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Taylor Swift Sex With Own Brother Sex Story

Taylor Swift Sex With Own Brother Sex Story

You are in your bedroom sitting in front of your laptop; playing video games, watching videos on YouTube, movies on Netflix, chatting with your friends on social media messages. A thought crosses your mind about famous country-pop singer, Taylor Swift, you imagine her performing on a concert stage in front of tens of thousands of people inside a basketball facility.You hear the doorbell ring, you go out of your room and open the front door, the tall girl outside is none other, than Taylor Swift herself.

Taylor Swift : Hey my little brother!

You: Taylor! Ha, what a surprise! You're here! My big sister is here!

You give each other a big hug, a rather short one as you look at your sister's outfit

You: Wow, you look great.

Taylor Swift : Thank you.

She gratefully replied, as you look at her in her light blue gray sweater with her sleeves rolled up, cappuccino pants with brown inner-knee patches and buttons at the end of the length of them, dark mahogany shoes, and a brown leather bag.

You: So, you're finally done with the whole world tour?

Taylor Swift : Yes I am. We finished 5 days ago actually. As soon as we were done, I couldn't wait for everyone to finish cleaning, loading, and sending everything back to storage so we can all go home.

You: How were the crowds?

Taylor Swift : They were as amazing as ever. Just to hear them cheering for you, your music, and everyone involved is just great.

You: As your little brother, I could never be more proud of you, big sis. Welcome home.

Taylor Swift : Thanks bro.

You give each other another big hug, this time longer than before. As the embrace takes the first few seconds, you feel your heart beat with joy at the return of your sister in over a year. But what makes your heart beat faster is feeling her breath down your neck, smelling the mix of some sweat and her hair's shampoo. Taylor breaks the hug.

Taylor Swift : Okay, so, my luggage is right outside, can you bring them in?

You: Sure sis.

Taylor Swift : I need to take a shower, it was a long flight back from Melbourne.

You: And I can only imagine how hot it is in Australia. The outback does things to you, I bet.

Taylor Swift : Oh, you can't even imagine. And I need something I haven't worn in a long time. So help me out please

You: Alrighty.

Taylor heads to her old bedroom while you go out to bring her two huge luggage carriers into the living room. Both weighing at the capacity of 50 pounds each, you feel your arms straining to bring them in. You hear Taylor's bathroom door close and the water turning on, and you think:

You: Is she probably hungry after her long flight? Maybe I should make something for her to eat once she's done with her shower.

You head to the kitchen and open the fridge, and take out one by one the ingredients to her favorite homemade meal: white bread, deli slice ham, Tilamook cheddar cheese, green lettuce, ketchup and mayonnaise, and a glass of lemonade. You take out a dinner plate and start preparing the bread, all the while you hear the water running and splashing in variation to Taylor moving inside the shower. You pause, you imagine what it's like to see the water glistening on her slim 5'11” body.

You: She's really become a grown up woman.

Then suddenly a strong imagination pops in your head thinking:

You: I haven't showered yet. Will she mind me coming in with her?

The idea of a brother and his older sister sharing the same shower took a hold of his mind for a long time, fantasizing what could happen if he did. What felt like a minute became thirty as you stood frozen with imagination. Then you hear the water stop, followed by the drips of water from her body as she steps out of the shower to dry herself. Then you snap to, realizing that you've been holding the same pieces of bread for the last half hour and haven't finished making her sandwich.

You: Whoa, uh, aw man, I gotta finish this.

You hurry to finish preparing her sandwich, but you also spend some extra time making it look nice to present to your sister. After all, it's been over a year since you last saw her, you want to make this sandwich very special for her.

Taylor Swift : Hey there.

You: (startled) Whoa! Oh hey. Uh, you're already done showering?

Taylor Swift : Yes. I couldn't wait to catch up with you.

She was wearing a causal outfit of a gray shirt and red shorts to feel comfortable at home.

You: Oh great. Well, I was helping preparing you a sandwich. I thought you might be hungry after that flight and the drive from the airport.

Taylor Swift : Aw, that's so sweet.

She looks at your culinary work.

Taylor Swift : And you're making my favorite meal, you're so nice, little brother.

You: I may be your little brother, but inside I'm like your big brother. I'd do anything to make you happy, Taylor.

Taylor Swift : Aw, thank you.

You're halfway done preparing her sandwich when you feel her arms come from behind and wrap around your abs. She pulls you in close and leans her head on your left shoulder. You feel her breath passing by your left ear, her perky A-cup breasts pressed against your back, you feel your heart beating hard again.

