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Licking Priya Didi’s Ass In the night Time Amazing Story


Antervasna Sex

Priya is one of my family friends. She is skinny with a big ass, figure- 32-24-39. It is the story of the time when I was 20 and she was 23.

Our family relation started was since we came to Mumbai in 1998 when I was 5 years old.

At that time I used to call her didi. But as we grow, we developed some hormones and she considered me as a friend. But at that time my hormones were not that much grown as her and so I kept calling her didi.

Now at the age of 20, we both were adults and were attracted to each other. But I was thinking about her that I was calling her didi and now I am fantasizing about her.

She was also having the same feeling but she was clever and so she didn’t express any of her feelings. As time passed, my lust for Priya was growing. Now I want her in bed very badly. I wanted to kiss her deep and for a very long time.

I got totally turned on by seeing her ass. I wanted to kiss her ass cheeks, grab the buttocks and insert my tongue into her asshole and kiss there, lick there so hard.

Once I went to her home to meet aunty to give them their utensils which we had borrowed from them. Luckily, aunty was not at home and would only come after half an hour.

Priya di was alone at home. As I entered, I thought that this was the opportunity to do something naughty. But it was very difficult for me to do so as we were grown in brother-sister feeling.

We chatted for a while about why I came and then some other stuff. Then she asked me to wait while she made tea for me. I accepted. My mind was running to think that what to do to get her turned on on me. I got some femdom videos on my mobile phone.

We became very frank with each other after she was attracted to me. We shared almost everything. I told her about my college crush and she told me about hers.

So I thought let me bring this frankness to another level. I opened my porn videos on the phone and put it on the bed.

She came with the tea and sat near to me.

We started talking. I intentionally turned the topic to her boyfriend. Her love life was kinda sad. Her bf had another girlfriend and she knew that but she still loved him. I asked her whether she had kissed her bf ever. She said, “No”. She hadn’t kissed anyone yet.

Then I moved the topic to porn. She told me that she tried to watch porn online with her friend, but they couldn’t (I think she lied).

She said “We couldn’t watch that because that was too much for us”

“You have to go through girl porn sites. The porn there is soft. You can watch”, I said.

After that, I went to the washroom and knowingly made my phone unlocked so that she may look at it.

In the washroom, I took more time so that she can go through more videos.

As expected, she drew attention to the porn on the phone and she opened a video. She may have got very surprised after watching such a video because very few people search about femdom. I came after a while and sat near her. She then asked me whether I watched porn.

I said “Yes. But not porn actually. I like foreplay. What kind of porn do you like to watch?”

She said, “I don’t know. I haven’t seen any yet”.

Then I turned to my phone. She was looking at me. I saw that the list was scrolled. I asked her, “Did you watch any videos on my phone?”

She said, “No”.

“I accidentally opened the porn videos on my phone and now the list is scrolled. I know you watched something”

“Actually I saw the porn thumbnail and then scrolled and then switched off the screen”

I got that she will not accept it. So didn’t argue. Then I came back home but I planted the seed of femdom in her mind. Now it was time to wait till she comes up by herself. Few days passed and I just prayed that she will search about that femdom stuff.

After that, whenever I talked to her, I asked her about that video whether she watched it or not.

One day, again such a moment came when I went to her home and she was alone. I again did the same thing but this time I didn’t open the folder, instead, I unhid that porn so that it can be seen in the gallery. Now I was thinking that how can I give her some time with my phone without knowing her.

So I said, “Can you please call aunty on your phone. I want to talk but I don’t have enough balance.” 😉

She said ok and did that. Then I put my phone on the couch near to her and started talking to aunty. I extended the conversation as long as I can. Then I went to the balcony saying that the signal is weak.

Now she got a chance to access my phone and she opened it.

As expected, she opened the video and watched. I went to another room while talking and she sat there watching porn.

After talking on the phone, I hung up but still did not came to her, because I wanted to catch her red-handed. I knew she will be careful while watching porn. I went silently to her room and tried to watch her by hiding behind the wall.

