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Virgin Sex Story

Virgin Sex Story

Virgin Sex -Nathan and I finally made it to our honeymoon by ourselves on an island.We was both virgins and Nathan was prepare for our special night but I was afraid out of my life for our first virgin sex. I didn’t show it and I was holding back tears because I was so happy and sad that I had to Promote-ww2leave my family and friends. Nathan wasn’t sad because he was used to leaving.

We never did oral sex on each other because we wanted to wait and we agreed that I didn’t have to suck his private part. Nathan was watching me as we was putting our suitcases in the bedroom just the look of the bed made me terrified. ”Kayla, are you okay?” He asked me.

”Yeah, I’m just going to change and I see you in a minute,” I said. When I was about to go in the restroom Nathan kissd me that made my heart skip a beat.

”I love you, Mrs.Cullen.” He said.

”I love you, too, Nate.” I said.

I left the room and changed in my black night gown it was short and my sister in-law had brought it for me. I had tears down my cheek, I wiped them away. I step out of the restroom and looked to Nathan and I knew that he knew I’d been crying. I remember we had our first kiss together. We were each others first crush. Our first of everything.

”What wrong?” He asked me.

”I’m just really happy right now.” I said.

Then Nathan caught me off guard and picked me up. I squealed –of course who wouldn’t. Nathan set me on the bed and was hovering on top of me like he did when we had our first kiss. Nathan started kissing me with a crazy passion, but he slowed down and started kissing my neck and took my clothes off as I took off his.

He started kissing down my body and I stiffen and groan when he kissed my inner thigh. Nathan never disappointed me and he licked me, making me jump and a moan escaped my lips. We foreplay with each other about an hour until he entered me a little, it was painful. Nathan look at me and stayed still.

”Kayla, it won’t be for long.” He said.

When he did it the fourth time the pain stopped and I moaned and sigh as he made love to me. He went slow and gentle into me and we kissed every second. Then he kissed my neck right on my sweet spot which was the strongest one. I started breathing in the love he was giving me. He didn’t care about his pleasure, he just cared about mine. I cared about his more than my own.

”Nathan…..I love you.” I said as Nate kissed my neck.

”I love you, too.”He said which made it more loveable.

That night we talked about it and decided on our virgin sex night we wanted to “make love” instead of having “mere sex”. Mere sex was nothing special and Nathan wanted it to be special for me. We fell asleep in each other arms and laid out our new beginning.
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