There was one fine day, I was in Bangalore for my work. I'm from Hyderabad but I travel a lot for my work and other stuff. I was bored after the completion of my work. So I decided to roam around the city. I went to Phoenix mall to catch out on some movie and have some good food. But none of the movie at that time seemed interesting. So I went to KFC and having my brunch. Suddenly I noticed someone. It was none other than my college senior and bus mate RACHANA. Actually, we were very close during our college days. She had a bf and I was close with both of them. They were my inspiration at that time. Lovely couple. The whole college had an eye on them. The moment I saw her I was awestruck.

My college senior has turned extremely gorgeous now. Wow. What a woman. She has put on weight at the right places. She was extremely hot in her tops and jean. I immediately waved her and she waved me back. Actually, she had a liking for me from the college itself. She was very close to me than anyone on the bus. But we lost touch after she left the college.

She was alone too. So she joined my table. She said she was surprised to see me there. She said that she broke up with her bf within few months after she left the college. She came to Bangalore for work and began staying there itself. She stays at an apartment along with few other girls. She also said she has no more interest in any kind of serious relationship at all. I was very happy to hear that. She was asking about my life. I said I'm at the same state as you are. Just chilling and enjoying my life.

She was happy to hear that. We started sharing our college memories and soon we've become very close again. She loved the way I've changed now. She had also changed the number that she gave me and asked me to keep in touch. I said I was about to leave blore in a day. I don't know any places here. I asked her if she was free to help me out to explore the city.

She said she had work today. But she promised to spend tomorrow (the entire day) with me. I was very happy to hear that. We waved bye and left to our places.

Around 7 pm, I was in my room and I got a call from her. She said she had taken leave for me tomorrow and asked me that I don't have any other sudden plans. I was very glad to hear that.

She asked me about how I wanna spend the day so that she'll plan accordingly.

I said I really have no idea about that. I just wanna have some fun.

She was like. Oh really? Fun? What kind of?

And me "Haha. I really don't know. "

She asked me if I booze and I said mmm not much. Have tried vodka and whiskey a few times. That's it.

She asked me if I wanna try it again. I was like. Why not?

She also said that she doesn't have the right company to booze here. So she was badly waiting for the one and I was it.

So we planned to booze the next day at her apartment after her friends leave for work.

But I suddenly got an idea. I asked her why not tonight?

If you are free to let's plan it tonight.

She asked me if I am serious and I immediately said yes.

I asked her to come to my hotel room right now. And ill get everything set b4 that.

That's it!!

From there. The real fun started.

I bought a full whiskey and was waiting for her.

Exactly at 9, she was at my place.

Damn, she was soooooooo hot. My lovely hot senior was in her blue t-shirt and tight jean revealing her curves as it is. I welcomed her in.

We spoke for some time and I asked her "shall we start"?

She asked me to wait and went to the restroom and came back in her nightdress (shorts and sleeveless top)

Fuck. That's it. I'm done. I got my boner. Tried hard to control myself and acted casual.

We started boozing. And it was heavenly.

After few rounds, we were very close. We hugged each other and said we liked each other very much. We revealed we had a liking for each other from our college days itself. I started kissing her and she responded back.

She said she was so desperate and was really waiting for something like this. I was like oh god!! How lucky I am. Then we started kissing and fondling each other. We were kissing deeply for a long time. We were exchanging our juices. I kissed all over her face. I was biting her neck and she moaned. I was licking all over her face, her ears, neck. I was biting her nose and her lips. We were tasting our lips one another.

We kissed for more than half an hour. We were on the floor hugging and kissing each other. I couldn't control it anymore I carried her and throw her on the bed. I jumped next to her. She hugged me immediately. I removed my t-shirt. I was rubbing her body. My hands were all over her body. I squeezed her boobs like anything. I came down and started biting her boobs hard. I was eating it. I was biting it hard and harder. My hands were flowing through her body. Rubbing her back and I went down into her shorts and squeezing her butt. Then I slid my hands into her panty and started rubbing and pressing her ass. Omg, what a feeling was that. I could feel the heat of her body.

I removed her t-shirt and dug my face into her boobs. I was pressing her boobs against my face. I was rubbing her boobs with my beard. She started moaning slowly. I started sucking her boobs. I took her whole big melon into my mouth. Sucked it like an air compressor and let it like that. I was doing that on both sides. Then I started pressing them with my hands again. I was squeezing them like anything. Then I started to play with her nipples. I bit her nipple with my teeth and started tingle the tip with my tongue.

She was responding very well. Her moans and sounds were making me hornier.

