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I seduced my step brother Romantic Sex Story

I seduced my step brother Romantic Story

My name is Chrystal I'm 24. I've heard people call me tall & lanky. I'm on the taller side at 5' 8” I have 34C's a 25” waist & 36” hips. Dark hair & dark eyes.

I came home and caught my boyfriend fucking our neighbor on our kitchen table. I grabbed a few things mostly underwear and headed out the door.
I though of going back home with my parents was dreadful. That left my brother. He lived downtown in a converted loft low rise. I'll head there.
I got to his condo, rang the bell. Thank goodness he was home. Hi Johnny. Chrissy what brings you way over here? I caught Jeff fucking our neighbor on our kitchen table. WHAT? I caught Jeff fucking our neighbor on our kitchen table. I heard you. I just can't believe it. Come in.

Can I get you something? Maybe a water. Do you want to talk about it? What else is there to say? I caught Jeff fucking our neighbor on our kitchen table it's that simple, isn't that enough?

Can I stay here? Sure Chrissy whatever you need. I've only got one bed but the sofa pulls out. I got that in case a friend had too much to drink. That's great I'll sleep on the pullout. No Chrissy you take the bed & I'll take the pullout. I like to sleep naked. There's no reason for Chrissy to come into the great room.
Can you take some time off from work in the morning so I can go back to the apartment & get my clothes? Sure I can go in a few hours late. What time does Jeff leave for work?

Chrissy helped me make up the pullout. She didn't want the sheets changed on my bed, this is fine she said.

Everything went well getting Chrissys belongings. It took a few trips, a lot longer then I had hoped for so I called off the rest of the day from work.

We ordered a pizza & had a few beers. Chrissy brought up Jeff. That ass, I'd fuck him anytime. WHHOA, WHOA I don't really want to hear this. What are you Dad? You're my brother, really my stepbrother. Although we refer to ourselves as brother and sister were not related. I need to talk about it. I had a higher sex drive then him & did without, but whenever he wanted to fuck I always took care of him. I was the one that had to talk him into fucking my ass. I thought all guys liked that. Don't they? Well.... Yes pretty much. I also liked rougher sex. Hair pulling, spanking & sometimes being restrained.
I was starting to get a hardon listening to my sister. What's the matter with me? Who wouldn't like that? I can't imagine I said. Then why did he have to go & fuck the neighbor? I'm initiating sex & he's fucking the neighbor. I wanted to be his fuck toy, his slut. Chrissy practically downed her beer.

Chrissy brought up how when we were younger we used to sneak out back to the shed & play I'll show you mine if you show me yours. I remember. That was a long time ago. No it wasn't Chrissy said it was only about ten years ago. You use to feel me up & gave me the stinky finger. I use to give you handjobs. There was probably more of your cum on the shed floor then there was floor.
I smiled, yeah that was fun. See I took care of you, I just wasn't enough for Jeff.
Why do you think it's you? Jeffs a jagoff. You sound like a dream girl. You think? I know so. I can't see why anybody wouldn't want to fuck you. (shit I must have had too much to drink talking to my sister like that)

Chrissy stood up and said I'll show you mine if you show me yours. Chrissy wiggled out of her jeans, pants at her ankles slipping her thong down. WOW you've got a butterfly TAT right above your pussy. Yes, it's to match my butterfly pussy lips. Now you show me yours!
I ummm.... Do you have a girlfriend? No. Then show me yours. I was reluctant because I had a hardon.
Chrissy started undoing my pants. I was hesitating. Chrissy I ummm..... don't think so. WHY? Am I that repulsive? No, no it's not that at all. I slid down my jeans & said I've got a hardon.
Chrissy giggled. Did I do that. Umm... yes. I wanted to say her talking about taking it up the ass & being a fuck toy and all but I went with you're a great looking girl.
My your dick has gotten bigger and your bald. I'm older now. I've got more hair then you. She pointed at the pencil thin line of hair from her pussy leading to the butterfly. You had a full bush back then. Yeah I didn't know any better. I swallow now too.
Chrissy took a finger and wiped the precum from my dick putting it in her mouth, sucking on her finger. She then lifted her top showing me her tits. Wow you too got a lot bigger and look you've got a nipple piercing. It was a post through her right nipple. I tried anything to be Jeffs fuck toy.

