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Fuck Me Harder Jiju

Fuck Me Harder Jiju

Piya was in bed browsing and texting her friends. She had a tiring day at college and didn’t feel like going downstairs for dinner. “Are you coming down for dinner? I am hungry and I need to login to work after this”, her sister texted from below.

“I am too tired, please send it up with the servant”, she replied to her sister.

“But I will have to eat alone, even your Jiju isn’t home yet”, her sister replied.

“Please Di, let me eat in my room”, Piya replied. In a couple of minutes, there was a knock on her door and the servant placed the dinner on the table and left.

Piya got up from the bed lazily, finished her dinner and kept the tray outside her room for the servant to take it back.She heard footsteps and thought it might be her Di coming to check on her, but she was surprised to see her Jiju.

“Hi Jiju, what are you doing here? Di is in the house”, she smiled at him naughtily.

“She doesn’t know I’m in the house yet”, Rohit winked at her and got into bed with her.

“But she might suddenly walk in on us Jiju”, Piya protested.

“Then everything will be out in the open”, he replied and got on top of her, pressing her hands down and started to kiss her. She was silenced by his lips as she could feel his warm breath all over her face, his hands moving all over her body, touching, pressing. caressing.

She kissed him back with equal fervor, biting his lips, sliding her tongue into his mouth, letting him suck on it. She put her hands around his neck and pulled him closer, his muscular frame almost crushing her petite body underneath.

They continued kissing as he hiked her tank top up all the way, starting to squeeze her perky breasts, twirling her nipples.

Piya reached for his trousers, unzipped them and started rubbing on his cock over the boxers as he now started kissing her neck, sucking on it, biting her ears and whispering into her ears, “I want you every night, not just when your Di isn’t around. I don’t care if she catches us.”

“Oh Jiju, do you want me so bad? Am I the forbidden fruit for you?”, she teased him. He now made his way down and started squeezing her breasts together, and then sucking on both her erect nipples at once.

“Oh Jiju, don’t make me moan, Di will hear us”, she cried out and started moaning. She couldn’t control her moans as he continued to suck on her breasts hard while unbuttoning her hot pants and putting one hand between her legs.Her breath was getting heavier with all his kissing, sucking and touching. She could feel the tingling sensation building up in her pussy and making its way all the way up her back.

Piya pulled the blanket up all the way to cover them both, as he now moved down from her breasts and started licking and sucking her navel. His firm hand was squeezing her breasts while the other hand was between her legs, rubbing her pussy over her lace panties.

Piya wanted to control her moans, but with all the action every inch of her body was getting, she was failing miserably. The way she was moaning and the way her body was responding to him, only made Rohit go harder at her boobs and pussy.

He finally made his way down to her pussy, he pulled her panties to one side and started licking her pussy lips. The feeling of his tongue on her pussy sent a shiver down her spine as she started to moan louder than before.

Her one hand was squeezing her breasts, kneading them like dough while the other hand was busy assisting his tongue in pleasing her pussy. Her body was shivering uncontrollably as he continued teasing and pleasing her.

He now inserted a finger inside her tight wet pussy, it slid right in. He pushed it in deeper till he found her sensitive spot. He then started finger fucking her, hitting her on that spot again and again as his tongue was licking and sucking on her pussy lips. Dear friends, you are reading this erotic Indian sex story on Desitales dot com .She was tugging at his hair, pushing his face deeper into her pussy as his other hand was playing with her breasts, making them heavier.

“Oh Jiju! You’re just killing me, How can I resist you if you play with me like this?”, she cried out.

He looked up into her eyes and said, “I don’t want you to resist. If you resist me, all my hard work is for nothing”, and continued sucking and licking her pussy.

He took his wet finger from inside her pussy and sucked on it as she looked into his eyes.

“Oh Jiju!”, she moaned and this time he made her suck on his finger, her body shivering as she tasted herself.

He sucked on his wet finger and made her suck on it alternately, all the while licking and sucking her pussy, getting her wetter. They suddenly heard footsteps in a distance and both stopped doing what they were doing, Rohit lied down flat on the bed and Piya covered him fully with the blanket.

There was a knock on the door and Piya said, “Come in”, after making sure he was covered properly. Her sister walked in and asked, “What are you doing? I can hear noises downstairs”.

Piya gave a sheepish smile and said, “I was browsing stuff”.

“What stuff?”, her Di asked.

“Oh Come on Di! Don’t tell me you’ve never browsed such stuff, now please go and let me do it in peace”, she laughed at her Di.

“Your Jiju isn’t home yet and I’m very tired, I’ll probably sleep. Don’t do it too much, it’s not good for health”, and smiled.

“Ok Di! Good night, now please go and sleep”, Piya couldn’t wait for her Di to leave the room.

As soon as her Di left the room and closed the door behind her, Rohit started finger fucking and licking Piya’s pussy again. He was back at pinching her nipples, devouring her whole body as if he owned it forever.

“Oh Jiju! We almost got caught and you still don’t wanna stop making me moan so loud”, Jiya said to her Jiju.

“I just want you too bad, I don’t care if we get caught”, he replied and continued eating her out, now spanking her pussy lips hard.

