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Best Gift By Santa Claus His Dick In Cristmas Day Sex Stories

Santa Fucked Me In Marry Christmas Day 

Best Gift By Santa In Marry Christmas

It’s the Saturday before Christmas and I had a hot dream last night of an old man dressed as Santa Claus fucking my ass from behind. In recent years I’ve had quite a few fantasies of Santa Claus doing naughty things to me so this dream was nothing new for me.

My parents went out to go shopping, see a movie and have dinner, so I am home alone for the day. I decide that I’m going to go to the mall, find a Santa Claus and see if I can make my fantasy become a reality.

I take a quick shower and then I dress in a short thigh-high black dress, black fishnet stockings, black thong and black boots. I also put on my shoulder-length blonde wig.

Once I’m ready to go, I put my black winter jacket on that goes down to my knees and I grab my purse.

I leave the house and walk to the public transportation train station. I take a train to the mall downtown. I enter the mall and walk around, scouting out the stores and seeing if any have a Santa Claus. Luckily, I find a clothing store that has a Christmas display with an area for kids to tell Santa Claus what they want for Christmas and currently there are no kids in line.

I walk up to Santa and I say, “Hi Santa, can I sit on your lap?” Santa says, “Aren’t you a little old for this?” I look behind me and no one else is in line so I say, “Yea, I am, but no one is in line waiting. So is it ok?” Santa pauses and then says, “Ok, come on.”

I take off my jacket and put it on the extra chair beside Santa, along with my purse. I then go over to Santa and sit on his right leg. Santa says, “You know I can tell you’re a boy dressed as a girl?” I say, “Ok. Well good job noticing that Santa.” Santa looks down at my thighs and says, “That is a nice dress you have on though.” I say, “Thanks Santa.” Santa says, “So… so what do you want for Christmas?”

I lean in and whisper into his ear, “Santa, I have this fantasy I hope you could make come true today.” Santa says, “Oh, what is that?” I whisper, “My Christmas wish is to have Santa put his dick in my big fat ass and fuck me hard like I’m Mrs Claus.” Santa looks at me as if he’s confused. He chuckles and says, “Excuse me? What now?”

I lean in and whisper again into his ear, “I want Santa to stick his dick in my ass and fuck me and give me his cum.” As I say this, I place my left hand on his crotch area and I can feel him starting to get hard.

Santa says, “Oh my, aren’t you a naughty one?” I whisper in his ear, “I can show you just how naughty I am. So meet me in the store’s dressing room in five minutes and Santa can have all this ass, ok?” Santa puts his left hand on my left leg and slides it up my leg to my inner thigh and says, “Ok, I’ll be there soon. You got some nice thick thighs.” I say, “Thank you Santa. See you soon.”

I get up and off Santa’s lap, put my jacket on and grab my purse. Then I make my way to the store’s dressing room. Inside the dressing rooms section, all of the dressing room walls go down to the floor so I can’t see if anyone else is in here.

I go to the last dressing room, knock and I hear no response. I push open the door and go inside. I stay still and listen, to check if anyone else is in the dressing rooms section, and I don’t hear anything so I assume I’m the only one in here. I take off my jacket and hang it on one of the hooks along with my purse and then I take off my boots to get a little more comfortable. I then wait for Santa.

Getting naughty in a dressing room

About a minute or two later, I hear a voice say, “Hello, girl that was on Santa’s lap, you in here?” I open the dressing room door, peek my head out and I say, “I’m in this one Santa.” Santa looks over, smiles and walks over to me.

Santa comes into the dressing room with me and he locks the door behind him. I say, “Thanks for coming Santa. I thought maybe you had second thoughts.” Santa smiles and says, “You don’t know how bad Santa needs this. Mrs Claus been away for some time.” He looks me up and down and smiles. I say, “Santa, I’ll be your naughty slut.” Santa smiles and says, “I definitely need one.”

Santa unzips the crotch zipper on his Santa Claus suit, pulls out his semi-hard older white dick and says, “How about you get on your knees girl and suck Santa’s dick.”

Santa is an older white man, maybe in his fifties, overweight with a big belly, has a short gray beard but it’s covered up with the long fake Santa beard he’s wearing.

I get down on my knees in front of Santa. Santa says, “First, look up at me, open your mouth and stick out your tongue.” I do as he says, I open my mouth and stick out my tongue while looking up at him. He rubs his dick on my tongue and then against my lips. Then he rests his dick on my face as his balls find my mouth and I start sucking on them before he could even ask me to.

Santa moans and says, “Oh fuck yes, suck those balls slut. Yes, be Santa’s slut.” I keep sucking on Santa’s balls as he moans and enjoys it.