Taylor Swift : You are not like any of the guys I dated in my life. You are unique.

You: Oh, how so?

Taylor Swift : All of them only wanted to date me because they thought it would elevate their statuses as celebrities. But they always lacked something, and that one thing only you have it.

You: And what's that?

Taylor Swift : Well, I think the only word that I could use to describe you is...

You: Is what?

Taylor Swift : “Unconditional.”

You: Unconditional?

Taylor Swift : Ever since you were born, no matter how my day went, I was always happy to be a big sister to little brother like you. Whenever I am away on my tours, I couldn't stop thinking about you when I had a break between days of shows. I've always thought about how nice you were, how much you cared, you send me gifts, you email me everyday, and I always know there is someone out there who will always love me.

Feeling touched, you move your right hand to her right hand.

You: I confess that I too think about you, you're the best big sister any little brother could ask for. During college, whenever I come back to my dorms after class, the first thing I think about was how much I missed you, what thing to give you next, what to say in the next email. And of course I will always love you, you're my sister. Family is important no matter what kind of life you live. Sure it's a shame that the world doesn't know about me, but now that you're finally done with your world tour, I am very glad that you're home.

You feel her squeeze her hug tighter.

Taylor Swift : Well now that we're both here at home, we can spend as much time together as we want. Our parents are no longer here, so we pretty much have the whole house to ourselves. By the way, thanks for taking great care of it while I was gone.

You: I worked everyday to make sure that everything was paid for so you can always return home whenever you're done.

Taylor Swift : You are such a responsible, hard-working man. If only there was a way I can return the favor.

You: (sigh), I don't know what could you do.

Taylor turns you around and faces you, her right hand on your left shoulder, then her right hand stroking her fingers along your temple and around your ear. She leans forward and kisses you on the forehead, then brushes it with her thumb. She lets out a tiny giggle.

Taylor Swift : Hm-hm, I'm just gonna be blunt and honest here.

She takes your hands around her waist and then places hers on your arms in a caressing way.

Taylor Swift : Whenever I think about you, I feel tingly, and I start to get wet.

You: Wha-?

Taylor Swift : And, I've been wanting this moment to happen for quite some time now.

Suddenly you feel a paralyzing sensation all over your body, you are unable to move and can't help but hear what your big sister has to say next.

Taylor Swift : And now that we are both here, with no one else around, I think it is time that we be together for a very long time.

You: Oh wow, Taylor, that's nice to hear, but what do you wanna do?

She moves her hands up from your arms and around the back of your neck, her finger stroking your neck like her pet cats, Meredith and Olivia.

Taylor Swift : Well, I can't think of anyone else who I want inside of me, but you.

You: Me?!

She puts one finger over your lips.

Taylor Swift : Shhh. It's okay. It'll just be between you and me. Remember, there is no one else around.

You: But what about your friends? The media? How will the world not know?

Taylor Swift : I've already announced my retirement a few hours ago, on the way home. Don't worry, all my managers and agents will handle everything. All I want is us, just you and me.

You start to relax knowing that there is always safety within your sister's arms. You take a breath and exhale, with some relief and anxiety.

You: Taylor, if I wasn't your (biological) brother, I'd have no problem wanting to spend the rest of my life with you too. But you don't think that this is immoral in any way?

Taylor Swift : Like I said, my handlers will make sure no one will bother me anymore. We can go away to some place more private, and then we can finally be together forever.

At that moment, you finally give into your sinful urges. Your body finally relaxes, and then you squeeze your hug tighter.

You: I confess again, there were times where I dreamed of this too.

Taylor Swift : I wouldn't have it any other way, my love.

You: I love you, Taylor.

Taylor Swift : I love you.

You both lean in and kiss, both of your lips locked for several seconds, then your mouths begin to move. You taste her saliva, and she yours as you begin to slide your tongues into each other's mouths. You both hug tighter, you feel her perky breasts against your body, then you feel your dick begin to swell and throb at the thought of making out with your celebrity big sister. You both break the kiss and gaze into each other's eyes.

Taylor Swift : My bed, please.

At that moment she takes your hand and leads you into her bedroom, which is about the same size as yours, with green walls, purple drapes, and white furniture. Her bed sits in the middle with quilt-looking covers. You both enter the room and she locks the door. She sits on the head side of the bed, you on the foot side.

You: And of course, your room hasn't changed since you have the only key to it.

Taylor Swift : Because I didn't want anything to ruin this moment.

She leans in and quickly kisses you again.

Taylor Swift : Help me out of these, honey?

