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My Step sister in law Sex Story

My Step sister in law Sex Story

When I was still a k** my father divorced my mother and married another woman called Veronica, she was a beautiful tall woman with long brown hair and clearly loved my father a lot.
She also had a daughter from her first marriage called Hailey who looked a lot like her, and was about a year or so older than me, but as we grew up Hailey began to run wild, and eventually they shipped her off to boarding school, and except for holidays, I hardly ever saw her.
Then when she turned 18 she finally finished boarding school, and returned to the family a stunningly beautiful young woman, just like her mother, and that’s when the trouble began, only this time it was different.
They day she arrived back, I remember my father and my stepmother going to pick her up and an hour or two later she strolled through the door in her little blue uniform, that the school made them wear, and instantly she marched up with a big grin, and then gave me a big hug, before whispering in my ear.

“You’re cock is mine!” she hissed, before squeezing my arse cheeks through my jeans.
I was stunned not surprisingly, this was my stepsister after all, a member of my family, and yes we were only related by marriage, but still it was the girl I had grown up with.
Then she thanked my father for fetching her, before she grabbed her bags and headed off upstairs to her room, and as she did, she gave me a wink, before leaving me looking totally bewildered.
“You okay Sam?” asked my stepmother
“Yeah” I replied unsure what else to say.
After that, I went and sat in the living room to watch some television and try and forget what had just happened, and it was about an hour later my stepsister came strolling backdown in a short summer dress.
“Hey Sam, what you watching?” she asked as she walked pass me towards the patio doors.
I glanced up to reply, and it was then I realised with the sunshine behind her coming in through the big glass doors, I could quite easily see through the thin material of her dress, and was now staring at the shadowy outline of her slim toned body and perky little breasts.
“Err…” I replied as I stared at her.
“Err?” she replied standing at a slight angle to me, so I could see the full sensual lines of her naked body under her dress “What’s err?”
“Err… a film, just a film” I replied quickly finding the words.
“Great!” she said before moving to join me on the sofa.
She flopped down beside me, and for a moment I stared at her beautiful tanned face, sparkling blue eyes, and long flowing brown hair, before I quickly looked back at the television.
After a few minutes, she kicked off her little canvas trainers and began stretching her bare tanned legs out, and making all kinds of stretching noises.
“Oh, I am so tired!” she moaned, as I watched her little tanned feet wave back and forth in the air, in front of me.
“This film is dull, I want to watch another!” she then said, and before I could say anything, she jumped off the sofa crawled down on all fours, and began poking around in the cabinet below the television for the other DVD’s.
It was then as she knelt just a few feet away in front of me, I could see her short summer dress beginning to lift, and in seconds, her little round bare arse cheeks appeared below the hem line and resting on top of her bare little feet.