After maybe a minute of sucking on Santa’s balls, Santa says, “You naughty slut, now suck Santa’s dick like a good slut.” I stop sucking on Santa’s balls and move my mouth to his white hard dick. His dick appears to be maybe four to five inches big.

I take Santa’s dick in my mouth and I start sucking it, moving my head back and forth. Santa is lightly moaning as he tries to not be too loud. I have my left hand at the base of his dick as I suck him.

After a minute or so of sucking Santa’s dick, Santa says, “Ok slut, stand up, turn around and bend over for me.” I stop sucking on his dick and I get up off my knees. I then turn around so my ass is facing him and I bend over.

Santa sits on the bench that is in the dressing room and says, “Show me what you got back there.” I stay bent over and I slide my dress up to my waist, exposing my fat ass to Santa. I slide my thong out of my ass crack and down to my thighs. Before I can take my thong off and put it in my purse, Santa leans in and starts licking my ass crack.

I moan and I say, “Oh Santa, you’re so naughty.” Santa says, “Stay just like that.” I stay bent over and I feel my thong fall down to my ankles. Santa starts licking at my ass hole, sliding his tongue up and down my ass crack and kissing on my ass cheeks. I moan and I say, “That feels nice Santa.”

Santa spreads my ass cheeks apart with his hands and buries his face in my ass. Santa’s tongue enters my ass hole and he starts exploring my hole. I moan and say, “Oh fuck, yes Santa, oh my god, yes eat my ass.”

After maybe a minute of eating my ass, Santa pulls his face from my ass and takes his hands off my ass cheeks. He then lightly spanks my ass cheeks a few times, making them jiggle and giving them a little color.

Santa says, “Get on the floor slut. I want to fuck that ass doggystyle.” I step out of my thong, pick it up and put it in my purse. Then I get down on the floor on all fours. Santa squats over my ass and rubs his hard dick against my ass cheeks and then against my balls. After rubbing his dick on me, Santa pushes the head of his dick against my ass hole. I squeeze my ass hole open and Santa’s dick enters my ass as we both let out moans.

I say, “You’re in my ass Santa. Oh my god, yes!” Santa slides the rest of his dick into my ass and says, “Your ass is tight as fuck.” He starts sliding his dick back and forth in my ass at a slow pace, but in no time he starts fucking me harder.

Fuck my ass Santa

My head is down and my ass is up. I look in the mirror on the wall in front of me and I can see my round ass cheeks and Santa slamming into them, making them jiggle, as he fucks me hard. Seeing that is turning me on more.

I moan and I say, “Fuck me Santa.” Santa says, “You like Santa’s dick fucking you?” I say, “Oh god yes, yes! Fuck that ass Santa. Fuck my fat ass.” Santa moans and I say, “Give it to me Santa. Fuck that ass.” Santa is pounding my fat ass and I’m loving it.

After a minute of fucking me, Santa pulls his dick out of my ass and spanks my right ass cheek. Then Santa gets up and sits on the dressing room bench. He strokes his dick and says, “Come on over here slut and ride Santa’s dick.” I get up and walk over to him, turn my back to him and stand over his lap. I make sure my legs are on the outside of his legs. I put my hands on my ass cheeks, spreading them apart. I lower myself down onto Santa’s dick as he holds his dick in place for me to get it in my ass.

Santa’s dick slides easily back into my ass and I start riding his dick up and down. I let go of my ass cheeks and as I ride him I can hear my fat ass cheeks hit against his lap and big stomach, making that skin-on-skin sound that I love to hear. It feels good riding Santa’s dick and I’m making sure he knows it. I look to my right at the mirror on the wall and I can see my ass cheeks slapping against Santa as I ride him.

I lean forward and I put my hands on Santa’s legs to keep my balance. I say, “You like what you see Santa? All that ass riding your dick.” Santa moans and says, “Fuck yea, keep riding me slut, make me cum!”

I vigorously work my ass up and down on Santa’s dick non-stop as Santa moans and keeps telling me how good it feels.

Making Santa cum

After another minute or two of riding Santa’s dick, Santa says, “I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum!” Then all of a sudden Santa starts moaning and I feel him shooting his warm cum into my ass. I keep riding Santa until he stops moaning and his dick gets soft.

I raise my ass off of Santa’s lap and his now soft dick slides out of my ass. I say, “Thanks Santa for making my Christmas wish come true. I can feel your Christmas cum in my ass.” Santa says, “You are very, very welcome.”

I walk to the middle of the dressing room, pull my dress down and straighten it so it looks right. Then I put my boots on. I grab my purse and jacket, and then I go to the dressing room door. I look back at Santa and I say, “Thank you so much Santa.” Santa smiles and says, “Thank you.”

