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Santa Claus Fucked My Mom

I Saw Mommy Fucking Santa Claus

Ever since I was a little girl, Christmas time has been my favorite time of year. But now I was a grown woman. I was home for the holidays on winter break from college. It was so great to see Paul, my high school sweetheart, after 4 months of being apart. Although we’d been dating for over two years, I was still a virgin and I intended to stay that way until we got married. Paul was okay with it though.

In fact, he was so in love with me that he always said he had no problem waiting to have sex until I was ready.

Paul was here with us tonight on Christmas Eve, helping me, Mommy, and Daddy trim the tree. (And by the way, yes I know it’s childish that I still call my parents “Mommy and Daddy”. But I’ve just never grown out of it, and honestly they find it ever so adorable.)

I love Christmas Eve just as much as I love Christmas Day because December 24th is my birthday. I LOVE getting presents two days in a row. And what made this year extra special was that I had finally turned 18!

We were all having a blast, trimming the tree, dancing around to Christmas music. I could tell my parents were pretty plastered from the rum-spiked eggnog they’d been drinking. At one point, I saw my Mom sneak a glass to Paul, who covertly accepted it and downed it before my Dad could notice.

My Mom and Paul had a great mother-boyfriend relationship. Mommy simply adored Paul, and he thought she was the coolest mom in town. She even let him call her Brooke. I had a sneaking suspicion that Paul also liked my Mother for other reasons. Even at the age of 39, she’s extremely attractive. She has a gorgeous face, framed by a sophisticated hairstyle that most moms her age wouldn’t DARE try to pull off. She has a slightly Rubenesque body (that’s a big word I learned in my Freshman Art History class). And her body shape TOTALLY works for her. She’s got full plump breasts and a perfectly ample backside (which is fashionably “in” these days – you know, what they call a “J-Lo butt”.)

One time about a year ago, Paul told me some things that his buddies had said about my Mother. Something to the effect of “they wouldn’t mind having some fun with her sexy, fuck-able body”. And they had described her as a “raven-haired dick tease with come-fuck-me eyes and BIG, beautiful tits”. I became very cross with Paul at that moment. I told him it was sick his friends were speaking about my Mother like that, and he should tell them to keep their mouths shut. He never mentioned his friends’ comments again, although I’m sure the comments didn’t stop.

Anyway, while we were trimming the tree, there were a few times I would catch Mommy touching Paul’s arm. It was innocent enough, I suppose. You know, he’d make a funny joke then she’d laugh and touch his arm. But sometimes she’d let her hand settle on his bicep just a little bit too long. But whatever, I just assumed she’d become a little tipsy from all the eggnog.

When Paul and I said goodnight on the front porch this Christmas Eve, he held my body really close to his. He told me how much he’d missed me while I was away at school. His pelvis was right against mine, and I could feel how aroused he was. He leaned in to kiss me. I felt his tongue rush into my mouth with a sexual hunger. It was warm and wet, and the texture of it felt SO good as it massaged my tongue.

After a few moments, he pulled away. I still had my eyes closed and he laughed at my naiveté as he usually did after we french kissed.

“Happy 18th Birthday, Tina,” he breathed warmly into my ear. “And Merry Christmas.”

I don’t know if it had something to do with turning 18, but for the first time in my life I felt like a woman. Like I might want to do something more with Paul rather than just hold hands and kiss each other goodnight.

At 11 o’clock, I kissed Mommy and Daddy goodnight, thanked them for the birthday gifts, and even made a sassy remark that I couldn’t wait to see what Santa would bring me. They giggled and my Dad gave me a playful swat on the butt. I went to bed childishly hoping that sugarplums (whatever they were) would dance in my head. What a great life I have, I thought as I drifted off to sleep.

I was having the most AMAZING dream. It was broad daylight and Paul was in my bed – naked! He was climbing on top of me. I looked down at my body to see I was naked too. I looked between my firm teenage tits and then over my perfectly shaven pubic mound. I could see Paul was hoisting his huge penis to meet my wet pussy lips. I felt the head of his snake kiss the entrance of my womanhood.

“Oh my God, Paul – you’re so BIG,” I shuddered.

“This might hurt, Tina,” he said bluntly without looking at me.

“Are you going to make me a woman now?” I whispered.

“You shouldn’t have made me wait for this, Tina,” Paul said in a rather disturbing monotone, “I’ll have to fuck you very hard now.”