Without hesitation, you help Taylor remove her gray shirt, revealing a tiny gray top with jeweled words and a tiny pink bow in the middle. You remove her red shorts and she is wearing a matching pair of gray panties.

Taylor Swift : Let me help you too.

She then helps you take off your shirt and jeans. As she helps you with your underwear, you reach out and pull down the right side of her top to reveal her right breast. Taylor giggled.

Taylor Swift : Hm-hm-hm, it seems that they only get hard when I think of you.

You: I may like bigger boobs more, but yours are just perfect for me.

Once she takes off your underwear, you give her perky tit a quick fondle before you proceed to remove her top completely, and then help her panties off. The both of you are now sitting on Taylor's bed completely naked, loving and unashamed. Taylor has an amazed expression when she sees your cock.

Taylor Swift : Wow, my baby brother is all grown up.

You: And you have grown up to be a beautiful woman with an amazing body.

Taylor Swift : You always were such a charm.

Taylor reaches out and grabs your cock and begins to caress it, and with her other hand begins to massage her vagina.

You: God Taylor, you have the best hands in the world.

Taylor Swift : Your dick is better than all those guys before you.

You then reach your right hand, moving her hand aside to start fingering her pussy. She lets out a moaning gasp.

Taylor Swift : Oh bro, that feels so nice.

You: Man you really do get wet thinking about me.

After a couple minutes, you both decide to up the game.

You: Hey Taylor, why don't you get on top of me.

Taylor Swift : Alright baby, time for me to taste your yummy cock.

You lie down on your back while Taylor turns around and shifts her crotch to your face. As soon as your face meets her pussy, you begin to lick it repeatedly. Taylor, moaning from the pleasure from your tongue up her clit, leans forward, grabs your cock, and begins to suck on it. Both of you begin to moan, and as minutes go by, the moans become louder, hers become a bit like muffled squealing. Adrenaline and ecstasy begin to flow through the both of you through the pleasure of each other's stimulating oral sex. Then you hear a quick quiet squeal, then Taylor goes limp on top of you. You stop and look up.

You: You okay, babe?

Taylor Swift : (breathing heavily) Never been better.

You: Okay. God your pussy tastes so good.

Taylor Swift : And so does your cock, it's better than that sandwich you were about to make for me.

The both of you relax a bit to regain energy, the both of you breathing heavily.

You: So what now, sis?

Taylor then makes an all-out effort to shift her weight up, moving her ass off your face and towards your crotch. Her ass stops just in front of your abs, she then lifts her pussy up, and straightens up your still-hard cock. She looks back at you with a lustful expression.

Taylor Swift : Are you ready?

You: Oh Taylor, I'm ready as you'll ever be. I can't believe we're finally doing this.

Taylor Swift : I can't believe I had to wait a long time for it.

You: Then what are you waiting for now?

Taylor Swift : Alright.

You: Let's do it.

Taylor proceeds to lower her pussy at the tip of your cock, then she pushes lower. The tip of your shaft begins to part away her pussy lips as it enters her. She then moves back up, but quickly lowers again. Back up again, and lower again. Finally, your entire dick is completely inside her, and she is completely sitting on top of you, she lets out a gasping moan once it goes all the way in. She begins to go up and down slowly, then slowly picking up pace.

Taylor Swift : Oooh, tight huh? That's tight, huh?

You: (groan) Uhh yeah. This is so hot, I am now having sex with my own sister.

Taylor Swift : Aaah, my pussy is getting wetter now that I am having sex with my own brother.

You: God you feel so good.

Taylor starts to ride you in a fast steady pace, she arches her back a bit, you begin to thrust in response, going deeper and deeper inside her.

Taylor Swift : Oh, god, mmm, oh, ugh, ah, yes, yes, yes, oh my, god, ha, huh.

To keep her from falling over, you place your hands on her waist to keep her upright and continue to thrust up into her.

Taylor Swift : Huh, ha, oh, you like it baby? My pussy feels good baby?

You: Ugh, so good, so good. Your pussy's so amazing.

She continues to bounce up and down on top of your crotch, your dick and her pussy begin to tingle as minutes go by. She bounces so much that she cups her breasts with her hands to keep them from moving too much, but she gropes and fondles herself to give her more pleasure as she is being fucked by her little brother. After a few minutes, you stop.

Taylor Swift : Oh, I'm not done yet, but god that feels so good.

You: Get on your knees baby, it's my turn to do most of the work.

Taylor Swift : Okay.

