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"Damn, this thing is hard!" said Adam as he awoke with a raging hard on. "I wonder what I should do with it?" He got up from the ground where he had been sleeping next to Eve and walked across the trail to relieve himself under a tree. As his urine splashed on the ground, he scratched his ass, stretched, farted and yawned. Finally when he was done, he shook his cock off and walked over to the pile of apples that Eve had taken from the forbidden tree, picked up an apple and started eating it.

As he did so he continued fondling his hard cock. "This feeling is good!" he thought. He kept stroking it back and forth, slowly becoming more intense and more rapid.

He had done this several times before but always stopped when he got the feeling that he wanted to fly like the birds that cruised the heavens.

Whenever he stopped at that point, however, his balls hurt and were so swollen the next day that they turned blue. The first time that Eve saw him she asked him,

"Adam, why are you balls so big and so blue?"

Adam stuttered,

"I-I-I I don't really know. They just seem to get like that sometimes."

Eve didn't bother to tell him why they hurt but whenever she saw his balls were blue, she knew what he had been doing but couldn't tell him how to avoid the blue balls as Adam hated Satan, her confidante.

Adam hated Satan becasue it was Satan who had caused God to cast them out of the garden of Eden and ever since that time he regularly got the blue balls.

Remembering his conversations with Eve and enjoying his private ministrations, Adam got carried away and kept pumping his cock until suddenly it pulsed and white stuff started squirting everywhere.

He screamed aloud, "O, shit what is happening to me? My "tube" is squirting out white stuff that I have never seen before"

Eve awoke to his screams and saw him running towards her, hard cock in hand, still throbbing and still squirting white stuff from its tip.

"What's wrong with you," Eve yelled.

"My tube is leaking and won't stop." Adam wailed.

His knees suddenly gave way and he collapsed in a heap at her feet.

Mad at being awakened by Adam's ignorance Eve snapped

"If you stop playing with yourself it won't happen!...but you're ok!"

"What! My tube is spouting all this thick white stuff, my legs are weak and trembling and you are telling me that I'm ok?" he responded.

"I think that you just came," she replied.

"What on God's earth is that?" he wailed.

"Come sit down let me tell you about it," smiled Eve.

"How could you possibly know what is happening to me?" Adam barked. "I am a man, you don't have a tube. How the hell would you know?"

" Wel-l-l-l, Satan told me about it," she replied.

"What? You've been talking to that low-life sonofabitch?" Adam yelled. "Didn't he cause us enough grief? We were all jamming all over Eden having ball after ball and now we're cast out and all I have to show for it is two balls and they are both painful and blue!"

"SSshhh" Eve intoned, "You men always think that you know everything and that a woman can't show you anything, well, Satan told me that what happened to you is called 'cumming.'"

"How could I be coming when I was going over there!" Adam roared.

"Easy, baby, not coming like in coming and going but cumming," Eve laughed. "Satan told me that if a man plays with himself, he will get a very nice feeling and that if he keeps it up and can keep it up long enough, after a while he will reach the stage that juice shoots forth from what you call your tube. That's what cumming is all about!" I have been cumming it every day now for over a month, and by the way, that thing that you call a tube, Satan says is really a cock!"

"What?" screamed Adam. "How come you never mentioned these things to me before?"

"Well, you don't like Satan much and I didn't want you to get angry with me for letting him show me stuff and posssibly thinking that Satan and I had something going on between us but what he showed me was so good that I couldn't help myself."

"What did that nasty sucker do to you?" Adam asked.

"Well," Eve responded, "Promise me that you won't get mad."

Grudgingly Adam said "OK," because he knew that if he didn't say that, Eve would never tell him what had happened and he would never find out.

Eve then said,

"I fell asleep one day while you were out walking and a sweet feeling from a place between my legs woke me up. I realized that Satan was lying between my thighs and was sliding slowly back and forth. I started to grab him and throw him out but all of a sudden it felt so-o-o-o-o-o good, so I lay still and pretended to be still asleep!

"The nasty bugger," Adam exclaimed.

"SSssshhh," said Eve. "He sped up his movements and I began to feel faint. I saw stars and lightning and heard music and then juice gushed from between my legs. I couldn't talk or walk for about fifteen minutes. When I came back to myself, he asked me if I enjoyed it and of course I said that I did.

When I asked him what had happened to me he said that it was called "cumming" and that I could do it by myself and explained to me what he had done was called mistressbating. He told me that the spot he was rubbing was called a pussy and not a cavern as we call it and that it could be the source of great pleasure for me. Ten minutes later after he had slunk away, I tried it for myself and it was wonderful, so I have been doing it every day, cumming four or five times a day!

"If I had caught him, I would have cut his slimy ass up in pieces." Adam roared, "But how did you know about me?" Adam asked.

