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The April Fool’s Day Prank Leads To Sex With Teacher

The April Fool’s Day Prank Leads To Sex With Teacher

The names in the following story have been changed in order to maintain the secrecy of both the people and because sex with teacher is considered a taboo.

Hey there people! Sorry, I could not reveal my real name but you can call me mva.

Talking about me, I’m a college going student in Ahmedabad in my 2nd semester. I have a dick of five and a half inches. For feedbacks and any kinds of comments, contact me on thevulgarwriter@gmail.Com

Talking about my teacher, she is 30 and married to a banker guy. She has a huge pair of boobs, sexy butt and she is as white as milk. Sorry but I am not good at figures. Coming to the story;

On 31st March, I and some of my friends decided to prank one of our teachers. Then we decided to prank our favourite Devika ma’am(name changed). Devika ma’am is probably every student’s crush. The good thing about her is she always keeps a smile on her face.

Actually, on 1st April, our exams were going to begin and the first exam was of the subject of Devika ma’am. So all of my friends got together at 11.30 pm on 31st March and at around 11.55 pm, we sent a message to her through my WhatsApp number. The message read: ‘good evening ma’am. Hope you were not asleep. Me and 3 of my friends are standing under your building and we want you to teach us the whole night for tomorrow’s exam.’

Till 12:15 am we didn’t get any reply so my friends went to their respective home. I woke up at 5:00 and saw a message from Devika ma’am saying: ‘I know you were trying to fool me, but you should know that I am your professor and not your friend. Tomorrow after your exam, meet me in my cabin.’

I was hell scared, but somehow I gathered the courage and went to meet her after my exam. First, she asked about my paper. I said it was a bit tough. Then she came to the actual topic. Suddenly her face turned red. She asked whether I was drunk when I messaged her and I said no I was not. Then she said how dare I messaged her when she has given her number just in case of any queries related to her subject. I said that we had decided to prank any of the professors as it was April fool’s day and then we chose you.

D: why did you choose me, while you could have chosen any other professor?

M: that is because you are very friendly with me and I never thought that you might get angry with me.

D: do you want to know why I was angry?

M: yes, ma’am.

D: because, if by chance my husband would have seen that message of yours, he could’ve ruined your life and my life too.

M: but why would he ruin your life ma’am.

D: because he thinks I have an extra-marital affair.

(suddenly she looked sad and was about to cry but I asked her not to cry at least in the college.)

Then as a way of respect, I asked her if I could drop her home. And, she agreed. Her home was about 20 minutes far from the college and as my Activa’s back seat is high I started feeling her boobs on my shoulder. On the way sometimes she wrapped her arms around my neck and sometimes around my waist.

Her building came and then she asked if I would come in to have a glass of buttermilk. I agreed. We entered her apartment, I sat there for awhile and then she changed into her nightie. I could clearly see that she had removed her bra as her melons were hanging. She came with 2 glasses and a jug filled with buttermilk. She gave me the glass and bent down to pour the buttermilk and man! I could clearly see her boobs. What a beautiful scene it was.

Suddenly I came to my senses and realized that she caught me looking at her boobs. She then took the glass from my hand. I was going to apologize but she kept her hand on my mouth so I could not speak. She removed her and my clothes.

Looking her naked my dick became fully erect. She sat on her knees and started giving me a handjob. The feeling was so good that I closed my eyes and suddenly I could feel her lips on my dick head. She started blowing me off, and as it was my first time I cummed over her face.

Then it was my turn to return the favor. I started fingering her, first with one finger then with two and finally with three fingers. I stopped as soon as she was about to cum. She got angry and asked why did I stop. I said this is a trick to have more satisfaction. Then I started to lick her pussy and in no time she came on my face. This was the first time I was going to have sex in my life.

Then she asked me to enter her in missionary position. I tried entering but was difficult as it was my first time. Somehow I entered and felt a little pain in my dick. As I pulled my dick out I could clearly see blood on it. But then I again entered her with full thrust and she let out a loud moan. Moaning really turns me on.

Every time I felt I was cumming, we changed the position because I did not want my first sex to be short. We switched to doggy style and I entered her from behind and I also grabbed her boobs. During doggy style, she cummed twice.

Then finally we tried cowgirl position, which is my favourite because you can fuck her while kissing her and grabbing her boobs. She started jumping on me, and again she came. With one hand I was slapping her butt and with another, I was pressing her boob and at the same time, I was kissing her.

Finally, in about 15 mins I was about to cum so she got on her knees and asked me to shoot my cum in her mouth and I did the same. She was really satisfied with me and said that we should do this more often.

So, this is it, guys. Forgive me for my mistakes as I am new here.

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