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My cock twitched in my jeans, and I couldn’t help but stare at my stepsisters bare little behind as it wriggled side to side as she searched for another film.
Then after a good minute of this, she finally knelt back up, her dress slipped back down, and I quickly took a deep breath trying to calm myself down before she noticed.
“This one!” she said holding up a DVD, before quickly swapping it for the one I was watching.
Then once it began playing, she moved back to the sofa, and as she did, I swear she glanced down at my crotch and smiled, and it was then I realised, I had a pretty large bulge going on for anyone to see.
Quickly readjusting myself, I tried to hide it, but I think my stepsister had already seen it, and now she knew she had turned me on.
So, sitting beside me, a lot closer now, Hailey made herself comfortable, and that involved stretching her self out along the sofa and showing off those stunningly tanned long legs of hers, while she rested the rest of herself against my chest.
“Comfy?” she asked
“Yeah” I replied a little nervously.
I then glanced down at her, and at this new angle I could see right down the front of her dress, and into the gap between her perky little boobs, and then I noticed the dress she was wearing, had risen up a little more, and was barely covering her crotch area.
Taking another deep breath I quickly looked back at the television again, wondering how far my stepsister was going to tease me like this, and why?
After a few minutes, things seem to be calming down, and I thought she was clearly busy watching the film she wanted to see, when I felt something touch the top of my leg, and looking down, her hand had now moved and rested on, the top of my thigh just inches from my semi hard cock.
Then as she rested against me, her hand began to gently rub back and forth against my leg, before it creeped over and a few seconds later it was sat on top of my crotch, pressing down on my bulge.
“Do you know what?” she said still staring at the television “This film is really dull too! We need to find some other way of entertaining ourselves!” then she gave my crotch a good hard squeeze.
“I think I might have just the solution!” she then said.
Then as she continued to rest against me, her hand squeezed and groped my crotch, and I began breathing heavier and faster at her touch, before I watched her other hand move it’s way down over her dress, and then slip between her legs and under her dress out of sight.
For the next few minutes she continued to fondle my cotch, squeezing the life into my cock, that was now full hard and begging to be released, while she was now clearly fingering her own sweet little pussy in front of me, her younger stepbrother.
“Oh I need to feel this!” she moaned softly, giving my cock another good squeeze.
And then she pushed herself back wards up onto me, until suddenly she was now sat on my lap, and my her sweet bare pussy was resting right on top of my hard jean covered cock.
“Hailey” I muttered realising this was going to far “Our parents could come in any minute!”
“Oh relax little bro!” she replied “Mom’s gone out shopping, and dad’s next door talking to Tony”
Then she began to grind herself against my crotch, before saying “We are all alone, for the next hour!”
“Oh god!” I muttered as her little soft arse cheeks began pressing into my waist, while her little wet pussy worked it self against my jean bulge.
“Yeah, you like that don’t you?” she asked softly “You like your stepsister grinding on your crotch!”
“Oh god!” I moaned back enjoying the sensation, even though I knew I shouldn’t be, and should be trying to stop this right now.
But I didn’t, I couldn’t, because I really was enjoying it, and with out thinking about it, I wrapped my arms and her slim waist and held onto her as she continued to grind against me.
“Oh Sammy, this bulge of yours feels so big and hard against my little wet pussy!” she groaned “But your jeans are chaffing me!”
Then she turned her head and stared at me “Perhaps I should undo them, what do you think?”
“Err…” I replied because part of me was screaming yes! yes! while the other part of me was screaming No! No! this is your stepsister you idiot!
“Okay” was all I finally managed to say, and then my stepsister grinned at me.
And as she continued to stare at me, her hand reached down, and slowly began to pull my zip down, and with out breaking eye contact once, her hand pulled my zip down fully and instantly my hard cock popped out, and then we both gasped as my hard cockhead rubbed up against her wet bare pussy.

