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Young devar seduces his desi bhabhi and fucks her with his big dick

Young devar seduces his desi bhabhi and fucks her with his big dick
I really don’t remember exact date when it all started. But one thing for sure, when it all started, I was bigger than kid and student of class 10th but with little knowledge about sex, fling, romance and incest. Bhabhi used to cuddle me, tease me, kiss me on my cheeks sometimes. But I was Just like Mahatma and never felt anything evil.
I have only one siblings and I am the youngest and unmarried. My brother got married way back in the summer of 2007 to princess like lassie being one of the luckiest guy in this world. If you see her you will observe that her hair is curly and a rich shade of raven-black. It flows in waves to adorn her glowing, porcelain-like skin. Her eyes, framed by long lashes, are bright, emerald-green and seem to brighten the world. A straight nose, full lips – she seems the picture of perfection. Has she smiled, the world will sigh with contentment. Has she laughed, the world will laugh with her. And has she wept, the whole world will want to comfort her.
My brother is employed in Adecco private Ltd, a private construction company of Dubai since July 2008. His earning is too low to carry her wife along with. So, he just lives there merely with the pleasant memory and visit once in two and half year for a month to jumble up.
By the way my Bhabhi turned 23 as on September 2012, three months younger to her husband and
3 years elder to me.
We are currently two persons in the house who take care of each other. Way back in the winter of 2009, while preparing for forthcoming board examination of class 12th scheduled in the month of March of 2010, I saw first Blue Film of my life with friends and acquired some knowledge about the girls’ behavior about sex and started masturbating thrice a day. I purchased and watched a lot of XX and XXX rated movies on DVDs within a week. After watching these all, I got to know the word “SEDUCTION” and it’s meaning with proper act of sense. By the time, I linked it to Bhabhi in a sense; it was January of 2012 (since she had gradually decreased all those caressing and teasing) I got confused if Bhabhi had been trying to seduce me. That was the question of billion rupees. But I put it on hold for few months as my IPCC exam was nearing.
But even during these days, it was very hard to control and concentrate on studies as Bhabhi unlikely sometimes wet-kiss me, which was more than enough to arouse me, as I was no more Mahatma. But still there was confusion between my perception and her intention. Just because of misconception, I didn’t want to risk the relationship of ‘Devar and Bhabhi’. So, it was needed a well prepared plan to work on to discern ‘behind the scene’.
Two months after final paper of IPCC, it was 10 o’ clock in the morning of August 15th ; I cogitated on my plan and decided if Bhabhi would be really trying to seduce me, I would be fucking her to the ultimate pleasure. Before leaving the room for breakfast, as per plan I switched on the computer, prepared a playlist, consist of songs from romantic to dirty, left it paused. After that I put on sweat pant with nothing inside and a vest on the upper side of my body. After having my breakfast, though I hadn’t yet seen Bhabhi that day, I planted my haunches on sofa in the drawing room to observe her gait. To my surprise, she didn’t come out of her room even after 12. I went to check if she was fine.
Entering into the room, I inquired, “Bhabhi aap sahi to hain na?” (Bhabhi, are you fine, doesn’t you?)
She didn’t reply so I went in and found that she was in deep slumber lying on her back in Indian Suit (white with some design on it). Her half bare breast from upper side of kameez was visible and was looking so tender and sweet that I wanted to suck it. The red dim light of night bulb was adding beauty to her glowing face, just wanted to have a hard smooch. I don’t know why but leaving these entire things on a happy note, I moved toward drawing room to order lunch from restaurant.
It was 1345 hours when door bell rang. It was enough to break her deep slumber. It was delivery man from the restaurant. I received the lunch and he left. Bhabhi came out from her room and sat on the adjoining sofa next to me. (Most probably just because of my changed intention), she was looking very mesmerizing; hot and sexy. Her boobs were as milky as water-lemon, curve of her body was looking just as clear as drawn with highlighter. Her ass was so nice and attractive that everybody would like to sink at least once.
