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When I first met my boyfriend three years ago he never really showed an interest in my ass, he was only devoted to my pussy. Making me cum whenever he got the chance and worshipping my body with his tongue.

He was amazing at oral sex, he knew what made me scream and he knew what made me cum. We had amazing sex for months and then I fell pregnant. We decided it was fine and that we would make it work and subsequently our sex life died.

We didn’t have sex for months after giving birth, I wasn’t up for it and my boyfriend just wasn’t interested. I had had enough and wanted him to taste me again and make me cum so we planned a night away together and I wanted it to be as romantic as possible as well as just how we once were in the bedroom, absolute animals. I booked it all and the following weekend we were heading to a remote hotel in beautiful surroundings a few hours away from home.


We arrived at our romantic getaway and we were both nervous, we hadn’t been alone together for months and the sex we used to have was just a distant memory at this point.

Our room was magnificent, giant windows that looked out onto the grand gardens of the hotel, the bed huge and white, the bathroom marbled and with space for two in the bath tub. I knew once we were relaxed, all of our old tricks would come back to us.

I opened a bottle of wine and we sat sipping at our glasses of wine on our balcony, relaxing a little and watching the sun go down. We went down for some dinner and ordered another bottle of wine, we were laughing and enjoying each other’s company, I moved my knee to rub up against his under the table and he smiled up at me. Grabbing my hand over the table. We headed up to the room and stumbled in the door.

We lay down on the bed and began making out, it felt amazing not having to worry about anyone but ourselves. I totally let myself go when I was kissing him and we soon both started moaning, desperate to take things further but I will admit I was nervous.

He hadn’t even touched my pussy since I gave birth a few months prior, I was feeling self conscious as he made his way between my legs and parted my knees, kissing his way down my thighs and then kissing my pussy through my panties.

We had dimmed the lights as he began removing my panties and exposing my pussy that hadn’t been touched in months. I felt like a virgin again. He removed my panties and moved his sweet tongue to my clit and as soon as he began using his old moves on my clitoris, my whole world felt alive again. I let out a huge moan as he sucked my clit, he just knew exactly how to move me and he knew what made me make these noises.

I was dripping wet and forgot all about my insecurities as he made my entire body shake and made me feel like he always did.

I was so turned on as I began to cum for the first time in months and months, all over his fingers and face. My orgasm was explosive and I was sure the people in the room next door could have heard me, my orgasm made my entire body tremble and I felt like I could do anything as I was coming down from my insane orgasm.


We had never really done it properly before, he had put his cock in my ass and out again but he had never cum inside of my ass before and he had never really penetrated my ass for longer than a few moments before.

I told him we could try it, I was up for doing anything I was so horny and so happy that we were finally having sex. I got onto all fours and he rubbed my pussy, it made me moan again and then he pushed his fingers into my tight ass, the sensations I felt were like nothing I had experienced before. I was so turned on as he kept on pushing his fingers in and out of me.

He told me he didn’t want me to go down on him first because he was already so hard and he thought he was going to cum within seconds.

He got up onto his knees and began pushing his hard pulsating cock into my tight ass, it hurt a little bit at first but as he kept on pushing the feeling just got better and better. I wanted his cock so badly.

He began pushing deeper and deeper into me, thrusting fast as he grabbed onto my hips. We were both enjoying it so much, both moaning out in pleasure and I told him to go faster and he did. He started fucking my ass roughly, grabbing at my hips and growling as he thrust fast and hard into my ass. I couldn’t believe how good it felt and how much I was loving rough anal.

I could feel a sensation building up inside of my ass he fucked me like a rag doll, we were panting and moaning out in unison, my ass felt like it was going to cum and I just wanted to keep doing this all night long. He then pushed my head down into the pillows and slowed down his thrusts so that he was pushing his entire cock inside of me and out again, he then built up the speed again and inserted his whole self again and again, pushing my head harder and deeper into the pillows as he got rougher and rougher with my ass. He slapped my ass with his bare hand, bringing it thrashing down on my ass cheek, I felt a stinging sensation but I wanted it again. I told him to do it again and he did, bringing his hand crashing against my ass and then grabbing at the flesh tightly making it all go red.

I was loving it, I felt so naughty. I pinched at my nipples as the sweat poured from me. My boyfriend was growling as he fucked my ass raw and then he began to cum, deep throbbing bursts of semen filled my ass as he kept on fucking my ass, he didn’t want it to end.

He finally pulled out of me and lay face down next to me, my asshole felt stretched but it felt sensational and I wanted to do it all again.

I decided to shower, the cum dripped from my ass and down my legs, my pussy was still sensitive and throbbing from my orgasm and my ass stretched and raw. I couldn’t stop smiling, we were back.

Just as I was finishing up I heard a soft knock on the door, it was my boyfriend and he was ready for a rough round two…

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