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Sex With Aunty Give More Experince

Sex With Aunty Give  More Experince

I am an of age 27 years average in looking having height 5 ft. 11 inches. I like the women of the middle ages since they are well experienced. The story starts with my aunty. My Aunty name Ruchika is the mother of two but still, she looks sexy and gorgeous. She is around 35 but looks like 25. Well maintained figure, round boobs, round large ass checks having fair complex with red lips.



She is one of my fantasies. I dream to fuck her in my dreams. The story starts when I started to read the ISS stories. When I read the stories having sex of mother and son and with a sister from then I started to think about the sex with my aunty (Chachi). One day during summertime I save her changing clothes she was totally only having bra and panty otherwise she was completely nude when I saw her


My dick starts to rise since it was the first time when I was watching women completely naked. I go tho the bathroom and masturbate imagining sex with her. One day when she was going outside the house and I was there with my brother who was sleeping I searched her room and I found a few sexy magazines and a pair of her bra and panty. I was reading the sexy stories and was pushing my dick into her bra and panty.


When I was about to put back the bra she came suddenly and saw me with my dick outside my pants and into her panty. I suddenly put my dick into my pants. She came to me to touch my dick and took her bra and put it back she was very angry with me and shouted at me a lot. But I already understood her intention when she touched my dick.


Finally, after waiting for a long time in December my fantasy comes to be true. Since my uncle has a business so he has to go out of Delhi for a week and during December one of my aunty sons was going to his maternal uncle house. I was going to their house having fun with my small brother she was playing cricket with her. I too joined them.


When he put the shots I intentionally touch her boobs pushed into her and feel the warmth of her boobs. Oh my god! How soft they were. She also liked it and also had known my intention. After it when I found her alone I walked behind her and grasp them into my arms and separating kisses on her neck. She liked this all but suddenly she slapped me and threw me away. After two days, she sent her children to our house and he said to my mom that since my aunt was alone so she wanted me to sleep at their house.


I was very happy and go to their house. I ate the food and soon my brother was sleeping deeply and I to feel slept. After some time I felt as I was about to piss so I wake up. As I opened my eyes I found my aunty was sucking me deep. I made no response. But When I was about to ejaculated I woke up and asked my aunty to suck it fast.


On seeing me suddenly she left me but before she went from me I caught her by hand and thrust my penis inside her mouth and all my cum was in her mouth. She drank all the cum and went away from my room. The next day, I send my brother to my house and went to my aunty. She was in the kitchen preparing lunch. I caught her from her waist and turn her around me. As she looked at me I caught her lips in my lips.


This was my first kiss. After a long kiss of 10 minutes, I slowly pressed her left boob which was so soft. She led me to the bed. There without waiting any time I putt of her clothes but she resisted me as my brother can came at any time and promised for night time. At night during the 11, she came to me. I pulled her into my bed. She was there. I switch on the bulb. We both were in one other arm are lost in a French kiss.


She thrust her tongue into my mouth and search and I do the same. Then I put my left hand on her boob and pressed it slightly then I raised her and slightly put her blouse aside. I saw her white milk stomach was licked her naval. Then I put my hand into her petticoat and onto her clean shaved vagina. She was fully raised. She put her hand on my dick and slowly starts to give it some thrust.


Then I putt of her petticoat and she was before me in bra and panty. Then, I pressed her boobs from her bra. The finally I left her bra and panty go off and she was completely nude before me. She was looking like the goddess of sex. I then put one of the bobs into my mouth and suck it and press the other one. I pinch her nipple. Her breast was like the mango fruit has a lot of flesh in them. I played with her boobs with my tongue on her nipples.


They were completely erect and her breast was firm. Then I moved to the down and before my eyes were her vagina who has left some water. I kissed her vagina and put my tongue on her vagina and slowly moved upward. Then I slowly circled my tongue around her vagina. She was felling heaven on the earth and in this intense pleasure she closed her eyes. Her vagina was flowing and I licked her water. That was hot and salty.


What a great taste. Then we lie on the bed in 69 positions I put my dick into her mouth and I was licking her vagina at the same time. She was amused by the large size of my penis since it was 7 inches long and 2 inches in diameter. She drank all my cum. She was very eager to put my dick into her vagina. Then I put my dick face on her mouth and put it slightly into her vagina and put it out again since I was seducing her.


Then I rub it onto her vagina length. It was irresistible for her and she asked me to put her dick into her vagina then again I put my dick face onto her vagina and put some force and then it was half inside her vagina. Her vagina was tight and when I asked about it she said that my uncle has a penis of 5 in and after a long tiring work he never satisfied me. Then I put more force and it was completely inside her vagina.


It was paining since it was my first sex. Then I fucked her in that position for about 10 minutes then I raised her and fuck her in side by side position. The take nearly 20 minutes to load my cum inside her vagina. During this period she got orgasm 3 times. Then I put my penis out of her vagina and she licked it and remove the mixture of her cum and my cum.


Then, we rest for 1 hour and I was again ready to fuck her but this time in her ass. First, she denies me for her ass as she has not offered it to her husband but after a long she was ready. She was before me in the horse position. I drenched my penis in her vagina water and put it on her ass hole. It looked like a 50 paise coin. Since it is going to be very hard because it was her first time.


Then I put my penis on her ass hole and apply half a pressure. The upper portion of my penis was in her ass and she was crying with pain and requested me to put it out and threw me away but it was holding her tightly. I put my penis back and with some extra force, I gave another thrust this time my dick was half in her ass. She was crying and Tears were flowing through her eyes.


Then I realized my mistake and asked her to put my dick out but then she said to me to go on since it was my fantasy and was her lover. I then squeeze her boobs kiss on her back and on her neck to make her feel better and pressed her ass checks. Then I inserted my full dick in her ass and it was a great feeling than my dick in her virgin ass. I fucked her ass for 20 minutes and she is also enjoying it.


I was completely tired then she lays me below her and started to thrust herself on my penis. I was playing with her boobs. Then I load all my cum into her penis. This is my first sex story with my aunty.

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