I never gave you a blowjob when we were k**s, just a handjob. That was a tremendous help. Kept me from beating off in the shower. What do you say we rectify that? Not tonight Chrissy, maybe tomorrow. We've had a too much to drink, I don't want any regrets. Chrissy asked me did you regret what we did in the shed? No not at all, did you? Were older now so what's the difference? We've had too much to drink. Lets talk about it tomorrow.
TOMORROW,TOMORROW that's what jagoff Jeff would tell me. Chrissy stormed off to the bedroom.
Chrissy, I called, she gave me the finger and walked away. She does have a nice ass. I'd sure like to fuck it.

I cleaned up a bit & had to piss really bad. The bathroom was close to the bedroom. Sit down, and try to piss quietly. I wanted so badly to beatoff but I didn't want Chrissy to hear me.

I went to sleep naked as usual thinking about Chrissys body. I fell into a deep sleep. I was having a great wet dream. I thought I was humping air like there was no tomorrow. I heard this smack sound. I opened my eyes a bit. I was Chrissy naked giving me a blowjob. I pretended to be sleeping. Chrissy deep throated me her lips touching by stomach. I couldn't help it I was moaning & I came in my sisters mouth. She milked every drop. I didn't have to do anything. Chrissy is a great cocksucker.
Should I at least go in her room and eat her out? I'd love to see these butterfly lips I used to finger fuck her when we were younger. I started getting hard just thinking about her.

I went into her room. Luckily she was on her back as if she was waiting for me. I went down on her, tonguing her clit. I was flicking and sucking her clit. I parted her legs. There were those big butterfly lips. I sucked on her lips, rubbed them together & inserted a finger. Chrissy was moaning. Oh fuck yeah, eat me Johnny, finger fuck me like when we were k**s. She was bucking against my tongue. Her tits were actually leaking, her pussy was creaming & her eyes were teary. I kept eating her out. She was insatiable. I was about to cum. I remembered what she said about wanting to be a fuck toy & somewhat rough sex. I put my dick in her mouth. I pumped her mouth hard. I grabbed her head & pulled it to me. Pulled out, her tongue flicking the head of my dick. I pulled her head close to me and I came on her face. Oh fuck yea! Next time fuck me. Fuck me like the slut I want to be.

The next day everything was fine. No tension in the air. We talked like we always have.

A few days later I was getting horny. I had my sisters pussy available to me. WTF I thought. I pulled my pants down, snuck up behind Chrissy, put my dick in the crack of her ass, reached around grabbing her tit & pulled her hair. You slut, I want a piece of your ass. Chrissy turned her head saying then take me you bastard.
Tonight you're going to be my fuck toy. Were not in the shed back home anymore slut.
I pulled her pants down & dove my face right into her ass. Licking her pussy, rimming her ass. I slapped her on the ass. I stood up, pulled her hair and started to fuck her. That's it fuck me, fuck me hard just like that. I'm a dirty girl.
Chrissy managed to get her top off. I pinched her nipple & kept going at her. On you knees I told her. I put my dick to her mouth. Taste your pussy. She went down on my dick. I was in her mouth balls deep.
I held her head there. I let go & it was like she was coming up for air. She went back down on me. Again I held her head. Same thing happened she was gasping for air. Suck my balls. She did without hesitation. I sat her up & told her to masturbate for me. Chrissy spread her legs & played with her clit.
I rubbed her butterfly pussy lips together. She was squirming around, arching her back. I'm going to cum, oohhhh I'm cumming. Fuuccckk. She was breathing heavily. Her tits were leaking again today. Cream was leaking out of her pussy. My turn. I started beating off. Let me. Nope just lay there. As I got closer I put my dick back in her pussy. Chrissy wrapped her long legs around me. It's creampie time for you. Uggh, uggh, I'm gonna cum. Did I ever. Give me your cum Chrissy told me. I filled her pussy with my cum. She kept her legs wrapped around me.
Now put your thong on. Sit there the rest of the evening with my dried cum in your pussy & your panties.

