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How my jiju had sex with me sex Story

How my jiju had sex with me

Hello name is jinal and am 28 years old married.
The story am narrating is 7 years back when I went to my sister’s
house for her second child delivery.
Please excuse me if you find any mistakes as this is my first story in
this site,although am a regular reader of this site since last few
Now coming to this story
It was in the month of Dec that my sister was due
She was staying in a 1 bhk flat
As my mom could not go they requested that atleast i go and help,and I
was only too happy as I thought I could get a change…. little did I
no that my life will only change….so on the appointed day my jiju
came and took me,there was around 2-3 weeks For her delivery,but as
noone to help the elder child ,who was 4 years old and
cooking,housework also sisters personal work .I was called
We had a good time
It was one night that I was sleeping with my nephew and I wanted to go
to washroom and I got up and was just walking,when I heard small noise
coming from my sister’s room…
I ignored and went,but when I returned there was some sound still I became I thought sister may b having some stood there for a while although I was damm sleepy after a
full days hectic work,but the curiosity in me did not allow me to
proceed… I then after a while walked away and slept.luckily I did
not ask my sister or jiju about this the next day.again after 3-4 days
I got up to go to washroom and I could hear the same noise.i did not
stop and after relieving myself I came and stood near the door could
hear noise .now the curiosity inside me got awakened and i tried to
peep in…and lo…I could see very faintly,and what I saw changed my
whole life…
My sister doing oral on my jiju…she was half naked.her upper part
open and my jiju pressing her boobs…ooo what a scene it send
shivers to my nerves and in few seconds I got aroused..and I thought
my sister is that boli- Bali type…I could see my jiju enjoying and
although I was tired as usual I did not feel like leaving the show”and
stood there to see till it ends,next my jiju removed his tool from my
sister’s mouth…..and lo….I could see a big ( may be7″,I thought at
that time,but later vn I hold it I came to know it’s 8″) tool in real
life….ah what a scene it was first time in life seeing sex live and
real tool- coming back to the story.he then made my sister rest in his
lap and slowly started pressing her boobs and later sucking it and I
could knowthe pleasure my sister was having further noise whshe was
making and pressing my jiju face more towards her boobs….
Then they retired to bed after sometime and I also came back.whole
night I couldn’t sleep thinking of the sex pleasure…
Days passed like this and I used to see there scene whenever i was
awake…later the d- day came and my sister delivered a cute baby boy
And the whole house was full of happiness,but I could see some
dullness in my jiju first I did not understand but later I
understood as he wss not getting sex….as I think they were used to
daily sex…now it was my turn….I mean I was already aroused after
seeing their act,so after few days I asked my jiju wats the matter,he
did not say then daily I started asking him ,as I was looking after
the house( morning tea,breakfast,elder chils needs,cooking ,all I had
good interaction with my jiju,and I was infact waiting for him to open
up so that I can surrender myself to him,although I had no intention
of breaking my sister’s house,only till such time that I was there and
my sister is allowed to do sex.i purposely stared exploring my body
like purposely not wearing dupatta or making it fall when my jiju is
around or sitting in a very seducing manner showing him my curve’s
etc,after all I knew how long can a man control who has had daily
Then the final day came when I got what i needed,i was in the Hall
sleeping at noon,a short nap as my sister was sleeping in bedroom and
I did not want to sleep with her as I was too tired and the child’s
noise will make my sleep break
I was wearing a very revealing dress meaning my boobs were visible as
it was low neck….o I forgot to tell you my status- fair/ 5’4, 34c
and now you can imagine how a man who has not got sex which he has had
daily will feel when he sees all this my dress was stuck to my ass
crack and my top was fully up so he could have good darshan of my body
I was asleep to be honest but a sudden jerk and I got up.but luckily I
did not open my eyes and so before I could open I could see my jiju
standing in front of me and admiring means his hand busy playing with
his now I was fully convinced that I can have a taste of his
I slowly started to turn around as if my sleep is over and will get jiju also slowly moved away.then I got up and went straight to
washroom.I was totally wet and was just wanting to be with my jiju.and
now I was sure and happy ki he also has got interest in now I
was ready to explore my body in front of him.daily morning I used to
wash my hair and keep it open the water used to fall from my wet hair
and make my back wet and my bra was seen and the day it was black I
could see light on my jiju face now we both were waiting for the right
time I was sure and the day mom landed to see the child and it
so happened ki tht day was the baby’s check up so my mom accompanied
my sis and child so now I and my jiju as child is in school.i was in
kitchen doing cooking….after sometime i was waiting ki my jiju will
come and take this opportunity and hold me in his arms but I could not
see him anywhere and I knew ki he has not gone with them
casually I without dupatta was walking in the house exposing my boobs
and and casually opened Sid bedroom…..lo I could not believe my
