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Ramya Seduced Me For Sex

Ramya Seduced Me For Sex 

Hi friends I’m a regular visitor of Indian Sex Stories and I thoroughly enjoy the stories here. My Name is Vijay Reddy and I work for a software company in Bangalore and now I will tell you about my real story.

I never had a girlfriend in college and I was fantasizing girls a lot after the college in Hyderabad, I moved to Bangalore in 2002 for software job. First day of my job, we had induction and along with me there were 4 others one girl army and three other guys. Ramya is very beautiful and overtime she comes near me, my heartbeat goes high. She is 34 26 24 and her clothes are always western.

During the course of the induction, we started talking casually and got to know that she is from same city and staying with her parents after the induction there was training scheduled for 3weeks and i was very happy, as I can spend more time with Ramya during the training she sat next to me and I was staring at her curves and used to get high. She always used to wear tight shirts and pants or jeans.

Lunch time while having lunch, all the 4 sit together and she was silent when only we both used to be there, she talks a lot and that made me very happy. We became good friends and one day she asked me to drop her home. I used to travel by bike and she by bus. I was very happy and I asked her if we can go to coffee before dropping her. She agreed instantly and I decided to take her to Cuppa while going in traffic I broke many times.

She was sitting very cleverly and never did she fall on my back. We went to cuppa and it started raining somehow we sneaked in before we got fully drenched. She was happy that we did not go to her house in that rain since we would get wet completely. I could see that her nipples have become hard and protruding out of her shirt. That made me horny and there was a bulge instantly. I sat down immediately to hide the bulge and she made herself comfortable in the opposite side.

I could clearly see the tits and I couldnt help staring at those during my stares she caught me and asked me what happened. I was caught red handed and I told her that her tits were seen and I couldnt help noticing it. She suddenly became conscious and started adjusting her shirt but it’s of no help. I made her comfortable by saying it is fine and I asked her sorry. She was very nice and said that, she didn’t find her right bra today and this was too thin material.

By hearing to her speaking like this, I was getting too high. I suddenly changed the topic and asked her about her college life and stuff and slowly the topic drifted towards boyfriend and she told me that she had a boyfriend before but now shes single. I didn’t push her further on her story. We finished the Coffee and rain also stopped, so we decided to leave the coffee shop. I started my bike I could feel she was sitting closer to me now.

During my ride, many times she has fallen on me and she has put her hand on my shoulders. I dropped her at home and her dad n mom called me inside and offered a coffee. I told them I’m getting late and left immediately that night I masturbated many times imagining her and dreaming of her. Next day we met in office and somehow my eyes were on her boobs and she immediately caught me

I said, there are no tits today, what are you staring at idiot and a cheesy smile. I said sorry and told it was by mistake. We ignored and went to the training room. I was not able to concentrate in training I was staring at her so many times after the training I said her bye and I was leaving to parking lot. She called me and said she is bored and wants to go for shopping.

I was happy and took her to near by mall. She said she will try out clothes and asked me to tell which one is good for her it was like dream come true for me and she took some party wear dresses and went to the changing room each time she wore a dress, she was like a bomb low next was revealing her cleavage a lot and her legs and thighs were hot. I could see that she stared at my bulge couple of times and I was getting high.

She selected one sexy dress which revealed lot of cleavage and it covered half of her thighs. She wore her office clothes back and she asked me to drop her home and this time went to her house, spoke to her mom dad and they are very comfortable. She took me to her room and it was very clean. I could see her bra on the bed and she quickly took that away and kept in her cupboard and I asked her if it was the same thin material.

She gave a slap on my bum and smiled away. She told her mom dad that her comp had a problem and i will be fixing it and she turned on her comp and she asked me to check for virus. She said she will go her moms room and change her clothes and come. She returned back by wearing a house gown which came till her knees and she sat next to me and the gown raised a little high.