“I’m sorry, Paul,” I pleaded, “but I’m ready now – I love you.”

Finally Paul looked into my eyes. But something was wrong.

“That’s nice baby,” he said. “But I think I’ve changed my mind. I don’t think I’ll fuck you just yet. Now it’s YOUR turn to wait.”

He lifted his body off of mine and climbed out of bed.

“No, Paul, DON’T! I want to! I really want to this time!”

“Sorry,” he said not even looking at me while he slid his pants back on. “But I think it would be best if you wake up now.”

“Paul, where are you going?!” I screamed. “I want you to make love to me!”

But he just stared at me like a zombie and said, “Just wake up, Tina. Someone’s in your house.”

Suddenly my eyes popped open. It was pitch black in my room. My heart was pounding and I was still panting heavily from the sexual tension in my dream. Oh why did I have to wake up? Paul was just about to take my virginity…and I really wanted to know what that felt like.

I sighed, unable to get the image of Paul’s large penis out of my head. Was he really THAT big in real life? I desperately wanted to find out.

The house seemed quiet for several minutes. But then I heard something. Something like…sleigh bells jingling. Where the hell was that coming from? I looked at my alarm clock. 2:32 AM. It was WAY too late for Mommy and Daddy to still be awake. Oh my God, I thought, someone IS in the house!

I climbed out of bed quietly. The cold air hit me and instantly turned my nipples so hard they tried to poke right through the fabric of my white lace teddy. (Or well, maybe they were already rock hard from the dream I just had.)

I heard the faint sound of bells jingling again, followed by muffled giggling. I opened my bedroom door slowly.

“Daddy?” I whispered out into the dark hallway. “Is that you?”

But there was no reply.

“Mommy? Are you there?”


I crept out of my bedroom and down the hall. I saw that the door to my parents’ room was open. I poked my head inside and saw Daddy in bed alone, drunkenly snoring. That’s weird, I thought, where the hell is my Mother?

I heard the bells jingling again – very lightly, but you could definitely hear them. I tiptoed down the hall. When I got to the stairwell I could hear a reserved, yet hearty, laugh. There was no way it was my Mom – there was a MAN in the house!

With my curiosity getting the best of me, I descended the staircase oh so quietly until I came to a spot where I could peek into the living room.

The lights from the Christmas tree threw a rather mysterious glow on the otherwise darkened room, but I could see well enough. The first thing that caught my eye was my Mother. She was standing in front of the fireplace dancing very slowly, very seductively – the same way a stripper would!

She was wearing a red, velvety, low-cut top, with white furry trim. It looked like something a call girl would wear on Christmas! Her long line of cleavage looked so alluring as her voluptuous breasts practically begged to be unleashed.

She looked extremely depraved as she swayed back and forth to a sexy rendition of “Santa Baby” which played lowly in the background. Then she turned around to show off her backside. She continued to enticingly grind her hips as if she were humping something invisible beneath her. Slowly, she bent over and touched her ankles. She was wearing a rather lewd pair of hot-red panties with the word VIXEN stitched across the crack of her ass.

“What is she DOING?” I whispered to myself.

I rubbed the sleep from my eyes so I could see better. I knew I had caught Mommy in a very private moment and it was wrong to spy on her, but I needed to know what this was all about.

Mommy continued to dance as she grabbed a hold of her top with both hands. She ferociously tore it open – buttons flying everywhere. Her tits literally leaped out and jiggled, happy to be freed. She let the top fall to the floor and then she stuck her hand down the front of her panties. Beneath the fabric, you could see two fingers working on her clit slowly.

“Oooh, I’m all wet, Santa,” she said with a lusty look in her eyes. Then she withdrew the fingers from her panties and placed them in her mouth. “Oooh, and this pussy tastes sooo good.”

Who in God’s name was she talking to?!

“Uh-huh-huh-ho,” came a gruff laugh from the corner of the room.

Holy SHIT, I thought, there IS a man in the house! And my Mother’s STRIPPING in front of him!

Mommy slid the panties off her body. Her pussy wasn’t shaved clean like mine, but she did keep it trimmed nice and neat. I could see juices glistening on her enormous pussy lips, which hung down daintily from between her legs.

I can’t believe this, I thought. I’m going to watch my Mommy have sex! And it’s not even going to be with Daddy!!

