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Father And Daughter Sex In Cristmas Day Present Gift

Father And Daughter Sex In Cristmas Day Present Gift
Twenty year old Robyn Alexander returned home from 
college in early December. She had not been home since 
Christmas the year before. She decided to spend her 
summer vacation on the beaches of south Florida 
instead of home in the nothingness of south Wisconsin. 
Little did she know, the family had changed greatly 
since her last visit.

When Robyn last left, her parents could not have been 
more in love. Her sister Tina was living at home about 
ready to graduate high school. Her aunt and uncle were 
ready to move in the area to be near the rest of the 
family. Fast forward one year, the parents cannot 
stand each other anymore. Tina dropped out of college 
and started popping pills while living in the family's 
garage. Aunt Jamie and Uncle Hank were arrested for 
robbing a liquor store. The life that Robyn missed so 
much was still gone.

After two days home, she quickly picked up on the 
tension that spread throughout the household. Constant 
yelling between her mother and father, mother and 
sister, father and sister and even herself and her 
mother filled the days. In two days, Robyn had gone 
from loving her mother to hating her. From what she 
observed, her mother blamed her father for Tina's drug 
problems and even Jamie and Hank's arrests. In her 
mind, his firing from the law firm that had employed 
him for over twenty years led to the family's 

On Saturday night, three days after arriving home, 
Robyn was watching TV in the living room when her 
father came in and sat down next to her.

"Hi honey." He said.

"Hi Dad." She gave him a hug. "How are you doing? 
Things are a lot different here than I remember."

"You can thank your mother for that. She blames 
everything on me and..." He looked at her and stopped 
himself from finishing the sentence.

"And what?" She asked.

"I'm sorry honey but... I hate your mother. I know 
it's wrong but I can't stand to be around her. I think 
this will probably be our last holiday as a family." 
He tried to contain his anger.

"It's okay Dad, I understand. Mom has been a real... a 
real bitch since I got here." The two shared a smile.

"I need to get away. I don't even feel like a man 
anymore. I haven't..." He again stopped.

"Dad, you can tell me anything." She grabbed his hand.

"I haven't had sex in two years."

Robyn was shocked; especially since even a year ago 
they seemed happy. It was weird to think that she had 
had sex more recently since her dad, and it had been 
since summer for her.

"Two years? Damn it, nobody should have to wait that 
long." She said. "I'm sorry to hear that dad, I wish 
there was something I could do."

"Don't worry honey, I'll be fine." 

Her father got up and left the room, leaving his 
daughter alone with her thoughts. Robyn had felt bad 
for him but after hearing that story, she felt even 
worse. She finished watching her show before she went 
upstairs to her bedroom for the night. After changing 
into her pajamas, she sat cross-legged on her bed and 
stared at the gift she had bought for her parents. 

Robyn had searched through the family's photo albums 
over the summer and found several pictures of all four 
of them together that she had cut and pasted into a 
large collage. Now with her family close to implosion, 
she cried at the sight of it.

"I need to get Dad something special for 
Christmas...something to get his hatred for Mom out of 
his mind." She thought to herself. She turned the 
lights off and went to bed.

She spent an hour lying there, trying to think about 
the perfect gift for her father. She had a few good 
ideas but one stuck out above the rest. She knew that 
it would be a risky gift and difficult to pull off but 
it was the only thing that could make him very happy. 
All she needed was to plan it out, something that 
would be done tomorrow.

Robyn awoke around eight o'clock Sunday morning, 
Christmas Eve, to loud shouting downstairs. She 
recognized both voices to be her parents. She tried to 
cover her ears but the last sentence came through 

"Have a merry fucking Christmas asshole." Her mother 
yelled before running upstairs and slamming the 
bedroom door.

"It is a merry fucking Christmas." Robyn said as she 
stood up and put her glasses on.

She made her way downstairs and sat at the table, next 
to her father. 

"Hell of a wakeup call." She said as she took a sip 
from a coffee cup.

"Sorry about that." He said before Tina walked into 
the kitchen from outside.

"Why is everyone yelling? I could hear you outside." 
She said as she grabbed a granola bar.

"Sorry honey." Their father said.

"Whatever. If you need me, I'll be passed out in the 
car. I just took a strong sleeping pill so I can sleep 
around you people." Tina walked back outside.

Robyn's father grabbed her hand. "I'm so proud of you 
for not turning out like that...or your mother. You 
are perfect Robyn." He hugged her.

"I love you Dad." She whispered. "I have a really 
special Christmas gift that I want to give you 
tonight. Meet me in the living room around nine 
o'clock tonight. Okay?"


