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Sex Story - My Cousin Sister

Sex Story - My Cousin Sister

This is a story of how I fucked my cousin Swati who is 19 yrs old. She lives in Jodhpur city which is in Rajasthan we are quite close she is a very good sister to me.

So about her, she is fair 5’ 2” and is average built not too thin not too fat just appropriately chubby at right places. She has very nicely shaped legs and she looks a sex diva in shorts. Her waist is nicely shaped and she usually wears clothes that are not too tight nor too loose. She looks stunning in Black color dresses.

So coming to the story, during winter vacations I called my aunt up and told her to send Swati at our home as my vacations are also going on. But she said that how can she come alone by herself.

So I decided that I have to go there to bring her back to our home so the next day I packed my stuff and got on a bus and reached Jodhpur in the afternoon.

As soon as I reached aunt’s home she came to answer the door I said Namaste and got inside as soon as I entered someone jumped on me and gave me a tight hug, I was awestruck. But was also getting a nice feeling because that “someone’s “nice boobs were crushing my chest.

I came back to my senses and looked on to that someone and what I saw was really surprising, my little sister is all grown up now. I looked on to her she was wearing trousers and top with a sweatshirt on top of that. She had lipstick on her lips which was arousing me I don’t know why I was getting those feelings. I shut those feelings and I started talking to them. My aunt asked how was the journey I said tiring as the distance is too much to which she said “take a shower then you will feel refreshing” I said ok.

So I went inside switched on the geyser and started to take a shower after the shower I realized that I haven’t taken my towel as it was chilling outside I called Swati she came all innocent “what happened brother? (kya hua bhaiya)” I said I have forgotten my towel can you give it to me from my suitcase she kind of smiled and said ok. I was standing inside the bathroom almost dried up. She came with my towel and raised it so as to give it to me just when I drew out my hand she pulled it back. She was teasing me with my towel I tried to convince her to give it to me but she kept on teasing me. As it was chilling out there in order to snatch the towel from her hands I came out of the bathroom running with a drenched boxer in which my penis was slightly tight due to cold.

So I ran towards her and she ran towards the gate I grabbed her from behind and I slipped and fell down on the bed with Swati upon me and as I was falling I grabbed her tightly and my dick was all brushing her back which she definitely noticed as she ran her hand and accidentally caught my penis and balls and immediately took her hand off, in this whole incident I forgot that my one hand was on to her boobs and I have pressed them hard. When I realized I immediately took my hands off her and let her go. She immediately ran away.

A day later…….I told Swati to pack as we have to go to my home and she started packing. We took the evening bus and we started chatting about the general stuff. In the bus she was tired and slept after some time I noticed that she needed support to put her head on I gave her my shoulder she put her head on my shoulder and also grabbed my left arm and came very near to me I kind of pampered her by sliding my hand over her head and came near her she grabbed my hand tightly and I noticed that her boobs were brushing my hand I looked towards them her cleavage was visible a little and I kind of got tempted by that but again I controlled myself and an hour later when she was in deep sleep I zipped her jacket so her cleavage won’t be visible to me or anyone else.

As I was feeling dizzy I also slept after some time I felt kind of horny my dick was semi-hard I opened my eyes and saw her hand was on my dick and she was in deep sleep. To avoid any kind of embarrassment I took her hand and with my hand and slept again after some time we got off the bus and reached my home. My mom greeted her and then we had dinner as everyone was feeling sleepy my mom told me to take my sister to my bedroom as my room has two separate beds I showed that to her she immediately fell asleep, as I was also tired I also fell asleep.

In the morning while I was sleeping I felt something soft on my face kind of tingling sensation, I slightly opened my eyes and saw Swati was playing with me to wake me up. I told her “what are you doing Swati let me sleep a little (kya kr rhi ho Swati sone do thodi der aur)”. She said “no, wake up brother! (utth jao bhaiya)” then she started shaking me I got annoyed and grabbed her by her hands, and lifted her made her lie down on the bed and slept on top of her. While I was sleeping on top of her she started laughing saying brother it's tickling me and I was crushing her very melons as much as I can.

After some time I removed myself from top of her and woke up. My mom gave dad and both of us breakfast and told us that she is leaving to market, dad would drop her on the way. I said okay and my mom told me to take her to some good places for her to see. I agreed, they both left and I sat in front of the TV she came and sat near me in shorts. I told her to wear something long due to winters but she said she feels comfortable in these. I said today girls are just showoffs go change to something long she said it is comfortable that way. I said by touching her thighs where do you feel comfortable here, she laughed said nothing and then I ran my hand much further and said or here to which she laughed out loud and tried to remove my hand but as being the stronger one kept my hand there when she suddenly removed her hand my hand got deep inside her panty and I felt those pussy lips which were a little wet.

I immediately removed my hand and my cousin's sister also got silenced after that and then there was an awkward silence after that. After some time trying to break the silence I told her to go and bath she said okay I will get ready and then we will go out. So after around 20 minutes, I heard her shouting from the bathroom bhaiyaa!! I got there and saw her behind the door only her head out and told me she had forgotten her towel and asked me to give it.