My Mother walked over to the corner of the room completely naked, so confident in her raw sexuality. I had to scoot my butt down three stairs to see the strange man in the corner. This meant if I wasn’t quiet I could be spotted a lot easier, but I’d take the risk. For some insane reason I really wanted to see my Mother get fucked.

When I got further down the stairs, my eyes almost popped out of my head. There was a huge man dressed in a Santa Claus suit sitting in my Daddy’s armchair. He looked very old with his big bulbous red nose and rosy cheeks. But at the same time, the eyes behind his tiny bifocals were filled with gleeful youth (which was probably from the tantalizing sight of my naked slut Mother standing in front of him!)

Mommy bent over and began to run her fingers through his thick white beard, letting him get a close-up view of her mammoth breasts. Then she knelt down in front of him, her eyes sparkling with anticipation. It was then I noticed the gigantic penis that was sticking out of a little flap in the front of his wooly red pants. My God, I thought, that’s bigger than the penis Paul had in my dream!

Mommy slowly wrapped a hand around the huge prick and began teasing it with her fingertips. Her tongue flickered like a snake’s, tapping on the head of the cock then traveling down to the shaft. Then she licked it all up and down in long slow strokes, getting it all nice and shiny. By the light of the Christmas tree, it looked all succulent and yummy.

“I’ve been a naughty girl this year, Santa,” Mommy cooed, while jacking off his greasy cock in her fist.

“Well then, Brooke, I don’t know if I’ll be able to give you any presents this year,” said Santa. “Why don’t you tell me what you did, and I’ll see how naughty you’ve really been.”

“Well Santa, let’s see. This year I’ve fucked my husband’s friend MANY times. I’ve let him do things to me that I’ve NEVER allowed my husband to do.”

Santa raised a bushy white eyebrow. “Such as?”

“I let him fuck me…up the ass, Santa.”

“And how many times did you allow THAT to happen?”

“Oh MANY times, Santa. So many times that my asshole won’t even fully close up anymore.”

“My oh my.”

“But that’s not even the worst thing I’ve done, Santa.”

“Oh no, my child?”

“No Santa, the most depraved thing I did this year was seduce my daughter’s boyfriend while she was away at college. He’s only 18, Santa, but he has the most marvelous cock! So BIG…so virile. It’s NEVER limp as you can imagine since he’s only 18. Oh, and it shoots wads and WADS of cum. And it tastes so delicious, Santa. After he erupts in my mouth, I savor it on my tongue for as long as I can. Then I drink it all down and I digest it, Santa. Swallowing all that hot creamy cum from an 18-year-old boy…oh it’s like gulping down a big, thick, delicious helping of eggnog.”

I could not believe my ears!! Paul was fucking MY MOTHER?! Cumming in HER MOUTH?! And my Mother was LOVING IT?!

“That is naughty, my child,” said Santa with a look of rapture on his plump old face as my Mommy continued to stroke and suck his big cock. “Having relations with your daughter’s boyfriend? You should be ashamed of yourself. I’m sure your daughter would be hurt if she knew.”

“Serves her right honestly,” scoffed my Mother. “Paul’s told me she won’t let him do anything more than french kiss her. An 18-year-old boy needs a release, Santa. And if my daughter’s not going to give it to him, then I will. And oh God, he does make me cum so hard – again and again and again. There’s nothing quite like an 18-year-old cock.”

“Is that so, Brooke?”

“Yes Santa, except for one thing.”

“And what’s that, my dear?”

“YOUR cock! So FUCK ME with this yule log now that I’ve made it all big and hard and wet!”

I watched my Mommy climb onto Santa’s lap. His pink meaty cock was there one minute, and in the blink of an eye it disappeared into my Mother’s furry cooze.

“Oh FUCK ME, SANTA CLAUS,” my Mother moaned while bouncing up and down onto his cock.

I could see the thin membrane from her vaginal innards gripping onto Santa’s thick shaft every time she rose up off his lap. Her ass cheeks were covered in sweat as they slapped up and down to the rhythm of their fucking.

God, I was getting turned on watching my Mom. This was so wrong. But yet it was way more wrong that she was fucking a stranger in a Santa suit while Daddy slept unknowingly upstairs. And it was way, WAY more wrong that she’d been fucking MY BOYFRIEND and God knows how many other men in our town!

“Oh I love cock, Santa,” my Mother panted, riding the fat old man. “Thank you so much for fucking me…oh and thank you for the 10-inch dildo last year!”

“You’re quite welcome, sweet Brooke,” he said before thrusting his tongue deep into her mouth.

