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First lesbian sight of Preeja and Shreeja

First lesbian sight of Preeja and Shreeja

Hi readers, I am Shreeja and this is real story. Preeja’s dream, in which she had sex with me. I don’t know why she had this dream, because we constantly fuck each other. The cool thing is, she really DID have sex with me while asleep and dreaming…and I hope it happens again…


I woke in the middle of the night. Preeja was sleeping, mostly on top of me. About two-thirds on top of me, her pussy on my tummy. Her pretty face was in my neck, her hot breath on my skin…

…and a lovely puddle of Preejacum on my tummy! Not just on my tummy, but, all over my thighs! I slid my inner thighs together, so hot and slippery. Damn…she had cum a lot!

The hottest woman in the world had cum all over me in her sleep! Wow, I hope she’d been dreaming about me…

I was instantly turned on. Yeah, I always wake up turned on, but, this was I-have-to-have-it-now turned on. Hmmmmm…her cum was still hot…maybe she was still dreaming! Maybe!

I gently held her thigh and slid it between my legs…my own thigh brushed her pussy. Right then, my sweet Preeja jumped in her sleep, made a noise deep in her throat and SLAPPED her thigh hard against my pussy!

Fuck! She was still dreaming! She fucked against my pussy so hard with her thigh and rubbed my big swollen clit, fucking against my hot dripping pussy…our bodies slid on my Preejacum covered body and that made me even hotter!

Preeja growled in her sleep and opened her mouth wide on my shoulder…I knew what was coming…she growled louder and sunk her teeth into my shoulder muscles, giving me a HARD, HOT ORGASM!

Even in her sleep, she knew what would make me cum so quickly…biting me in that one special place on my shoulder she can always find! My body went crazy with her thigh rubbing-slapping against my pussy, riding me while I came and came, soaking us both!

Still asleep, and apparently still dreaming, she fell on top of me, her breath on my neck again…

“Fuck me…fuck me…fuck me…fuck me…fuck…me…”

I smiled and gently rolled us over with me on top of her…she was breathing heavily, holding onto my long hair. I spread her legs and slid between them, criss-crossing our legs…scissoring…I pushed my pussy right against hers. FUCK! It felt so good and hot, having my pussy right ON hers…I could feel her pussy quivering, my own was throbbing!

I rubbed the hell out of her swollen outer lips with mine, our clits in direct contact…we both came together…SUCH an intense orgasm! Our cum flowed together, soaking us both, our bodies in deep spasm!

When our wild cumfest ended, Baby pulled me down on top of her…I slid off her and wrapped myself around her body. She sunk her lips onto me and we kissed deeply, whimpering and purring, lost in each other.

Then, I don’t know…her dream ended? Baby was now sleeping restfully, her breathing normal! I cuddled her against me with my legs around her, gave her lips a bunch of soft kisses, and fell back to sleep.

When we woke later, Mr. Sunshine was peeking in our window. (When I inform Preeja of this, she says to “get that pervert away from our window!”)

My hot baby has gotten used to waking up with my face in her pussy. She’s so fucking sexy when she wakes, I can’t resist…I start with little kisses and licks with little purrs into her body, letting her wake up a little. She whimpers for me, weaves her fingers through my hair and gently holds onto it. Her eyes are still closed…

“Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhh…my Shreejabuns…yes, baby…”

I purr for her some more while sucking her entire pussy in my mouth, still gently…she’s getting more wet by the second, and my sucks get noisier…sloppier…she scooches her ass to me to push her pussy harder against my mouth…

“Yes…baby…oh, you’re so slutty and hot…pleeeeeeease make me cum…”

It makes me hot as fuck being her slut!

I pushed her legs back and spread them with her knees bent…she screamed and pulled my hair harder…

“Yeah, Shreeja! FUCK ME!”

I savagely pounced my mouth on her pussy while rubbing her with my finger between her ass cheeks…she screamed louder and came for me while I fucked her with my mouth and tongue, sucking hard the whole time and roughly riding her intense orgasm, taking every bit of her steaming cum in my mouth , swallowing eagerly!

When her body relaxed, I kissed her pussy, then slid up, hugging and kissing her…

“Ready to start the day, my sweet Preeja?”

“I believe I am quite ready, Shreeja buns.”

“I love you, Preeja!”

I love YOU, Shreeja!”

I jumped to my knees. “You stay right here, and I’ll get a banana and yogurt for you!”

“Sounds good! And Shreeja? Kindly refrain from fucking yourself with that banana? You always smush it when you do that, and I’d like to eat it in one piece just once!

The End.

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