“Oh Sammy!” she purred, before she began grinding against me.
I could feel her wet bare pussy lips rubbing up and down my hard shaft, and coating it in her sweet teen pussy juices, and all I could do was sit there and moan and breath heavily as my older stepsister got her self on my cock.
“Oh fuck!” I moaned as my stepsister rubbed her pussy all over my cock.
“Wow! Sammy you have a pretty big cock!” she moaned “I bet it would feel huge in my tiny little pussy?”
Then after a few more seconds she turned her head again and looked at me, and asked “Do you want to see how it feels? do you want to see how big it feels in my little teen cunt?”
“Oh god yes!” I replied immediately, because I was pass pretending now, I really desperately wanted to be deep inside my stepsister, and if she was willing, then what the hell!
My stepsister grinned at me, and then I felt her reach down and take hold of my bare wet cock shaft, before she positioned herself on top of it, and then she slowly sunk her bare wet pussy onto my big hard cock.
We both groaned loudly as her little wet pink lips parted and engulfed my big round cockhead, and then she continued to lower herself, and suddenly I was deep inside my stepsister!
Hailey sunk right down taking most of my big hard cock right up inside that lovely little wet pussy of hers, and she moaned more as she sat on top of me enjoying the feeling of her stepbrothers cock inside of her, before then she began to ride me.
Her little slim body rose and fell on top of me, and I immediately held onto her slim waist to help her, and as I did she placed her hands on my knees, before moving her little arse quicker in my lap.
“Oh god yes! oh god!” she moaned as she rode my hard cock.
Before I knew it, I began thrusting up into her making her groan louder, and now we were fucking each other and groaning louder and breathing heavier.
“Oh fuck your cock is big!” she groaned “I love it!”
Then she continued on, and while she continued to ride my hard cock, I moved my hands down, and then under her dress, before pushing it up, and now I could see her beautiful bare tanned arse rising and falling in my lap.
“Oh fuck! oh fuck!” she moaned as we fucked away in the living room not caring if we got caught or not, now.
Then after a few more minutes she laid back against me, before pulling my head down towards hers, and we kissed passionately as she slowed down and just ground herself into my crotch again.
Then she pulled away from me, but still looking me in the eyes she began to flex her hips quicker, and once more we started fucking.
“Fuck me!” she said staring up at me “Fuck me hard!”
I began thrusting up into her harder and faster, and Hailey moaned louder, while one of her hands hung onto my neck.
“Yes! yes! fuck me! fuck me!” she moaned
I then found myself reaching down, and placing my hands under her slim bare legs, I lifted them up into the air and in that position I found I could pound into her harder and deeper.
“Oh fuck! fuck! fuck! yes! yes! yes!” she groaned loudly as I did.
I was now fucking my stepsister hard and deep as she lay on top of me, staring up at me and begging for more, and as our bodies rubbed together, and my hard cock thrust back forth between her soft wet pussy lips, I began to feel my balls begin to tighten.
“Oh god!” I groaned “I’m going to cum son!”
“Yes! yes! me too! me too!” groaned Hailey.
So I kept pounding up into her, thrusting my big hard cock into that little wet cunt, and as she gripped my neck and groaned into my face, I felt my balls tightening more.
“Oh god i’m nearly there! i’m nearly there!” I groaned
“Yes! yes! yes!” groaned my stepsister.
Then as I thrust up into as hard and as fast as I could go, Hailey began to cry out “OOOOOHHHHH FFFFFUUUUCCCKKK! II’MMMMM CCCUUUMMMMIIINNNGG!!” and then she began to buck wildly on top of me as she then cried out “FFFUUUUCCCKK! FFUUUUUUUCCCKKKK!! FFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCKK!”
And that’s when I realised my hot older stepsister was cumming on my cock.
“OOOOOHHHH FFFUUUCCCKKK!” I suddenly cried as I felt my balls tighten completely, and with a mighty groan I began squirting my hot sticky load deep inside of my stepsister.
“FFFFUUUCCKK! FFFUUCCKK!” I continued to cy out, as my stepsister continued to groan and buck on top of me.
We both came hard, and I could feel her little pussy milking my cock, and trying to squeeze every drop of my cum out of my cock and into her bare unprotected cunt.
“Oh fuck! fuck!” I then gasped after several hot amazing seconds, before I finally stopped unloading inside my of hot amazing stepsister.
“Oh wow!” gasped Hailey lying on top of me and breathing hard to catch her breath. “Oh fucking wow!” she then said before she pulled my head down again and kissed me once more.
After that, she continued to grind herself against me, until finally she took a deep breath, and then lifted off of me.
I watched my semi hard cock flop out of her sticky leaking pussy, and as she turned to face me, I finally got see that beautiful bald tanned pussy mound, with just a hint of a trimmed V-shape brown bush above it in all it’s natural glory.
Hailey then reached down and patted her wet sticky pussy, before lifting her hand to her mouth and licking it clean.
“If your really lucky, and a good stepbrother, I might even let you taste it one day!” she said grinning, and then she turned and strolled off back up stairs, and I sat there wondering what the hell had I just done?

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