She started grinding her ass onto his lap. Santa’s entire cock was now all the way up inside Mommy’s cunt. She wiggled back and forth, enjoying it as it stretched the walls of her pussy.

“Ummm,” she groaned. “And thank you, Santa, for the anal beads the year before last. I love stuffing them up my ass while I fuck my twat with that big dildo!”

“My pleasure, Brooke dear.”

“Oh Santa Claus, I’m going to cum all over that big fat jolly cock of yours. Oh dear, here we go…AHHHHHHHHH!!!”

Santa clamped one of his big black mittens over Mommy’s mouth to keep her screams from waking Daddy (and the rest of the neighborhood!).

As I watched Mommy’s body shake in sexual spasms on Santa’s lap, I realized I was touching myself. One hand was stuffed deep into my panties toying with my slimy clit. My other hand had crawled into my teddy and was taking turns tweaking my right and left nipples.

Slowly, my Mother’s orgasm wore off and she collapsed onto Santa.

“Oh Santa, I’m the biggest whore in the neighborhood, aren’t I?” she panted.

“Yes Brooke, but that’s why I give you the most presents,” he chuckled.

I was strumming my clit really hard and fast now. Would she keep fucking him after she caught her breath? I wanted to see more fucking as I made myself cum!

But then suddenly, there was a noise on the roof. It sounded like…someone was walking around up there! I stopped playing with myself and stood still, unsure what was happening. Then there was a clattering in the fireplace – an echo of some sort. It sounded like birds chirping. The sound was coming closer. I could start to make out words, but they were spoken in a high-pitched voice.

“Look out you idiot!” the voice shrieked. Whatever it was, it was coming DOWN THE CHIMNEY!

There was a dull thud as a tiny person landed at the bottom of the chimney and into the fireplace.

“Ouch!” he squealed.

Then, out of nowhere, another tiny person landed on top of the first.

“Yikes! That smarts!” he cried.

And finally a third tiny person fell onto the pile of the other two.

“Whoopee! That was a fun ride!” he yelped.

They hopped out of the fireplace and dusted the soot off their clothes, snickering all the while. They were dressed in green velvet vests, with green tights, and they had pointed caps on their heads and green felt shoes on their feet. And their EARS – my God, their ears were POINTY! Each of them stood no taller than 3 feet high!!

This cannot be happening, I thought as I ceased touching my private parts out of pure shock. I pulled my hand from my panties, and stared at the unfolding scene totally astonished.

I thought my Mommy would scream, but instead she had a devilish grin on her face, as if the fact that three fucking elves had emerged from our chimney was a good thing.

“Now I told you boys,” said Santa in a scolding tone, “to stay at the North Pole with Mrs. Claus. You shouldn’t be stowing away in the back of my sleigh like a bunch of Sneaky Petes!”

They just stood there giggling wickedly while staring at my Mother’s naked, sweaty body as she lingered on Santa’s lap.

“Now what would Mrs. Claus say if she knew how bad you boys have been?” said Santa shaking his head in disgust.

One of the elves spoke up in his high-pitched voice. “I think Mrs. Claus would be even angrier if she knew how bad YOU’RE being, Santa.”

The old man coughed nervously. “Oh you are such bad little elves.”

“Don’t worry, Santa,” said one of the elves stepping up to my Mommy and squeezing her nipple nice and hard causing her to yip like a puppy dog. “We won’t say anything to Mrs. C. as long as we get to join in the fun.”

“Very well,” Santa conceded. “Now Brooke,” he said looking into my Mommy’s big beautiful brown eyes, “the boys here are going to ravage you. I want you to be a good girl and let them use your body however they want to.”

My Mommy stuck the tip of her index finger into her mouth and sucked it playfully. “Yes Santa,” she said like an innocent little schoolgirl about to turn very naughty, “I’ll let them do whatever they want to me.”

The three elves pulled my Mommy off Santa’s lap and laid her on the couch. Their bodies were small, but apparently they were stronger than they looked. Plus Mommy wasn’t really putting up a fight.

They began pulling their clothes off, rudely smacking Mommy’s big fat tits, sticking their little fists into her used cunt.

“Oh yes, I’ve always wanted to be gangbanged by ELVES!” she gasped as her eyed rolled back into her head.

This cannot be real, I thought to myself as I uncontrollably pulled down my panties and mashed my sticky swollen clit into one of the varnished-wood balusters on the staircase.

