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Seducing Daddy (for Adult only – 18+)

Seducing Daddy (for Adult only – 18+)

Author: Writer Anshika Rajput

This is something, a story or whatever, that I’ve needed to share for a long time and this seems like a place where I can tell it without anyone thinking I’m some kind of perv or something. At least I hope so, but then maybe I am. I really don’t know anymore. I really don’t care either.

My parents got divorced when I was like thirteen and I lived mostly with my mom until I was out of high school. During that time I didn’t see my dad very often. He traveled a lot, and besides that, he and mom couldn’t spend five minutes together without fighting, so he didn’t come around very much.

All that changed when I started college though. Mom’s house was out in the Inland Empire, an area that came about as close to the middle of nowhere in Southern California as you could get. I wanted to go to school in the OC, near where my dad lived. After talking to him about it, I decided that I’d stay at his place during the week and then go home on the weekends. This pissed my mom off royally because she wanted me to go to one of the schools closer to home. I was nineteen though and had my dad backing me up, so there wasn’t much she could do about it.

Dad helped me fix up a spare bedroom at his condo and after a few weeks everything was going great. My dad and I were getting along really well and even mom got to the point where she admitted that she would rather have me stay with him than drive the eighty mile round trip that I would have otherwise been forced to make.

It was about that time I started noticing little things my dad would do, touching my shoulder or back, or holding hugs just a little longer than maybe he should have. More than once I caught him looking at me out of the corner of his eye. It was the same kind of secret glances that the shyer guys at school would give me. I know I should have been creeped out, but really I was flattered and maybe even a little turned on by the idea more than anything else. I mean my own dad thought I was sexy? How could I be mad about that?

I’ve thought a lot about that since then, about why things happened the way they did. I can only guess that since Daddy and I really hadn’t spent any time together since I was like twelve, we had lost that father-daughter bond that most families share. We were living together, alone and when he looked at me, I don’t think he saw me as his little girl. He saw me for what I really was, a young woman who was just discovering her own sexuality.

I don’t know if any of that’s true or if it’s just a bunch of psychobabble but that’s how I saw him anyway. Not the way a little girl looks at her dad but in the same way I see other men. I have to admit, for an older man, he really is good looking. Mom always said he never had a problem getting girls and the more I was around him, the more I understood why.

My dad is 6’2″ with thick black hair that he keeps cut short. He was forty one when I moved in and there was just a little hint of a silver highlight around his sideburns that gave him an air of experience that I really found attractive. Despite his age, he was still in terrific shape. He has a way of smiling at me that makes me blush and his brown eyes are very expressive. To this day, he can still make me weak in the knees when he gives me the little look that says ‘I want to fuck you.’

His favorite shirts are the white Tee’s he cut the sleeves off of and they do a lot to show off his muscular arms and chest. He doesn’t have the abs of a bodybuilder, but his stomach is flat and his chest has just enough hair on it to make me want to run my fingers through it. The longer I was around him and the more comfortable I got, the more I started to flirt with him. I knew I shouldn’t, but I just couldn’t help myself.

For awhile though, it was all just goofing around. I had an old boy friend’s football jersey that came down almost to my knees and I started wearing it around the house at night and in the mornings. It hung close over my boobs, highlighting their shape but the numbers on the front covered my nipples just enough to make it not to risqué. It did show off my legs nicely and I took more than one opportunity over those weeks to let it ride up and give him a glimpse of my upper thigh when I was curled up on the couch watching TV with him. Most of my panties were of the t-back thong style, so I was sure that my buns were being shown off by the clingy material just as well as my boobs were.

Even with all of that, I don’t think I’ll ever really know if Dad and I would have ever gone beyond the point of playful flirting if it hadn’t been for my girlfriends Bachelorette Party.

Mandy was 19, the same age as I was at the time and had been dating the same guy since high school. She got pregnant at about the same time as I started living with my dad and plans for her wedding were being rushed so that she could walk down the aisle without showing her baby bulge.

