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Valentine’s Fuck Special

Valentine’s Fuck Special

Hello guys, first of all a very happy valentines day to you all, for new readers, myself mr. J, I’m from Mumbai, 18.This is going to be my 6th story on ISS, I hope you all have read the earlier ones.

I’m still single but today I’m gonna write about my valentine sex with the girl in my apartment named sheela ( name changed ). About Sheela she is the cutest girl in my apartment. She is very fair, beautiful smile, quite tall around 5’7-5’9, 36-28-38(approx) and lustful eyes, her enormous ass and her juicy bosom were the biggest on a really sexy body. We didn’t love each other but had sex from time to time in secret as she later got a bf, but still she approached me for satisfying her. We had sex chats almost everyday whenever she was not with her new bf. This valentines week she was quite busy with her bf as we chatted very less, but we decided to get our thing done on valentines day.

It was Sunday, we agreed that she would spend the whole day with her bf, shopping and all that shit and at night she would fully be mine. It was not possible for us to do that on either of our homes, so I booked a hotel room that day not far from our society, I told mom i’m going for a singles night out with friends and she believed me. I spent my evening at the hotel and later around 9:30 she too joined me.

I had completely covered the bed with roses as if it was our honeymoon, she was overjoyed by seeing this she told me her bf brought her a lingerie, a blood red lingerie for valentine’s day, I asked her to wear it for me and without hesitation she stripped down completely and started to change, so I got up and kissed her lips taking the bra from her hands I said ” i’ll put it on you ” to which she said yes, so I held her boobs tightly squeezing them, I slipped the bra over them, took her hands through the bra and hooked it on her back. She looked damn sexy in that bra, ” now time for the panty my darling ” I said and kneeled down to spread her legs a little and started licking her pussy,

I took the panty and started putting it on her very slowly so I could lick her pussy for some more time, she was getting really wet down there, the red panty was soaked in her pre-cum, but she looked a bloody lustful sex goddess in that lingerie. A goddess ready to get fucked up real bad, she pushed me back on the bed and started teasing me, sticking her hand in pussy and the other playing with her boobs, she also started moaning to make me more hornier, my dick was hard as a stone but she just wouldn’t stop teasing, she climbed on me and undressed my body, I was only in my shorts and she started kissing me all over my body,

I grabbed her ass and pulled her closer to me and kissed her lips. Our lips locked into like they were made for each other, we were kissing each other, exchanging saliva with our tongues, half naked, on a bed full of roses, it was a dream come true for both of us, after intense amount of kissing she moved down to my legs, and kissed my dick under my shorts, I was lying on my back, as I looked at her, she pulled down my shorts and held my tool in her hands, giving me a naughty smile she kept sucking it top to bottom, her eyes were locked in mine, she was fully choking herself on my dick, as I pre-cummed, she sucked it all and then spit it out on my dick, then again sucked it and spat it, my dick was soo damn hard at that moment I could see the veins on my dick muscled up for action, after sucking it she got up and started strip-teasing me.

Slowly removing her bra and panty, she was giving me the pleasure of my life, soon as she stripped down completely, she got on top of me adjusting herself to get her pussy fucked, without wasting anytime she sat on my cock shoving it right in her pussy, the first strike was painful as always but soon she started jumping on my cock, she was going up down, up and down, up and down, her boobs bouncing right off her body,

I tried holding her boobs but those juicy balls were way to harder to grab, she kept jumping on my cock giving out loud screams in pain, in no time all the pain was gone and only thing she did was moan in pleasure, she moaned like a little slut, she got tired of jumping but I was just getting started so I took her down to bed on her back and started licking her pussy to make it comfy, she grabbed my head in pleasure and was pulling my hairs, I bit her pussy lips and clitoris which made her cry some tears, also fingering her I almost made her cum, but as she didn’t, I took her into missionary position and put my dick in her pussy again banging her badly, I smacked her round bouncy but making it hot red, she was grabbing the mattress of bed in pain screaming my name asking for more,

I ruthlessly fucked that pink pussy with my whole strength, my cock started throbbing and I was about to cum, I quickly pulled it out and moved to her pretty face, to not make a mess I pushed my cock inside her mouth and she started licking it and squeezed my balls, I pushed my cock deep in her throat and finally cummed in her mouth, she was all coughing up my cum over her face, but like a nice bitch she wiped it off with fingers and licked them again, then we both lied down on the bed in great pleasure still horny, so we started cuddling and late night we again engaged in sex twice it was the best valentine’s day ever.

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