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Unforeseen Delicious Lesbian Intimacy | English Sex Story

Unforeseen Delicious Lesbian Intimacy | English Sex Story

Slowly, very slowly, I was kissing her neck and shoulder after taking off her shirt. Although she was a bit awkward but I didn’t give a damn about that, neither did she try to stop me! I sat right behind her and pulled her closer to me, continued to kiss and lick her skin.
Her butter colored soft skin and the reticent moaning made me more lustful and craving. I took off her bra, grabbed her enormous, large boobs, and started squeezing them with my hands; played along with the nipples… after a while, one of my hands went down straight inside her jeans and touched her pussy. It was wet and warm, I was touching slowly to turn her on more and ayaana was enjoying it with her eyes closed.

I became so horny that; suddenly I took my hands off and pushed her on the bed, then undressed myself completely as well as took off her jeans along with the panty she was wearing. I got on top of her without wasting another moment and kissed every inch of her body. Starting from her neck, I went down to her boobs and licked them first. Then, I started sucking them softly and slowly I was biting her nipples… after spending so much time sucking, biting and licking her tits, I kept on going down and kissing her everywhere.

I heard a small and sudden “aahhh..” from ayaana exactly when she felt my warm breathing on her wet pussy. That small moaning made me want to tease her more although I was wet and craving…

I licked every inch starting from her waist to her feet slowly, except for her pussy! She grabbed my head and tried to make me lick her pussy but I did spread her legs and licked the juices off that were present around her pussy instead!

Just when I was about to come up towards her huge tits, she loudly screamed, almost begged and said, “oh, no! Stop! Stay right there please… please suck my pussy! I want to feel your tongue inside… please, please, I beg of you, suck it!”

“but you were hesitating when I tried to make out with you… why should I suck it now?” I asked.

“please, don’t do this! Suck my pussy… don’t you want to taste? Look at my pussy, it’s begging and craving for your touch! Will you ignore it?” she replied.

“oh, heaven yeah, this fluffy pink pussy of yours is so damn wet and warm and it sure is calling me to dig my mouth there and play with the tongue… yeah!” I said.

“so what are you waiting for? Just lick it right now. Do it please!” she begged again.

“but, if I suck your pink fluffy wet pussy now, I’ll have to fuck you as well. You will have to suck my pussy as well and I must fuck you in my way!” I replied.

“I am fucking asking you to fuck me bitch. And I will fucking suck that pussy of yours and make you cum… just fuck me you bloody bitch!” she screamed loudly and said. Also got up and sat down on the bed.
“aha? Is that so? I didn’t know that you’re a nasty little whore inside, desperate for sex!” I pushed her on the bed again while saying that.
She was now lying on the bed. I grabbed her boobs tightly and squeezed it roughly. While doing so, I again started kissing her skin from her waist and kept on going down; only this time, I was also biting here and there as well as licking and kissing.

When I reached her pussy after spreading her legs, I smelled it first and the smell drove me crazy… I was insanely sucking her pussy, holding her legs tightly! I didn’t want her to cum just then, that easily. Ayaana was moaning loudly, she was almost screaming because I was fucking her with my tongue and biting softly her pussy along with insanely sucking it. I stopped midway.

“don’t stop, don’t stop! I am almost about to cum. Please don’t stop now!” immediately she said.

“and I don’t want you to cum! Not now, not that easily you little whore… you still got works to do!” I winked and said while going up towards her boobs.

“you bitch… I love what you do to me!” she said with a smile.

I grabbed her left boob first, put it inside my mouth and roughly sucked and licked it. Did the same with her right boob. I was roughly biting her nipples and she was loudly almost screaming as well as touching my pussy to make it wet more. She sucked my small boobs and licked my nipples while I was on top, yet never for once she stopped touching my pussy! I was unable to control it anymore!

So, I almost sat on her face and moved my hairy pussy towards her lips. She got her tongue out and licked it once… to me it felt like heavenly! Her tongue was like a magnet that was pulling my pussy towards it. I closed my eyes and completely sat down on her face and started grinding my pussy slowly on her face. She was sucking the juices out and fucking me with her tongue like crazy!