We were all really excited for her and Riana, Mandy’s choice for her Maid of Honor, wanted to have the Bachelorette be an all night “panty” party. None of us had our own places yet and with eight girls at the party, a hotel room would have been too crowded. I knew my dad wouldn’t mind, so I asked him if we could have the party at his condo for the night.

Like always, he couldn’t say no to me and said he’d stay at a motel for the night, promising to leave us girls alone in the condo until sometime the next morning. “Thanks, Daddy,” I said as I gave him one of those full body hugs I knew he liked so much. I have to admit, even then I was almost hoping he’d put his hands on my butt as I hugged him, but if he was tempted to he was able to resist me that time.

Anyway, the party was great. Riana had the dinner and desert catered and made sure the fridge was stocked with enough Coronas to keep everyone pleasantly buzzed. By the time we got through the gift exchange, most of us had changed into our “panty party” attire. For some of the girls, it was just sweat pants and light T-shirts with no bras, but some of us choose to be a little more daring and striped down to our panties. I have to say, it created an atmosphere heavy with sexual innuendo, especially for those of us who were ready to admit our attraction to other girls.

After dinner, the doorbell rang and when I answered, I was confronted by a very hunky looking policeman. He came in and started to scold us about the noise and the beer. As soon as he got close to Mandy, he ripped off his fake uniform and proceeded to strip down to his jockstrap right in front of her.

It was the classic male stripper routine and he had all of us screaming for him to take it all off before he was done. Riana and a couple of other girls took a bunch of pictures of us with a Polaroid instant camera during the performance and got several of me and some of the other girls as we flashed our boobs at him while he did his thing.

Now here is where I’d love to go off and start embellishing the story, saying that we did all kinds of things with him, but it just didn’t happen that way. He was very nice and gave us all a kiss, but departed without so much as a blowjob from any of us. Too bad to. I think I’d have let him fuck me right there on the couch if he’d made a pass at me.

So after he left, the party slowed down and drifted into the kind of sexy girl talk that guys always wished they could listen in on. As I said earlier, some of us were beginning to experiment with bisexuality and we talked openly about whether we had tried sex with other girls or had just thought about it.

I fell into the latter group and I could tell that Riana was getting some ideas when I admitted it. Not surprisingly, she had done it before and all but dared me to try it with her. The more she prodded me the more embarrassed I got and the more giggly the rest of the girls were getting. Riana had me on the spot and she wasn’t about to let me go. This kept up until someone, I don’t remember who, dared me to kiss her.

I have to admit that the idea made me excited and after a few seconds of encouragement from the rest, I turned to give her the kiss she was so intent on getting. We came together and I felt her lips caressing mine until that little kiss became more and more passionate. When she opened her mouth to let her tongue tickle my lips, I met it with my own. It was an amazing moment that left my heart fluttering and my body aching for more. By the time we broke the kiss, I was almost breathless and the look in Riana’s eyes promised more if only I had the courage to take it.

By about two in the morning, most of the girls found places to get a few hours sleep. As she was pregnant, I gave Mandy my own bed and planned to sleep in my dad’s room. I mean, was I supposed to sleep on the couch or floor? There are some advantages to being the hostess after all.

Well, about a half hour after the lights were out, I heard the door to my room open and the sounds of light footsteps in the room. I was about to turn on the light when I heard Riana’s hushed voice. “Leave the light off. I don’t want everyone to know I’m in here.”

“Okay” I said as she opened the drapes, letting the soft moonlight spill into the room, illuminating her in its glow.

Riana was or is, and I’m not really sure if I should be talking in the past or present tense when talking about her, about an inch or two taller than me, with a very slim and toned body. She has raven dark hair that contrasts beautifully with her fair completion. Her face is heavily freckled with delicate features and dark eyes that sparkle when she laughs.

She was still wearing the dark sports bra and black lace panties that she had worn during the party, but standing there by the window, the moonlight gave her an unearthly appearance that was almost hypnotic to me. Her abs were so tight and well formed that I could barely keep from staring openly at her.