I said, “Bhabhi, Aaj to aap aag laga degi?” (Bhabhi, you are looking very hot today)
Bhabhi replied, “Kya fayda ji?” pouring water from water bottle into the glass, she further added, “ koi puchhane wala to hai nahi.” (So, for what use? No one is here to care about.”)
Taking a chance, I asked curiously, “Matlab?” (Meaning).
She replied with naughty smile, “Aap ke bhai Saab Na hi yaha hai aur na hi mujhe apne sath le gaye, Aur aapko to koi fark padta nahi hai.” (Your brother is not here and neither did he take me with himself; I am not too hot to lure you)
I tempted her to be bolder “Bhai agar yaha hote to kya karr lete?” (if bro would be here, what he could have done??”)
She said, “agar vo yaha hote to meri Zawani mein jung na lag rahi hoti?” (“If he would have been here, my sexual life would not have been barren”)
I naively asked, “Aapki jawani ko jung lagi kaha hai?” (Where)
Bhabhi with lust in her eyes said, Dikha ke kya karungi, jung chhudayenge to aapke bhaiya hi na!” (What is the use of telling all these, my sexual desire will be fulfilled only by your brother)
I said “Jawani ki jung chhudane ke liye bhaiya ki kya jarurat hai?” (It’s not only Bhaiya who can satisfy your sexual desire.”), chewing right side of her lower lips, Bhabhi said’ “to kaun chhudayega?” (Then who will do it?)
With a little bit pause I said, “Chodiye bhabhi ye sab, Aaiye sath me Dance karte hai” (leave it, let’s dance together). Since I was feeling a little bit shy being totally straight forward and most probably she had guessed my intention. But she agreed. Keeping all those food in the refrigerator, I took her toward my room and played the playlist.
I kept my right hand on her waist. She kept her left hand on my shoulder. My left and right hand was sealing a bong and pointing toward some direction. Looking into the eyes of each other, we started to shake our legs without heeding to the songs. I could see lust in her eyes. She really wanted to get fucked very hard. Seeing this, my penis of 7 inches was fully hard so I moved closer to let her feel it pointing it between her thighs. Now there was no space between us even for air. I slid my hand to grab her ass. Her breast was being crushed against my chest. She responded well and planted a kiss on my lips for the first time. In return I tried French kiss and she responded positively.
Coincidentally, in the background, when I heeded, it was “bheege Honth tere” as per playlist, playing. She wanted to feel me completely but I was not in any haste.
I signaled to turn back so she did. Putting my cum-gun between her ass cheeks, I untied the laces of Salwar. To my surprise, she was wearing thong inside. I removed her Salwar with her assent. I shot down my sweat pant also.
Putting my one hand on her soft boobs, I started rubbing my dong on her fanny with another. I started skirmishing soft kisses on her neck. She got perplexed to get me in but I still had a plenty of time to enjoy foreplay. She removed her Kameez and was then only in bra and thong. She was looking like sex goddess. I assure you her figure was 36-32-36. In the background it was time for dirty song, so was playing as honey singh’s “Saiyan Chodoge to Roti Pakay dungi.” I lifted and took her to courtyard where there was a bed. I laid down and she did the same next to me. Her head was lying on my right hand.
I started osculating on her face and another hand, to give her finger fuck, planted on her pussy, it was very wet like pouring a lot of droplets of pre cum. I inserted my middle finger in her pussy, it went inside in one go, though it was very tight. After every set of 10, no. of fingers increased to 4.
She motor boated me and after that I was sucking her boobs with gradual increment in the speed of fingering. There were some sounds coming from fingering which was making both of us hornier. She was moaning from loud to louder as well. After few minutes of continuous fingering, she increased the grip of hug and ejaculated very hard. On the contrary, I was not even on the verge of penetration. After few minutes, she left for washroom. I followed her to the washroom. But she closed the gate from inside. I was very disappointed. But didn’t say anything and masturbated just outside the washroom. Everything went normal until the 8 O’ clock in the night.
