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Sex With My Wife Hot Sister

Sex With My Wife Hot Sister

Hi friends. My name is John and I am from central Kerala. This is an experience with my SIL (Sister in Law) my wife younger sister. This incident happened 3 months back. About my SIL she is now 27 years with 36 34 36. She is fair and sexy. From the time is got married I always had a crush on her. I tried many possible ways to seduce her but all in vain. But she was very open to me and me wife with discussing all about her first night and things of sex in her marriage life.

She had been married for 2 years and still don’t have kids. Now the problem is that she is not getting pregnant and is worried about the same since its been 2 years. She is mentally very depressed about the same. I heard her speak to my wife about the same and crying over the phone. Her husband is not serious about it. Now she went and did all the tests and she is all right. Now the doctor asked to check her husband’s sperms count.

But this guy was hesitant. It been a week since the doctor said and this guy is not serious. It was the correct time for her to get pregnant. All of a sudden she called me one day and spoke casually and then told me also about the problem. She has spoken before also about sex after her marriage to me as we were very open. So she called and told me that in spite of telling her husband he is not serious at all.

He doesn’t have sex at the proper time nor is he willing to check his sperm count. So I told her that if he is shy of testing sperms, force him to have sex as usual and when he is about to cum , collect it in a sample bottle. She said she will try for this but since it’s her date to get pregnant she doesn’t want to miss on this month as well. Now my mind started working wicked I told her that for testing the sperm count they need just a drop and not the whole of the sperm.

I told her to take a drop of the sperm into a syringe and put it in another sample bottle. Then I asked her to take the remaining sperms into the syringe and insert the syringe into her pussy and pour it in. I also asked her to drop the sperm in doggy style as it would flow faster inside her pussy. I know this sounds crazy as no one must have tried it but my idea was something different.

Well I told her to drop it in doggy style, she told me that it was difficult. I told her that it was the only best way possible. Now she kept silent for a minute and asked me to help her. She told me that there is no one to help her and her husband is least bothered. I was like how can I help her. She asked me to come over the next day morning as she would collect the sperm and keep it ready. Now she was living in my in laws house as they are out of station for few months.

Her husband comes only in the night to sleep with her as he has business. So she is alone the whole day. As planned I went the next morning there and she welcomed me in. She was wearing a night dress. She had already prepared tea for me and was waiting. We sat at the dining table and had tea and discussed about the same. She was in tears. I caught her hand and said its ok da , lets try this now. She brought the syringe and the sample bottle of the sperm.

Now here starts the twist of the game I told her that if we insert the syringe it will pain for her and that she need some lubrication for the syringe to go inside smoothly and also for the sperms to flow inside smoothly. She asked me what to do. I said the the best way is natural lubrication. She was silent and looked into my eyes with innocence. I told her that she can finger her pussy and get wet. She said are you mad? How can I do that?

With much courage I said that if you don’t mind I will get that done for you. She smiled and said that you’re very naughty. I said don’t waste time and hurry up. I asked her to lie down on the bed with wide open legs. I said dnt feel shy as there is nothing new that I haven’t seen. With much courage she lay on the bed and removed her nightie pants. She was not wearing and panty. She asked me not to look at her pussy and just look on to her face and rub and finger her.

I agreed and lay beside her and started to rub her pussy skin. She closed her eyes and lay silent. I rubbed and pulled her pussy walls. I slowly rubbed on her pussy hole and entered my middle finger into her pussy, with which her pussy muscles became tight and she came out with a small moan ahhhh. I was already hard. She still had her eyes closed. I brought my face near her face and smelt her.

I could feel the heat on her face and the sweet smell of her hair. I was like I want to smooch and suck you baby. But I controlled myself. With 2 minutes of rubbing her she started to moan loud. As she opened her half eyes open, she looked into my eyes with lust. I knew she was waiting for me to make a move as I could read that from her eyes. With much courage I kissed her cheeks and moved on to her nose and lips and neck. She slowly opened her lips and her breath was moving fast.

I licked her ear lobes and kissed her neck and bit the neck for which she hugged me tightly and started smooch me hard. I stopped fingering her and came on top of her. We kissed with much passion and lust. We explored each other tongue and mouth. In this mean time I slowly unzipped my pants and took out my cock which was already erect and hard. I slowly laid on top of her in suck a way that she can feel my cock on her pussy. As my cock touched her pussy she looked into my eyes while kissing.

I rubbed my cock on her pussy walls and gave on hard thrust and my cock was inside her pussy. She was like mad as she was not happy and having sex with her husband. We kissed passionately each other and I started to stroke her. I wanted to fuck her hard and fast as she was my fantasy lady but I dint want to finish it so early. So we fucked for few minutes and the changed the position with her on top of me. I have heard that she loves that position.

She climbed on top of me and the she took of the top of her nightie and her white bra. Wow I was stunned to see her round 36 boobs with brownish tits and that to solid hard. I squeezed her boobs and asked her to give me to suck. She made me suck both the boobs while she rode my cock. Oh what a feeling it was. Her pussy was not loose but was not so tight also.

It was a perfect hole with correct size for my cock that I could enjoy and feel every stroke by her. This went on for 5 minutes. Then I sat with my back on to the wall in sitting position and made her to sit on top of my cock and we fucked. This was a perfect position where we could kiss each other straight and also sick her boobs and hug tight and feel each other. I looked into her eyes and smiled. She asked me what happened.

She said that she had never thought that something like this would happen between us. But I told her that I always wanted this to happen long back. She said dirty boy, so with all these lust feeling was it that you used to talk to me? I said what else I could do. We both smiled and kissed and felt the cock and pussy. I asked her sweety do u really want your husband’s sperms in or will mine do. She said hot!

But what if someone at some point will come to know I said unless you say how someone will come to know. She said actually I don’t like my husband as he is useless and selfish, but just because she wanted a child is the only reason she is with him still.I said that you don’t worry as I will fulfill her dreams of a child. She agreee we changed our position to doggy style. I entered my cock into her pussy and started to stroke her and at the same time

I was squeezing her boobs under her hands.She was reaching her climax. I also couldn’t control anymore. I told her that I am cumin and stroked hard on her and came out with a huge cum into her pussy.As I cummed she also moaned and came. I was like so happy and satisfied. I asked her to stay in that position for some time as let the sperm travel down her pussy. She stayed there for 10 min and then went and washed and dressed and came.

We had tea and a chit chat. There was plenty of time left. So I forced her for one more session where we had a 69 and blowjob session which was new to her and different style. Now a month back she called me and cried at first over the phone and then told me that she is so happy that she is pregnant and that is mine. I was also happy as she I carrying my child. She is now 3 months pregnant. We did have a few more encounters after that.

I don’t want to waste time of not fucking her as what if after she delivers she would say that she doesn’t want sex anymore. So I’m trying to utilize the maximum encounters with her.
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