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I Lost My Virginity To Virgin Anu Sex Story

I Lost My Virginity To Virgin Anu Sex Story

Hi everyone, my name is Shayan SK. I am 28 now and have a family consisting of my wife and a child. I am 5’9″ in height and have an athletic body. Now, I would like to share my real-time experiences with you all. This is my first story.

Coming to the story, this happened when I was in my late teens (18+ years old). I had joined college a bit late as I had met with an accident. Anu was fair in color and had long hair. She was 5’6″. She had just shifted to our colony a week ago. She was a sex bomb.

Anu was of my age. But her assets were very prominent for her age. No one would say that she was so young. She had a figure of 34-26-32 (approx). She had boobs that were much bigger than girls of her age. Her ass was so pretty that I used to look at it all the time. I just wanted to grab her ass and crush them while squeezing her boobs from behind.

There were about 7 boys in our area who were about my age. I was the most talkative and sentimental fellow among our group and would help everyone as much as possible. Everyone liked me.

Now when this girl came on the scene, all my friends tried talking to her but she was a very conservative girl and had rules which bound her. So because of her strict family rules, she did not mingle much with people.

As I was well known for my helpful attitude and talkativeness, I was able to know her parents as my family was acquainted with her parents.

At that time, like every normal guy, I used to masturbate 3 times a day. Soon my urges became more and I was looking for a pussy to fulfill my urge. I planned to ram the pussy of my classmate Anu as I had my eye on her. As some more time passed, we became good friends.

I began planning and knew that for my wish to become true I needed something big. For that, I bought a spy cam and since I used to visit their house, I got an opportunity to fix it in her bathroom. I got lucky, it was her bathing video. To my shock, she was fingering herself while she was bathing! This was something else for me. Anu was clearly visible. While watching that scene, I masturbated 4 times and then my plan to ram this sexy girl took shape.

One day I came to know that her parents had to go outstation to attend their relative’s funeral but Anu would not accompany them due to her college schedule. Her parents made arrangements with my parents for her to stay at our place as they could not leave her alone.

Now, I had my chance to make my plans a reality. I placed my spycam in our shower and was able to record one more video of hers. Our house consists of four rooms – one for me, one for my parents and the other two were for our guests and relatives.

Anu was given the room meant for our guests. That night when everyone was asleep, I slowly entered the room and found that she was asleep. I slowly went near her and slept beside her.

As I was a virgin all this time, I was delighted that tonight I was about to lose it. I checked whether Anu was asleep or not and after that, I took out my dick which was semi-erect due to all these tensions. Then I took it near her hand and placed her hand on it and moved her hand a bit. The feel of her hand on my dick was so amazing!

I then stood up and saw her. The lighting was dim. Anu was wearing a nightdress which is a shirt and a frock. I lifted the frock up till her knees and felt her legs. Then I lifted till her thighs and felt them too. I observed that my friend’s breathing had become heavier. Slowly, I placed my hand over her breast and started feeling her boobs. They were so big and smooth over the shirt. Anu wasn’t wearing any bra.

Then I rubbed my fingers over her nipples. They were poking out of the shirt. I went near my friend’s pussy and started rubbing my palm against the pubic area. She was breathing heavily now. I then slowed down and again did it.

Then I moved her panty aside slowly and saw what a pussy looked like for the first time in my life. I decided to make a move. I switched the light on and woke Anu up. She was shocked to see me.

I closed her mouth and then showed her the video of her bathing and the video of her being enjoyed by me which I recorded at that time. She was surprised.

I made my move at that time. As expected she agreed. Then,

Anu: What do you want from me?
Me: Nothing, I just want to fuck you once.

After some time giving my proposition a thought.

Anu: Ok but only once and after I delete the video.
Me: Ok, but for that, you have to do it with your full heart and enjoy it like a gf/wife.

Then I went near Anu and placed my hand over hers. I placed my lips on her and in between, I started to take my hands to her breast and started crushing them. It went for nearly 15 minutes. We kissed each other and then we separated. Anu was gasping.

Then I made her stand and from behind, I hugged her. I took her hand and made her feel my dick. After I placed my dick in her hand, I told her to stroke it. Anu started doing as I said. I was enjoying her ass from behind in between.

My dick was hard and precum was oozing out. I wanted to move to another level. I asked her for a blowjob. She went down on her knees and took my dick in her hands and started stroking it. She was ready to take it in her mouth. I was in a different world. Anu’s smooth hands around my dick were really awesome.

Anu took it in her mouth and I started face fucking her. I was doing it slowly as it was the first time. After about 10 minutes, I came on her dress as I didn’t want to ruin my first time.

Then I took off her dress from her by feeling her body. I was crushing her boobs and playing with her nipples. I took out the top and by rubbing the pubic area and squeezing her thighs. I took out the frock and then took off her panty. By then, my dick became hard again.

I made my sexy female friend lie down and started taking her boobs inside my mouth. I used my tongue to swirl around her now swollen nipples. Anu was breathing heavily and started moaning.

Then I went near her navel and started licking it. Slowly, I went near her pussy. She was a virgin and I was too. I inserted my finger inside her and she started to move and moan loudly. I thought this will wake up my parents, so I covered her mouth.

After that, I started to put 2 and 3 fingers in, and then she came. It was her first time and she squirted. Then I went near and licked her pussy for about 20 minutes then she came again.

I was ready for the main plan. I adjusted her and put my dick at her entrance. (By the way, my dick is 8.5 inches long and 4 inches thick.) I was standing and she was at the edge of the bed. I started to push it in and as she was a virgin, her pussy was tight. I was feeling the pain too. So I applied some oil and then tried again and tried with force and succeeded in putting 4 inches in.

Anu was in tears and was screaming. As I was still covering her mouth, “ hhhhh.. Nnnnno.. plllssssss.” So I waited a few minutes and then again pushed it in and blood started oozing out.

Anu was screaming more like, “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Aaaaaaammaammamamammama… Noooooo, pleasssse.”

I wanted to proceed so I gave a huge push and her hymen broke. Then I started moving slowly. It was so painful. So I moved slow and increased the pace. And after a few minutes, Anu started enjoying it. The pain became a pleasure. I was tired. So I told her to ride and then she started riding me. I caught her boobs and started squeezing them.

While riding, I kissed her many times and slapped her ass many times. Then I again came to missionary position and started ramming her hard. After about 40 minutes of fucking, I came in her.

Anu started shouting at me, but I told her that I had got ipills ready and she calmed down. Then after about an hour, I fucked her again. She told me to get the mobile to delete the video. I showed her the latest video of her fuck, how she rides me, and how I rammed her.

She was shocked and started screaming. I pacified her and told her that it was only for me and I will send her a copy of it. After much persuasion, she agreed and I promised her that I will fuck her only on weekends. I then went near her and played with her lips, boobs, and pussy for some time and later left to my room before my parents woke up.

This was how I lost my virginity and took the virginity of a beautiful college girl. I then fucked her many more times and made her my slave. Later on, I fucked her on the weekends to the fullest. And I also fucked her mom and sister.


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