The more she was doing it, the more I was craving and was losing control. I started grinding my pussy roughly on her face at point and my juices were all over her face; I could bet she was enjoying seeing her face after I suddenly stopped. I didn’t want to cum because I didn’t want to end it that quickly and easily! I got up right before I was about to cum.

We didn’t stop for once. I grabbed her right leg, spread it and touched her pussy with mine. Then I started rubbing it slowly… my eyes were closed and I could hear her moan,

“ahh.. Aaaahhhhh…. Oh shit… yeah… aaaahhh!”

Ayaana kept on moaning while I was fucking her and it only kept on getting louder, turning me on more! I have so turned on again that I started squeezing her boobs roughly that, her boobs became red and the marks of my five fingers were visible! I started rubbing roughly my pussy with her puss and our juices mixed up and covered our pussy! However, this time I stopped when we both were about to cum.
She was moaning loudly through out the time! And her moans, the sound of her voice was making me hornier.

Instantly I sat on her face again right after getting off of her pussy and started grinding my pussy roughly on her face, like I was roughly riding! She was sucking and licking my hairy pussy and I kept on grinding and moaning with my eyes closed. Now, it was my turn to moan and I was moaning louder and louder…

“aaaahhhh… yeah you little fucking whore… suck it! Fuck my pussy… oh yes!”

I was sitting on her face and rubbing my pussy on it until I literally did cum. My legs were shaking and I was sitting on her face for few moments just right after I poured all my juices on her face from my pussy. Ayaana was sucking all of my juices while I was sitting and didn’t leave any of it!

But it wasn’t over! I got up, made ayaana get up and stand on her knees on the bed right in front of me… then I grabbed her from the back and pulled her closer, put one of my hands across her neck, not so tightly… she was slightly choking. And got another hand directly into her pussy. With one hand I was rubbing my fingers, also finger fucking her pussy; with another hand, I got my fingers around her neck and was biting and licking her ear, neck and shoulder!

While satisfying her pussy with my finger, I took her face and licked her lips with my tongue for the first time! Then I grabbed her boob again and kept on squeezing and pinching the nipple as well as the incredible boob!
Just when I started doing that she started moaning loudly. She wasn’t screaming this time, but she was moaning loud enough to turn me on again!
“oohhhh yeeaaaahh…aaahhhh…aaaahhhhhhhh…ahhhhhhh…yes, ah yes!”
I kept on licking her ear and her neck while squeezing her boob and pinching her nipples. At the same time, was satisfying her pussy with my finger! After a while, she tightly grabbed one of my hands with hers and stopped the other hand with her another hand.

The warm juices out of her pink shaved pussy were about to come out, she almost bended. I pushed her again on the bed and made her lie down. Then I spread her legs again and sucked out all the juices that came out of her beautiful pink shaved pussy!

We were done with whatever we were doing, having no sense of time.
It was almost eight, time for ayaana to leave. We smoked one last cigarette then we both got dressed. She told me that she loved my hairy pussy and she prefers it to be nasty!

At 8:10 pm my friend came to pick her up and she left.

I kept on thinking if whatever I did was right or not because after all, she was my friend’s cousin. Also, she was 5 years younger than me. I was in this dilemma and that’s when she sent me a text message that said,

“it was one of the best things that ever happened to me! Not saying this to make you feel happy or better or anything. This is the truth! I was hesitant at first but you have given me the best fun. I hope to have such secret fun with you again, and again… in the future, every time we get a scope! I’ll be looking forward to that.”

After reading the text message I realized that this was not the end but the beginning of something I have been craving for! Ayaana was the first girl I had my first, very intimate lesbian encounter with. She was younger than me, 5 years. She was 20 years old but her body always attracted me like it was a magnet. Every time we met after that, she used to pull me inside her like gravity! Ever since that day, she became my lesbian sex partner. Never a single day happened where we met and didn’t do anything physical.

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