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First Fuck With A Bengali Girl Story

First Fuck With A Bengali Girl

I am Abhi, a 29 year old man, I live in Kolkata in Touliganj area for last 2 years. I am actually from Bangalore, presently working in a company in Kolkata for last 2 years. Initially when I was new to the city, I did not like it much, but gradually the city won me over, especially the Durga Pooja time.

I usually am occupied for most of the hours in my office work, except for weekends. Being in Kolkata for last two years, I must say that Bengali gals are quiet puffy with good amount of busts. I guess the Rosagulla has its own effect. I am six feet tall, with good sized penis that can satisfy a gal. I was feeling lonely when I started working in Kolkata, that is about 2 yrs ago, so my only way of entertainment in room was internet. I received a msg from unknown gal one day on my social website from a gal named Shiba, to which I did not reply initially. But she messaged me again after a week saying hi! I replied her asking “does she know me?” She was very straight forward and replied me, “ not yet, but there is no harm knowing each other”. I was ok with that and so we continued chatting. She was doing her masters in a college situated in heart of the city.

Gradually our chat progressed. We exchanged our phone numbers and continued chatting via whats app. As I already said, she was very straight forward and she was the first to initiate about sex chat! She asked me once, if I have a gf? Have I ever had sex? That took me by surprise. She had described herself to be about 5.5 height with good structure. But I had only seen her through whatsapp profile pic. She was fair and had a beautiful smile on her face always. She had come to know about where I stay and when am I going to b free and all. So one day she directly asked me, if I m interested in having sex? I was taken aback at first thinking of isn’t it too fast to progress and all. Later she herself pointed out that she only wanted to have a good time with me. I finally agreed. She said she stays in her home, so can only take permission for a day from her parents, saying that she s staying over with her friends in their hostel.

It was decided that we will meet on one Monday, she took my address and asked me to stay in my room only and she said she ll reach my room by 11am. I took off from my office and went to a local pharmacy and brought a bunch of condoms. My room is in first floor with a separate stairs to my floor, so there was no problem about owners coming to know about whats going on. She came to my area and when she had bit of confusion to reach my room, she gave me a call, I went outside to the balcony and looked at the corners, I cud make out a gal with jeans and a tshirt, with a jacket coming towards my room. I told her over phone to look at me n waved her my hand.

She immediately recognized and said, got u, I am coming. She was looking damn hot in that dress. I just waited for her near the stairs, as she was climbing it was her busts that made me go crazy. I thought to myself she sexy man, and I even complemented her, saying u look sexy in this dress for which she blushed and reciprocated sayin, u look cool in shorts.! I escorted her inside my room. I locked the door and we went in and I asked her to sit, be comfortable, she was carrying a bad, which I made her to keep aside. Even I sat on my bed. I asked her, so whats the plan for today. She told me that she had taken permission from her parents to stay with her friends that night and so she had whole day and night to hang out with me. I asked her, if she wants to booze? She said we ll do that in the night. Right now, we ll just enjoy.

I stood up and moved towards her, she was sitting in my study chair, I held her hand and helped her stand, I pulled her close to me and embraced her with my arms and moved my face close to her’s. I could feel her warm breath, and I can make out her skin getting heated up. I kissed her on her lips and looked at her, she just gave me a gentle smile. I pulled her closer and kissed her deep on her lips, we did not break the link for almost 5-10 mins. We were jus enjoying the moment. My hands started rolling through her t shirt. When I felt her skin, it was very hot. I even told her, u have become so hot. Started kissing more intensely and even bit her chin, kissed her on her neck. She hugged me tight and her body language was as if she wants it more. Literally the fire was on.!

I broke the kiss and helped her take out her jacket. She was in jeans and white t shirt, and I could make out she was wearing a bra inside the t shirt, as I had already felt it around. I took off my shirt, I was only in my shorts. I pulled her close to me. She said, u smell good. I said thank you and pinned her to the wall and was kissing her on her lips, chin, neck and my hands were pondering over her busts. She was so intense and breathing very hard.

I took off her t shirt and, she was wearing a white colored bra, with her busts of abt 34 size, wanting to pop out. I held them over her bra, and squeezed them. She just gave a gentle moan and asked me to be gentle. I asked her, if she wants it to b smooth or wild, for which she smiled and said, I want to have a wild one. Then I just squeezed her bust so hard that she moaned out loud ummmm mmm. I took off her bra and let the boobs out, she had a great nipple. It was so erect out of the hot aura.