We sat there watching TV. Chrissy naked except for her thong. Can I say something about what happened? Sure. This is exactly what I wanted. Someone to initiate sex & treat me just the way you did. I'm glad you got past feeling I'm your step sister & see me as a slut. I liked doing that. I was hoping that's what you wanted, she rubbed her dried cum soaked thong.

The next time I waited for her to come out of the shower. I surprised her. I told her to put this over her eyes (it was a sleep mask) Chrissy did. Of course she knew it was me but this was always a fantasy of mine.
I've been watching you and your nice ass. Those long legs. Playing along Chrissy said what are you going to do to me?
I'm going to fuck your ass. My ass? Yes your ass. I pulled here wrists behind her back & tied them.
OK I asked?
Just get on with it she replied trying to keep the mood. I got some “him & hers” lube out and lubed her ass up. I put a finger in there then a thumb. I could tell Chrissy was enjoying this. I squirted the “his” bottle on me & entered her ass. The tightness of her ass & the sensation of the lubes made it fantastic. Chrissy played along well. You fucker, did you get what you want? You took my ass. Mother fucker.
I'm going to fuck your ass nice & slow. Give you something to remember me by. I did too. I must have fucked her for ten minutes. Chrissy squirming and lifted her ass to me. I did the best I could playing with her clit. Finally I came. Just a little cum for you to remember me by bitch. Get off me you bastard. I pulled her hair, wait here for one minute.

I went to the great room. I sat in the chair naked. Chrissy came out. I just got fucked in my ass, bending over showing me her ass still gaping & my cum in between her cheeks. She sat on my lap and kissed me, passionately kissed me. That me me feel like I'm a slut, a dirty girl. Thank you.
I took a chance and said you're my fuck toy. Do you mean that? Yes, I'll fuck you anywhere and everywhere I want. Chrissy again kissed me passionately. We made out for a while. I felt her up like we were k**s in the shed again

Chrissy went back into the bedroom & came out with the “him & hers” lube and a latex glove. Get on all fours she commanded. She lubed my ass with the “his” lube. . She then squirted some of the “hers” lube on the latex glove. Chrissy actually stuck a finger in my ass. WTF? It's a prostate massage & massaged my prostate. It really did feel good. I'm going to cum. Not yet she commanded. I can't hold back anymore. Chrissy got under me & I beatoff all over her face and her hair.. Fuck it was a lot of cum. More the usual & I had just came.
Chrissy smiled, I'm a slut. It was good for me how about you? Oh fuck yeah. I've heard of prostate massages. It was unbelievably good.

We fucked and sucked almost every other day. Sometimes twice a day on weekends.

Chrissy & I decided that since we were stepbrother & sister we weren't related that we would give it a try. We were already sexually compatible, had a history together & liked the same things.

One day I came home & Chrissy was sitting on the couch. I have something to tell you. OH NO, this doesn't sound good.

My friend Sandy came by today, she's BI. That's OK I told her. And? Well we got to talking. Yes. Did I mention Sandys BI? Yes you did. Sandy put her hand on my thigh really close to my pussy. Really? Then Sandy was rubbing her finger around my nipples. I told Sandy I'd have to check with you. About what? I think Sandy wanted to... umhh.... do things to me. Sandys BI. Yes I get that part.
What do you think? About what? Sandy doing things to me. Is this something you want to try? Well.............
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