Some time passed, she was watching the porn and I was watching her. Suddenly she noticed that I was watching her. I came over and said, “You are busted” ;).

She was looking at me with shocked eyes. I was smiling at her. To make her feel easy, I said, “It’s ok to watch porn, I will not tell anyone. And watching porn is not a crime. Everybody does that. If you liked that porn, then you can have it. I can send it to you and you can watch it. It’s ok. Don’t be scared”.

I was wondering whether my speech will work or not. It worked and I let her saw the other porn, especially ass licking fetish which is my favourite.

I said to her, “Don’t tell anyone on this planet that I am having femdom fantasies, otherwise, I will tell everyone that you were watching porn and we both will be in trouble. Deal?”

“Deal”, she said.

Then I gave her all the ass lick fetish videos so that she could imagine it better and get turned on. It worked and she got turned on while watching porn videos with me. She came closer to me. I quickly understood her feeling.

I asked, “What if you find someone willing to lick your ass? It will not harm your virginity and you will get some sexual satisfaction too when he licks you to cum.”

She look into my eyes and said, “It will feel very awkward”

“It will not be awkward if it comes to reality. You just have to find someone having an ass fetish”

“But where would I find such a guy?”

“I have such a fetish and I get so aroused by seeing your ass. You have an incredible ass and I would love to worship it, kiss it, lick it and get lost in it. I love your ass. Now don’t sit here uselessly and let me lick you.”


I said, “Don’t act like you are innocent. I know you call me friend, not brother. You also like me. Of course… I am good looking.”

Then we sat silently and I was waiting for her response. She was also aroused and she got a chance of having some fun.

Then she said, “I have never done such things before.”

I said, “It’s ok. Stand up, go near the bed and bent over it while standing”

She hesitated first but then did it. She was wearing black jeans and her ass was looking great in them.

After bending, her ass was popping out towards me. This was my dream and it was about to come true. This was the position I was waiting for.

I moved near to her ass and knelt down. I kissed her on her ass crack and smelled it. I took a deep breath and kissed both her ass cheeks and buried my face into her ass.

I grabbed her waist and pushed my head into her ass. She shouted a little shockingly as I became horny.

Then I unbuttoned her jeans and opened the chain. I put my fingers into her panty through the gap of the chain.

Then I removed her jeans carefully and started licking her panty. Her panty was dipped in her ass and hence I got easy access to her ass. I loved it.

Again I took a big whiff and chewed her ass cheeks. I gave her a love bite.

I tried to lick her asshole by sliding her panty by using my tongue. She was moaning as I moved my head in and licked her. I became hornier by seeing her asshole.

“Ohh my god. That’s my dream”

I was licking the ass of my dreams. I started licking her like a dog. She moaned a little louder.

Now I slid her panty by my hand and spread her ass cheeks to see her ass hole. That was incredibly sexy. I buried my tongue in Priya's asshole. I was very horny and was desperately licking her ass hole. I got as deep as I could.

She started moaning loudly and she started rubbing her pussy. Her pussy became wet and she became horny.

After sometimes, my tongue got tired. I kept my head out of her big ass. But now, she grabbed my hair and pushed me, inside her ass and said, “Lick more….Lick it”.

Her talks made me happier and hornier. I happily licked her.

After sometimes I got suffocated. I needed air. I tried to be separate from Priya’s ass to breath. But she again dug me in and said, “More… Deeper… Aahhh”.

My saliva stuck all around her asshole, pussy and ass cheeks. After some time my saliva past through her ass cheeks and slide down to her thighs. Her ass was wet by my saliva and now her thighs too. I started fucking her asshole with my tongue.

How many minutes or hours we spend like this, we don’t have any idea.

Suddenly the bell rang and our concentration broke. I quickly got out of her ass and helped her to wear her panty. She quickly wore her jeans and got to the door. That was aunty.

Aunty- “Shopping took a lot of time. I am late. Sorry that you had to wait for me for a long time, beta”

I said, “It’s okay aunty I just came to meet”.

After some talk, Priya and I smiled at each other. Then I left.

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