My jiju’s pants were down and his hands holding his dick and he his
mastrubating in full swing….. for a second i thought ki I should go
away but then on a second thought stopped as now was the opportunity
as he was also desperate and waiting so I slowly stood and
watched.suddenly he saw me and was little embarrassed…I smiled.i
said ( all in Gujarati) jiju why you are doing this and started
walking towards him and I knew jiju was just wanting it and before I
could complete I was in jiju’s arms…his face was covered in-between
my two legs and his hands were pressing my ass…oooo wat a scene it
was I can’t forget then I kept my hand on jiju’s head and told jiju
get up and he stood up pushed me down and straight inserted his rod
like tool inside my mouth and pressed my face hard and pushed it in
and out…I was gasping for breath but I could do little has he wss
forcing it and I was enjoying each and every moment and in no time
jiju released his cum inside my mouth which i came to know later,he
removed his cock which had by that time become Normal.then jiju stood
up and embraced me and gave me a good lips to lips kiss and started
playing with my body.i then said jiju let me go as smash( my nephew)
will come and also ba( mom)& didi will come he ded not listen and kept
on kissing and pressing and where all his hands will go he put it and
then released me.then I went to washroom and cleaned myself and
gorgelled my mouth and came out .I saw jiju standing his tool once
again fully erect.i said not again he said ok and after I went to
kitchen came and stood on my back and slowly started pressing my boobs
from back again I could not resist and he pulled my dress down and
then my inner and slowly kept his tool in-between my ass crack and
started pumping.i was surprised i said no jiju not this plz no he said
wait u will enjoy ur didi also was against all this at start but now
she needs all this daily so just wait and started pumping I slowly
started parting my legs and I could feel the pressure.but before we
could go further my didi called and say hey are on their way and all
is ok dr told and will reach home in 5-10 mnts.also enquired where I
am to which jiju told ki he his yet to reach home and pressed my
boobs.then after he dressed and left after a good we both
were only waiting for a chance when we will be alone.same day mom left
and next day jiju told ki wear nity I said didi will object he said
you wear I am saying na.i was afraid as in nity many things are seen
and didiay object but as I was also deeply interested i could not say
no and after bath I wore.i get up early as have to do all house work
and didi is in bedroom no coming out as I stood in kitchen I could
feel something back I turned and to my surprise I saw jiju standing
back and he wanted to lift my nighty and play I turned and now we were
face to face.he tool my face and started to gv me lips to lpps kiss I
too cooperated and we wrere smooching early morning as we were
honeymoon couple…..
Then he we both were waiting for the ultimate thing to happen
and that can happen only if didi sleep.i was also too desparate so
when jiju told me to give one sleeping pill to didi I also did not
think twice and that nite alongwith her other tablet I added it in
milk and just waited for was after an hour or so I saw jiju
coming and tapping me I got up he said all’s ok and now didi will not
get up atleast for 2 -4hours or more and embraced me and took me to
sofa and made me sit after his initial press and kiss .then he
unzipped his chain and removed his cock and told me to suck I ded it
without any hesitation and after sometime he removed it and said me to
undress myself and he only then pulled my top and down part and sat
down and started to lick my pussy and kiss it all this made me wet and
I forced his head more inside and then his hand were playing with my
boobs which was now free as I unhooked my bra
Next he asked me to sleep and started sucking my breast and then after
sometime he said he wants to enter inside I was ready for it as by
this time I was horny and just waiting he slowly started pumping.very
gently and finally he entered inside my vagina fully …ooo Lord wat a
pleasure it was he stroked very nicely and I really enjoyed the act( I
did not bleed as I had torn my hymen when I was mastrubating with a
pencil few years ago) he increased his speed and then when he was
about to cum removed his tool out and put the whole load on my belly
and .he as very tired but happy as he had performed sex after nay be
3-4 months although my didi used to release his cum by mastrubating
him or oral but sex is sex…then we got up and washed ourselves and
after coming out he again embraced me and started kissing me on my
lips ,neck etc and started playing with my boobs…and after sometime
he again wanted me to perform oral on him to which I agreed and once
again he sat on sofa and gave me his tool which I started by kissing
then licking at that time he wss saying ki your didi does all this but
not as good as you you are super and put his hands inside and started
pressing my boobs….it lasted for more time and finally once again he
cummed inside my mouth and pressed my mouth towards tool and after 2-3
mnts we got up and went to the washroom and this time he washed my
face and then bend down and started licking my pussy .then after
sometime we came out his hand on my shoulder and then he kissed me
good night and I also did the same and we both parted .then it became
our regular habit twice a week to give sedative( very light) and
enjoy.this continued till my marriage.
Hope reader enjoyed reading my life first sex enjoyment and I shall
post my other story with my office boss in a day or two

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