"Satan told me that the tube that you pee through is really called a cock and that if you play with it until it gets real hard, eventually, juice will shoot forth out of it and you will "cum" too.

Adam gathered himself up off the ground and told Eve,

"I am going down to the river to wash myself off and then take a walk."

"Okay," Eve said, "take your time, I'll be here" and smiled at his naked retreating back.

As soon as Adam got out of sight, Eve lay down and started diddling herself. He walked to the river, washed the cum off his hands and legs and realized that his balls were no longer swollen and no longer blue.

"Shit," he said," this cumming stuff is the bomb and started playing with his cock again. Ten minutes later, two screams were heard floating on the breezes outside of the garden of Eden. Adam and Eve were both cumming together even though they were yards apart.

Slithering under a rock, Satan smiled!

The next day Adam noticed that his balls didn't hurt, weren't swollen and weren't blue anymore either even though his newly named cock was a little sore. For the next few days Adam walked around playing with his cock over and over again and cumming to his heart's content.

He had to admit to himself that Eve was right, this was so-o-o-o good! Adam, enjoyed playing with himself so much that he became hooked and as men often do, took over the process and told Eve he was changing the name from mistressbating to masterbating!

Eve smiled demurely and made a mental note to thank Satan for his wise counsel.

Guided by the preoccupation with his own cock, Adam for the first time began to notice other animals using their cocks and started to observe their differing sizes and colors.

About a week later, he saw a stallion mounting a mare and stood to watch. He was astounded by the size of the stallion's cock and balls. The stallion had a mighty cock and as he mounted the mare and made a few errant stabs, the huge cock disappeared into her body.

The stallion proceeded to bite the mare in her neck as he jabbed his hips forward and backward. The mare stood still, whinnying all the while.

Adam was mesmerized by the feral rutting.

After a few moments the stallion stepped down and Adam noticed juice running from the huge cock which was now soft and rubbery just like his.

"He came just like I did," Adam thought, "but how come he chose the mare to help him cum? "

Several days later he noticed two dogs doing the same thing but this time they stayed joined together a longer time. While they were stuck together, the male followed the female wherever she went until they finally were able to separate.

Adam realized then that pussy would make a man follow a woman anywhere!

When the male dog finally pulled out, its cock had a big knot in it and the same juice dripped from it. He decided there and then that he would tell Eve what he had witnessed and see if she wanted to try the same thing.

That night as they slept in a bower, Adam shared with Eve what he had seen with the stallion and the dog. Eve smiled in the darkness already primed with Satan's information about that too. As they discussed the mechanics of the operation, Eve wasn't totally sure on how it worked and said

"Adam, I have only one hole back there and it is for shitting, that can't be the right one."

"That's the only one back there," said Adam ,"so it must have twofold uses."

Reluctantly Eve agreed that they could try it but told Adam to wait until the morning when they could see better. Bright and early the next morning, Adam woke Eve up and said to her,

"Get on your hands and knees and let me look." He spread her butt cheeks looking for the hole to put his cock into and observed a small puckered indentation but no real hole.

He pushed his finger against it and Eve yelled, "Damn, Adam, that shit hurts!"

Adam said, "This has got to be the hole, Eve, because I don't see another back here."

He then noticed a fat fold of flesh bulging from between her thighs but saw no hole. He was fascinated by it and strangely drawn to it, even salivating as he gazed upon it. He wondered why this fat fold of flesh evoked such deep feelings within him.

Eve said, "I am not sure that's the right place because it hurts. Go ask Satan if this is the right hole"

Adam sucked his teeth and said, " I'll figure it out myself, I don't need any directions."

After much probing accompanied by Eve's loud complaints, Adam finally gave up and together they went looking for fruit to eat for breakfast.

On their way, Adam spotted two cows mating and showed Eve. They both stood to watch. When the bull separated from the cow, its cock leaked juice on the ground.

"See," said Adam, "he used the cow to help him cum and while you can cum by yourself and so can I, I bet its a lot more fun if we did it together like they are doing it."

After seeing how the cows did it, Eve agreed that the hole that Adam found had to be the right one and they laid plans to try again to do what they had seen.

After eating their breakfast of fresh fruit, Adam had Eve get back down on her hands and knees and tried probing the puckered hole again without much success.

Eve was pissed off because Adam wouldn't ask Satan for directions but kept her mouth shut so as not to annoy him. She was to learn much later the value an open mouth could have as a part of sex.

She told Adam that her anus felt too dry and suggested to him that he moisten it.

Adam said, " Did Satan tell you about this too?"

"No," Eve, countered, "it just makes good sense to me."

Adam stuck his finger into his mouth, coated it with saliva, smeared her anus with it, wet his finger and tried again. This time, his finger slipped into the small hole.