I sleep in the nude and that night was no different, so when she sat next to me on the bed, I pulled the covers up and held them over my boobs. I started to ask why she was there, but when she touched my cheek any doubt I had dissolved completely.

“Lacey, I thought about giving you some lame excuse about not being comfortable on the air mattress, but we both know that isn’t true.” She kept caressing my cheek as she spoke and I found myself turning my face into her palm. “I could tell from the way you kissed me that you liked it and I’ve wanted to kiss you like that for awhile now. C’mon, admit it. You liked it to, didn’t you?”

“Well maybe” I said, “but now, I mean everyone is here.”

“So? You know they don’t really care. This isn’t high school anymore Lacey. Besides they will find out sooner or later anyway, right?”

She had caught me completely off guard and I couldn’t think of anything to say. When she leaned over and kissed me I lost whatever composure I had left and melted into her arms. I felt the covers being pulled down to my waist and when her hand cupped my breast all I could do was hold it there with my own.

I could feel my heart beating hard in my chest as we kissed and her soft hand felt incredible as she played with my titties. As she climbed under the covers with me, she told me how happy she was that I was undressed. The whole thing had me really scared, but being afraid always seems to make me hot, so the more I felt it, the more willing I was to let her continue touching me.

We kissed like that that for what seemed like several minutes and during that time she never tried to touch my pussy at all. She just kept playing with and kissing my nipples until I was so wet I couldn’t stand it. When I finally got up the courage to touch hers, she sat up and pulled her sports bra of, showing me her wonderful boobs.

She guided my mouth to one and held me gently to it as I took it into my mouth. I could hear her sharp intake of breath as I sucked on it and then she guided me to the other. I could hear her cooing at me quietly while she stroked my face and shoulders and then she laid me onto my back.

“Lacey, just relax baby. I promise you are going to love this.” With that, she pulled the covers off and started kissing her way down my stomach. I knew where she was headed and I opened my thighs for her, letting her slim body move in between them.

I had no idea what to say, but when I felt her soft lips glide over my pussy, I began trembling in anticipation. The softness of her lips and the intuitive action of her tongue were unlike anything I’d felt before. She kissed and teased my pussy so gently that she had me arching up and rotating my hips towards the gentle flicking against my clit.

There was nothing rough or insistent in her technique, just a slowly building cadence of wet caresses that I knew I’d not be able to resist. She seemed totally in tune with me and every time I felt a need for her to move or change how she was licking me, she responded wonderfully.

I watched her in the moonlight as she sucked her finger into her mouth and then brought it downward toward my opening. When she slid it into me and started curling it upwards, I almost jumped off of the bed, but then her mouth sealed itself on my clit and all I could do was thrash about, trying not to scream out loud.

No one had ever found my G-spot before. I didn’t even know what it was, but Riana found it easily and pressed her finger firmly against the sensitive spot, bringing me to one of the most explosive orgasms I’ve ever had.

She held me there, kissing and slowly licking my pussy while the O rolled through me. Every time I thought it was easing, she managed to set me off again until she had my body shuddering on its own.

By the time she stopped, my thighs were wet from my juice and my whole body was purring like a kitten. She moved up next to me and pulled the covers over us as she took me into her arms.

A little later, I had the chance to return the favor and I found that I loved the tastes and aromas of another women. We made love for a long while before we fell asleep together. In the morning, we got our share of giggles, smirks and such but Riana and I just smiled back. Like she said, they were going to find out sooner or later anyway.

Over the next few days I just couldn’t stop thinking about Riana and how exciting it was to make love with her. The whole thing had made me so hot that I could barely control myself. I kept looking over the pictures we took and I rubbed my poor pussy until I came while thinking about her fantastic body.