Robyn got up and headed upstairs. After a quick 
shower, she slowly made her way downstairs while tying 
her long chestnut hair in a ponytail. She looked 
around and saw that the coast was clear and headed 
outside to the garage. When she opened it up, she 
found her sister sleeping in the car with the windows 
down. She poked at her to make sure that she was 
knocked out, even slapping her pretty hard but Tina 
did not budge.

"Those pills must be really strong." Robyn thought.

She looked around the garage and opened up a toolbox 
filled with her sister's "medicine". She poked through 
the sea of orange pill bottles until she found what 
she was looking for. She took two of Tina's sleeping 
pills and slipped them in her jeans pocket. She read 
the warnings to make sure she knew how many were too 

"Do not exceed three pills in a twenty-four hour 
period." She read.

Robyn closed the toolbox and made her way out of the 
garage and back into the house. She spent the rest of 
the day plotting out how the night would go. After she 
ate dinner with her father, she cleaned the dishes 
while he watched TV. It was now eight o'clock in the 
evening, an hour before she was to give the gift to 
her father.

The whole day, her mother had stayed locked in the 
master bedroom. Robyn decided that it would be a good 
idea to make her some tea (at least that is what she 
told her father). She made the tea and added a special 
ingredient. Earlier in the day, she had mashed the two 
sleeping pills into a fine powder which she poured 
into the cup.

"Sleep tight Mommy." She thought while she stirred the 
drug into the drink. Robyn carried the drink up to the 
master bedroom and knocked. "Mom, I brought you up 
some tea."

Her mother opened the door and let her daughter in. 
Robyn handed her the cup and sat down on the bed. Her 
mother quickly drank it down; having not drank 
anything all day.

"I'm sorry if this weekend hasn't been the greatest." 
She told Robyn.

"It's okay Mom, I don't blame anyone. It's just one of 
those things, right?" She smiled.

"I guess so." The effects of the drugs were quickly 
setting in the woman. "Wow, I'm really tired."

"I'll go and let you get some sleep. See you tomorrow 

Before Robyn could exit the room, she heard her mother 
begin to snore. She walked back over to her and sat on 
the bed once again. 

"Sleep tight." She kissed her forehead and headed 
downstairs to the living room.

Robyn walked in and saw her father watching a football 
game. She sat next to him and pulled out her cell 
phone. She held it in front of his face as it clicked 
over from 8:59 to 9:00.

"Ready for your gift?" She asked him. He nodded. "Okay 
then, close your eyes and follow me."

He stood up and closed his eyes as his daughter led 
him upstairs and into the master bedroom. She stood 
him directly in front of the bed where her mother was 
passed out. She stood behind him and said, "Okay, open 
your eyes." He opened his eyes and saw his wife 

"What is going..." He turned around and was shocked at 
what he saw.

Robyn was standing at the doorway, having stripped 
herself of her jeans and t-shirt. She was standing in 
a pink bra and black panties; her long brown hair down 
past her shoulders and her glasses dangling from her 

"Surprise." She said as she walked towards him.

"Robyn, what is going on?" 

She got to him and placed her finger over his mouth.

"Remember yesterday when you told me that you haven't 
had sex in two years?" He nodded. "Well that's my 
gift. I'm giving myself to you."

"Robyn, this is crazy. You're my daughter; I can't 
have sex with you. What if your mother wakes up and 
finds you dressed like that?"

"Mom got a cup of tea with two of Tina's sleeping 
pills in it. It's the next part of my gift. I want you 
to have sex with me on top of Mom." She started to 
kiss his neck but he pulled away.

"Robyn, what is wrong with you?" He started to leave 
but she turned him around and grabbed onto the bulge 
in his pants.

"I'm not taking no for an answer Dad. I want you to 
fuck me on Mom's unconscious body. If you don't, I'll 
tell Mom that you drugged her and tried to rape me. I 
love you Dad, please don't make me do that." She 
groped hard at his cock through his jeans. "Your dick 
is hard, you know you want to."

Her father stood there while she grabbed at his cock. 
He looked over at his wife and back and Robyn. Without 
saying a word, he grabbed her by the ass and lifted 
her onto the bed. She lay back against her mother's 
body as he started to undress. She watched intently as 
he lowered his jeans and exposed his thick eight inch 
cock to her.

"I'm already liking this." She said as she unhooked 
her bra and let her petite breasts free.

Robyn sat up and engulfed his cock with her warm 
mouth. She took no time before she roughly bobbed her 
head back and forth against her father's rigid member. 
He ran his hands through her hair, occasionally 
grabbing on and pulling her closer.

"Oh fuck Robyn, where did you learn to suck cock so 
well?" He asked her.

She pulled his meat out of her mouth. "Sorry Daddy but 
I had a LOT of fun in Florida this summer."

"Don't be sorry honey; you are really good at it." 
They both laughed before she continued sucking him.