Suddenly it clamped so tight around his finger that Adam was scared that he might not get it back out but after tugging a little his finger reappeared undamaged.

Adam proceeded to put his finger back in again and noticed that the more he played inside, the easier it got. He then sank his finger in as far as he could.

"OOoooo!!!" cooed Eve," that's good."

Adam kept sliding his finger jn and out and even added another finger until Eve told him that she was getting a little sore.

It was a strange feeling for Eve but still kind of nice and she wiggled her buttocks as Adam probed the newly opened hole.

Adam noticed that the more he explored, the looser the hole became. As it got looser he added more fingers and so after an hour of exploration he had gotten three fingers in. He then decided to try to put his cock into the hole like the stallion did.

The head got stuck.

Again, Eve recommended wetting it and Adam wet his fingers once more, coating the now looser aperture. For good measure he also coated his hard cock and pressed it back into the hole.

Eve felt her asshole start to stretch and clamped down screaming "Oh shit!, that hurts!"

"Loosen your ass up," yelled Adam, "don't tighten it!"

"That's easy for you to say," replied Eve "nobody's trying to push a big cock up your ass!"

"Try!" shouted Adam, "stay still like the cow and don't tighten your ass up!"

"Did you just call me a cow?" Eve screamed.

"No", Adam replied "I just said that you must stay still like the cow!"

"Oh, okay," Eve answered, "cause if you called me a cow, you can just get right out of my ass this minute and go find yourself a cow."

Adam filed away that thought for later, thinking that some time when Eve was in one of her moods and was acting up when he needed some pussy, he might just have to try the cow.

Eve continued mumbling that it was her ass that was hurting not the cow's. Adam kept forcing his cock harder and harder against the hole.

Slowly it yielded and his cockhead finally slipped into the recesses of Eve's rectum. It was a tight fit but it felt good to Adam.

Eve, meanwhile, kept muttering about her ass burning and kept trying to pull away. Adam grabbed her hips and kept pulling her buttocks back to him. Being the stronger one he was able to keep her from pulling away and inexorably his cock foraged its way deeper into her ass.

When he was all the way in, Adam rested.

Eve's asshole was on fire and it clamped down and spasmed around his offending cock. Realizing that she was in some distress, Adam had the good sense to remain still.

Gradually her anus loosened and Eve relaxed as the burning sensation ebbed. After a while it began to feel somewhat nice to her. Sensing, the change in Eve, Adam began to slowly stroke back and forth like he had seen the stallion, dog and bull do.

Eve murmured in submission as the sensation caused her to feel tingly all over. Adam kept on doing what he was doing, realizing that he was beginning to get a feeling similar to when he played with his cock. He kept stroking Eve and she began moving her ass like the mare.

Adam was soon overwhelmed with the pleasure and he grunted as his cock contracted, spewing his juices into Eve's bowels. Slowly his cock shrunk and he pulled out of her with her ass making a plopping sound. His cock was now dripping just like the stallion's and his pleasure was exquisite.

"Eve, this is wonderful," Adam gasped.

"Wonderful for you but my ass is sore," replied Eve.

After Adam had finished his poking, Eve realized that what Adam had done was sort of nice even though it took a while but she did not get the same pleasure as when she did it herself and that he had obviously experienced because her ass hurt.

She also noticed that she was wet between her thighs and slipped her finger between them searching for the source of the wetness. She discovered another small hole there and called Adam over to investigate.

Adam then had Eve lie on her back, open her thighs wide and spread the folds of skin that she had guided him to. Gently he poked around in her wetness. He noticed a small nub and touched it. Eve shrieked and he thought that she was in pain.

"Did that hurt?" he asked her.

"Uh-uh, Adam, that was damn good!" she replied

and he realized that she would gasp every time his fingers came into contact with it.

He purposely strayed and hit it ever so often, enjoying the effect that it had on her. His fingers, now lubricated by Eve's wetness eventually found another hole.

He gently probed around the opening and heard Eve suck her breath in suddenly. Getting used to Eve's responses he realized that she was enjoying his probing.

"Woooo, that feels so good," she murmured

Gently he continued probing until Eve felt her belly start to quake and that familiar feeling of cumming that Satan had told her about overtook her. Adam realized that she was enjoying his poking around and kept it up.

"Oo—oo-ooo-oh," moaned Eve as her hips bucked.

Adam kept on probing and probing and she started wailing as her body shuddered as spasm after spasm shook her.

Realizing the she was enjoying what he was doing, he increased the pace and added more fingers, gradually going further into Eve.

The little hole was now quite wide and her ass danced on the grass and she cried out, this time not in pain; the combination of slight pain and pleasure drove her wild as her pussy poured forth copious amounts of juice.