I smiled at her in a mischievous way and got to her luggage and start searching for her towel and while searching I also found her bras and panties different colored and very soft. I figured out that she must also have forgotten her bra and panty along with her towel. So after finding her towel I also took her bra and panty both black colored back to her but didn’t give them to her and started teasing her by offering her but not giving the towel to her. She started saying that she will catch a cold in winters and also she is almost dried up. I expressed my concern and again started laughing I gave her panty and bra and told her to change as she is almost dried up she changed inside the bathroom and then asked for a towel for her hair. I started teasing her she came running towards me and I was mesmerized as I have seen her first time in her undies.

She hit me hard and pounded on me with her wet hair as I was wearing my boxers and a t-shirt, she was onto me in her bra and panty I was looking on her cleavage which was slightly wet and droplets were running inside it and also her nipple area got wet along with her pubic area in her panty I felt something wet over my dick I noticed it was my sweet sister’s cunt.

As I was constantly staring at her boobs she said what are you looking at bhaiya!? I said naughtily “ what my sister is showing to me”. She said ”naughty bhaiya! I know you respect me I know you zipped me the other night and also took my hand off your…”

I said “say naa what mine” she looked down and said “your penis, which is now moving”

I immediately tried to kiss her to which she said what are you doing bhaiyaa. I got surprised and didn’t say anything she again laughed and said please continue what you were doing don’t stop to which I again lip locked her juicy lips and lifted her and laid her down on the bed facing me she started gasping and I can see her belly moving up and down fast, I took the nearby blanket and kept it on ourselves she said to turn on the heater instead I removed the blanket and turned on the heater and came back on top of her and started kissing her again she started exploring my back and I started exploring her hair which was smelling very awesome plus they were wet which was also adding to the aroma.

I then kissed on both of her cheeks spread her both hands and started kissing her all over her face started to lick her as we lick softy then I kissed her chin, she was turning her head both ways in anxiety and pleasure I came down to her neck gave her soft kisses there she tightly hold me and started moaning slightly “ mmhmhmm” then I came further down to her above the boobs part and started kissing and sucking that part she became anxious so much that in anxiety she started moving her body here and there I hold her tight and then I tickled her arms with my turns she jumped in pleasure and said “ ohhh bhaiyaa please give me the ultimate pleasure which I have longed crave for” I said don’t worry today I will show you heaven. Then I started licking her cleavage.

Then after licking her cleavage I took her thighs and kissed her there she moaned in a very seductive manner “bhaiyaa pleasse aur mat chedo mujhe mein mar jaungi itni khushi mein” I said aaj toh tujhe mein kha jaunga behen. And started rubbing and kissing her thighs more she started jumping off the bed.

I hold her tight then I reached her panty and slide my hand inside I felt something wet and soft there and she moved her body vigorously she just had an orgasm she took my mouth and kissed me and said in my ears “thank you”. Then I took her both boobs in my hands and pressed them above her black bra I took my lips, took out her one boob and looking on that curvy round boob with light brown nipples I took it whole and bit it hard she pressed my head hard on it. Then I took the other one out and started kissing it hard and then I removed her bra.

Then she said enough with me let’s see what you have got she removed my t-shirt and started to kiss my chest she started to kiss my neck then again we smooched for 20 seconds then she slid off her hand in my boxer hand got hold of my dick which was already very hard. She removed my boxer and told me “ bhaiyaa aap itna bada land mere Andar daaloge” I said yes my sister and you will see heaven.

Then I told her to suck my dick like a lollipop she obeyed me and started sucking it in to and fro motion while I hold her head and watched her tits juggling after about 3 minutes I cummed all over her face. She drank it all and said in a very innocent voice “ hmm yummy and hot”

Then I took her panty and started finger fucking her, I started fucking her with my two fingers inside vigorously and after 2 minutes she cummed again holding my hand then she took my hand and licked her cum and said you taste better than me.

I then made her sit down and started eating her pussy I started tongue fucking her pussy and then I started licking her flowing juices and then I put my tongue inside her cunt and started fucking her again in around 3 minutes she cummed this time she said can we wait now as she was very tired I waited for 15 minutes and then again took her and put my fingers inside her pussy and found her G spot as I touched it she gasped” ahhhh” she rolled out her tongue and I kissed her again

Then I put my dick on the entrance of her cunt and tried to push it in but It was not going inside I told her to close her eyes and gave a blow inside it went half inside and she cried in pain I put my hand on her mouth tried to console her after about 15 minutes I entered her fully and she started to get pleasure out of our fucking session.

After about 10 minutes we both cummed simultaneously and she slept over me putting her one boob inside my mouth which I sucked for some more time while she continued to moan…. I fucked in every possible position and she became my favorite sister and my fuck buddy

After that we fucked each and every night for 15 days and sometimes in the bathroom and believe me bathroom sex is very intimate. We also had drunken sex once we tried with different flavored condoms and also I fucked her boobs and also spread my cum all over her face and that sexy belly..

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