Looking back, my constant arousal wasn’t lost on my dad and our flirting became even more daring over that week until I finally upped the ante by leaving the Polaroid’s of me and the other girls on my nightstand. I don’t really know what I was hoping for, but I really wanted him to see them. More to the point, I wanted him to see the picture of me flashing the camera.

When I came home that night I could tell that he had found them because they weren’t in the specific order I had purposely left them in. All kinds of thoughts went through my head that night. Was he shocked? Did he like them? I even wondered if he was jacking off to pictures of me. I could hardly believe it, but at the same time I was sure that he did. I guess I should have been afraid or even disgusted, but all I really felt was a creeping excitement that refused to go away.

So, by Friday, I was so excited that my whole body was tingling and my head was swimming from the fear and excitement of what my desires were driving me to do. I was dying for my daddy to touch me, but I was totally frustrated by how to get him to do it.

That night, when I would have put on the jersey I usually wore before bed, I instead chose a tight fitting spaghetti strap top that formed up against my boobs and caused my pert nipples to be easily visible through the thin fabric. The top didn’t come down far enough for me to get away with only wearing panties though, so I slipped on a some thin pink cotton shorts that hid little more of my legs and hips then the panties alone would have. I had made up my mind to do more than just tease him this time and as I looked at myself in the mirror, I was sure he’d take notice.

Grabbing my brush from the bathroom, I came out into the living room where Daddy was sitting in his recliner. As I came out of the hall, his eyes got kind of big and I watched happily as his gaze traveled up and down my body. I walked up close until my thighs were touching the chair and handed him my brush. “Hey Dad, would you please help me brush my hair out? It’s full of all kinds of static and stuff and I could really use some help with it.”

“Uhm, sure Lacey. I’d be glad too” he said to me as he took the brush and sat up in his chair.

Once he was upright, I sat down on the chair between his legs with my back to him and fluffed out my long brown hair for him. As he moved forward, I scooted my butt back a little until I felt the material of his sweatpants touching the bare skin of my lower back. Just thinking about his cock being so close to me had my heart pounding in my chest and my pussy was already wet enough to make my panties damp.

I glanced down at my titties as he worked on my hair and I was a little shocked at how far my nipples were protruding from underneath the fabric of my top. Between that and the telltale aroma of my wetness filling my senses, I had become dizzy with excitement and was finding it difficult to breath.

Now, I love having someone brush my hair for me. Feeling them lifting my hair as they run the brush down my back is one of those sweet luxuries that really makes me feel feminine and beautiful. So when Daddy took hold of my shoulder to steady me, I arched back toward him without thinking and as he leaned back too, I felt something hard under his pants just brush against my ass. Oh my God!, I thought, his cock is hard! Oh fuck, I’ve given my own dad a hard on!

Once I felt his dick touch me, even for that small moment, I knew I had to feel it again. I shifted how I was sitting slightly, rolling my hips up and back until I was pressing my butt into his crotch. Fuck, I’ve got to tell you that I’m getting wet now as I’m thinking about it, but back then, as it actually happened, my breath froze in my throat and I swear my heart must have skipped a beat as I felt the long underside of his cock fall against the top of my ass.

I was so focused on the sensation of his erection at the small of my back that I didn’t even notice that Daddy had stopped brushing my hair. I moved my hips up and down a bit, savoring the light pressure his cock put on my skin until Daddy took hold of my hips.

“Lacey, um, that’s not a good idea, baby.”

I froze right there, not daring to move for what seemed like forever. Then I slid off of the chair onto my knees, facing him. “Did I make you hard daddy?” I whispered. I couldn’t even meet his gaze because my eyes were locked on the bulge his cock was making in his pants.

“Oh, damn Lacey, I’m sorry I…” he was sputtering and trying to close his legs, but I was too close and all he ended up doing was pressing his knees into my sides right by my boobs.

I interrupted his attempts to explain himself by holding my hand just inches away from his package. “Can I touch it? I really want to, Daddy.” Without waiting for him to answer, I started tracing the outline of his penis with my fingertips. “Wow, you really are hard. Am I doing that to you?”