I was seeing her thighs and complimented her figure. She said thanks and a wink and her antivirus got expired and I asked her for the cd. She started searching on her table and while doing so her boobs brushed my hand and it was electrifying. She bent down to search and I could stare at her cleavage and most of her boobs were visible as the gown was loose and I enjoyed the view completely.

I was thinking if she was doing all this purposefully after sometime her mom and dad came to the room and saw me doing something in the comp and asked me the problem. I said the computer is infected completely and told them it will take atlas 3 hrs to install new software and correct all this. It was 8 pm and they told me they have to go for a reception and will be back by 10 pm. I said I will go home and do it tomorrow and got up.

They told me it is totally fine with them and asked me to finish my work and leave. They left and I was getting tensed what will happen now. The virus scan was fine and I did not have to do anything and I told her should I leave and she asked me to stay as she will get bored. I agreed and she told me she will show me her paintings. She got me her painting book and she sat next to me in sofa.

I could feel her so close and I could not hide my bulge. She kept the book on my bulge and her fingers brushed my dick. She told me this is her private painting album and only her friends have seen it. I opened the paintings and I was shocked to see, all the paintings were nude and sensuous. I could sense that she was bringing me in mood and was expecting something.

She went and got coffee for me and her and we were discussing the paintings and having coffee. She suddenly spilled coffee and luckily it escaped her book and it spoiled her dress. She told she will go change and come. She came back in 5 mins and I was shocked to see she was in spaghetti top and nothing in the bottom it came just below her bums and if she bends we can see everything and also she removed her bra and I was able to see her tits very clearly.

I told her why shes exposing so much and tempting me. She said shes comfortable in this and usually she wears this when no one is at home. She sat next to me and she sat crossing her legs. I was getting high and wantedly brushed my hand over her thighs and she did not resist. I keep the books aside and told her she is very sexy and kept my hand on her thigh. She was smiling and said thanks. I went close and kissed her on her cheeks.

She expected it and she came near and kissed me on lips and remained there. I really did not smooch any one and did not know. I opened my mouth and she did the rest and i followed her. My hands were reaching everywhere and I pressed her boobs. I touched her butt and realized she has not worn panty also. I was very excited and the kiss continued for next 3 mins. She slowly lifted my tshirt and took out of me and she unbuckled my belt and pulled my pant down.

She could see my pre cum on my underwear and said that I’m a horny guy. She pulled my underwear and my dick sprang out. She took the whole dick into her mouth and I was in heaven. She was sucking so nicely and this is my first experience and I could not control. I blew the sperm into her mouth and she enjoyed tasting it. She commented saying I’m too fast in cuming and said she loves my cock. I told her I will go to restroom and clean and come.

She stopped me and said she will lick it clean. She licked my dick clean and she told she likes the cum and she enjoys it. I removed her gown and made her completely naked and started kissing her boobs and tasting her nipples. I started sucking her nipples and she was moaning loudly. I touched her clean shaved pussy and with one hand and could feel she was completely wet.

I made her sit on the bed and I went down and kissed her pussy. She asked me to lick and I said I’m new and I’m not comfortable and she told me she will go get honey and went and got honey. She poured honey over her pussy and asked me to lick it. I was excited and I licked her juices mixed with honey now. It tasted superb and I loved it. I inserted my tongue inside her pussy and liked her walls and

She was moaning and that made me lick her more and more. She asked me to insert my dick and I inserted inside. It was tight but went inside completely. I have a 6 inches dick and it is thick, so I could reach her internals very easily. I slowly started the in-out movement and did not have any rhythm. She asked me to slowdown and helped me gain a good rhythm. I fucked her for another 20 minutes.

I took out the dick and sprayed my cum on her face and she licked it completely. She thanked me for the experience and we got ready and i sat back in front of comp. and in 5mins her dad mom came and everything was back to normal they were happy that the comp was fixed and thanked me and asked me to come home regularly. From then on we regularly had sex for a year before she left to US for higher studies. If you liked my story please mail me at / /

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