On the same night, there was load shedding which forced me to sleep on the roof in open. I took a sleeping carpet with a pillow and bed-sheet. I didn’t wear anything except undergarment. Scenario of open sky was very terrific. There’s a lovely cool breeze, bright moon, Stars were twinkling that night. But my mind was still wandering around the incident happened during day, which was making me hornier. So, I lowered down my undergarment and started masturbating thinking of Bhabhi. Suddenly bhabhi’s voice struck against my ear, “Golu babu, kaha hai aap?” (Golu babu, Where are you?). Golu is my name.
I replied with congesting voice, “Mai yaha hu” (I am here). She saw me and said, “Mai bhi aapke paas aa rahi hu sone ke liye” I am also coming there to accompany you”
And within few minutes, she was in front of me. Wow! She was only in bra and panty. She was looking breezy, untouched and very soft and goddess of sex. Dim light of moon was adding flavor to her beautiful porcelain skin. My mouth was wide open and I was looking at her with full of lust. She interrupted me, “kya hua?” (What Happened?)
“mujhe aapko abhi chodna hai.” (I want to fuck you now) was my reply.
Without saying any word she took my penis in her mouth and started sucking it.
I was moaning “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!!! Sssssssssssss!!!! Eeeeaaat me!!!”
She was sucking it very hard along with balls. I oozed some pre-cum what she swallowed.
Now, it was enough. I was very horny and wanted to fuck her to the death. I removed her panty and stretched her legs. She was totally wet. Laying down over her, Pointed my dong on her pussy, I started rubbing my penis on her clit. She was screaming with joy, “Ah! Aah!! Ummm!!! Ssssss!!!! Chooddoo naaaa pleeeeaaase.” While saying this she pushed herself toward me. In no time, I was four inches inside her. Though, I was on ninth cloud. There was still three more inches to go. I squashed my dong inside, it was still tight. She said screaming “Dheere dheere kariye na” (Pleeeease do it slowly”). I merely heard her and I was totally inside her. She screamed, “Aahh!, Maaaarr Daaala tune”, though she was not virgin. I paused for few seconds and kissed her roughly. She was responding well.
Then I started dubbling in and out. SSsssssSSSsssssSSSssssSSsssss, AAAAaaaaaaaaaaahhh!! Mmmmmmmmm!!!!, aaah aaah aaah ah ah ah aha ah ah” was she murmuring. These onomatopoetic sounds were imitating me more. As a result I gradually increased my speed of dubbling. She was enjoying much more than I was.
After few minutes, IT WAS TIME for the sexy squat. I was lying down facing sky and she was the one who WAS RIDING ME. Her honey soft, firm, jutting, pert boobs were bouncing. Perhaps, I was watching it in slow motion somewhat. Seeing this, she smiled and said, “Ee tharki, dekhogi hi ya dabaoge bhi” (Hey pervert, Just squeeze it”). She rode me for more than 5 minute. Neither of us was near to ejaculation.
I asked her to switch over doggy style, so she bent in front. Then I penetrated and started fucking her. We were experiencing very kinky sex. She was screaming, “faaaad do meriiii ..chuuut, sssssssssssssSSssSSsssss!!!!, mmmmmmmmmmm, Uuummmmm, Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh!! Ghussss jaaaaaoo meriiii burr meeeeeee!!!”
It was time to switch sex position to MIXTURE OF MILK AND WATER. I again entered into her. While fucking her very fast I was squeezing her well shaped firm boobs too with one hand. It was very pleasurable moment as I was about to cum so was she. I said with carrying the ultimate pleasure, “Mai jhadane wala hu” (I am about to ejaculate). She said nothing but hugged me very tightly and started swinging her butts to and fro. With high intensity, I exploded inside her.
She was relaxing in my arm, enjoying my hot cum inside her. Now, I was caressing her and thanking her with unspoken word for the pleasant fuck. We slept in each other arms with my dong inside her fussy. Next day when I got up, it was 4 o’ clock in the morning and Bhabhi was still sleeping nude…

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