I leave the dressing room and go to the store’s bathroom to clean up. Santa left a good amount of cum “presents” in my ass which took a little while to clean up.

After cleaning up, I leave the store and walk to the public transportation train station. I wait a few minutes on the platform and then get on the train that is heading towards my home.

On the train ride home I see a middle-age white man wearing a Santa suit and I get a naughty idea. There’s only two other people in the train car and they are further up at the other end of the train car. Santa is sitting in the aisle seat so I get up from my seat and sit in the aisle seat behind him.

I lean forward and I say, “Santa, Santa, you ever have a slut ride you on a moving train?” Santa looks back at me, smiles and says, “Hey girl, you being serious or you one of those lying teasing bitches?” I smile and I say, “I’m being serious, Santa.” He smiles and says, “Come join me here then.” He moves onto the seat next to the window, giving up his aisle seat for me.

Riding Santa while riding the train

I take off my jacket and place my purse under it on the seat next to me. Then I get up and sit next to Santa. Santa unzips his red pants, pulls out his soft white dick and says, “Get me hard first, girl.” I reach over with my right hand and I start stroking his dick up and down with my thumb, index finger and middle finger.

Surprisingly, Santa’s dick got hard pretty quick as I stroked him up and down. I put my head in his lap as I lean over and take his dick in my mouth. I wrap my lips around his dick and move my head up and down. His dick is maybe five inches so I can’t fit it all in my mouth.

I suck Santa’s dick for maybe a minute and then the train stops at the next station. Luckily, no one gets on the train car that we are in. I say, “Santa, can I ride you now?” Santa smiles and says, “Yea girl, ride that dick.”

The train car’s doors close and the train starts moving again. I stand up and Santa moves over to the aisle seat and positions himself between my legs. I slide up my dress, exposing my fat ass to Santa, right in front of his face. I reach back with my right hand and I slide my thong out of my ass crack and to the side of my right ass cheek.

I look back and I say, “I want you in my fat ass, Santa.” Santa says, “Oh girl you want anal? I ain’t ever done that.” I say, “Don’t worry Santa, my ass will make you feel good.”

I put my hands on my ass cheeks and spread them apart. I lower my ass and I feel the head of Santa’s hard dick rub against my ass crack. Santa says, “Hold on girl…” Santa moves his dick to my ass hole as I feel the head of his dick against my anus. I squeeze my ass hole open as I lower my ass more and Santa’s dick enters my ass.

We both moan as more and more of Santa’s dick enters my ass. Once I feel my ass against his lap I know I have most of his five inch dick inside me, so I start riding him up and down. Santa puts his hands on my hips as I ride him. I let go of my ass cheeks and I hold onto the bar on the top of the seat in front of me as I start riding Santa’s dick harder.

In between moans, Santa says, “Your ass is so tight girl. Ride that dick.” I lightly moan, trying to not make too much noise so the other passengers don’t hear me. I keep riding Santa’s dick hard up and down. I see an older woman, sitting in a seat near the front of the train car, looking back at me with a disgusted look on her face. She must have figured out what we were doing. I smile and wave at her and she looks away as I keep riding Santa.

Santa puts his hands on my chest, rubbing on and feeling my nipples through my dress. Santa says, “Girl, you got like no tits but it’s ok cause I’m in your ass.” I realize right then that all this time Santa thinks I’m a girl. I’m hoping he doesn’t figure out I’m not a girl before he cums as I have no idea how he would react to that.

After about two minutes of riding Santa, and a few train stops, Santa lets go of my chest, moans and says, “I’m cumming!” I keep riding his dick as I feel him cumming inside my ass. Santa’s warm cum shoots up into my ass and it feels good. Santa puts his hands on my ass cheeks and guides my ass up and down until he finishes cumming.

When Santa finishes cumming, he holds my ass down on his dick and says, “Oh my god girl, you made me cum so much.” He lets go of my ass cheeks and says, “Thanks girl.” I look back and I say, “You’re welcome Santa.”

The train slows down as it’s next stop is soon and it’s my stop to get off. I get off of Santa’s lap and go to the seats behind him to get my stuff. I fix my thong first, sliding it back into my ass crack. Then I put my jacket on and pick up my purse.

As the train stops and the train car’s doors open, Santa says, “Hey girl, wanna give me your number? Would love to hook up with you again.” I say, “Sorry Santa, Merry Christmas.” I exit the train and quickly make my way up the train station platform stairs. As I go up the stairs, I check behind me to make sure Santa isn’t following me and he isn’t.

I make it home without anyone I knew seeing me and luckily my parents are still not home. I take a nice hot shower and then chill in my bedroom.

I smile and think to myself, today I had sex with Santa Claus twice. It was the best Christmas gift I could have asked for.

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