Dad leaned back into his chair and gripped the arms so hard that I swear his knuckles were turning white. “Lacey, oh my God. Do you know what you’re doing, baby?

I was so scared that I couldn’t speak so I just nodded my head and started squeezing his cock through his pants. In fact, I hadn’t been this terrified or excited since the day I had lost my virginity. I lifted up high on my knees so that I could use both hands and started to pull the waist band of his sweats down. “Can I see it Daddy? Just for a second?”

“Oh shit, Lacey. This isn’t a good idea. It really isn’t.” As he protested though, he rose up out of the chair and let me pull his sweats down past his knees, and there it was, right in front of me.

“Oh wow Daddy, it looks so hot.” I held it with both hands and gave it a few strokes, fascinated by how the skin of his shaft rode up and over the head.

By now he had given up his protests and just let me play with him. “Is this the first time you’ve done this?” he whispered.

I smiled up at him, knowing that there was no point in pretending to be something I wasn’t when he was about to find out the truth anyway. “I’m not a virgin anymore, Daddy. But you feel way bigger than the boys I’ve been with before.”

I can’t really say that was completely true, but Daddy does have a really nice cock. But whether was my compliment of his equipment or my admission that I had already been fucked, he stopped trying to talk and just sat back to let me explore his toys.

When I leaned forward and took his cock into my mouth, he groaned in surrender to me. I can’t even begin to explain how exciting that was, and fuck, I’m so wet now just thinking about it.

It was happening! I thought with a huge rush of excitement. I was doing it! I was having sex with my father and he was going along with it! My heart was pounding so loudly that I could hear my blood rushing in my ears.

His cock was so hard I thought I could feel it throbbing in my mouth as I lathered his head with my tongue. I took a breath and sucked as much of him into my mouth as I could, swirling my tongue around his shaft and letting my drool run down onto his balls.

I loved how his dick felt in my mouth. The sponge like thickness of his head and the tangy flavor just made my pussy ooze with its juice. I ran my lips up and the underside of his shaft and flicked my tongue on the little spot under the head that guys find so sensitive. I felt very pleased when he started thrusting his hips up, trying to push his cock deeper into my mouth.

As I lost myself in sucking him, I felt his hand begin to caress my shoulder and I pulled up and off of his penis.

“Oh yes,” I said, “please touch me, Daddy. Touch me like a woman. Touch me like you want me.” When I guided his hand to my boob, he fondled it and tweaked my nipple through the cloth, making me swoon from the contact.

I sat back on my butt and gave him my most sultry look as I slowly pealed my top over my head, revealing my boobs to him. Knowing that he had already seen the pictures, I was really glad to be able to let him see them for real. I crawled into his chair and offered my breasts for him to kiss and suck.

Up until then, Daddy had been very quiet, like he was shocked by my behavior, but having my tits in his face snapped him out of it and he buried his head in my cleavage. He licked and sucked at my tits with fevered lust and I arched back as he found my nipples with his mouth. It felt so fucking good to have him biting my nips and feeling his moustache tickling my skin as he rubbed his face all over my heavy breasts. I wrapped my arm around his head, holding myself to him as he feasted on me.

He switched from one tit to the other, again and again, driving me crazy with his mouth until I reached down with my free hand and started pulling on his cock. I whispered at him, just loud enough for him to hear me, “I want you to fuck me, Dad, will you do that for me? Do you wanna fuck your little girl?”

He stopped kissing my tits and stared with this look of complete shock. Then he put his hand on my mound and stroked my clit through my damp shorts and panties. “Yeah, okay baby. I can’t believe you want me too, but yeah, I’d love to fuck you.”

I was shaking with fear and excitement as he rolled my shorts and panties down over my butt. When they dropped to my knees, I got up off the chair and kicked them away, leaving myself totally naked in front of my father. I turned around slowly so he could get a good look at me. “What do you think, Daddy?”

