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This is a story of how I spent my summer as my cousins sex slave

This is a story of how I spent my summer as my cousins sex slave

I was 21 and working at small hardware store. It was your typical hardware store. Nothing out of the ordinary. We did alot of bulk supply to construction companies and contractors. Upstairs was the office. Just a big open room with 10 desks each with a phone and computer That’s were the owner and like 3 sales people sat. I had a desk aswell in case I needed to look stuff up. The owner told me he hired someone as a book keeper and to straighten out the files. He told me she’d be coming in on Thursday and to show her around and give her a desk.
Thursday comes I open up the store and get things ready for the day. About 9am this beautiful woman comes in. Thin,tight body and dyed dark red hair. Very attractive. She introduces her self telling me her names Dana and that she was hired as a book keeper.I tell her my names Lou and I show her around. The hole time I’m just watching this beautiful thing look around. I’m staring at her ass. Thinking of all the things I would do to her. But knowing nothing will happen because I’m not that type of person.

Well I should explain why I’m not that type of person. Well to start I’m very shy when it comes to meeting people. I’m not ugly. I’m tall 6ft and very heavy. I don’t look it but I’m 355 pounds. I carry it well. But you know I’m self conscious sometimes about my body. I have big boobs from being chubby. But cant tell how big they are with clothes on. Being shy is one reason I never met a girl. And I find it had to tell someone hey I’m 21 and still a virgin.

So a week goes buy and I’m working and been chatting with Dana. Shes very nice. We talk and get to know each other. Shes 32 and broke up with her boyfriend. She has a small apartment in town. Just random things we talk about. Every time I’m with her I just undress her with my eyes But I don,t do nothing. She catches me a few times staring and just giggles. One day she ask what my last name was. I tell. She says “Oh I thought you looked and sounded familiar”. I’m standing there at a loss. She goes on ” were cousins.” I was kind of shocked. Turns out we are really cousins on my dad’s side. And I don,t remember her because I was little when we first met.

Friday comes I’m glad, I don’t work weekends because its usually quiet just regular customers no big orders to fill. My cousin walks in to start the day. She spots in one of the isles hanging new screwdrivers. She says ” you looked shocked that I said we are related the other day. I think I know why?” And she smirked. I just said ” I’m not big into family. I rather stay away. When they show up they either want something or cause trouble. The less family I talk to the better.” She looked a little disappointed to hear that. But she said “I want you to come to my place tonight. So we can hang out. I miss not having family to to talk to and I want to prove that some family is good and not all are crazy.” I agreed to go to her place after work.

So after work I head to her place. It’s a basement apartment. The door to apartment is in the back of the house and down some stairs. It’s a decent size studio with a bed, couch, tv, small kitchen and in corner a bathroom which was pretty big. We sat on the couch talking about our family and she remembered seeing me when I was a baby and family gatherings. Then we talked about relationships. She asked why I was single. I told I was just shy and not ready for relationship. Then she asked if I ever had sex. I was embarrassed to tell her no but wasn’t gonna lie. She looked at me a little strange and said that’s cool. Then she said ” I know another reason you were shocked to find out we are related.” I didn’t say anything. She goes” it’s because you have the hots for me. I’ve see you stare at me. I bet you jerked off to me a few times”. I didn’t move. Just sat there swearing a bit. “Tell me! You pictured your cousin playing with your cock. Haven’t you?”. I shook my head yes. “Mmmm,” she moaned, ” that’s hot. When you found out we are related did you still rub your cock to me?”. Again I just shook my head yes. ” Very kinky I like that. Incest is best they say” she said that as she got up and went into the bathroom.

