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Sex With Cute Neighbor

Sex With Cute Neighbor

Hi friends Yogesh here I am a big fan of this site. I have been visiting this site from quite a few years I live in Chennai. This happened to me when I was studying in my college. I am 26 years old now this happened when I was 17. I was seduced by neighbour she was 4 years older than me. She was 21 finished her education and she wasn’t working .she was always at home, she is a good looking girl I had a crush on her but she was older than me so i knew nothing is going to happen Between us . But I was wrong we did end up having sex.
i was living with my parents in a 2 bhk house she was too. We just moved to that house which was closer to my college. And they were living there from quite a while. So just after few days we became good friends. i go to their home and she comes here . She watches TV with my mom n her mom all day. If I had any doubts I ask her n she helps me out.
I have a room for myself and one day I was watching porn, and suddenly my mom called me and asked me to get some stuff from a nearby shop. I stopped the video adjusted my dick and minimized the video and went. I brought the stuff that my mom has asked and handed it over to my mom and went to my room. As I entered the room I was shocked she was sitting in my bed and using my laptop , she started laughing at me as I entered she said “hay what are u watching , u should have at least closed the tab ,what if someone else saw this” . I casually said “who will come n touch my laptop other than u, I should have been more careful”. Then she started making fun of me telling if I had a girlfriend I wouldn’t have to watch it. Then she asked whether I had any experience, I said "no". Then I asked her whether she had any experience she said yes, I was surprised .she said, she had a boyfriend when she was in college. Then we casually had some general discussion then she left.
From that point I noticed that she started smiling more and touched me often whenever she got a chance. Then came the day when we did it, I saw that her parents were going somewhere with a couple of bags. I enquired her and she told me that they are going out of city to attend a relative’s marriage and they will be back in couple of days. My mom prepared dinner for her and we had it together. Then we were watching TV for some time.
She asked my mom whether she can stay here for the night because she has to sleep alone. My mom agreed, and asked her to sleep with her but we told my mom that we will sleep in the other room we will watch movie for some more time and sleep later. Then my mom said ok and went to her room. We were talking for some time and went to my bedroom and slept.
After some time I woke up and felt that someone was touching me I saw she was lying very close to me I didn’t make any sudden move she didn’t know I am awake . Her hand is inside my t-shirt and touching my chest she is feeling my chest my cock immediately became erect. She did that for few minutes and then went to my shorts and put her hand inside. I was not wearing any underwear, so she got easy access to my cock. Then she sat beside my shorts and pulled my shorts little bit down and my dick came out she went near and gave it a lick I was scared and enjoying at the same time. I saw that the bedroom door was not completely closed. It is partially open but still nothing will be visible from outside. She pulled my foreskin back and my rose colour tip is exposed she sucked it gently. I couldn’t control myself and gave a little jerk she got scared and came close to my ear and asked “are you awake ". I nodded my head, she hugged me tight. Then we kissed and I lifted her t-shirt till her neck and she helped me with her bra, I sucked her nipples then I placed my face between her boobs and rubbed my face there.
She grabbed my hand and guided me to her pussy she was wearing a track pant and panty under it I touched her pussy it was wet no hair. It was amazing I have never even seen a pussy and I am touching it. She grabbed my cock and stroking it I was rubbing her pussy I whispered in her ear “I want to see u naked now “she smiled and went near the bedroom door to lock it and switched the light on. Her boobs are already out then she pulled her track pant and panty down till her knees I knelt down and hugged her. My face was on her belly and I placed both my palms on her butt. I rubbed my face all over her belly and slowly went near her pussy and licked it. It was an odd taste then I looked into her eyes she was looking down at me and gave me a cute smile. I didn’t know what I was doing I licked it slowly she pushed my face on her pussy and rubbed it on my face for few moments and let my face go then I inserted my finger into her pussy she immediately closed her eyes and whispered “I want your dick inside”
She removed her pant and panty and lie on the bed. I came on top of her and kissed her and removed my shorts and tried to insert my dick, but she was in pain, she came close to my ear and whispered “lick my pussy and then insert it” I did as she said but still my dick didn’t go in then I took a little bit of coconut oil and applied on my dick and tried it now it’s going in but her pussy is very tight I slowly inserted my dick little by little and after some time my cock is Completely inside now she is smiling but I saw she had tears in her eyes too . Then I slowly fucked her for few minutes and I ejaculated inside her and hugged her and kissed her we both were laying like that for few minutes. She asked me “how was it, did u like it “I said “yes”.
Then I went into the bathroom and washed my dick then she went and cleaned herself then I opened the bedroom door and we slept. I woke her up early in the morning and had one more session it was amazing. Next day I asked “what will happen if u get pregnant “she said don’t worry nothing will happen I will take care of it. We had so much fun for a couple of years then she got married and went to a different city.
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