“I think your beautiful, baby” he told me as he pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it away. Kicking off his pants, he sat back down on the edge of his chair. He put his arm around my lower back and roughly pulled me close so he could finger my pussy. As I felt his hand creep between my thighs, I spread my legs as much as I could and gasped as I felt his finger go up inside me.

All I could do was hold onto his shoulders and rise up on my toes as he started banging my pussy. His face was buried in my chest again and he sucked on my tits, making me shake violently as he finger fucked me.

The truth is that most twenty year old guys have no idea how to touch a woman, but Daddy knew just how to touch me, curling his finger inside me and using his thumb on my clit until all I could do was lean against him, moaning into his ear. He must have felt me getting weak in his arms, because just before my knees gave way, he stopped, picked me up and laid me on the chair.

Daddy grabbed me and pushed my legs up, lifting my ass until my pussy was wide open to him. “When did you start shaving your pussy?” he asked as he settled down on his knees.

I held my knees against my chest as I felt him start to kiss the inside of my thighs. “Mmm, I’ve been shaving for a couple of years now” I told him. “There are lots of things about me you don’t know yet.”

Anything else I might have said was lost as he spread my pussy open with his hands and began licking me with long strokes of his tongue. I could feel his tongue pushing in and lathering my hole and then slide up and over my clit, making me squirm and tremble under him. Where Riana’s mouth had been soft and intuitive on my pussy, Daddy used his whole mouth to cover my sex and bathed it in the wet caresses of his tongue.

He pulled on my labia with his lips, making me buck against him as I cried out in near orgasmic fever, sucking at my juices like he wanted to drain my pussy. Despite his efforts, I just got wetter and wetter and soon I could feel it trickling all the way down to my ass.

Daddy seemed to notice this too and chased the fluid with his tongue until he was flicking it right on my butthole. “Ohh gawd that feels good” I moaned as Daddy probed my backdoor with the tip of his tongue.

“Never had that done before, eh?”

“No, I haven’t, and don’t fucking stop!”

“Interesting” was his only response and then he went back to rimming my behind until I could have sworn he was tongue fucking deep into my tender ass.

Now, as good as that felt, and trust me when I say that if you haven’t tried it you should, I had been riding the edge of orgasm for so long I was almost frantic with frustration. I began rubbing my clitty quickly, trying to push myself over the edge. Daddy continued tonguing my ass as I did until my body pulsed and I finally started cumming in waves that rolled through me until I was completely out of breath.

After I came, I was expecting Daddy to be all over me but all he did was lightly stroke my legs. His hands moved up my thighs and caressed me all around my pussy without actually touching it, making me want to squirm right off of the chair. My pussy was purring and my whole body felt limp and relaxed.

When I finally opened my eyes, Dad was still sitting on the floor with a big shit eating grin on his face. “Wow Lacey, you are so beautiful when you cum.” Then it’s like he just realized what we had done and he got real concerned. “Are you okay Lacey? We can stop if you want.” I sat up and slide off of the chair in front of him and said “No, Daddy, I don’t want to stop, that was fucking amazing! You made me cum so damn hard!”

My pussy was itching to be filled as I sat up and saw that his cock was still hard as a rock. One look at it almost made me drool in anticipation of fucking him and I slid off of the chair in front of him. Taking his penis in my hand, I squeezed and stroked it a few times. I wanted him to fuck me more than ever, but my orgasm had cleared my mind some. I spit on my palm to moisten it and then lubed his shaft by stroking him with it. “Daddy, tell me you have some condoms around, I think we’re going to need them.”

He brought my mouth to his and kissed me like he never had before, using his tongue and lips to suck my breath away. “No need baby, I had a vasectomy ‘bout ten years ago.”

“Mmm, in that case we can do whatever we want, can’t we. Lay down, Daddy, I want to be on top this time,” I told him as I scooted up over his cock.