One elf climbed on top of my Mommy’s body. His face only came up to her breasts, which allowed him perfect access to bite and suck her swollen nipples. I watched his little 4-inch elf cock jab its way into her soaking wet snatch.

“Yes, fuck her,” I whispered to myself as I humped the baluster harder. “Fuck my slutty Mommy!”

The two other naked elves jumped onto the couch. I thought one was going to make Mommy suck his prick, but instead he turned around and sat right on her face. “Lick my fudge-hole!” he ordered her.

“Uhnnnghh,” she groaned as his little ass smothered her. The other elf had pulled two of my Mom’s toes apart so he could squeeze his little cock between them. He started rubbing her sweaty foot back and forth on his stubby shaft.

“My God, this is so HOT,” I shuddered, feeling my sloppy-wet cunt lips wrap around the baluster as I humped it. I watched my Mommy acting like the world’s biggest whore as these three midget-sized creatures sexually assaulted her, using her body to their fullest satisfaction.

They were squealing in unison of the pleasure my Mother’s flesh was granting them.

“Oh, she sure knows how to lick elf ass!” exclaimed the one sitting on her face.

“And her feet are FANTASTIC!” howled another.

“I’m going to cum all over this dirty minx!” sang the third.

The elf in her pussy, pulled himself out and started jerking his stout prick furiously. Jets of white gooey cum shot from his pee-hole and drenched my Mother’s undulating tits. Then the elf getting his ass licked rose up off her face and began jacking off inside my Mommy’s hungry mouth. She stuck her tongue right out to catch every last drop he had. Finally the one fucking her foot began spewing his sticky juice everywhere – onto her sleazy pussy, her belly, her forehead. It even landed in her hair. The elves all continued pumping their little penises, making sure to hose her down good with whatever cum they had left. For tiny little guys they sure had a lot of seed to spew.

“Yippee!” one of them shouted.

“Wowee!” shouted another.

“Yessiree!” shouted the third.

“Oh my, that was so unbelievable,” my Mommy shuddered, smearing the cum all over her skin so it could seep into her pores. “There’s only one problem though.”

The elves looked at her curiously.

“Someone here in this room hasn’t cum yet,” she smiled. She rolled over onto all fours and looked over her shoulder. “Santa, I want you to let go of all that hot creamy filling you have in that bulging cock of yours. And I want you to release it into my ass. Come on, make love to my ass, Santa. I like to take it nice and slow and deep, so I can feel every inch sinking into me.”

Santa stood up from my Daddy’s armchair and stood behind my Mommy.

“Go ahead, slide it in. I’m your little ho, ho, ho…”

Santa was completely entranced by the sight of my Mommy’s brown-eye winking at him. He slid his veiny old cock straight into my Mother’s sphincter and they both gasped with pleasure.

I was churning my clit so hard on the baluster. I could feel my pussy juices running down my thighs. I wanted to cum so badly, but I knew if I reached climax I’d probably scream.

Santa stopped humping Mommy’s ass for a moment as he looked over his shoulder and saw the three elves standing there, still naked. They were sniffing the air for some strange reason.

“Why don’t you boys get dressed and get back up to the sleigh,” he ordered.

“Not just yet, Santa,” said one of them deviously while sniffing the air all around him. “There’s another pussy in this house.”

“Yeah, we can SMELL it,” said another.

“Yeah, and we wanna FUCK it,” said the third.

Suddenly, I stopped grinding my pussy as my entire body froze.

“Well, go fuck it then,” said Santa waving them off as he went back to plowing my Mother’s asshole.

I had run up the stairs as quietly as I could. I was now in bed, with my head under the covers. My body was shaking – although I couldn’t tell if it was out of fear or anticipation. I heard my doorknob turn and the door slowly creaked open. There was the pitter-patter of tiny footsteps on the hardwood floor.

I could feel eyes watching me from the foot of my bed. There was a muffled wicked sniggering, and my body jumped uncontrollably under the covers. They knew I was there.

“Well fellas, I think we found the pussy.” They all devilishly snickered again as I cringed under the covers.

I felt them crawl onto the bed. My heart was pounding so hard and so fast I could hear it in my ears. I was waiting with bated breathing for them to pounce on me.

They pulled the covers back slowly, and their little faces were suddenly very close to mine. Their beady little eyes stared into mine. One of them had a goatee and I felt its coarse hairs brush against my cheek.