The man tossed his t-shirt on to his wife's sleeping 
face and pulled Robyn to her feet. He turned her 
around and bent her over across the sleeping body. He 
roughly tore his daughter's panties from her body and 
quickly knelt down. He pressed his tongue against her 
soaking wet hole, causing her to moan. She grabbed 
onto her mother's hair and pulled her close until 
their foreheads touched.

"Oh Mommy, Dad's licking my pussy really good." She 
said to the sleeping woman. "Why won't you let him do 
this to you? He's really good at it." She pushed her 
mother's head back to the pillow and screamed out as 
his thumb circled around her clit.

Robyn panted harder and harder as her father's tongue 
went deeper and deeper inside of her. She pushed her 
body up purred loud before her father broke away from 
her crotch. She flipped over on to her back and spread 
her legs wide, giving him a really good look at her 
trimmed pussy.

"You have a very pretty pussy Robyn." He said as he 
started rubbing his cock against it.

"You make 'em good Dad." They laughed.

Robyn pulled away before he could enter her and 
repositioned herself until she was lying directly on 
top of her mother. Her father moved between her legs 
and slowly started pushing into her. She pressed her 
body hard against her mom and moaned loud. She gave 
her mother a kiss on the cheek as all eight inches fit 
into her.

"Mmm, you are so tight Robyn." He said before slowly 
thrusting in and out.

Robyn grabbed at her small breasts and lightly tugged 
at them, causing her to moan more. It took very little 
time before she and her father synced up their motions 
and fucked at a natural pace.

"Oh daddy, I love you so much." She said before 
looking at her mother again. "More than you do." She 
whispered into her ear. "Fuck!"

"I love you too honey. God damn!" He responded.

He grasped onto her hips and fucked her harder, 
causing her to instantly climax. She arched her back 
up high and let out a high pitched squeal that could 
have been heard throughout the house.

"I'm cumming daddy!" She yelled.

He felt her pussy leaking more and more of her sweet 
nectar all over his solid cock. He pulled out of her 
and pressed his tongue to it again, drinking it all 
up. Once he was done, he crawled on the bed, hovering 
over his wife.

"Turn around honey." He told his daughter.

As Robyn got to her hands and knees and turned around, 
he took the opportunity to lightly slap his wife in 
the face with his sopping cock. Once his daughter was 
in position, he slammed back into her and fucked her 
from behind. Their angle eventually lowered to the 
point that the penetration was within an inch of his 
wife's face. If Robyn's pubic hair was a half-inch 
longer, it would be tickling her nose. He slapped his 
daughter's ass hard over and over again while she 
cheered him on.

"Harder, daddy! Harder!" She screamed. "Slap my butt 
harder!" She started laughing with each strike.

They continued at a steady pace for several minutes. 
As he started to fuck her harder, he felt his own 
orgasm reaching quickly. Before he could think, he 
felt his daughter's pussy tug at him hard. She was 
cumming around his cock again. He had to pull out to 
avoid inseminating his daughter. He jerked himself for 
a few seconds while she came down from her high. She 
turned back to him and took his cock in her mouth once 
again. As she was sucking him, she reached down with 
her free hand and lightly tugged at his tightening 

Robyn knew that he was about to cum so she pulled him 
out and grabbed on to him with both hands, furiously 
jerking him off.

"I'm gonna cum honey." He cried.

Robyn aimed his cock down at her mother's face and 
finished jerking off until he exploded. He coated his 
wife's face, for the first time in a long time, in his 
thick creamy seed. Two years of pent up sexual 
frustration exploded on the woman he married while his 
daughter watched on. Once the last drop fell from his 
softening member, Robyn took it back in her mouth and 
thoroughly cleaned him off. Once she was done, she 
looked up at him and smiled.

"I love you daddy." She said.

"I love you too Robyn."

He bent down to kiss her but she bent down first and 
started slowly licking the semen off of her mother's 
face. She giggled and smiled as her tongue made sure 
to get every last sperm off of her.

"Your cum is delicious." She said before standing up 
off the bed and giving her father a kiss on the cheek.

Robyn retrieved her panties from the ground and wiped 
any last residue off of her mother. When she was done 
she slowly started redressing, as did her father. They 
repeatedly looked at each other and smiled or laughed. 
When they finished redressing, they embraced in a long 
passionate kiss. He picked her up and carried her off 
to her bedroom. When they arrived, he gently lay her 
down on the bed and pulled the covers over her. He 
gave her a peck on the cheek and started to walk out 
of the room.

"Daddy?" Robyn called out.

"Yes honey?"

"Merry Christmas." She smiled at him.

"Merry Christmas, honey. Thank you for the best gift 
I've ever received." He said.

"If you ever want another "gift", just let me know." 
She took her glasses off and rolled over, ready to 
fall asleep.

"Will do." He turned the light off in her room and 

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