He held his shaft up as I reached down and spread my pussy open with my fingers. My heart was beating so fast and my whole body was trembling as I lowered myself onto the thick head of his cock. I looked at him, feeling as frightened and sexually hungry as I can ever remember being since the day I had lost my virginity.

When I felt my pussy actually touch him I used my fingers to push his head into my hole and sank down until I felt him enter me. I held him there, with probably just his head inside me. “Oh fuck, do you feel that, Daddy? I’m so fucking wet right now!”

He may have said something back, but I really don’t remember. He raised his hands up to steady me and I held them with my own as I sank down on him a little more. I loved how it felt as his cock started pushing into me and I started moving up and down, letting my pussy stretch open to accept his shape until I finally felt him slide all the way in.

Once I had him inside me, I just started rocking and grinding myself against him, loving the feeling of being stuffed full with his cock. He let go of my hands and held my hips, trying to get me to start that fucking motion that guys need so much, but I resisted. I leaned over and to let him kiss my boobs and he put an arm around my back holding me against his chest. In that position, he was able to start flexing his hips and pumping his dick into me.

He was holding my butt down with his arm, drilling into me as hard as he could. All I could do was brace myself with my arms and bury my head in his neck, moaning loudly every time his cock hit home. I felt his hand creep lower toward my asshole and when he forced his finger inside me I almost jumped out of his grip.

I felt a hot stinging sensation that made my ass wiggle and suddenly what had been a pleasantly hard fuck became a mind blowing ride that made me shudder each time he worked his finger into me. I was losing the strength in my arms and my body started to spasm uncontrollably until Daddy rolled me over and threw my ankles over his shoulders.

I whined at him over the loss of having my butt frigged, but forgot about it the moment he drove his dick straight into me. With my legs up like that, I could feel every inch of his thick cock as it moved into my pussy. My boobs were bouncing so much I had to hold on to them and I pinched and twisted my nipples as Daddy pounded his cock into me as hard as he could.

His hands were holding my calves so tightly it hurt, but that only added to the intensity of the fucking he was giving me and a delicious pressure began building in my belly as I started what I knew would be an incredible orgasm. I cried out to him, ”Fuck me harder, oh fuck yes, Daddy, fuck your little girls pussy just like that!”

I remember hearing him grunting and I knew he must be close. Wanting to come with him, I started rubbing my clit frantically. At that moment, he pulled my ass up off of the floor and slammed into me hard, spraying his cum up into me. Oh fuck, I still remember the feeling of him holding me there so tightly, with his cock fully immersed in my pussy while he filled me with his cum.

It was all more than I could stand and just as he sat my butt back on the carpet. I felt my orgasm explode from inside me. I was moaning nonstop as I convulsed on the floor as my second orgasm of the night pulsated through me.

We ended the night sleeping together in his bed, and spent many nights the same way. Dad taught me so many things about my body that I might have taken years to learn otherwise. He allowed me to experience my desires without the fear of rejection. He was the first to take my ass, and he accepted some of my other, darker fantasies without judging me. I love him dearly as a man and always will.

Over the last eight years, our sexual relationship has cooled, but much like an ex that is still loved we get together from time to time and relive old memories.

Those who find fault in this should blame it on me. He would never have touched me as a lover if I had not done what I did and so the blame is on me alone. After years of soul searching, I am glad that I did.

If you enjoyed this, let me know. I enjoyed writing it and if people enjoyed reading it, I might write more. Otherwise, I’ll just share this as something I needed to confess.

A little about me. I am a girl with some very dark fantasies. Some, I have lived and others I fear to much to try. I enjoy being tied up and I love being paddled or caned. Pain and pleasure mix and become inseparable with the right partner.

I have fantasies of being being raped and part of me would love it to happen. I’ve role played it with lovers but it isn’t the same. I don’t think I’d ever dare invite it from someone I didn’t know though.

I can be very submissive at times. I love a strong man who is willing to do what he wants. I also love women and still make love to Riana often. She is one of only three people I know who I have allowed read this story. My father and my boyfriend are the other two.



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