“Well hello, you little minx,” said one.

“Someone’s been a naughty girl this Christmas Eve,” said another.

“Touching her private parts while watching her Mommy get fucked,” said the third.

“Oh my God, this can’t be happening,” I said aloud.

They were already naked and they all climbed up closer and knelt around my face. Their naked penises were only inches from my lips. I had never been this close to ONE naked penis before, let alone THREE!

“Now, gorgeous, it’s real easy,” said the elf with the goatee. “All you have to do is open up your mouth and say: Ahhh.”

“Ahhh,” I said as I closed my eyes.

One by one, they took turns dipping their pricks into my mouth. I began to relax my jaw and could soon feel penis after penis slowly pumping between my pursed lips.

They were slow and gentle at first. But I was making them feel so good that they started getting a little rough with me. They were shoving their penises into my innocent little mouth as far as they could! Thank God each of them was only 4-inches-long, or I would’ve choked!

They began to claw at the white lace teddy covering my body. I heard it tear at the seams as they face-fucked me. They ripped it right off my body, and I felt my naked torso being pawed by tiny little hands. They cupped my cute little breasts and shook them about violently. Then they took turns pitching and flicking my erect nipples with their stubby little fingers. I was in heaven.

Their magical little pricks tasted like cinnamon! So naturally I wanted to suck them more and more, with my taste buds indulging in all the delectable flavor their cocks had to offer. I started bucking on the bed in rhythm to the face-fucking they were giving me.

“Ooh, she’s good,” said one of them. “She’s a dirty girl, just like her mother.”

“Open your eyes,” another elf said. And I did as I was told.

“Now tell me dear,” said the elf while looking right into my eyes, “do you like the taste of your Mommy’s slutty pussy on my pecker?”

“Umm-hmmm,” I murmured while greedily sucking him down to the root.

“Here, now take MY pecker,” insisted another elf, plopping his cock into my mouth. “Then you’ll know how delicious your Mommy’s TOES taste.”

“You know what I haven’t had in ages, boys?” said the elf with the goatee. “An 18-year-old girl’s ass!”

My eyes went wide with my mouth full of elf cock. They were going to fuck my ASS?! Could I handle something so intense during my first real sexual experience?!

They ordered me to get on all fours. Slowly, I did as I was told, unsure if I was really okay with this. One of them peeled my panties over my plump white ass cheeks. The cold air hit my exposed clit and anus, and my body quaked. I was about to get FUCKED for real for the first time in my life!

I felt a little body move behind me. “Now what kind of a girl shaves all the hair off of her pussy and her asshole?” he asked playfully.

“A naughty girl,” I responded with a newfound sense of sexual confidence.

I felt a tiny tongue lathering my asshole with saliva.

“Oh yes,” I breathed, “french kiss me up my ass.”

When he was satisfied with how well I was lubricated, he stood up behind me and I knew it was coming.

My anal entrance broke open as his 4-incher poked inside me. Surprisingly, it didn’t hurt at all. I had been sticking my own finger up my ass every time I masturbated for the last 6 months. Although this little elf cock was thicker than my finger, it felt so incredibly good. It was stretching my anal ring wider than it ever had been before.

“Oh do me up the butt, you dirty little fucker,” I gasped as his miniature hands took hold of my hips. He started a nice steady rhythm of short strokes, probing his pecker in and out of my asshole.

“I’ve never had my ass filled like THIS before,” I hissed through gritted teeth.

The three elves giggled demonically at the sexual ecstasy I had surrendered to.

I was about to tell the little shit how good his prick felt plugging my ass, but just then the other two elves climbed up on either side of me, tapping their dicks onto my ears, then onto my cheeks and eyelids.

“Open up, deary,” they said slapping themselves onto my puckered lips.

My trembling lips broke apart and I began to open my mouth as wide as I could. How I must have looked – on my hands and knees, a naked elf behind me rocking ‘n’ rolling in my virgin ass…a look of pure ecstasy on my face as my mouth formed the biggest O possible…my negligee laying in the corner of the room, ripped to shreds.

As I held my mouth open, the two elves shoved their cocks in at the same time. My lips clamped shut around them and I commenced to sucking and slurping on them the best I could, considering the pounding I was taking up my ass.

Suddenly I felt a hand on my sopping wet pussy, and it wasn’t my own. The elf that was butt-fucking me had reached around my thigh and was massaging my clit with the same circular motion I use when I masturbate.