After eating her out for some more time and getting her wet, he then bent her over on the bed and started spanking her as he continued finger fucking her. “Ouch! That hurts Jiju, don’t punish me so much”.

“That is for teasing me everyday wearing short clothes and running around the house, knowing fully well I’d want to fuck you every day”.

“But that’s not such a bad thing Jiju! You wouldn’t have fucked me if I didn’t tease you”, she cried out as he continued spanking her hard, biting and sucking on her back, her neck.

He was rubbing her clit pretty hard and fingering her as he grabbed her breasts from behind and slapped them hard, her entire body turning red with his biting, sucking and licking. Her pussy was dripping wet by now aching for his cock to take it.

After spanking her for a while, he then lied down on the bed and made her lie on top of him in the opposite direction.Her pussy was over his face and his cock was under her face. Piya instantly pulled down his boxers, took his cock in her hands and started stroking it. “Oh Yes! You know how to play with my cock Piya”.

She then took his cock in her mouth, sucking on it hard “Oh Jiju! I love sucking your cock, it makes me feel so sexy”. Rohit was tongue fucking her pussy pretty hard now, going all the way inside her.

Piya rubbed her breasts hard on his body as she was massaging his balls, taking his cock and making it hit her cheeks hard, deep throating it, till his balls were up against her lips. It felt as if his cock had grown harder inside her mouth, his tongue was devouring the wetness inside her pussy, tasting it, hitting the delicate spots, making her squirm and moan. Her moans lost inside her mouth as his cock had filled it up, stretching it to the limit.

He continued spanking her ass, turning it red, her pussy lips spread by his tongue, the juices flowing into his mouth as he slurped on them before taking them in.

He inserted two fingers inside her and finger fucked her as her mouth was taking full toll on his cock, both of them getting closer to a climax. Her body was convulsing furiously as he continued finger fucking her, his cock now fucking her mouth pretty hard. He realized she was getting close and decided to let go at the same time.

As her orgasm started hitting her, he let go and shot his load in her mouth. Cum was dripping off her lips as she struggled to swallow it all at once.

She used her fingers and wiped the cum off of her face, then sucking on those cum filled fingers. His mouth was filled with her juices as well, he turned her around and made her lie on top, kissing her deep, sucking and licking, exchanging the fluids completely.

He lifted her up and carried her to the shower while taking off both their clothes. She wrapped her legs around him, her delicate body holding on to him tight as he turned the shower on.

The hot water hit both of them at once, dripping off their tired, yet satisfied bodies together. He started kissing her and sucking the water off of her body, running his mouth and tongue all over her mouth, shoulders, neck and then breasts. She held on to him tight, her legs wrapped around his waist, putting her arms around his neck and kissing him wildly.

He then moved down to her taut nipples, biting them hard between his teeth, her moans echoing in the shower. She was sure Di couldn’t hear them now, so she let go and was moaning pretty loud. “Oh Jiju! You are the first man to tease and please me like this, none of my boyfriends could tease me so much. No wonder, I don’t wanna fuck just you and none of those boys anymore.”

“You can fuck them if you want, I don’t care. I know I can still have you anytime I want”, he whispered in her ears.

Piya reached out for his cock and started stroking it, she could sense the hardness building up again. Rohit pinned her to the wall and pressed his crotch against her pussy, rubbing against it, teasing it as he was sucking and licking her breasts pretty hard by now.

She was stroking him hard, massaging his balls, as he kissed her mouth, biting on her lips, nibbling on her ears, whispering into her ears, “We should fuck in the shower more often”, and then sucked on the water droplets on her shoulders. The way he was sucking on her naked body just felt so sexy to her and she pushed his head deeper into her breasts, making him suck on them harder. His cock was now ready to take her as she continued stroking it, playing with his balls, making it ache for her pleasure hole.

He kissed her mouth hard and started rubbing his dick head up against her pussy lips. “Oh Jiju! Please don’t tease me so much, I want you inside me right now”, she moaned. He decided not to tease her anymore and entered her pussy, he slid right in as she was soaking wet by now. He went all the way in, till his balls hit her pussy lips.

Piya held onto him tightly as he stretched her tight pussy, staying deep inside her, letting her feel him filling her up.She was moaning as he slowly pulled out and thrust harder, she pulled him closer, her breasts being squeezed by his hairy chest. She dug her nails into his back and cried, “Harder Jiju! Fuck me harder! Just like only you can”.

He pulled out and started thrusting harder, her whole body shaking to his thrusts, their mouths meeting in passionate kisses, her arms around his neck. Not even air could get between them as he started thrusting harder and harder. “Oh Jiju! Just like that, just like that”, she cried out and moaned, as he propped her up against the wall and really started pounding her pussy as hard as he could. She was feeling up his biceps and running her hands on his ass, pulling him into her.

He bit her lips hard, sucking on them as he rammed his cock again and again into her. He could sense the pressure building in his balls, he bit her nipples again and again as he fucked her. “I am close Jiju”, she whispered in his ears and he nodded, gearing up for the final push, now thrusting faster without pulling out too much. The intensity with which he was thrusting was visible on his face as she pulled him and kissed him deeply.

He finally let go inside her, and she came with him too moaning out loud. She bit his lips hard and sucked on his tongue, whispered in his ears, “You should go now, Di must be wondering where you are”.

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