I sat there my head was spinning. I was getting a little turned on. Didn’t know what was happening. The couch faces the wall to the bathroom door. As I was sitting there. The bathroom door swings open and my cousin walks out in a robe. ” I bet you’re wondering what I have on under here”, she said as she walked towards me. I shook my head in agreement but also in confusion. “Well if your a good boy I’ll show you, but you have to do what I say. Oh and there’s no backing out or I’ll tell the family that you’ve been hitting on me.” I’m sitting wondering what she means by me being a good boy. ” Stand up!” She yelled. I jumped to my feet. I stood there. She looked me over. ” You really a chubby thing. I’m gonna have fun with you.” She slid her hand under my t-shirt and grabbed my boob squeezing hard. Her nails digging into my flesh. “MMMM. You got big tits. You must be embarrassed that your tits are bigger than mine.” I stood there in sort of shock and a little turned on. My dick was getting hard. She moved her hand to my nipple and started to squeeze it. I moaned in pleasure. “Take your shirt off NOW!” She yelled. I took it off as quick as anything. Standing there with no shirt off my belly and boobs hanging out. ” Pathetic. No wonder you a virgin,” she snickered as she was looking at my chest. ” Take the rest of your clothes off. Let me see the rest of your fat body.” I did as i was told. Slid my pants off. There I was standing naked in my cousin’s apartment. My dick was hard. I’m 6 1/2 inches but standing with my belly hanging it looks smaller. “Pathetic,” she said again, “get down on all four and let me hear you oink a few times like a pig.” I got down on all fours and started oinking. My belly and boobs were hanging. She came over a gave my tits another squeeze. She gave my one of my nipples a good squeeze and a twist. It hurt with pleasure.

My cousin stepped back a bit and just stared at me on all fours for a few minutes. “Ok you’ve been a good boy so far. Now for your little treat,” she said as she slipped the robe off. The robe fell to the floor at her pretty feet. She then stepped out of it. I began to look up at her.I started with her feet, toe nails painted red. Prefect toes. I started looking up her legs. Made my way to her pussy. It was beautiful. Covered in a nice dark hair. Not too hairy just perfect. Moved on to her belly. Nice and tight. She had a belly piercing. A little diamond stud. On I continued to her beautiful breast. B cups. Nice nipples not to big not to small. Before I was able to look at her face she came closer to me. “Lick my feet pig,” she demanded. I ran my tongue across the top of her toes. Then I traced them going in and out between each toe. It was wonderful taste. As i was continuing to lick. She stepped back as I was licking her feet. Removing her feet from me quickly my tongue licked the floor. She moved back to the couch and sat with her legs spread.

As she sat there I was rock hard. She called me over but said stay on all fours. I walked over on all fours across the room to her on the couch. As I got by the couch she said, ” Since you never been with a girl I’m gonna teach you to eat my pussy. Put your face between my legs.” I obeyed. I put my face close to her pussy. I saw it was getting a little wet. The scent was driving me crazy. That wonderful musky pussy smell. I’ll never forget hers it was great and was my first. I automatically began to lick her hairy pussy. I must of been doing good she moaned in pleasure and didn’t say anything. Beginners luck I guess. I’ve seen pornos and read how to do it. So I guess it helped. I licked all around. Sliding my tongue in and out of he. The taste was amazing I was hooked. She began to moan and breathing heavy. Her pussy was really getting wet. I was licking it all. She finally asked if I’ve done this before. I just murmured a quick no and continued to lick. She began to shake and quiver. I knew she was cumming. I want to make myself cum but continued to lick. She started to moan loudly and yelling ” Lick my pussy pig! Lick your cousins pussy!” Her pussy was hot and swelling. She came. I made my cousin cum. She sat there on the couch quivering. I stayed with my head between her legs just looking at her pussy. It was soaking wet. The pussy juice was dripping out and making her pubic hair glisten. It was beautiful. After a few minutes. She pushed my head into her pussy for a quick last smell and taste, then she pushed me away and got up. I fell to side and watched as she went back to the bathroom and closed the door.

As I sat on the floor replaying what just happened in my head. I was rock hard. I had no relief my self. As i was getting ready to jerk off on the floor my cousin opened the bathroom door. She said “don’t do that and get out. I’ll see you at work Monday. I got dressed really quick and left with my hard on.

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