I just couldnt resist but to just put my mouth into it. Sucked them, played with my tongue and pumped them hard that they turned so pink. All this time, she was asking me to do it more. I was actually finding it more encouraging. My dick had already got hard and had made a good bulge evident through my shorts. When I was holding her tight, she cud have easily felt my dick pressing upon her, she herself asked me, you have it hard and ready for the fun. I asked her, do you wanna hold it in your hand. I made her put her hand through my shorts and hold it. When she held my dick, the warmth, ahhhhhhh I just don’t have words to explain. Our bodies were heated up, and we were feeling the heat with our chests touching each other, I was hugging her tight and trying to put my hands over her buttocks.

But her jeans was so tight that, it had to come off. I lifter her, and dropped her on the bed, went over her, and sucked her boobs, kissed her over the navel to her lips. She was holding my head tight against her body. I came down again and started unbuttoning her jeans, at first she was hesitant and held my hand. I again kissed her, and succeeded this time in unbuttoning the jeans. Pulled the jeans slowly. Her thigh were milky white. She was wearing a violet colored panty with small flowers on it, and I cud smell her cunt secreting well and make out the wet panty.

I removed her pant and put it aside. I lifter her leg, and started kissing her from leg to thigh, and when I went towards her thigh, she was moaning so intensely that, she was fondling through my hairs and holding my head between her legs so tightly. My face was buried between her legs, I can smell an even feel her wet pussy over her panty. It was ecstatic. I came up and told her that, its so wet for which she said, its me made her so hot.

I lifter her, and placed in the middle of the bed and started pulling her panty off. It was a clean shaven pubis which we had decided earlier while chatting. Her pussy was so red with dark hue. I fingered her cunt, it was very warm and very wet. She started moaning harder. Ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh ummmmm I need it more abhi, do it faster, I was finger fucking her and she was enjoying it. She started to shout loud, all of a sudden I became conscious of the place we live and I shut her mouth by my mouth, I gave her my fingers dipped in her secretions to lick. She then offered the same to me.

She was so tired, she was lying like that only for few mins. Now it was her turn to take me on, I was fondling with her busts in my mouth and finger in her pussy. She got up and took charge, made me lie flat, and took off my shorts, my penis was way pointing at the ceiling, she took off my underwear also in no time. She caught hold of my dick in her hand and said its large. I jus winked at her.;) I asked her to suck it. Though it was a new thing for both of us, and both were hesitant, she somehow managed to bring her mouth to my dick and at first took my glans inside. Wow, that was a heavenly feel. I was like ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh. Take it inside baby, she took whole of it slowly and started eating it like a candy, I was so elated that at one point I felt like I will come in her mouth. I took the dick off her mouth and controlled myself. The urge stopped in few seconds.

She then asked me to fuck her, I took her down and placed myself between her legs. I took a condom for which she said, u were already prepared with every precaution.;) Don’t worry I had my period only four days ago, but I still did not want to take any risk, so I did put a condom and started teasing her pussy. I was keeping my dick at her pussy and was just touching her pussy from upside to down. She was feeling so horny that at once she shouted, fuck me now, I cant control. She was lifting her waist and giving me her pussy to fuck it hard. I slowly inserted my dick into her pussy, and made myself in a good position and with a single jerk, I pushed it hard. My dick felt it so hot inside the shelter, it was so tight as well and she moaned like hell. I had to fall on her stomach and kiss her on her lips and shut her off. I slowly took my dick out and reinserted it again.

I started to move it to and fro and even she started moving her waist in sync. We were kissing deeply above and fucking intensely below. Almost after 10-15 mins I felt like I m about to come, she said she also wanna come, before I came her body started shivering and she started moaning ahhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh abhi, hold me tight, ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Even listening to that, I did come instantly inside her. We both hugged each other and rolled over the bed and relaxed for a while. After few mins, both went to bathroom and cleaned up ourselves, came back to bed and lied down beside each other nude, she said, she ll never forget this fuck, its been her first fuck and it was so good that, she came twice.

Its not over yet guys, we had whole day and night left out. This was mine and her’s first fuck which was so memorable. Will let you know what happened ahead if you are interested. Give me your suggestions. Its almost 2 yrs past this incident, but the first fuck, I just cant forget. If you liked/disliked this story, u can mail me on Any gals or single ladies in Kolkata, feel free to contact me. I assure you, u ll not regret.;)

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