Adam knew that she was cumming and noticed that some of her juices were red but Eve had not complained. After about ten minutes, she groaned loudly,

"Stop,stop,I can't take anymore,"

and collapsed, exhausted by the continuous cumming that Adam had initiated. Adam then withdrew his bloodied fingers and went to the stream to wash them.

When he returned, Eve was curled up asleep on the ground, with a huge smile still on her face.

Adam lay down next to her and pleasured himself by stroking his cock until it squirted. Several drops landed on Eve's breasts, face and hair but she kept smiling in her sleep.

He decided then to try to figure a way that he and Eve could get the same feeling simultaneously. For two days, he thought of nothing else and on the third day he hatched a plan and told Eve about his idea.

Eve wasn't sure about Adam's plan and told him that she would think about it. On her way to the river next morning, she encountered Satan.

"Hey Eve, have you cum since I last saw you?" he asked.

"Yes," she replied, "several times."

"And what about dumb ass, were you able to show him anything?"

"I wish that you would stop calling him that, he's not dumb."

"Hell, yes he is" Satan responded "his real name is not Adam, it is George Bush!" Satan cackled aloud at his joke.

"Who is George Bush?" Eve asked.

"You will learn about him one day." Satan responded.

"Anyway were you able to show him anything?" Satan asked.

"Yes," smiled Eve, " he is cumming now too!"

Satan smiled.

"I've got a question for you," Eve said.

"What is it," Satan asked.

"Adam wants to put his cock in my pussy to see if we can cum together, is that a good idea?

"That's a wonderful idea," responded Satan, "that's called fucking."

"What?" asked Eve, "Farting?"

"No, no" Satan corrected her, "that's from the other hole nearby, this is called fucking!"

"How do you do that?" Eve asked.

"Lay on your back, open your legs and let me show you," cajoled Satan.

Knowing that Adam was going to be real mad if he found out about this, Eve hesitated but remembering the pleasure that she had received the last time that Satan was between her legs she figured that Adam wouldn't complain if he got to share in the pleasure and so, she complied.
It was then that she began to realize the power of a good pussy and how it could be used to sway a man's right thinking!

Without a word, Satan slithered between her thighs, slowly eased her pussy lips open and wormed his way into her body.

For Eve, the feeling of fullness was wonderful even though Satan's body felt cold inside her. She felt a wonderful pulsing inside her pussy and she soon she started to moan. Satan established a rhythm and kept the pulsing going.

Eve writhed in ecstasy and in no time was soaring among the stars cumming over and over. She grabbed Satan and kept pushing him deeper inside her while she came over and over again.

After about fifteen minutes Satan was able to escape from her thrusting hand and slipped from her pussy screaming,

"What the fuck? Are you trying to drown me!"

Eve gurgled in ecstasy never even hearing him as she was in her own reverie, pussy twitching, throbbing and quivering as her juices poured from the hole between her thighs dripping between them to coat and soothe her spasming, sore asshole.

Soaked to his skin and pissed off, Satan slunk away.

"Fuck!" he growled, "show a woman something new and she acts like she invented the shit!"

He was so upset that he didn't pay attention to his surroundings and as he departed, he ran into a group of hungry cats who chased and attacked him, clawing his slimy skin attracted by the odor of fresh fish!

They had never experienced fish on land and were excited at the thought that they had found a new source of food. They clawed and mauled his slimy ass. He squirmed, hissed and slithered and finally was able to escape into the nearby bushes.

"Holy shit! Them suckers almost killed me," groaned a battered Satan, after he escaped from the marauding pack, his skin all torn and tattered, "I gotta let Eve know to keep her pussy away from cats!"

Eve meanwhile had regained her composure and on unsteady feet went looking for Adam.

She found him later that day playing with his cock under a tree and told him that she could find a better way to use it than he was doing.

Eve then directed Adam in his first fuck.

It was a marvelous experience for them both and a bruised and battered Satan heard their cries of ecstasy as Adam ploughed Eve until she bore fruit.

Like Adam, her pleasure now was exquisite!

By the day's end, Eve and Adam had fucked seven times seven. His cock was sore and his balls were empty but they were no longer swollen nor blue.

Eve kept pumping Adam's debilitated cock trying to get it to stay hard because she wanted more and an exhausted Adam had to run into the Garden of Eden to get away from her.

The guardian angels saw him and drove him out, blasting their horns loudly until the cacophony was unbearable. He was admonished by them for eating the fruit from the tree of life!

As Adam ran from the garden he heard Satan chuckling. He shouted to Adam,

"Adam! Since the angels blew their horns so loud, every time you feel like you want some pussy that will be called getting horny!" "I'll have to think of what blowing is since they blew their horns so loud.

Since you are no longer surrounded by food in the garden of Eden and will have to depend upon Eve to find food for you, you will have to learn how to eat pussy to survive.

Come to think of it, pussy will be the new tree of life."

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