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A father needs to put his drunk daughter to bed at the family Christmas party

A father needs to put his drunk daughter to bed at the 
family Christmas party

I couldn�t believe what I was seeing. My 17 year old 
daughter had been drinking all night. She was dressed in 
a short red Christmas dress with white fluffy trim, with 
a cute Christmas hat to match. She even had on turned up 
red felt shoes with a fluffy pompom on the turned up 

The dress was too short, especially for a family 
gathering, and I could feel every man�s eyes on her, 
every pubescent boy�s, even some women whom I had always 
suspected. My daughter�s a flighty girl with long blonde 
hair, full B-cup titties and slender tender legs. And as 
the night wore on she got steadily more and more drunk. 
It was embarrassing as she slurred her words, staggered, 
fell and finally passed out in front of the whole 

I picked her up and carried her upstairs. She�s not as 
light as once she was and I only just got her to the 
bed, where I staggered and dropped her barely onto the 
bed, her legs dangling off the edge. But as I stood up I 
saw that her short dress had gotten even shorter, 
flipping up onto her flat stomach. That�s when I saw my 
daughter wasn�t wearing panties. All night long she had 
been flaunting herself with no panties on! What was 
more, she was as bald as a baby�s bottom. 

I couldn�t believe what I was seeing. I just stood there 
looking as I heard the party continue downstairs. The 
only light in the room was from the landing light. But 
it cut a shaft through the room lighting up my baby�s 
slender thighs and mons. The rest of her was in shadow, 
but enough ambient light to see she was still out cold. 
I stood looking for what must have been a whole minute 
before I could move.

Every father is curious about how his daughter is 
developing. Occasionally we get a tiny glimpse through 
an open door, in a mirror or accidentally walking into 
an unlocked bathroom. But what we really want is a good 
close up view. And I was being gifted it!

I bent over and put my hands on my little girl�s knees. 
They were warm and smooth. I moved my hands slowly up my 
daughter�s slender teenage thighs right to the top, 
where my thumbs came into contact with the puffy outer 
lips of my daughter�s pussy. I knew I shouldn�t, but I 
couldn�t help the gift before me. I rubbed gently down 
each side, exploring like a first time adolescent the 
pussy of a first girlfriend. 

I�ll admit that I played my thumbs up and down, rubbing 
her lips together with breathless excitement. I pried 
into her private folds, separating them and drinking in 
her teenage smell. My nose was close as I knelt between 
her soft smooth alabaster thighs. I had to. I reached 
out and touched her with tip of my tongue. 

Her velveteen folds opened easily to my probing tongue 
as I explored high and low as I could go. I had a hard 
on pushing into my jeans like a tent pole and I was 
beyond the point of no return. I released my aching bone 
and started to slowly feel it up and down.

By now my daughter�s pussy was starting to moisten, and 
not just from my tongue. I moved lower and found her 
juicy hole, licking around it, collecting her juices, 
tasting her, swallowing her tangy nectar. Then, tongue 
protruding I entered my daughter�s pussy hole. She was 
warm and wet around me as I probed inside; then slowly 
started tongue fucking her. I was looking up her body to 
her face for any sign of consciousness, but she was dead 
to the world. 

I moved up to her little clit and teased it with the tip 
of my tongue, circling and then flicking across it 
faster and faster. Her breathing quickened slightly only 
before I heard her pussy gulp and drivel cum from below. 
I knelt up, pushing a finger deep inside her, giving a 
few strokes before withdrawing and tasting it. I smelled 
it her again; a deep pungent aroma much stronger than 
before. I plunged and pulled again. And this time I 
leaned over her to touch it to her lips. As I did I felt 
the tip of my penis touch her pubis. It felt good.

Keeping contact with her soft skin I trailed downward 
until I touched my penis tip to her teenage clit. It 
felt so wrong. It felt so right. My precum coated her 
bud and I started moving my penis head gently over her, 
softly at first, but moving increasingly quicker, 
increasingly faster. I saw her shudder and I knew she 
had come again. 

I was full of lust now. I paused only fast enough to 
undo my jeans and pull them and my boxers down. I aimed 
in the half-light at my daughter�s luscious mound and 
pressed firmly at her succulent lips. They gave way and 
I entered my daughter�s vagina. It was bliss even this 
little way inside, and I heard her murmur something low 
and guttural. 

I looked up at her sleeping face as I gently pressed 
further inside. There was no resistance and I wondered 
when and how she had lost her virginity. Inward I 
pressed and lifted her legs to ease entry. It worked and 
I slid in to the hilt. I was balls deep in my own 
daughter and it felt amazing. 

I could still hear the party going on downstairs, the 
laughing and joking, as I thrust in out of my daughter�s 
teenage pussy. She was warm and wet and tighter than my 
wife. I was now over her, looking down into her pert 
young features, wanting to see pleasure in them but 
dreading she should open her eyes. I went faster, moving 
us both up the bed so I could get greater purchase, my 
knees digging into the mattress as I really went to 
work, pumping in and out of her, my rigid tool stroking 
effortlessly in the slick sluice juice of my only 

I thrust faster, praying her eyes would remain shut 
tight, but now her brow was furrowed and I knew 
somewhere in her consciousness she knew she was being 
fucked. Just a little more, in and out, stabbing, 
jabbing my solid cock into her pleasure palace pussy. 
And suddenly I felt the well of pressure in my balls and 
the base of my throbbing cock � I pulled out just in 
time to spray my love jelly over her puffy wet mons. She 
let out a long breath and slumped.

Her face was now relaxed, motionless. I eased myself up 
to see she had cum a small pool of cum on the back of 
her skirt. I pulled up my jeans and looked around the 
room for something to wipe mine and my daughter�s 
genitals. I found a discarded pair of panties on the 
floor and wondered if she had taken them off earlier as 
a bet with a cousin or friend. 

I wiped myself and put myself right before I wiped my 
daughter as best I could. I straightened up and tossed 
the wet panties aside. Then lastly, I moved the hem of 
my daughter�s dress down and folded half the duvet over 
her so she wouldn�t get cold. 

I straightened up once more and was pulling the door 
behind me as I left, when I heard my daughter say, 
�Thank you, Daddy.� I froze. But she didn�t move. So I 
closed the door.

The End

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