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New Hot Lesbian Sex Story

New Hot Lesbian Sex Story


My name is Shradha. I am of 16 years of age and I am from Bombay. I am a good-looking girl with extremely large breasts and I feel pride when people look at my breasts. I have a 19-year-old boyfriend, Bhavin and have had sex with him many times. But I have never felt after sex with Bhavin. One New Year’s eve, we had a big party with all our college friends and we had a great time. That was the first time I really drank (I mean a lot) Usually us girls never used to booze, only a glass or too but not a lot but this time we drank much more than usual quietly of course otherwise the guys would start getting ideas.

We were not really used to so much and we couldn’t handle so much of it. But we tried our best to act sober and left by about 3:30. All the girls were gonna stay at my place i.e. Mansi Collie and Alpana. The others went home and the 4 of us went to my place. Once we were in my car we started acting a little mad and pressing each others breast and putting our hands under each others skirts and that kinda girl stuff. But suddenly out of the blue Collie just caught my head and started french kissing me and licking my neck. I started feeling very sensual and my pussy started getting wet and soaked. I couldn’t wait to get home because i knew it was gonna be a very interesting night.

We went home and I went into my mom’s room and took out 2 big dildos that she had and got my vibrator and went into my room locking the door. My mom is very open minded about sex and very often I have discussed with her about my sex life and my breasts etc. and I bought those 2 dildos with her. She also has huge breasts like mine.

Anyway I went into my room and purposely stripped in front of everyone. I took off my bra and my wet panties and walked over to collie and returned a passionate wet kiss. After that I took off her top and she started feeling and enjoying my breasts. She has small petit breasts but a lovely tight ass and an amazing figure. She bent down and started sucking and biting juices were flowing down my legs. Alpana and Mansi were shocked when they saw collie sucking at my tits and me standing stark naked there but they were also pretty high and they too stripped and joined it.

Alpana went behind me and started licking my ass and my juices and Mansi
lied down on the floor under Alpana with her head under her pussy. I could make out that Alpana and Mansi were new to this kind of thing but collie was a real pro. Soon after by tits she went down to start licking my pussy and started finger fucking me and rubbing my clit with her other hand and sucking all the juice simultaneously. Mansi and alpi broke up with us and started their own little twosome. Mansi was happily munching away between Alpana’s legs and she was really enjoying it.

They changed to a 69 position and licked each other dry and then they started experimenting with my huge extendable dildo. I don’t know what exactly they did with it because I had taken the other one and was showing collie what i could do with it. I put the huge dick into my wet glistening pussy and adjusted the other end into hers and we started fucking each other in face to face. She couldn’t resist my breasts and kept on sucking my huge hard nipples and caressing my big ass and putting her finger in the crack of my ass. I also sucked on her small hard tits and both of us were really wetting the bed with our cum. I kept on putting my fingers in to her tight pussy and taking some cum and licking it. Suddenly, Mansi came from the behind and put my small vibrator into her cumming pussy and put the wet thing into my mouth to suck. I loved the sensation and I asked her to do it again and again until I finally came, both of our juices soaking the bed. Then we took the dildo out of both our cunts and Mansi took it and started fucking herself and the both of us started smooching. Collie was too tired to do anything and she and Alpana fell asleep kissing. Mansi wanted to be fucked in the ass so i put some vaseline one her ass cheeks and in her ass crack and took a dildo and gave her the ass-shot of her life.

I licked her ass for sometime and then finger fucked her and finally fell asleep in a 69 position. In the morning my mom knocked on the door and none of us heard it, so she opened the door with the key and saw us all lying naked on the bed soaked in cum. But she wasn’t shocked or anything because I had told her long back that I wanted to have a lesbian orgy and I finally did. She woke me up and gave me a nice finger fuck while everyone was sleeping and she was the one who taught me everything about sex and we had tried almost everything together.

She told me to wake the others up and she acted as if she entered an hour later when all of us were dressed up and the sheets changed. Collie told me that she had done this a lot of times others discovered that quite regular partners almost twice a week. We do it in elevators, in the staircase, in my hall sometimes and once my mom was watching us at it from her bedroom and finger fucking herself at the same time. When we have sleepovers they’re always at my place and sometimes our friend Vishaka also joins us.

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