My dick was rock hard by then. She felt that. She got up and removed my trouser. She said she just loved the way how it stands hard and welcomes her. My dick was 6 inches exactly and I had trimmed it a week ago. She started feeling it in her hand. She caught my dick in her right hand and slowly started stroking it. She loved to play with it. I was very horny and wanted to feel her. She immediately took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it. Omg. That was the best blowjob I've ever had. I never had sex while drunk. This was the first time. And she was even not in her full senses. So she sucked it like a pro without any hesitation. She was trying to take my whole cock in. She suddenly bit my cock. And fuck what pain was it. I jumped out of my bed.

I decided to revenge on her. I went ahead and removed her panty. I made her nude. I made her lie on the bed held her tight. And I went down in-between her legs. I lifted her legs with my arms and dug my face into her pussy. I was first rubbing my chin on it. Then I started pressing my bearded chin hard on her pussy. Then I put my mouth on her pussy. I spit hard on her pussy and started rolling my tongue into it. She got more aroused. I held her legs firm and started licking her pussy (the clit part ) faster and harder. She started moaning like hell. She couldn't hold on any longer. She was shaking and jumping like anything.

Then I turned her and was licking her ass. Wow. The best ass in the world. It was soooo perfect. I was biting it hard.I slapped her butt cheeks hard. I was smelling her butt. I was licking her whole back. I rubbed my whole body on her back.I was on her top. I was breathing near her ears and started licking her neck part.

I turned her. I kissed her again. I sucked her boobs while my fingers were playing with her pussy. I started with one finger and slowly tried to enter 4 fingers and stroke into it. She was shaking and shivering like hell. She couldn't bear it at all. Then I inserted only 3 fingers and was making fast to and fro motions into her pussy.

I turned upside down to her..Like I was sitting on her facing her legs. I turned her sidewards and inserted my left-hand fingers into her pussy and inserted my forefinger of the right hand into her ass hole. It was so small and tight. She didn't let it in. I spit on her assshole I sucked my fingers and inserted it again. I went in deep.

I was into her ass hole and pussy at the same time. I went deeper and deeper. I was arousing her like anything. She was irresistible and couldn't control herself. She then became very tired.

I then asked her if I could enter her pussy. But we didn't get any protection before. So she was like no. But I couldn't control myself. So I was like ok. Let's go with ass tonight. I'll tear ur pussy tomorrow after getting condoms.

She was like noooooo. She feels a lot of pain in her asshole. But I didn't mind at all.

I turned her around. Spit on her asshole and made my cock wet. But it was very small. I couldn't push my cock into it. I had my small bottle of hair oil with me. I got that and rubbed it all over my cock making it more hard and slippery. I poured some oil on her ass hole.

Omg, the view. I could never forget that. Oiling the best ass in the world. Then I started inserting my oily big cock into her oily tight pussy. Around 3,4 strokes it just slid into the hole. She was screaming like hell. I already turned on the songs in the room tv and it was loud enough so that no one hears anything. But this scream I bet the rooms next to us must have heard it for. I was damn afraid hearing her moan. She was jumping like anything. But I couldn't control myself. So I caught her firmly with both my hands asked her not to shout loud and inserted my whole cock into her asshole.

This time she bared the pain. Not much loud as before. So I slowly started stroking her front and back. Mmmmmmmmmm. What a feeeeeeeel it is. She too started feeling the pleasure it gave her and began moving with me. Mm, I knew she loved it.

I started pushing deep and hard harrrrrd!! We started fucking at a hard medium pace and I increased the speed.

We were having real hard sex and the sex of a lifetime. We were deeply into it. We forgot the entire world at that moment. We were in the erotic paradise. I was fucking her ass rubbing her back. It continued, continued and the pleasure was increasing and finally, I came into her ass.

I let all the cum into it. Uhh. What a feeling.

The feeling of my cum getting released into the heat ness of her assshole.

There's nothing in the world better than that.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I felt like enough I have lived my life. Let me even die after this.

We both were tired and I fell on her. We both laid on each other. We hugged each other like that. Her eyes at that time.

It was so lustful. It said everything. How she felt. How she loved me. Everything.

The bond that we shared already was helping us more. We got more intimate with one another. We were hugging each other tightly. Kissing each other like a cute couple. Rubbing our bodies. I put my face on her boobs and breathing heavily. I kissed them. She lifted my head. Looked into my face, she smiled, she gave me a quirky smile and kissed my lips. She kissed all over my face. She hugged me firmly.

She said it was the best sex ever in her life and wanted to feel this all time.

I said. Don't worry. We have one more day. ;p

And we didn't try the main thing yet.

We both laughed. It was more romantic more than anything actually.

Then we hugged and slept together that night. I slept comfortably into the heatness of her body.

The next day. As you would have guessed we had really romantic mind-blowing sessions. We were fucking like hell as it was the last day of the world.

I hope u all enjoyed the story...

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