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Unforgettable New Year Sex Story

Unforgettable New Year

I am Rajesh 28 year old male in Chennai. A new family came to our building. They are NRI’s most of the time her father leaves out of the station and her mother also like parties and disco’s they live just under my flat which is on 4th floor.

Oh sorry I forget to tell you about that pretty girl she is 23 with sexy, milky Boobs and her good size hips. Her pussy lips are also very pink due to a NRI she always wears modern type of cloths which always throw the reflection on a boy.

Some time she wears mini’s and cut pieces which show’s her half or more than half of her body but she never cares about it. She has a good figure of 34 26 36 which is not common for every girl and due to no one in our beneath flat.

I mean to say that there is no one very close neighbour of her so she likes to come to our house and I invite her also as she has a good nature and relationship between our family is also good. I am her first friend in the building.

So she mostly spent lots of time with me when her mother and father both are not in her house. They also have trust on me so I can go to her house at any time. So, because of good friendship with her we both go discos and parties everywhere.

She wear that type of dress which can make a bulge in anybody’s pant and that’s same situation is mine but I fear to tell her about it. Our relationship grows too much in few months the day come when I saw her fully naked.

That day was Saturday when there is no one in her house so I go to her house for some work when I reach there I saw the gate was just slightly open by mistake.

I entered inside and I saw no one was there so I directly reach’s her bedroom where I saw her Bra and panty on the bed which was of pink color and I imagine to see her in that dress and to my surprise.

She was in the bathroom and knew about it that there is no one in the house the gate of bathroom is not locked and anybody can see anything in the bathroom from the open gate but inside person can’t feel that so.

I go near the gate and started to peep and man what I say she was fully naked and taking shower in her rhythm and she don’t know that someone is seeing her so she bath freely as she was doing shampoo so she takes time in bathing.

I enjoyed her for half an hour in between this time I got a good budge in my pant and my penis increases to its full size but I am unable to tell anything to her about my feelings and I just lost my load about thinking of her every time.

From that day I started to plan to fuck her and that day came very soon. This is the day of life when a man enters into a new year means this is the night of 31st Dec when her mother and father both are in the country site in Lake kand country club to enjoy their new year night.

She was all alone in the house and there was a program in our building and as I am the best friend of her I go to call her to her house when I rang the bell her maid open the door who is going to her house so by opening the door for me.

She left the house then I call Ginni but I get no reply then I go to her room and I saw she was sleeping in night dress in which she was looking more gorgeous and sexy then ever and the bulge started in my pant and I can’t control my bulge so.

I go and lock the main gate and came back and slowly called her but there is no reply so I put my hand on her hand but there is no reaction of her the n I give her a jerk but she didn’t get up this make me more excited and I think this is the golden chance but before that I go.

And sit on the table and take relief by losing my load and this make me more excited and vulgar. Then I got up and go nearer to her and touch her hand again but I felt that she didn’t felt that then/

I slowly move my hand to upside towards her firm round breast and when I touched them a current flow in all over my body I make my underwear wet by my sperms then slowly I started to press her breast slowly and slowly and that is.

The first time when I was touching a girl’s breast and that time I was feeling myself in heaven. then by leaving her boobs I saw her pink lips then I touched them and then kissed them this time she take a breath and she faces towards myself but she was still sleeping.

Now her both breasts are in front of me and I caught both of them with my both hands and started to press them. Then I kissed her breast above her dress and I feel the nipple of her breast in my mouth and I am surprise d to see that she doesn’t were bra so.

I now started slowly to open her night dress button and I open her f first three buttons which give me a well look of her breast and I now easily can touch them without any problem for about 5 minutes.

I press them then I take it in my mouth and half of her left breast is in my mouth and right one was in my hand and keep it for more than 15 minutes. Then I got up and take out my tool outside and take her hand and give my tool in her hand then I caught my tool with her hand

And that was very soft and started to jerk and in between I get very surprised when I found that after leaving her hand she was still giving jerk to my tool when she realizes this then she open her eye. Now I understand that she also needed that and she takes me towards her.

And give me a good kiss on my lips and then I take her lips in my mouth and squeeze it for 10 -15 minutes and she also respond passionately then I told her all about my feelings about her and then she also told that she like this game then I take her in my arm.

Now there is no fear in my heart and I immediately remove her naughty shirt and her firm Boobs in front of me I immediately take it in my mouth and at that time she was just moaning slowly aaahh slowly please do it slowly

I kept squeezing after some time I got up and remove my pant and T-Shirt by seeing this she get excited and she take my tool in her hand and give me a good jerk and I throw my all load on her above body then I remove her night pant also.

She was now just in her panty which is fully wet by her juice. Then I touched her thighs slowly and feel her heat then without waiting a min. I placed my mouth on her crouch above her panty and she was just screaming loudly ahhhhh wow! That’s right please going on keep squeezing.

I love you please tore my pussy eat it all come man. Now the main game started I asked her for a short fuck and she immediately agreed then I placed a hand on both side of her waist and removed her panty then I saw her pink pussy lips with some hair on it.

I put my lips on it and pressing her breasts and she is moaning and I get more aroused by it she moaning wildly aaahhhhh that’s too hot and I don’t do his but I didn’t care and I keep chatting with her pussy up to that time still she didn’t come to my surprise she come very fast.

And leave her full water in my mouth which was some salty and her smell was arousing then she pleaded me to fuck her but I t take the benefit of the time and told her to take my tool in her mouth she agreed and take my hole tool inside her mouth same.

I saw in blue movies and I am getting more vulgar then I told her that I am about to cum and she started sucking it more speedily and I came all in her mouth from which some falls on the floor and some on her body.

I asked her if she was a virgin but she was not a virgin she tells me that she had a sex with one of her friend’s brother in her house in U.S. but I have no problem because her pussy was still very tight

I make her comfortable and throw her on the bad and spread her leg wide open and fell over her for some time at that time my tool was just touching her main area and she was getting more excited by that then.

I asked slowly in her ear are you ready the she reply positively then I get up and for a safe game I open her leg wide open as wide as possible then I put my tool in front of her hole and give some pressure which make her to cry

She was just pleading me to not to do that but I don’t care for that and insert half of my tool inside then stop for a movement to make her relax and then suddenly give a hard press and enter fully inside her then her tears come over her face.

I leak it with my lips and started moving up and down and now she was feeling the pleasure and moaning heavily ohhhh wow tear off play it give more hard keep going.

All this make me more excited and I gradually increased my speed and between this she cum two times but I control myself at last I am about to cum so I asked what to do then she take out it and take it in her mouth and drank all of it without wasting a drop then.

She told me that she want to faithful towards her hubby as the time was too much passed so we both get up and take bath that time I clean her body and she clean my body and we are under the shower in each other’s arms for half an hour.

Then we came out she make coffee we have it and got dressed and now ready for disco and by leaving the house we go for Disco party in the hotel and enjoyed the whole night and no one know about that and after that

We both do it several time but I never leave my load inside her pussy so she never faces any problem but at present she was not here because her father is shifted and if any Girl, Aunty, Bhabhi, Married or Unmarried women want to keep friendship with me mail me at

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