“Ohhhh!” I moaned with my mouth stuffed with elf cock.

“I think we found the magic spot, gentleman,” said the evil little elf tickling my clit and pumping my anus simultaneously.

The other two laughed mischievously, roughly fucking my mouth in unison.

“Who wants to watch an 18-year-old virgin CUM while she gets fucked up her butt?” teased the elf as he humped my ass harder and harder.

“I do! I do!” the other two screamed, as I continued gobbling their cocks.

Holy Shit, I thought, my first real orgasm is going to be granted to me courtesy of a FUCKING elf! His pudgy little fingers were stirring my clit into a frenzy, and I was pushing my ass back into him to meet his every thrust forward.

“AHHHH!” I wailed as the two elves plucked their pricks from my mouth and fired torrents of hot white semen all over my cheeks and chin and lips. I took a few blasts straight onto my tongue as my mouth hung open. Their juice tasted just like vanilla icing.

“Oh God, oh God, yes, oh God, YES, I’M COMING!” I screamed as the 4-inch pecker pounded my tight backdoor and the fingers danced all over my fat clit.

“And so am I, Princess,” screeched the elf who was nailing into me like a jackhammer, “right up your sweet 18-year-old ASS!”

I squeezed my anal ring as tight as I could to give the little bastard the best orgasm he’d ever had.

“Wheeeeeee!” he cried as he shot wave after wave of elf cum into my body.

I felt his hot seed oozing inside me. Then there was a strange rumbling in my tummy…then in my throat…and then my lips were forced open as a torrential wave of white vanilla cream shot from my mouth, splattering the headboard. I watched it splash all over my pillows.

“We may have small dicks, but we can spurt pretty hard and pretty far,” the elf chuckled gleefully as he pulled his pecker from my creamy asshole.

“Now be a good little girl, and clean up all that spilt milk,” he commanded.

I began licking the warm cum off my pillow like a kitten lapping from a bowl of cream. God, elf cum was SO delicious. I couldn’t get enough of it.

After I’d licked it all off my pillow and my headboard, I slumped onto the bed exhausted. My face was still sticky, coated in cum. But I didn’t care.

Each of the elves bent down and kissed my forehead. It was very gentlemanly of them – especially after they had just used my virgin body as if I were a $10 whore.

My eyes were closed and I was drifting off to sleep. I felt one of them pat my pussy. It was drenched. I was sure they’d want to fuck it next while I went unconscious. But instead a little elf voice whispered: “Don’t worry. We’re going to leave that cherry for Paul.”

I opened my eyes to find it was morning – CHRISTMAS morning!

“Tina!” I could hear Mommy and Daddy calling from downstairs. “Wake up, sleepyhead!”

I hopped out of bed, yawned, and rubbed my eyes free of sleep.

“Good Lord, that was some dream!” I said savoring the images that danced in my head – although I did feel a little embarrassed about them, now that I was awake.

“Tina! Come open your presents!” shouted Mommy cheerfully from the living room.

I stretched a bit, raising my hands over my head, arching backwards. God, it was COLD this Christmas morning. But my forehead was still a bit sweaty, probably from the intensity of that crazy dream.

I opened my bedroom door and took in a deep breath. Here was my favorite day of the year. I was SO happy! I ran downstairs, practically skipping into the living room.

“Merry Christmas, Mommy!” I shouted. “Merry Christmas, Daddy!”

Mommy and Daddy both had their backs to me and were kneeling down by the tree, fishing for presents. I watched them turn to greet me. Their happy expressions quickly mutated into looks of utter shock.

“Dear Lord, Tina!” my Mother exclaimed, “what in the world are you doing?!”

“Sweet Jesus, honey,” my Father said trying to look away from me, but not fully able to.

“W-w-what?” I stammered, not understanding.

But then I realized just how chilly I was this Christmas morning and why. I looked down at myself to see my nipples fully exposed and fully erect! They were sticking straight out and pointing at my parents as if to say: “Seasons Greetings!” I looked down at the rest of me. My belly, my thighs, my pussy – all bare. I was COMPLETELY naked!

I turned on my heels as quickly as I could and scooted out of there and back up the stairs (surely giving my Dad a nice glimpse of my booty as it bounced away).

I flung open my bedroom door.

“It can’t be,” I said shaking my head in disbelief. “There’s no way…”

There in the corner of the room, lying on the floor, was my white lace teddy…torn to shreds.

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