Taylor then moves forward and on all fours, sticking her ass out in the air. Knowing what to do, you stick your dick back inside her pussy and starting fucking her doggy-style. A few minutes in, you start to feel your knees getting tired due to the constant shifting of your weight as you fuck your sister. Taylor starts to notice you slowing down a bit and looks back at you.

Taylor Swift : What's wrong baby?

You: Oh, knees are getting tired. Wanna get back on top of me.

Taylor Swift : Anything to make you comfortable, dear.

You lie down on your back again and relax as she turns to face you and sit on you again. She starts to take control again by bouncing up and down your shaft. You then put your hands on her and she puts her hands on your shoulders to keep herself in place as she rides you. A few minutes, and your shoulders being to hurt due to her weight on them.

You: Can you lean back? My shoulders are hurting.

Taylor Swift : Oh, sorry, okay.

She then leans backwards, supporting her weight by putting her hands next to your legs, and then thrusting her hips downward, you have the perfect view of your sister's pussy sliding in and out of your cock, and then you two passionately gaze at each other. You feel your climax reaching the halfway point, a through crosses your mind and then you stop, a bit tired, but still stiff inside big sister Taylor.

You: I just had a thought.

Taylor Swift : What is it?

You: Did you really mean what you said about wanting to spend the rest of your life with me and only me?

Taylor Swift : Yes, I did.

You: What if we wanted to share our lives with another in our relationship?

Taylor Swift : Another?

You: Another as a result of our relationship.

After a few seconds, Taylor collects her thoughts.

Taylor Swift : Do you mean-?

You: I thought, that since you've always wanted me inside of you, and I am now, why don't we go all the way?

Taylor gasps, the thought of legitimizing the one relationship that can never be broken overwhelmed her. She covers her mouth as she lets out a quiet joyful gasp.

Taylor Swift : Oh god, I thought you would never ask.

You: Then, Taylor, will you marry me and start a family with me?

Taylor Swift : Aaaah, yes, YES, yes I will!

You: Ah-ha, okay, it's a yes then!

You both hug each other very hard, knowing that now nothing will stop the two of you from living happily ever after. Then you feel your dick, still pulsing and still inside your big sister, you come back to the current situation.

You: Taylor?

Taylor Swift : Yes, my dear future husband?

You: Let's finish it.

Taylor Swift : Yes, let's finish it.

Taylor moves herself off of you and lies on her back, legs open, and ready to receive your undying love. You lean your hips in and insert your dick into her open pussy, and with the help of gravity, penetrate deeper into her pussy, each thrust bringing both of you closer to the end. A couple minutes later, you feel a sensation in your testicles, which then flows to the base of your dick.

You: Taylor, I'm almost there.

Taylor Swift : Keep going, don't stop, I want it all.

A few thrusts more, you then begin to feel a pulsing going from the base of your cock going towards the tip.

You: Oh god, I'm gonna cum, right now.

Taylor Swift : Go on, little brother, don't pull out now.

You: My beautiful future wife and mother of my children, why wouldn't I?

Taylor Swift ; Harder, deeper, get it all inside of me!

You: Grah, I'm not stopping until we're both done, GAAAAAH!

Taylor Swift : Oh god, aah, AAAAAAAAAHHH!!!

At that moment, you feel your dick pumping your seed deep into her womb, what felt like three pulses, then five pulses, six, seven, finally you both take a long breath and collapse. All the while you did not feel Taylor legs have been wrapped around your waist, locking you in and keeping you from pulling out, she really meant what she said. Then her legs fall limp and open again, you manage to finally pull your cock out of her molded pussy, which is now overflowing with your cum. You look at each other and smile, out of breath, exhausted, but satisfied with what has transpired here.



You wake up from what seemed like a dream. You lift your body up and stretch your back since it hurts from having slept over 8 hours and doing absolutely nothing. You lay your hands on the bed, and feel two things: on your left hand something solid attached to your ring finger, and on your right hand the feeling that the bed is bigger than you thought. You look to your right and find half of the covers already turned over. After you recollect what had happened in your “dream,” you realized that this was no inception, and smiled. You get up from your queen size bed and walk through the hall to the living room. At the window is a tall girl looking out of it, wearing a light gray jacket. You approach her, you wrap your arms around her upper chest, lean your head on her left shoulder, and give her a kiss on the cheek and her neck. You look out the window to find an amazing view of the life left behind.

You: What a beautiful day it is, today.

Taylor Swift : It's a beautiful day for all of us.

Taylor covers your hands with hers, you move your hands downward, giving her breasts a quick fondle, which she lets out a quick giggle to her delight. You caress your hands further down and feel what your love had made six months ago.
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